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Ozito Power X Charge 18V Brushless Rotary Hammer Drill $99 (Normally $179) + $10 Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Bunnings Warehouse


Been keeping an eye on Ozito prices since the new Aldi catalogue came out with the 20V Ferrex Tool sale.

The biggest deal I found is of course the Brushless Hammer Drill taking a full $80 off, some of the other deals include;

Rotary Hammer Drill $89 normally $99

Reciprocating Saw $49.98 normally $55

Brushless Impact Wrench $94.98 normally $99

Compact Multi Function Tool $39 normally $49

2.5Ah Battery And Charger Pack $39 normally $59.99

This is my first post hopefully it covers everything needed. Thanks.

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    I did a bathroom reno on a double brick house, including cutting new drain holes in the slab, chasing brick work and drilling 25mm holes for pipe work, used the Ozito Rotary Hammer …in a word… brilliant!

    Grab the $15 chisel set while there (if they still have them)

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      I second every word of this. I paid full price for mine and don't regret it one bit. I've drilled large holes into brick for dynabolts, and chiseled concrete with the rotary hammer, and it was a piece of cake. Highly recommend.

      Definitely second getting their $15 chisel set while you're there. If you do any reno, you'll likely need it sooner or later.

      • Thirded!
        I also paid full price and would do so again. Kitchen reno done. Mortar, bricks, tiles all handled with ease.

    • Is this the chisel set you're referring to?


      • That's the one!

      • Weight
        May require help to carry

        Total Weight 84 kg


      • Weight
        May require help to carry

        Total Weight 84 kg


  • As I recall, it is regular price. $179 is for kit.

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      $179 is price for Skin Only aswell, been keeping an eye one Ozito gear for a while. $99 was the regular price of the Brushed one skin only, which is now $89.

  • Bloody tempting, need to pull up tiles and the chisel bit with this would save me going to Kennards….

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      floor tiles is a horrid job.
      If thats all you want it for, consider a bigger 240V model with bits included.


      • More power?

        • 18V is 2.2J
          240V is 3.0J
          So yes, 240 does have more power

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          I wouldn't think so, depends what you want to do of course. I have a 3 joule Bosch unit and it has ample power for tile removal etc. Drills through concrete like it was fairy floss. But when it came time to rebuild a rock wall which involved chiseling out the concrete between rocks we needed a proper SDS Max demo hammer.

      • +2

        Thanks mate, it's a floating floor tile on top of a hardwood floor (gotta love 90s homeowner decisions) so isn't a standard grout on concrete type of job but…"But honey, Manic on Ozbargain told me to upgrade" sounds like a good excuse as any! Thanks again

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          When I demoed a bathroom a few years ago I had access to something like the 3J and also a Heavy Makita model. The Makita had the power to use a much wider flatter bit that helped with bathroom floor tiles that were really stuck down hard on concrete slab. It was stuck so hard that parts of the slab were coming up. With the 3J one, it was much better on wall tiles because it was lighter and I could work faster. One consideration was the larger unit was heavy as, even using on the floor my back was sore for a few days afterwards. I guess all I'd say it try buy something that fits the work you need to do, maybe erring slightly on the larger side. Having not cable is a benefit but carrying a battery and having to swap in regularly as also a pain.

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        Depends on how the tiles were fixed, if with tiling glue it's not so bad, if directly on screed which was how it was commonly done in the past it's a pain!

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          My dad had me use a multitool to remove the skreed crap, 3 days and a multitool bit fused to the end later it was done… Not a fun job…

          By remove I mean grind it off lol

    • Kennards is expensive, go Allcott Hire.

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        yep, sometimes its cheaper to just buy the tool

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          Almost always (says everyone with a shed full of tools that hardly get used :-p). Look at second hand outlets also

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      Yes, that's the marked down price, normally $179.

      Here's a post from a year ago with a similar deal (stating normal price is $179):


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      $179 is normal price, see link for price history

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    I was pleasantly surprised at the prices for brushless tools from Aldi, hoping to score some more ozito tools to add to my collection.

  • https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-compact-multi-func...

    Does anyone know if this price is the regular price or reduced price?

    • That also seems to have a reduced price, I paid $49 for mine a few months back. I will add it to the post. Thanks.

      • Is it $39 or $49? I see $49 online.

        • +1

          Coming up as $39 for me @ Wagga Wagga NSW

          • @Vglencoco: https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-multi-function-too...

            Is this a better deal with more accessories? I m getting one for sanding and removing old grout and caulking. Thanks!

            • +1

              @spedohero: You only really get some extra sanding pads and 1 additional circular blade, I cant confirm if it's more powerful or not but for the other one as I have only used the Compact model.

              You could buy the compact and buy the Craftright set of Multi Tool blades and save yourself $10.

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                @Vglencoco: I think the power for both is the same except the $69 has more accessories and different mechanism in unlocking and locking of the accessories.

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              @spedohero: I think it is better, in addition to tool free accessory change. The compact one had bad reviews on past deals.

            • @spedohero: These multi tools arent great at sanding, i have the $69 one and am thinking of getting the orbital sander.

              The pads on the multi tool clog pretty quickly. Maybe I'm expecting too much. This is in regard to sanding back filler, painted walls and doors for spot repair.

              The cutting tools work decent

              Maybe im expecting too much for the saning

      • Is this any good? I tried the wired xu1 from bunnings a couple years ago and it was bad I took it back

        • I've only used it to do a few power points in my house, for that is was a lot easier then using a saw to manually cut the holes and it ended up looking a lot neater.

        • +1

          The $69 one is good. I replaced a wired one that died after years of hard service and have been using it to cut into hardwood weatherboards without issue. Good brand blades and accessories are a must.

    • i think you are better off with the other one mentioned above https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-multi-function-too...

      both are not brushless though

      • Do you mean better off with the $39 bucks model? The cheaper version uses allen key to unlock accessories compare to the $69 bucks model.

        • +1

          i meant the non-compact one. either one should be fine. the specs seem to be the same other than the method for securing the blades.

          • +1

            @mtg: That's what I was hanging out for, but Bunnings price-beat the wrong model. The Aldi one appears to have tool-free changes and is brushless. Tempting to start buying into the Aldi battery ecosystem.

      • -1

        Waiting for Bunnings to price match on the non-compact one… Does not seem to be happening…

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    Bought the lighter version when it was on sale last year…


    Can’t remember the price, maybe $59 or something like that…

    It’s a bloody awesome light duty unit. Will do around 10 holes at max 8mm x 100mm on a 3Ah battery. It’s become so convenient, that It’s my “go-to” masonary drill when I need to drill a hole in concrete.

    This $99 unit may be a bit of an overkill for the average person.

    Also, if you are gonna use it to chisel tiles, get a corded one…running off Li-ion batteries isn’t efficient.

    • +1

      Out of all my Oziti, this one was my biggest pleasant surprise. Has coped with anything I’ve needed it for. But I want to get the brushless one in this post because fomo.

    • Agree. I got the same smaller model to install security cameras, drill holes through brick for cables. The lighter weight is ideal when perched on a ladder. Something you have to keep in mind is that rotary drills will blow the back out of bricks very easily. Even using the smaller drill I have to stop 3 inches from the exit hole and switch from hammer to drill mode.

  • Interesting that Aldi's recip is brushless. Ozitos isn't.

    • +1

      ditto for the multi-tool. the ozito reciprocating saw doesn't have orbital action either. the ozito range seems to be dated …

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    Been waiting for awhile until Aldi has their hammer drill. As Bunnings always price match, even though it is not the same brand. Just purchased the Ozito, as they make awesome electrical tools for home use.

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    Saw this getting marked down today, there was a quite a few other tools with with pretty good discounts. Makita table saw, dewalt circular saw spring to mind. Nothing I wanted unfortunately.

  • Anyone know what lubricant to use in rotary hammers?

  • Comes without a battery?

    • +1

      Skin Only, Doesn't come with a battery

      • +2

        Thanks. Weird terminology to call it 'skin only' when they can just call it 'body only' or even simpler 'without battery'. But I guess every industry has it's own weird terminology which sounds strange/foreign to people not working in that industry.

        Thanks again for making me learn something new today. And also kudos to Bunnings UX team for clearly visualising this in their graphics. I just wanted to confirm.

        • +1

          Yeah I hate the "skin" terminology too. I can't help but think about Winamp skins, can't picture it being an appropriate term for hardware.

  • I have one of these and often found drilling through brick or concrete is a pain. https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-hammer-drill-skin-...

    Is this Ozito Power X Charge 18V Brushless Rotary Hammer Drill $99 will be way better?

    • +2

      Yes, the Rotary is much better but you will need RDS masonry drill bits

      • +1

        *SDS drill bits.
        But yes, the difference is massive.

        • +2

          I'd honestly go for a corded one as a home gamer. More chooch, no worries about batteries. The 900W (3J) is the same price and the 1600w (4J) is only $40 more. They rate this at 2.2J.

          That is unless your particular use case makes batteries essential.

          • +1

            @chickenface: yeah, if you can run an extension cord, this is one tool you'd rather have cabled. Can't imaging how many batteries you would need to demo a bathroom, and even drilling holes some people are saying 10 is the limit

  • I have clicked on all the links, all showing normal prices except for the brushless rotary hammer drill which shows $99. Weird.

    I bought the brushless last year for $99 but it's still in the box for when I need it …. one day.

    Disappointed the brushless impact wrench is only discounted by $4, I really want it!

    • I felt the same way because I also really want it, I was hoping they were going to match the Aldi one at $79 but was disappointed when they only knocked $5 off, I'll continue using my Impact Driver with adapters for now.

      • Just noticed the maximum discount is only $10 which is peanuts compared to previous Ozito price matching, sales and clearance.

        An impact wrench is really for bolts and nuts but you can use a impact driver with adaptors to the same job, interesting.

        edit: forgot the brushless rotary hammer drill is $80 off.

        • The discount on the Brushless Rotary Hammer Drill is $80 which seems to be the only big discount, Hoping maybe the other prices drop a little more closer to the Aldi sale date.

      • What adaptor do you use please? I need to undo a tight bolt but it's a once off and I have impact driver

    • the ozito impact wrench is only 215nm, barely more than an impact driver. the aldi one is 350nm

  • +1

    Have been watching these also like a hawk and bought the $99 rotary hammer drill this evening. I think the $89 version will be permanently reduced to this price as they had a new yellow price sticker on the shelf with today's date on it.

  • +7

    Just before a reno in my house in 2018, I bought a 240v version of these at Bunnings.I bought it via y power pass account. So about half way through the reno, after stripping literally 30 sq metres of tiles (I was using it on the fixed hammer setting for the whole job, like a handheld jackhammer), it started getting a sloppy chuck. So I took it back and within 2 minutes I left Bunnings with a brand new replacement, all legit - nothing dodge.

    After another 25 metres of tiles and ending the job, the chuck had again got sloppy. Knowing I'll possibly never flog a drill like this again I asked myself "Surely Bunnings will replace it again?" - so down I popped to my local Bunnings and the lovely lass looked at it, grabbed a brand new one and wished me on my way. Since then I've only used it twice and its in perfect order. The thing to gain from this is Ozito will never rival a Milwaukee to stand up to solid day in day out use in a construction setting, but they cannot be beaten for their replacement policy

    • Thought I read somewhere that PowerPass was classed as business use, and if you use it to buy these DIY tools (and ryobi), you don’t get the 5 year warranty and maybe only a shortened 1 year or even 6 months?? Anyone heard of this or have any documentation to say true or false

      • I don't know, but you will get at least 1 year care of australian consumer laws, so definitely not 6 months.

      • +1

        Ryobi have relaxed their rules on this but Ozito have stuck hard and fast. At present, Ozito will not return power tools under warranty if they have been purchased using a Powerpass account as they assume that the item has been operated in a trade environment. DIY is stated clearly on all ozito power tool packaging.

        • +1

          Luckily I see that you get no discount on ozito with Powerpass. Simple thing to do is to put your ozito stuff on a separate receipt and not put it through your Powerpass account.

      • That could apply without my knowing in my case because I never waited more than 12 months to claim another one. Bunnings pretty optimistic thinking an Ozito hammer is going to survive over 12 months being used daily in a serious environment

  • +1

    I own both Ozito Rotary Hammer Drill (corded one) and the 18V one. I would recommend getting the corded one as it comes with the 8mm, 10mm & 12mm SDS+ drill bit, pointed chisel, and flat chisel. The 18V one does not come with any SDS+ accessories but it is much lighter compare to the corded one.

    • Can I ask why you have both?? I do like the convenience of the cordless one but now must go buy drill bits that fit and also a bigger battery..

      • I like the convenience of being cordless for a job where there is no powerpoint nearby but I feel the corded one is better built and is a bit more powerful.

        • I have the corded one, got the sds bit stuck in concrete the other day. Really wanted a reverse but no option on corded but I see there is a reverse on the 18V battery version.

  • Been decades since I needed to use a hammer drill. Do these need a chuck adaptor for straight drill bits? If yes, any recommendations? I actually want to use it in my garden for mixing soil/potting mix/compost and manure with a 600 mm garden auger bit. My small Ozito PXC drill is hard to hold and a bit weak for heavier soil.

    • +1

      Decades, wow. Guess you dont have brick walls?

      • +2

        I don't have a house.

    • +1

      Yes, these are SDS, so the adaper will essentially need to be an sds connection with a 13mm (or 10mm) chuck on it. I know they make them but I don't know anyone who uses them.

      On a side note there's a lot of snobbery against the old grip style chucks these days, people seem to be happy to pay $10 or more for a very basic drill bit just to avoid using the 13mm chuck, even though the similar bit for the standard chuck is as cheap as 50c

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    also: Ozito Power X Change 18V 2.5Ah Battery And Charger Pack
    was $59.99, now $39.00 (Price Hipster)

    • +2

      Adding to Post, Thanks.

    • +4

      I need the 4ah battery on discount as well :(

      • interesting that Bunnings is not interested in matching the 4Ah Battery price from Aldi. I guess Aldi wins this round. The 100% main problem with Ozito is the ridiculous battery prices

  • Will either of those hammer drills take a standard masonry drill bit?

    If so, would it outperform a makita drill on hammer function going into concrete?

    • No. You need SDS+ bits for both products

    • Get one that takes SDS+ bits.. drills into concrete/brick it like butter