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[eBay Plus] LG C1 55" $2695.50, 65" $3895 | LG A1 55" $2425.50, 65" $3495 C&C/+ Delivery @ The Good Guys eBay


LG C1 55" $2695.50 | 65" $3895 | LG A1 55" $2425.50 | 65" $3495 C&C/+ Delivery @ The Good Guys eBay


Bonus 12mth Disney LG A1/C1 65"

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  • How is this better than the BX?

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      Better brightness, faster processor. Not $900 better.

      • Beg to diff. The bx is not the cx. I say it’s about what it’s worth

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    Hopefully this results in drops in the CX now.

    • CX already can be had cheaper with a bit of negotiation. Not much stock left though.

    • CX was 2350, 2 weeks ago.

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        Only $250 cheaper than the newest version doesn't seem cheap to me. You're better off with this.

  • LG A1 Mechanical

  • If you're not in a hurry, maybe you could wait to see if a 10% off code for TGG comes up in the next 3 days before the eBay code expires, as the TV is currently $4195, plus offer for $200 gift card via redemption (but excludes purchases via eBay store). In theory, it could be $3575.50

  • A1 vs bx.. is it better?

    • Check the comparison below.

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    If you can get access to The Good Guys Commercial you can get:
    LG G1 55" - $3002
    LG C1 55" - $2573 / 65" - $3603 / 77" - $6863
    LG A1 55" - $2316 / 65" - $3260

    Check this thread for ways to join (may need updating) - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/437362

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      Should post it, good price on the C165”

    • Do you know if it's possible to use GG gift cards on Commercial? Could possibly save another 5% there if you can, with various gift card rewards programs going around.

    • Does good guys commercial have a price on the Lg g1 77" can anyone check for me?

  • Are these OLED?

    • Yes.

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      I don't think so. I don't see anywhere in the thumbnail that indicates it is an OLED.

      • Also when I watch you tube videos on my laptop I can't see this true black everyone is going on about. Fake news

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    G1 is the model to get this series. Rest are minor at best improvement over last years.

    • There's been some murmurings that there'll eventually be a C1 Neo, but that may not eventuate.

    • Sure, but not everyone has a million dollars to spend on a TV

      • Last i read it was like an extra $700 RRP over the C1, the C1 just being bad value, the G1 being clearly superior. If considering C1 most would be way better off getting a CX on run out especiaally if money or value is a key consideration. I personally think they are all awful value and more interested in seeing if Hisense's new ULEDs live up to the current reviewer bang for buck hype.

      • No one should be buying TVs at this time of year, anyway. They launch now, manufacturing continues to ramp, and prices plummet October-January.

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    Side-by-Side Comparison


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    That A1 price is stupid to be honest… No hdmi2.1 and only a few hund less… Even the last gen B series had it…

    Can't see why they didn't include at least 2 as the a7 chip is capable of it… It's whats in the Nano series..

    • You can see how it would attract a lot of non-gamers and enthusiasts to buy it. Price rules for many.

  • I was in JB today and they can do the c1 65 negotiated for $3895, still ouch..dat price

    • Don't understand why they wouldn't at the least pricematch, since they are the same company

      • They don’t match ebay unfortunately.

  • Great launch price!! I bought my CX 3 months ago for $3.6k and I'm loving it, this seems like a steal for a TV that will be excellent for years to come.