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[ACT] Free 2-Year Rego & up to $15,000 Zero Interest Loan for Electric Vehicles (New or 2nd Hand) @ ACT Government


From today, new zero emissions vehicles purchased in the ACT will have their government registration fees waived for the next two years.

The registration fee waiver was included in a governing agreement signed between the ACT Labor and ACT Greens parties following the last ACT election. In addition to the two-year waiver of registration fees, ACT drivers are also able to access up to $15,000 in interest free loans to help cover the upfront purchase cost of an electric vehicle.

The initiative was announced in November last year but has now come into effect and will apply to any zero emissions vehicle purchased on or after 24 May 2021.

The waiver will also apply to both new and used vehicle purchases that occur on or after that date.

The annual government registration fee for a passenger vehicle in the ACT ranges from $314.40 to $572.90, depending on the weight of the vehicle being registered. In addition, drivers will still be required to pay for a number of other charges, including compulsory third party insurance and other road safety tariffs.

Newly purchased zero emissions vehicles in the ACT also remain eligible for a substantial discount on stamp duty, and electric vehicles purchased prior to 24 May 2021 will continue to receive a 20 per cent ongoing discount to their registration fees.

Chief minister Andrew Barr said that encouraging the uptake of zero emissions vehicles in the ACT was part of the territory government’s strategy towards reaching zero net emissions and that Canberrans had already purchased almost 1,000 electric vehicles.

“The ACT has an ambitious target of net zero emissions by 2045. Transport emissions now account for around 60 per cent of the ACT’s greenhouse gas emissions and of these emissions an estimated 70 per cent are from private vehicles,” Barr said. “Reducing the number of high emitting vehicles on our roads is significant to achieving our targets along with encouraging active travel and public transport use.”

“The ACT is fast approaching 1,000 registered electric vehicles and further incentives such as the two-year registration waiver and no-interest loans through the Sustainable Household Scheme will make purchasing zero emissions vehicles a viable option for Canberrans.”

The ACT government has taken a conscious approach to support and incentivise the uptake of zero emissions vehicles, contrasting the ACT government with some state governments that plan to impose new fees targeted at electric vehicles.

The Victorian government has attracted significant criticism for a plan to introduce a per kilometre charge on electric vehicles. The state government argues that the charge is necessary to recoup the costs of road and infrastructure maintenance, but electric vehicle advocates have labelled it as the ‘world’s worst EV policy’.

ACT energy and emissions reduction minister Shane Rattenbury said that the ACT’s transport sector was now its largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and reducing these emissions was key to the ACT meeting its emissions reduction targets.

“The ACT has been leading Australia in electric vehicle policy and incentives,” Rattenbury said.

“For years we have had the most generous incentives for these vehicles, including stamp duty exemption for new vehicles, a 20% registration discount and access to transit lanes. From today we’re going further to offer 2 years of free registration for newly registered new and used zero emissions vehicles.

“Transport is the largest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions in the ACT and we need to reduce transport emissions quickly to achieve our emissions reduction targets. Along with encouraging active travel and improving public transport, encouraging the uptake of electric vehicles is a key part of doing this.

The registration waiver applies to all ‘zero emissions’ vehicles, extending to both electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles. While there are no models of hydrogen vehicles currently available for private drivers, Hyundai has begun offering its Nexo hydrogen passenger vehicle for fleet operators.

The ACT government became the first operator of an Australian hydrogen vehicle fleet, taking delivery of 20 Hyundai Nexo vehicles and establishing Australia’s first publicly available hydrogen refuelling station in Canberra.

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      • +1

        We used hydrogen powered trucks in the Amazon warehouse in the US, it was in an enclosed facility but with a very tall ceiling, and approx 1 million square feet of space.

        Not sure what would've happened if there was an explosion, or how one would even occur tbh.

        No idea on the mechanics of it all, but they were fun to drive and a negligible amount of water vapour as the emission (could never see it or notice it).

  • What if I already have a zero emissions vehicle, can I get free 2 yr rego when I next renew?

  • +7

    ACT showing Victoria what an EV incentive looks like.

  • +5

    Dan Coaldrews. Coalcolm Turncoal. Come on Victoria!

    • +5

      Dan Coaldrews. Coalcolm Turncoal.

      Wow, that was forced…

    • +1

      Daniel Coaldrews likes renewables but is too addicted to spending to do this.

      • Everyone is getting punished because Scotty tore up his Belt and Road deal.

  • +19

    This should be Australian wide

    • +5

      Yep should be a federal initiative but then again they're pumping more money into new age resources like oil and coal apparently

  • MG ZS EV is currently $43’990 drive away.

    So, you’d be up for $28’990 upfront, and then $15K interest free.

    Only thing confusing potential buyers, is that it only has a driving range of 263km

    • Could always get a Zoey, they are about 30k when 3 years old, as have horrid short luxury car style warranties.

      • Lack of DC charging on the ZOE was a sticking point for most people.

    • +2

      But it's also an MG. I admire their low prices but I could never bring myself to own one. They run some of their cars on 80s engine tech and it is not very impressive. I think their EV they have (like a few manufacturers) just shoved a battery into a petrol car and it isn't really designed with EV in mind, so there's wasted weight & space etc.

      For $44k I would rather have a top of the line Korean/Japanese petrol SUV for now, any day of the week.

      • Beijing Billycarts

  • +1

    alright just place Tesla order with this deal

    • Wish the Audi etron GT would hurry up and get released.. I need to buy at least 5 with this initiative

    • Good pick ! Hope you used someones code to get the 1,500km free supercharging :)

  • -2

    Newly purchased zero emissions vehicles in the ACT also remain eligible for a substantial discount on stamp duty, and electric vehicles purchased prior to 24 May 2021 will continue to receive a 20 per cent ongoing discount to their registration fees.

    Seems like you posted this a little late?

    • Thats the old, crappier scheme. Those from today get the 2 year no rego fees + interest free.

    • +3

      You mean our own tax payer money, since this is the state government.

      • First of all, its my tax / rate, as I'm in ACT
        and Canbarian dont drive $2 MG or Leaf, they drive high end Tesla, for them 2 year rego be drop in the ocean.
        This is just a political stunt to win election, you can already see it by the votes in here, its working.

        Only way to fix this would be blanket none electric vehicle limit similar to UK.

    • +1

      ThE PrImE MiNiStEr LiVeS ThErE aNd ThAtS WhY ThEy gEt GoOd RoAdS

      • +4

        Lol our roads are shit, the Parkway is still full of holes after all the work done on it recently.

      • +1

        He lives in Sydney most of the time.

  • +2

    does anyone know who is providing the zero interest loan? is it outsourced to the banks?

  • Come on WAAAA, McGowan pls match, k thanks.

  • +1

    People looking at this: make sure to do your research before buying.

    Here is the actual GOV source for the above info::

    Follow the "Sustainable Household Scheme" for further updates on the potential 15k loan (could apply to solar, vehicle charging infrastructure etc.).

  • -1

    This is a great way to build up the Chinese EV industry, we have been stupid enough to virtually lock our whole economic future with them!. Now we will let them have around 70% of the market. There was a recent article in the New York Times, outlining their EV manufacturing future, and their capacity to build a new EV factory in 18 months! truly remarkable!. And now we wish to bankroll the takeover ~ truly madness!!, wake up Australia.

    • +1

      Yes, better to stick with our thriving Australian ICE manufacturing capability, like the Holden factor…

      The Holden f….


  • +2

    Hmmmm. Interesting. I just bought a new Corolla a few weeks back but this might be good for having a cheaper daily run-about.

    There's a guy in Fyshwick who is selling complied used Japanese import Nissan leafs. I was in there one day (got my e-scooter there, which is hell fun), but he wasn't sure whether the new scheme would apply to used cars.

    Looks like he's got a couple. That 2017 leaf looks interesting, especially with the 270km range (so in reality, say 200km). If I can get away with charging it on a weekend or my work from home day off the solar, that would be great. Just gotta price up whether we need another car (wife drives a big 4WD).

  • Vehicle prices are disgustingly high in the ACT compared to other states, and Sydney is relatively close.

    There is a reason that there are so many vehicles getting around here with NSW, QLD or VIC plates.

    While this is a great incentive, if the vehicle has to be purchased in the ACT itself, rather than just registered here, I can't see a massive amount of people taking advantage.

    If you don't need the loan you'll save a lot more than 2 years of rego buying interstate.

  • Heck I not in ACT. A good deal is a good deal. Thumps up 👍.

  • +1

    I'm moving to act. 😊. Seriously why are the other states lagging behind??? Put tax payer money into that.

  • +1

    Vic gives 3k in subsidy and then charges 3k in Stamp Duty and rego.
    Net zero(pun intended) benefit.

  • Is relocation cost from NSW subsidized?

  • Sounds like like a stunt to me.

    New EVs are prohibitively expensive for most, and the supply of EVs on the 2nd hand market is tiny.

    • +3

      Congratulations ash. You've just stumbled on one of the reasons they're doing what they're doing. I suppose rebates for solar were another "stunt"?

      • Having not read the fine print , I was truely hoping I'd be proven wrong.

        Solar rebates were/are not impacted by the supply side issues.

        • Solar rebates and high early feed-in tariffs were done as incentives to early uptake, just like this scheme. Costs of solar were high and ROI was too long for most people. Neither of these policies had anything to do with "supply side issues", unless you mean lower costs thru mass production - which itself was an aim and a logical outcome for solar, just as it will be for EVs.

    • You're this close to getting the point

      Come on, you can do it

  • -2

    Take the free rego as there is going to be a change in electric vehicles to bring them on par with petrol vehicles tax for fuel that pays for infrastructure. Will come in in the next 2 years.Better roads are needed for electric vehicles moving forward as they more susceptible to damage from bad roads.:)

  • great policy for uptake. If there are no rorts, it may go to other states.

  • hope it happens quick or better in NSW, I m wishing we get something better than victorian and ACT ones lol in NSW ;) as transport mini already fostered electric bus and have target to replace all bus in few years. And so the cars. I wish they give a 10 grande discount or so for first car buyers and or brand new tesla buyers

  • does Australia have any other zero emission EV other than Tesla?

  • Nice idea but 15K does not go very far purchasing an EV…

    They are still very much a vehicle for the well off ….

    • You can buy an electric motorcycle for $5k.

      • Link please

        • +1


          Was wrong you can buy under $3k

      • Good point.. we have actually been looking at Ebikes for local for local trips to shops etc to try and reduce car usage. (I am a cyclist but partner less so)

        Down side is I live in a hilly spot so I really need a mid-drive model to handle the hills and they start at over $2K.

        Latest cunning plan is to get a bafang mid drive conversion kit and a 2nd hand suitable bike and build my own ebike … The conversion kit including good capacity battery is about $1K.. and you can overcome the 250W power limit :)

        For those interested this is Bafang web site to give you an idea of what I am talking about..The conversion kits are on Amazon, ebay and Aliexpress


      • You can buy an electric motorcycle

        Not applicable for the free rego part of this deal.

        The following is not included:

        • Zero emissions heavy vehicles (e.g. trucks) and motorcycles (with two and three wheels). However, they will be considered in the future.

        I've asked whether they would be eligible for the interest free loan part, though I'm guessing unlikely.

        • Thats crap

  • +1

    All fun and games till they start taxing electric cars by the kilometer in Australia. Gov doesn't want to lose their petrol excise/GST on fuel..

    • +1

      Gotta pay for the roads somehow.
      Although if it was properly allocated on a damage basis trucking companies would need to foot ~90% of the maintenance costs.

  • +1

    Late to the thread, do I still have time to make popcorn and settle in or has everyone finished their arguments with internet strangers already?

    • +1

      My god. Page two. Night time warriors battling out with phonetical battle axes.

  • +1

    Don't do it! We don't have the infrastructure to service EVs. living in the 90s driving petrol/diesel/LPG cars.

  • in 2-3 years you wont need any incentives Electric cars will be almost as cheap as gas cars and a lot faster and cheaper to run Utes as well.

    • They don't sound cool and no stick shift. Where's the fun?

  • Everyone with all this arguing have it wrong way round. Buy Tesla Plaid. Use sick internal computing to mine Bitcoin and sell it back to Elon. Green powered crypto. Will pay back your out lay in no time.

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