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[eBay Plus] Dell 27" Monitor $359, Sodastream Spirit $29, Galaxy S21 5G $959, P'mon Snap $45, Golf G80 $0.99, FIFA21 $15 @ eBay


Some nice deals coming up for the ebay plus weekend.

I believe the Dell monitor on sale for $359 will be the S2721DGF.

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Thursday 27th Of May

Friday 28th Of May

Saturday 29th of May



Sunday 30th of May



Monday 31st of May

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  • Just got the golf, still available! Not sure if the thing is actually good but it's worth a gamble for 99c.

    • I use it and think it is ok, especially at 99c.

    • its a cheap garbage honestly but for 99 cents cannot complain

    • I have about 4, they all die pretty quick. 10,000mAh is pushing it, it's no where near that.

      But for $0.99, what's there to complain about. Wouldn't pay full price for it though

  • +1

    I was asleep at the wheel going for my 2nd Soda thing and sold out .
    The $1 item is a no brainer . Nearly gone .
    The wine price is a `^ing joke . Don't they know about the glut .

  • Powerbank sold out, and sodastream too.

  • I kind of wanted the soda stream dam

    • +1

      Put an alarm at 4:58pm and try for the second drop.

      • Or keep checking in from 4:30pm onwards just in case they have the same screw up as last time with the drones(?)

        • You could do that, but I wouldn't waste too much time to hope for that (time = money too).
          It took +- 28minutes to sell out for this drop, so there will probably be plenty of time to check out at 5pm.

  • +1

    Sodastream available now

  • +3

    Sodastream is up already!

  • Thank god I was ready for it and saw your posts :)

  • Awake this time :)

  • +3

    I think the $10 markup made less interested this time around.

  • Is the sodastream sparkling water different to soda water ?

    • You can customize amount of carbonation

  • Time to get ready for tomorrow: anyone got a likely link for the UGG Australia Short Ankle Boots?

    • Probably the $59 ones here

      Hopefully they'll add more stock and hoping for a choice of colour. It does say 1500 pairs.

    • +1

      I'm pretty sure it's this one as it's been part of previous Plus sales and the price and photos match to the banner on the homepage.

      Now the question is whether i need them after the free scuffs from the code error last time..

  • How funny - I just clicked on the link for the sodastream and the offer was still live! $29 - bought! That doesn't usually happen on OzB when you get to the party late!

    • Darn, I missed out completely. I thought it was on Saturday. I really wanted to buy one :(. Really screwed up by not checking Friday morning.

      • youre not missing much

        • lol. Thanks. That makes me feel better. I do spend a bit of money on carbonated soda water (non-flavoured), so I thought this might save me a bit of money in the long run.

  • +3

    Only 14 of the hair dryers sold. If they dropped them to $50 I'd grab one. They're cute, but $450 is a bit pricey for a hair dryer when my $20 ones work just fine.

    • $100 off isn't much of a deal. If it was $299 or something then that would get a lot of interest (not from me though, don't understand a hair dryer that costs north of $100 :P)

  • Don't suppose anyone knows which seller the Galaxy S21+ is?
    Trying to find out whether it'd be a grey import or Aus warranty.

    • It is Aus stock, but it's not the S21+. Just the S21…. Damn.

  • Anyone know if $100 cash back be applied on today’s Nespresso Vertuo Next Coffee Machine deal?
    Would that make it to $89?

    • +1

      Has to be a reseller it seems and excludes Nespresso stores/online stores/eBay store in T&C

  • New Pokemon Snap just the Gamesmen listing or a new one?

    • +1

      Got one from current listing.

      • +1

        Yup, PLUSPOKE is the code

  • +4

    The s21+ is actually just an s21 5G.

    Still decent price but not as good as I had hoped. I am after the S21+ (and ideally the 256GB version), might have to use the other half's credentials on the Edu store now.

    Now I can buy two monitors if the S2721DGF turns up tomorrow.

  • +3

    Yes it's not the S21+ but the S21 5G so not as good a deal

  • +2

    no good Saturday

  • +1

    Based on the banner at the bottom, more deals dropping at 5pm AEST.

  • +2

    And the Samsung S21 is not PLUS… just $140 less than what you get from JBHifi

  • KitchenAid Spice and Coffee Grinder KCG111
    Technical issue resolved, back for sale

  • Tomorrow beer day

  • Apologies if this has been answered before in another post.
    If I am successful in buying the monitor that comes on sale, is there I way can I connect two monitors to my work laptop? Its a Lenovo X1 Carbon 7th Gen. It has two thunderbold 3 usb c ports. My current monitor is AOC C24G1 which I've connected via an hdmi cable. Would greatly appreciate any help I can get.

  • Are the Ugg boots no longer available? They are still listed on the ebay page but the code no longer works.

  • +2

    The Forty Spotted Gin is very nice, but of course was a lot more of a bargain for $18 last month

  • Damn , I ordered Fifa 21 from amazon and then saw your eBay deal , cancelled at amazon and now ordered from eBay . 😍 lucky it was still not fulfilled.

  • Of course i bought…

  • +3

    Just grabbed the Dell Monitor. Third one now. (not from this deal) I have a problem!

  • so anyone else bought the dell monitor from previous deal? do we have any options?

    • Buy from this one before the code runs out and pray you can cancel the other deal?

      • Same boat here. The last deal was a 5 year warranty though.

        Its only confirmed yesterday but not shipped. This will take ages to arrive.

        • have you decided to just stick with it? mine isn't shipped either.

          • @Grale: Hey do you guys think the 5 year one is worth $70 extra?
            Mine says it's in production like what now

            • @PlaneProof: guess it really depends. personally im happy with just 3 years warranty for the monitor.
              maybe get in touch with them to see what options you have.
              as long as it hasnt shipped i guess?

            • @PlaneProof: just FYI, you can stack it with the 10% gift cards to bring it down to approximately $323.
              I was initially going to get the same deal in the previous $409 deal so this works out better.

          • @Grale: 3 year basic warranty vs 5 year premium warranty.

            • @Egganar: thanks all, i've decided to cancel and save an extra $60. it's just a monitor so hopfully basic warranty would suffice.

  • Honestly thought the monitors would instantly sellout bought mine at 5pm got 5th sold haha.
    Upgrade from my BenQ xl2411t TN monitor I bought second hand.

  • Patience has paid off, super happy with this price for the monitor.

  • Looks like $359 price for monitor is over or is that just my end?

    EDIT: looks like you can only use the code once per account. Fair enough. Did anyone buy more than one at $359? Maybe you have to do it in one transaction. One's enough for me now anyways

    • looks like its still there only 150 sold. in the checkout there's a coupon for the discount you need to click.

      • Yeah, I already bought one at the right price but second one didn't like it that's why I thought maybe it's out of stock. Guess I was wrong, per other comment below.

    • Code is single use.

      For anyone wanting a second one; you could use purchase a second one for $383.52 using code 'PNVDG20'.

      Alternately, create a second eBay account (Using Free Trial or $5/month Membership) and purchase another one.

  • +1

    Castrol Edge 5L deal has technical issue. It'll be frown up if it is not around $25.

  • Managed to buy a Dell monitor as well….although it's my 3rd, having had to send the first two back for replacement/refund for QC 'issues'. Was going to give up on Dell and look for another brand, but this deal persuaded me to give them another roll of the dice. Hopefully the 3rd one won't have issues or the bargain price will encourage me to live with them if it does.

    • +1

      What issues did you have? might help people who bought the monitor just now.

      • +1

        Yeah tell us

      • Yep. Thermal cool down with the monitor caused the chassis to creak and crack for up to two hours after I turned the monitor off. As I have the monitor in my bedroom it was somewhat challenging if I turned the monitor off late at night as it would creak like a sailing ship long into the early morning.

        Googled and the consensus seems to be that some kind of creaking of plastic chassis among TVs and monitors is not an unusual thing. However, posting a few messages on this forum and whirlpool suggests that one shouldn't expect this issue with the Dell.

        There was a bit of to-ing and fro-ing with Dell, but they were happy to send me a replacement (although I had to be insistent it not be a refurb), then the replacement that turned up was creaking as well.

        Display, colour, everything else was excellent. It could simply be a poor fit of the chassis or internal screws not turned to the right torque. It could settle in after a few months. Or it could not. Either way, as Dell were happy to replace (after 15 days) it seems they may be aware of some slippage in their QC that lets this slip and to replace for the few customers it affects.

        The fact that I've decided to have a third go at a Dell should reassure you that I think that the monitor is great (especially for $359) and hope that my 2 first ones were just a one off. Or two off.

        • For $359 it could play polka music and i wouldn't care :P
          Thanks for letting us know at least the issues weren't like lightbleed/deadpixals/flickering or DOA.

          • @Vegge: No worries. Always hard to gauge online reviews/complaints cos those who receive a faulty product are disproportionately likely to complain, and be cranky about it, while the 95%+ or whatever people who got a working product are too busy to bother.

            I was in fact tossing up whether to live with the creaking because of fears of getting one that had lightbleed/deadpixels etc….

            But anyway, the Dell service reps don't necessarily bend over backwards to throw replacement stuff at you, but from my experience they are pretty good if you're patient, friendly and robust with them (although appreciate not everyone can manage this when frustrated over a big ticket item not working like it should).

            Hope you enjoy your monitor and worse case scenario, you get your polka dance practice in.

        • So did you get refunded for the 2nd monitor?

          • @F1ProjectOne: Yes. Hard for them to argue against it seeing as it was the identical problem to the first. I decided against replacement at the time as I wanted to play the field.

  • If MWAVE can sell the monitor for $770, they should take all the 800 unit left, it is a good deal for them.

  • +2

    Picked up the monitor using Discount Gift Cards

  • +1

    Is it just me or is everyone's delivery timeframe - end of June / early July?

    • Same here

      Estimated delivery Tue 29 Jun - Tue 6 Jul

    • Isn't the usual case with Dell an ETA of a lot longer than it actually takes? Have seen quite a few mentions of it at least.

  • Hey, do you guys think the dell monitor with 5 Year Premium Warranty one is worth the extra $70?

    • It looks this comes with "3-Years Advanced Exchange Service and Premium Panel Guarantee". So isn't it only 2 extra yrs?

      • Yeah only 2 years

        • If you aren't planning to use it for 3+ years, buy it today and get a refund tomorrow. But if you are, stick with the 5-year warranty. I think they say that for everything, as it isn't explicitly stated "Premium" support, so you are paying 70$ for premium whilst the 3 year is the basic one.

          Or if you are really tight financially, then again, refund.

          I'm sticking with mine as I want to use it for 3+ years, and usually, monitors or technology, in general, goes wonky after 3 initial years. + if you use it for more than 3 years, you at least have it covered for an extra 2 years and not have to cough up another 300+ for a good monitor like this.

          • +1

            @Egganar: Yeah, thanks mate. That's what I have decided on too, keep it for about 3+ years. If I find something else down the line I can hopefully sell it and get some money back.

            • @PlaneProof: Good Choice to go with 5yr option. But this 3yr option isn't bad.
              You paying extra $70 to buy - 5Y Premium Panel with Advanced Exchange Service
              Included in deal price - 3Y Premium Panel with Advanced Exchange Service

              If you like to add a "5Y Premium Panel with Advanced Exchange Service" from Dell it costs - $79.00

              Not sure if this can be added as an extended warranty in future, if required… just thinking!

              • @rkm: Extra $70 for another 2 years instead of 3.

                If anyone is thinking of using this monitor (It has good specs and only came out last year) for 3+ years, I think the 5-year warranty is worth more. Since tech usually lags or has more issues after the first 3 years, and if it breaks down in the 4th/5th year, you would be forced to buy just a new monitor.

                While it is true someone can just extend their 3-year warranty if they want to use it for a longer time, that's like paying extra for 4 + years of warranty on a monitor, and who knows if someone is going to use this monitor for 5+ years. So you would be paying 80$ later down the line for years you might not even use this monitor for.

                I think these factors should be taken into consideration, like yea, this deal is cheaper, but for people who want to use this monitor for 4-5 years, I would vouch for the 5 year warranty over 3.

                • @Egganar: Well, what I meant was, you are already getting a 3yr warranty in this deal.

                  If you want 5Yr warranty right now, you have to spend $70 more. Isn't it better to spend this $70 at the end of 3rd year and get your warranty extended for another 5 Yr. This way you'll be spending almost same amount of money and get upto 8 yrs of warranty.

                  Hypothetically - if Dell says, the max limit to warranty on monitors is only 5 yrs, just spend $30-35 (half the amount you have to spend now) to get 2 more yrs of warranty. This gives more flexibility to user if they want to sell their monitor or continue with same even after 3 yrs.


                  • @rkm: Can you actually extend the warranty later on after it's already purchased? I didn't think you could do this. Is there a link somewhere showing the option to buy extra warranty, or do you have to call up Dell and ask them.

                    • @Ice009: Dell confirmed that you can extend the warranty anytime unless your warranty is already expired. So if you plan to use it for more than 3yrs, get it extended by the end of 3rd yr.

                      • @rkm: Thank you very much. Appreciate the info. That is a great policy Dell have and makes me a lot more confident buying their monitors.

                  • @rkm: I don't think I explained my point well, it's just that I don't see myself using this monitor for 5+ years. Just 4-5 Years of use at best before I think of investing in another monitor. This is why it would be less valuable to waste 70$ later to extend it when I'm not going to use the monitor for 5+ years.

    • Yea I wouldn't have an issue with paying that.
      Was this monitor on sale before this deal?

  • does anyone know if its comes earlier than the estimated time of early July?

    • Dell always put late estimates and usually post before.

    • Are you talking about the monitor? then yes it will come early it says about 5 to 10 working days. I bought mine one week ago and it says it's going to arrive on the 3rd hopefully. Then again if they do sell 1000 by today or tomorrow it might be true hahaha.

  • Anyone has any experience with this dashcam? I need one for the car however not sure if this one on sale is any good TOPGUARD Both 1080p Dual Dash Cam(ebay.com.au) - $49.99

  • Been trying Castrol for a long time now. No go. Tried the code yes…

  • +2

    Wasnt really expecting to spend $360 today but couldnt pass up the Dell monitor that price!! Thanks OP, i think.. haha :)

  • +3

    Wow it really was the DGF monitor!

    • Sadly not for 200ish

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