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nbn 250/25 $89.95/Month (Was $119.95), 1000/50 $104.95/Month (Was $139.95) for 6 Months (FTTP, HFC & New Customers) @ Superloop


Another deal for new customers on Superloop thanks to Whistleout.

WhistleOut Exclusive Offer: Get $30 off the Superloop nbn250/25 Unlimited Plan for the first 6 months. The indicated price includes the discount (usually $119.95). New customers only. Use promo code WOEXFOR6 at sign up.

WhistleOut Exclusive Offer: Get $35 off the Superloop nbn1000/50 Unlimited Plan for the first 6 months. The indicated price includes the discount (usually $139.95). New customers only. Use promo code WOEXFOR6 at sign up.

Returning customers [who have previously been with Superloop and already received a six (6) month discount promotion] will not be eligible for a new promotion for a period of twelve (12) months.

T&C's: https://www.superloop.com/documents/legal/Superloop_WhistleO...

FTTP cancellation isn't done automatically. Call your existing ISP to cancel.

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    • Exactly the same for me

      Regular drop outs into having no internet for 2days, when I called them they told me how much data I was consuming so I must not be having that much of a problem.
      They said they couldn't see any problems on their end and will book in a NBN tech to check the line. I switched to ABB after the call and my internet was working instantly, called them straight back to tell them and they were still blaming NBN.

      Not a single drop out since switching back to ABB 2months ago.

      • Yep, they gave me the same excuses too. I assume they lied about sending it through to nbn. Never had any contact follow up.

        Went back to ABB too :)

  • SL matched Telstra recent promotion. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/626810

    • Mmm Telstra or Superloop scratches his head

  • any discounts on cheaper plans?

    • The other plans are already discounted.

  • The 250/25 for $89.95 is a great deal, anyway to get that for existing customers?

    For those who are wondering if superloop are good or not? I'm with them and here's my speedtest

  • +4

    IF you told me 3 years ago we'd be paying $105 for 1000/50 I'd laugh at your face.

    • +2

      Can I cry in your face? I'd be happier just being able to get 50/20.
      FU Malcolm.

  • Forgive my ignorance, I'm trying to transfer my existing service from Telstra to Superloop, and this part "I am the legal owner of this service" is confusing me. Do they mean if the current service is under my name? Otherwise I've never heard of someone owning an internet service. We all rent it don't we?

    • +3

      It basically means you live at that address and you aren't trying to port some random person's connection.

      • Ok so what I thought then. Thanks a lot :)

  • Anyone has experience with optus 5G? it has good speed over 200mbps but ping time is disappointing. i find it not as good as my tpg nbn50 when i watch video on internet using android tv box. Is ping time important??


    • All mobile phone networks are pretty laggy unfortunately.

  • I just upgraded to 1000/50 from 100/40 at no extra cost for 6 months ($90pm). Superloop knows how to keep their customers!

    • Do you mind you post your speeds?

      • +1

        I am on 250/25 which is a free upgrade for 6 months from Superloop and speeds are great.

        Speedtest.net returns 258/23 consistently however not phased if I go back to 100/20 500gb plan yet I wonder what else SL will do to keep customers.

      • I'm getting around 450-500 down 40-45 up. It does drop to 350-400 down at peak it seems. Typical evening speed is advertised at 250.

    • +1

      how did u do that??

      • Likely the exchange I am on (Merrimac) is over provisioned so all speeds will be increased to their maximums.

        Yet this can also vary depending on which country and time you are doing the test.

    • +2

      Existing customer of superloop coming on 2 years…. no love here. Still full price.

  • wow, thanks for the promo code.

  • Noob question, but why is FTTC excluded from this? Is it the limitation of the infrastructure?

    • Partly a limitation on some of the DPU infrastructure. Rumour is NBN are not going to bother and anyone who wants 250Mbps or higher has to get FTTP.

  • +2

    Thanks OP. Just signed up for NBN 250/25. Took 2 minutes to switch from ABB and getting speed of around 230 mbps

  • has anyone figured out a workaround for existing customers?

  • +2

    Just moved to Superloop and the whole process surprisingly took 10 mins. I honestly wasn't expecting this at all. Was totally expecting to wait a couple days before I'm ported, but I got the emails that I'm in. That was way too quick!

    Also tested speed at this time on Xbox Series X and I'm getting 938. Very happy. I hope it stays this way!

  • Not great for gaming, Victoria is very congested at present and ping spikes often between 7 and 11pm

    • I'm in Sydney, no issues gaming and i game most nights (there were issues back in March however).

      Just wish i had these prices! Can't even get a random referral from here talk about luckless!!

  • Any deals for FTTC connections?

    • The other plans are already discounted.

  • +2

    Malcolm, I honestly hope that everything in your personal life turns out like your decision to approve MTM which landed 1/2 of Australia with FttN.
    I hope your electricity gets cut off frequently just when you need it, and that you're limited to 10Amps for your hole residence.
    I hope your car breaks down after 10kms.

    Just for reference, I live 6km to the CBD, my lead in cable is 140cm solid core S/FTP CAT 6A to VDSL modem which is in the garage because that's the closest I can get to the pit… and the best I can get is 24Mb down 8Mb up.

    Still waiting for StarLink.
    Still waiting for 5G.

    NBN want $20k for FttP.

    • Honestly just pay for the 20k worth it in the long run.

      • But then I wouldn't have NBN techs who have never had a shower come round and tell me I will never get above 30/10, being 1.3km from the node.

        StarLink is $800 delivered.

        • Check your suburb, half of fttn user got a free fttp upgrade.

          • @andyken: Those installs are happening over the next three years and you have to meet the minimum nbn requirements of not being able to get 100/20 on FTTN and you need to order 100/20 or higher.

            $20,000 for FTTP can get installed in three to four months.

    • Not sure what CBD you live near where you can't get 5G.

  • I’m already with Superloop and have one month left before the previous 6 month deal ends and it goes to the original price

    What’s the best way to port out and back in? Sounds dodgy already lol

    100/25 which is upgraded to 250/25 and get solid 252/21 at peak times FTTP

  • Does 'new customer' mean that anyone who has ever been with SL are ineligible? Or is there a number of months you have to churn away for before becoming eligible again?

    • Min. 12 months.

      Returning customers [who have previously been with Superloop and already received a six (6) month discount promotion] will not be eligible for a new promotion for a period of twelve (12) months.

  • +3

    wow. saw this post. went for it. 10 minutes later i'm already connected to superloop. 251 down 23 up!

  • +1

    Looking to get some answers from other new converts who are on the HFC. Like others, I submitted my order and in less than 10 minutes I was connected! I got the 250/25 option and just did a speedtest and I'm still hovering at around < 50 mbps down but 25 mbps up…..does it take time?

    • Mine was instant. Try a few different devices to see where the issue is. If you have a wired connection try that too.

      If all have the same low speed then try restarting your router. If still the same contact customer service.

    • restart the NBN modem, power off/on

  • any deals for 25/5 ?

  • My area only got HFC towards the end of the rollout and they didnt even set it up to get better than 100mbps.

    • 250Mbps is probably available to you. Gigabit is coming over the next few months.

  • Any deals for 50 or 100? I am currently with ABB 100 for $79/month but it will finish this week. Need a new provider to jump please. Thanks.

    • 50 and 100 plans are already discounted.

  • Moving into a place that only has lbnco. Anything for them?

  • "FTTP, HFC and New Customers Only"

    So about 5% of potential NBN customers.

    Stuck on FTTN here - no chance of anything more than 100MB here.

  • The connectivity is crap. I cannot feel any benefits what they advertised. The internet connection is unstable, even slower international site access. NO REFLY on customer enquiry. I had waited 2 months after trying to contact them multiple times. I had MUCH MUCH MUCH BETTER experience when using AussieBroadband. I cannot NOT recommend SuperLoop.

    • Have you phoned? They are pathetic at answering email or web enquiries.

      I’m on 1000/50 on HFC and did have some initial issues with packet loss but seems to have been resolved.

      Their customer service is very lacking however.

      • I just tried calling them this afternoon. 36 waiting ahead… They do need more staffs to handle the issues.

  • why don't go TPG if you are new to NBN? You get free modem and router (free set up).

    • the modem only allows for 100mb which sucks that they dont provide something better for future proofing :/
      but their excuse is that they dont provide anything faster so they dont need to do so

      i'm coming to the end of my 6 month contract with TPG so yeah … churn time

  • I swear until 250/25 is $90 not just first 6 months I would churn

    • Why not churn, then churn again after 6 months?

  • Dose anyone know with Superloop Home NBN Ultrafast 3TB plan if reach 3TB dose the upload speed also reduce? Or it stays in 50mbps? Thanks.

    • Haven't hit that limit, but it only seems to mention 100Mbps download speed being restricted.

  • Thanks, signup today.

    I'm happy with current Mates. The main reason change to SuperLoop is I want to try IPv6.

    Same price on 250/25 plan.

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