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[eBay Plus] Reolink 4K H.265 Smart Person/Vehicle Detection System 2TB HDD RLK8-820D4-A $671.99 Shipped @ reolink-security eBay


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A whopping $3 cheaper than the last deal posted:


Seems to be the best price on this kit at the moment although happy to be proven wrong or hear of better alternatives!

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    Nice find.
    If you can live without the vehicle detection (I don't know how well that works, personally), then you can get one otherwise the same for $599.99 HERE

    • Thanks Moose, that's one of the things I'm debating as not sure how effective it is either.

      Would welcome comments from fellow bargaineers on their experience with reolink :)

      • The night vision is pretty good, its really bang for buck. The colour night vision needs some light, in pitch black darkness its better to use their b&w night vision.

        The dome cameras I'd stay away from unless it's at a high/unreachable height.

        Setup is really easy, reviewing video is be a bit clunky, you actually can't put e.g. 8 cameras at 8k resolution on 'display' which I found surprising.

        The default grid for 8 cameras is a 3x3 grid/equal size which doesnt make sense given the nvr max cams are even numbered..

        I'd recommend junction boxes (quite expensive) for future tinkering/cable access/add/remove cameras for the be domes under plaster eaves.

        • Forgive my ignorance, but what exactly is a junction box? I can see that one of the camera listings in the ebay official store has a junction box bundled, but can't quite work out its function.

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            @thehub: You stuff the wiring into it instead of e.g. inside your roof space.

            Makes maintenance easier but looks a bit horrible

        • Ah ok thanks. I understand now… was so obvious in hindsight. I found another photo of it via Google.

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        The vehicle and human detection is great.
        Let’s you filter by human only or vehicle events.
        My camera is about 30 meters down a driveway, and the camera is good enough that when people drive past my house, it records a ‘vehicle’ event.

        Also useful if you want to quickly determine whether the postman has been around, or whether people have been snooping!

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        I struggled with a lot of 'movement detected' false positives caused by brightness changes, birds, swaying trees etc. I replaced 2 of the main cameras with the people/vehicle detection cameras and it has been so much better since! Highly recommend them over the basic cameras. Be aware that you cannot pick which part of the image they detect, so I had to tilt my camera lower not to get movement from cars on the street.

        • I seem to remember a masking function where you mask off areas where you don't want detection to occur.

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          brightness changes

          100% agree with this. Even with masking to block everything bar my front gate from motion detection the motion detection on the regular cameras goes haywire on partly cloudy days where the sun goes behind/comes out from behind a cloud and the brightness changes in the whole image.

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        I would definitely get the person/vehicle detection. Otherwise you'll either be getting too many false alerts or you'll have to turn off the alerts. For example, if it's a windy day, just the tree branches moving or the shadows of the trees moving on the ground will send alerts.

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    4k 4 channel 2TB for 5-6 days footage on the highest setting

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    Just be aware that kit cameras cannot be added/viewed via the internet/app individually when buying them in a kit because they lack a UID/qr code sticker. The nvr is added instead..which has the cams.

    The disadvantage is that you can't connect individual cams to Google home and say 'ok Google, show me the backyard cam'. You can't use Google home integration (smart home functionality).

    To enable this type of functionality, you need to buy each cam individually, a separate poe+ switch, then connect this to their nvr.

    Doing this doesn't get you the included cat cabling, but you can add each camera to the app because they will be sold individually and therefore have a UID. Kit version cameras don't have a UID, and this can't be e.g. retro fixed.

    Another note, the refund process took in excess of 14 days after receipt of the returned item at their warehouse as indicated by aupost, 23 days in total including organising a rma.

    Lastly the dome cameras simply twist off, if you can grab it, you can twist it off (theres no tightening). I am going to use their bullets which sort of tighten when you twist it to lock it.

    Food for thought.

    I'm planning to buy bullets and a nvr separately but make sure you understand this.

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      The first part isn't true, you'd don't need a uid or qr. Just the IP which you can get. You don't happen to be referring to the B/D800 cameras are you? They won't work as a standalone and with Google assistant because they don't support onvif/rtsp also why they don't have built in sd card for storage, they need the nvr.

      • My support ticket with reolink and subsequent rma says otherwise. They confirmed the setup required, not my words, i have no idea what a UID is.

        I have been advised to buy the cameras and nvr separately.

        I also bought 4x RLC-810A separately/individually (not part of nvr kit) at the same time and they work fine with Google home fyi.

        Only difference is the presence of a uid which can be found in settings (asked to check by their support), I found all this out when I couldn't add the 4x 820A's to the app individually (only could add the nvr which shows the cams but doesn't work with Google home like I want it to).

        Not the 800 cameras btw

    • Appreciate the detailed feedback Kammi

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      Is it because you have the cams plugged into the NVR? I was trying to get the rtsp feed from a camera, but when it's plugged into the NVR I think it's in a different subnet so you can't even see it on the network. So I have my camera plugged into a separate poe switch and that solved the problem. The camera also showed up separately in the app, but I haven't initialised it. I don't really plan on using it with Google Assistant so unsure if it's related.

      I have this exact system btw.

      • Thought these models didnt have omvf?

      • Yeah ive got 8 cams directly connected to poe+ switch, the Nvr and modem into uplink.

        You'll find you will run into the below if u wanna try connect the kit to google home (you cant hehe).

        The bullets (bought 4x bullets not part of kit) are all sweet via google home etc

        The 4 domes..I can see them in app..but when I click 'enable' in reolink Smart Home for my Dome cameras (4x RLC-820A) I get an error 'operation failed'. The bullets connect fine.

        Visible, but not usable with google home if its part of a kit, reolink support have advised this isnt possible with kit cams. So ive rma'd em and will purchase separately.

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          I think I see what you mean now. I just added a password to my camera, so then the feed popped up in the app. But it booted it off my NVR and doesn't look like there's a way to change the password for the channel on the NVR using the app. I'll prob have to sit at the NVR with a mouse to do it.

          Anyway, when I try to enable the camera under Smart Home I get 'operation failed' like you say.

          Not a deal breaker for me. The deal breaker would be not having a rtsp feed. I'll have to buy a few separate cameras, so I can use those with Smart Home.

  • https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002541109346.html

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      • taken into account

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    I got this from the official Reolink store @ AliExpress for ~$620 few weeks ago! It arrived within 2-3 days from NSW

    AU $628.65

    AU $611.67


    RLK8-822D4-A and RLK8-811D4-A cameras are out with 3X and 5X zoom respectively.Very soon they will sell these cameras as NVR systems.


    • Nice one! Have you installed it yet?

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        Not yet. I had the wiring done when building my new home. Need to find a technician to install it

    • I am getting this price, but then add GST so its $680 all up. Did you pay that, or use a special code?

      • I got this few week ago. It was ~$589(Unit price) + GST + Discount code = ~$625
        It was part of this deal:


        You can read comments.

        Now it is showing as $602.50 + GST

        Original Price: from AU $849.54
        Discount (26%):-AU $220.89
        Store Coupon:-AU $26.15
        After discounts:from AU $602.50

        May be as "follow" suggested above

        PAY IN USD

        Can try 6% Shopback or 5% Cashrewards discount.

  • I was thinking to buy Hikvision 8mp 4K cameras. I don't have in-depth knowledge of security systems. can anybody help me in making the right decision? Should I buy reolink or Hikviison?

    • +1

      If you were interested in doing some hands-on config, I would say get hikvision or Dahua cams, get a POE switch, get a bunch of cables, and get a second hand mini pc and install BlueIris on it.
      The end result should be higher quality recordings and more reliable object detection.

      Having said that, i personally went with one of these reolink packs, and just added extra cameras. For now, we are more than happy.

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    I've also got this set at home and am really pleased with it. The quality and field of view on the cameras is pretty impressive, plus the face detection is impressive. I live in the first of a row of 3 units, so our driveway has traffic from the other two units regularly. By filtering just faces, it means that anyone driving their car down the driveway, doesn't set the camera off. Plus shadows and trees don't send you notifications either.

  • God dang it, expired.!

  • Is there any major difference between the dome and bullet cameras with these?

    If you are planning to install them under the eaves, I assume the dome cameras would be best? Or can you also use the bullets here?

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