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Circles.life 38GB Mobile Plan with No Lock-in Contract for $10/Mth (for 12 Months, Optus Network)


Was looking for a phone plan for my mum and after a bit of looking I found and old code on OzBargain that works with the current deals happening at Circles.Life :)

What you get:

  • 38 GB Data per month
  • Unlimited Standard National Calls
  • Unlimited Standard National SMS/MMS
After looking at posts for a discount code it doesn't seem like OzBargain is a fan of Circles.Life at all but porting in was easy enough and I've never had issues with the Optus network myself. In summary it seems like leaving is a hassle and there seems to be enough anecdotal experience of Circles.life not being the most pleasant to deal with. If you'd like to educate yourself, read the comments here.

I'm not affiliated with Circles.Life although the original post and discount code was from One Big Switch. I'm not sure who they are but I figured it's only fair I link them as it's their code.

Please don't neg, I've tried to be clear on what seems to be dodgy business but nonetheless a deal is a deal :)


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  • -1

    Phone network used in title, thanks

    • +1

      It’s trivial to find this out and OP has included it in the body of the post

  • +1

    Has anyone had their credit rating affected by circles, I've got outstanding bills that I refuse to pay because of their shady practices, but not sure if they've put a mark against my name or whatever.

    • Probably have. It's in their terms and conditions that a credit check is placed on your file when you sign up

      • Yeah I get the credit check, I was asking in terms of lodging a bad credit thingy

  • +10

    one word, stay away if you want to avoid troubles at the end prior porting out !

    cheap but comes with a catch, which may ending more time wasted and effort and stressful… not worth the stress and trouble

    one + vote for the price
    but 10 negative (-) vote for the troubles and stress afterward

    which one will you choose?

    • +1

      10 negs are not enough. It's a company run by a bunch of monkeys smoking meth in some shed somewhere. At least that's the impression that I got my my dealings.

      • +1

        That shed is probably located in frankston

        • Leave Frankston out of this.

    • We truly appreciate you sharing your thoughts about our service. We apologise if you have encountered issues while you're with us and also with porting your number out. Please know that we don't hold numbers. As long as you'll be able to provide your correct account information ( account number, postpaid service), porting out should go smoothly. Still, we appreciate your feedback on our service and this will definitely help us improve in the future!

  • I've tried to be clear on what seems to be dodgy business

    You should've ended at that

    a deal is a deal :)

    If it's too good to be true, it usually is…

  • +4

    Wouldn't go with Circles.Life again. Put a credit check on my file even though Belong, Kogan, Catch Connect all didn't.

    A deal is a deal as OP has said, and noone should pick on OP for posting a deal. Should pick on Circles.Life though for being dodgy as.

    • That is strange. I haven't had one on mine.

      • it's in their terms and conditions, explicitly stated. perhaps you got lucky.

    • +1

      Did they put on e on yo just for signing up? Or for jot paying a bill?

    • -1

      Hey there mate! Thanks for raising this concern to us! We're under a postpaid service wherein credit check is actually a standard process which is why its being performed during sign up. You can find out more about our service through our FAQs : https://circlesaustraliasupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

  • +5

    Shitballs of a service. Honestly trying to port out is like trying to escape from alcatraz but much harder and more painful.

    These guys are the new buzztelco (if anyone remembers that mob). This is cheap but be prepared to get arsf#$ked.

    • G'day mate! We truly appreciate you sharing your thoughts about our service. This is definitely not what Circles.Life would want you to experience and please know that we'll have this forwarded to our team to make sure we'll be able to provider better service moving forward. Regarding the port out process, you just need to make sure that you'll be able to provide your correct account details (Account number with the LW letters included and select Postpaid service) and I assure you that the port process will go smoothly.

  • +1

    One may assume that they are a prepaid service, but in fact they are rolling on contract with necessary implications. Stay away unless you really need this.

    • +3

      TBH $10 for 38GB is a steal, but know you should have an idea what is the real price here.

    • -2

      Hey there mate! We are actually under a postpaid service but what makes us different is that we don't lock customers on any contracts. Our deals last for 6 or 12 months but you can still cancel anytime and you won't incur any extra charges/cancellation fees. You just have to settle the current month since termination are always effective by the end of month. Should you need further clarifications, just hop on our live chat/FB/IG and our Customer happiness experts will be there to assist. Cheers

  • +3

    It would be a miracle if you didn't get billed the full amount each month and have to go through hell to get it sorted… every month.
    Happened to me with a previous offer.
    I hope those here that try this offer have a better run.
    The network was fine but the billing was painful.

    • -1

      We thank you for sharing your feedback regarding our service. Please know that this is not what we want you to experience and rest assured that we'll have this feedback forwarded to our team for future improvement regarding our billing system. Still, we want you to know that we truly appreciate you for trying us out and being part of our family! Cheers

  • +2

    it doesn't seem like OzBargain is a fan of Circles.Life at all

    I must have been out of the loop on this…

    If you'd like to educate yourself, read the comments here.

    Ohhh… eurgh. Thanks for the heads-up OP.

  • Lol they've even taken down their 'guarantee' for ozbargain (screw everyone else) I mean come on. Stop posting this.


    Oh wow they used Google forms lmao

  • +1

    38GB with unlimited standard call to circles.life. Only to complain.

    • Hey there mate! Our plan offers unlimited calls/texts to any numbers within Australia. Should you need further assistance, please hop on our live chat or give us a DM in Facebook/Instagram and our happiness experts will be there to assist. Alternatively, the answer you are looking for can also be found in our FAQs: https://circlesaustraliasupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

  • For me I'm not going to neg.

    I didn't port in or out.

    Only use their service for data only, don't need the calls anyway, so for me they are great.

    • We're so glad to know you're happy with our service. We truly want to thank you for showing your support for us! Cheers

  • -1

    I was with them back when they offered the free month and didn’t have any issues porting in or out.

    • +3

      So why neg this deal if you didn't have any problem with them?

    • We truly appreciate you sharing your feedback on our service. We're so glad to know you haven't had any issues at all. Thanks for the support!

  • 38gb per month for $10 is pretty good. Will revert back to 8gb per month for $18 per month? OP might want to add that to the descriptions?

    • Hi mate! Yes, after 12 months, the data allowance and price will revert back to 8GB for $18/month. Should you have other questions, please don't hesitate to hop on our live chat support channels and our customer happiness experts will be there to assist. Cheers

  • +4

    Terrible service provider. You will easier get rid of herpes than of them. Never again

  • +3

    I had a (profanity) terrible time with this company, and an even worse time getting out away from their network,

    If I wasn't so happy with Felix, and if I didn't use it as a literal home internet replacement as it's unlimited, this would be a good enough deal for me to try them again though. Gotta give them points for trying.

    • I tried Felix with their 1st month free promo recently, was also happy with the service, got close to their rated speed a few times while downloading heaps of my Steam games and some torrents, around 740Gb in the one month, via mobile usb tethering, not in a modem.

      Just wish I could afford $35 a month so had to suspend it.
      I also got a good phone # with them too, which I'll keep as my new/main #.

  • +2

    Bad company

  • Anyone whos looking for a good deal (nothing like this, but still amazing)


    The deals there were extended; 20gb for less than $17.

    Aussie call centers, super super super simple port in; just nothing quite as easy.

    Even when their pay portal was down for half an hour, they (an australian accent) called me (as I was mid sign up) to let me know I was "about to hit an error".

  • Not sure what all the negative fuss is about.

    Aside from Circles not supporting their customer base with deals and only focused on getting new customers to port across by dangling these awesome carrots, I don't have a problem.

    Got the horribly expensive 🤣 $20 for 50gb deal about a month ago and it's been awesome. No issues and yes I will port out on the 11th month, unless they offer a deal for their own customers to stay.

    No strange data usage or credit checks but hey I'll report back if anything changes.

    • +2

      You better off start porting out at least 3-4 months before the deal ending.
      Otherwise you may end up paying full price while trying to get out of this sh!t.

    • As per the reply, start port on month 10, not 11.

      Odds are good you'll need to wait an extra billing cycle.

    • Hey mate! We appreciate you sharing this feedback regarding our promos for current/existing customers. Please know that our team is working on providing/creating deals for our existing customers. Also, you can contact us before your current promotion ends so that we can check if there's an active/new deal that we can provide to you. Should you wish to port out, we would totally respect your decision and will recommend to do it before the month ends so that you won't be charged for another month.

      • +1

        Thanks CL team, my current service and plan/cost is awesome - no issues so far :)
        If I could have had this $10 special, I would have gone for it at the time.
        I will not be porting out, as long as this service continues and I can obtain a decent deal coming up to the end of the 12mths.
        Cheers for the fast response, keep up the competitive deals and service!

        • We're so glad to know you're happy with our service! Rest assured that we'll keep up these competitive deals for you! We truly appreciate your loyalty with us. Thanks for the support! Cheers

  • Ported in and out twice (3 numbers), didn't have any issues! Very good deal!

    • Hey there mate! Thanks for sharing your experience with us! We're so glad you're happy with our service. Thanks for the support! <3

  • +1

    Shadiest telco in the industry. Had nothing but trouble with them porting out, continued to charge me after I left which I of course refused to pay. MyRepublic NBN did the same.

    • Thank you for raising this concern here, mate! We'd like to get this cleared out for you so we would much appreciate it if you can give us a DM via Facebook/Instagram or hop on our live chat https://www.circles.life/au/help/ and our Customer happiness experts would be more than happy to clear this out for you. We'll be waiting! Cheers

  • +4

    Yes, OzBargain is not a fan of Circles.Life, but for all good reasons. The community here knows the minutest of details, and doesn't miss reading any Terms and Conditions or the Critical Information Summary before making a decision to buy a deal.

    But what do you do when the telco themselves doesn't follow their own T&Cs? Had an extremely harrowing experience here. This deal was supposed to be a "comeback" by Circles.Life after "hearing us out" at OzBargain. The Promocode itself contained this community's name.

    But they goofed up. Billed a full $ 38.00 instead of $ 0.00. And their Customer Care kept putting it off again and again. Dodgy is an understatement.

    For all you know, the T&Cs of this promo code 20GBOBS may not even get honoured at all, and you would get the full bill (or any random bill) - beware.

    The only way you are safe to sign up with Circles.Life is:

    • You want loads of data per month (like ~ 100GB)
    • You intend to stick around for at least 1 year
    • You know that your first bill will be 2 billing cycles and you are billed in advance each month
    • You do not have any plans of porting out "in the near future".
  • I was with Circles for about 4-5 months, had minor issues which they compensated by adding 20Gb for a few months, nothing major.
    I ported out from them to Kogan without any issues from them.
    Would I go with them again?, most likely not, but very tempted at this price, yes a gamble.

    One thing I did like is the option to change your number to a better "gold" number ($35) once connected with them, they had 2 very good numbers, I regret not getting it.

    As per MasterScythe comment about Moose mobile 6Gb/$9.80 or 20Gb/$16.80 plans seems ok, but would like a bit more data thou, currently using Kogan 3 month/90Gb promo plan (in last month) & Belong which is about to run out of data.
    Are there any better cheap plans for around 10-15Gb at the moment?

    • Hey mate! We truly appreciate you sharing this feedback regarding our service. If ever you decide to join us again, please know that you're always welcome to be with us! Again, we truly want to thank you for trying us out and being part of our family. Cheers

  • I was on Messenger chat just confirming the deal '38GB for $10 month' and they replied with:

    "It seems you've selected an 8GB plan and used the 20GBOBS code. You have to select a 20GB plan instead for you to be eligible for the 30GB bonus data + $8 waiver." ….. "It appeared because you've used the code for an 8GB plan which is not part of the 20GBOBS promotion" ….. "We really don't have a 38GB plan for $10"

    But after the code is applied it clearly says at the bottom of the screen '38GB for $10 month' (click Next to continue). So what's up? Is this a legit deal and why are they saying I can't use the code on the 8GB plan? Also, woollies didn't have any of the 8GB plan sims, Im assuming I need to purchase an 8GB sim and not the larger GB sims, right?

    • Looks more like poor website coding than a real deal to me. The code itself indicates it's probably only meant for the 20G plan.
      OP got the code from here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/617296 which mentions nothing for other plans.

    • I don't think it's supposed to work but I've got the plan and can confirm it working so far, can't speak on billing though.

    • Apologies for the confusion, mate! Please be advised that the 20GBOBS promo code is intended on the specific plan of 20GB and 100GB. Technically, the code can be applied to an 8GB plan for you to get 38GB for $10 and by using it - kindly note that there are product specifics as well that you're not eligible ie: 3GB Bill Shock, 10GB for $10 add-on, and IDD pack/calls/MMS, which is only available on the 20GB and 100GB plans.

      • Being a customer with Circles already, would I still be considered a new customer to be eligible to this offer if I sign up with a new number?

        • Yes, that's correct mate! You can definitely take advantage of our current deals if you sign up with a new number. Hop on now our website to check on our current deals available: https://www.circles.life/au

  • Does anyone have issues with activating iMessage and FaceTime on Circles.Life. Its not activating for me and as usual circles.life Customerservice is not helpful.

    • G'day, mate! So sorry to hear that you are having trouble activating your iMessage and FaceTime. If iMessage hasn't activated after 24 hours, your next best step is to reset your network settings. Do this by navigating to Settings → General → Reset → Reset Network Settings. (Kindly do the same with FaceTime). If iMessage still won't activate get in touch with Apple Support.

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