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AMD Ryzen 5 5600X $386.10 ($377.52 eBay Plus) Delivered @ Computer Alliance eBay


Cheapest ever and first time at sub-$400. Note that if you don't have eBay Plus, it'd still be cheaper to get a month for $4.99 for the extra 2% off.

Use discounted gift cards for further savings.

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  • +20

    now thats cheap

    • +2

      Cheap as chips?

      • +1

        silicon chips are expensive, even potatoes are expensive.. $4 minimum chips is a couple of handfulls, if that.

        • +2

          I 'member when they were 30c minimum…the 'ol days….

          • +4

            @EightImmortals: I'm only 23 and remember getting a huge pack of chips from the local shop after school most days for $1.5 and then $2. Nowadays you'll be lucky to get one handful for $4… I'm getting old already.

        • Outrageous isn't it. I remember 15 years ago I would go to the local fish n chips store to get a family chips Paco for $6.

          I would say 2-3kgs of potato's went into that.
          Or maybe the oil and salt made it that heavy.

          Gone are the old days.

        • +3

          I'll never be able to forget when potato scallops went from 5 for $1.00 to only 4 for $1.00. Still hurts.
          Oh look, a CPU

      • +4

        yes? you called?

    • Cheaper than Amazon? 😜

  • +2

    Do you think these will get lower once Amd releases the same chipset but with the beefed up shared ram cache thing later this year?

    • +3

      Yeah but thats next year

      • +1

        Ah okay, exciting times ahead in the world of processors that’s for sure. What a great bargain this is

    • Yeah but on R9 only at the beginning

    • Will R5 or R7 get that?

      • I read it’ll start on the highest end variants, however they categorise it

    • They will get lower price when TSMC decides to discount the 7nm node.

  • +8

    If I was going to buy a cpu this generation, this would probably be the time to pull the trigger

    • +1

      Heh, I pulled it a month or so back for $100 more. :)

      Oh well, now just gotta wait for GPU prices to drop.

      • A drop in GPU prices would require BTC to drop below 20k USD or so.

        • Now you have introduced a conflict of interest to my life. :(

    • +1

      Your advice is terrible. AMD are releasing a USD $260 APU version of the 5600x, plus all the 5000 series chips are getting huge L3 cache improvements at the end of the year.

      If anything, this is probably the worst time. With so many GPUs ending up in mining rigs, all the other PC components are in a race to the bottom.

  • +10

    RIP people who bought this for $419 a hour earlier- https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/628343

    • +2

      Unless they can successfully cancel their order if it hasn't shipped. Otherwise return if you can.

    • +12

      Once I learned to not look at prices for PC components after I have bought them, I have had a content life.

  • +1

    Holy shit, I already grabbed a 5800X a few months ago, but this is the best deal yet on any of the Zen 3 chips.

  • Aw yeah, price protection claim time.

    • Can price protection be claimed against differences from promo codes (28 Deg)? Was under impression that you can't, but might be wrong.

      • +2

        I've done it many times with eBay Plus promo codes and even the 20% afterpay sale. Always approved promptly by 28 Degrees.

    • Ive reached my limit for the year :(


  • +2

    Just adding up this CPU, Mobo B550 Tomahawk, but RAM prices are a bit expensive…..
    I'll hold off for now as the 3770K is still going strong!

    • +8

      Pretty decent price for very fast RAM;


      There's a code to apply on the site for an extra 5% off

      • +1

        That's what I'm using with a Tomahawk X570 and 5600X

        With tweaked timings it's even better than out of the box too

        • +3

          That's what I'm using with a B550 Steel legend and 5600X

          Agreed, i'm running the ram at 3600 14-14-15-14

        • +1

          Same here, 5600x, b550 tomahawk, ram at 3600cl14 using the memory try-it thing msi has.

      • +1

        tempting…..must resist!

    • Well there is/was this https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/626631

      Sold out online now though. Still some stock in Melb but looks like you're in Syd.

    • I'm also using a 3770…
      was planning to upgrade to AMD 5000 generation, but the price was higher than I expected.
      now the price is lower, but DDR5 is coming already, I'm using DDR3, and 3770 is still OK for daily use, not sure if I should wait till DDR5 becomes popular…

      • +2

        If you have to ask, prolly you shouldn't upgrade. When DDR5 arrives you'll be complaining the price of the motherboard and RAM will be higher than expected, by the time you're ready to buy DDR6 will be coming and so on and so on. Just stick to the 3770 and DDR3.

  • +2

    Definitely wondering if i should hold off for now or just leave my 1700x in my system for just a bit longer

    • If you have been holding off this long why jump now?

      • +6

        Because firing up the pc and opening Ozbarain website will be 1.4 sec faster.

  • good deal amd supply is much better now?

  • Damn, I was content to pull the trigger as soon as the OEM version dropped below 400 again, so this is just the jackpot.

    Guess this means the OEM chip will be dropping to absolutely filthy prices soon, but ya gotta buy in at some point, right?

  • Worth it for an upgrade over R5 3600?

    I know it won’t give more frames with a rtx 3070, but the 3600 does struggle when streaming Cyberpunk to Nvidia Shield, so thinking this might provide the required extra grunt…

    • Im wondering the same

      • +1

        For gaming no, for streaming or anything else yes

    • -2

      I think so. This will get you access to pcie 4.0 and reBar. When the zen3 3d v-cache refresh hits the 5600x will still retain the most second hand value and the upgrade might be the higher tier skus only.

      • +1

        3600 already has PCIE 4 and rebar. It does on my gigabyte mobo at least.

        I’m thinking this might be a good upgrade in prep for when 3080 becomes affordable again.

    • Are you sure the issue is CPU, rather than network issue (especially if you use WiFi)?
      How much do you think you can sell your R5 3600 for? If the difference is not a lot (so it's worth it), then get it.

      • It's a bit of a guess. Basing the guess off the fact that Cyberpunk has pretty high CPU usage sometimes (~85% from memory, much higher than other games I play) and is also the only game I've tried where the connection to shield has just fully dropped out during game streaming to Nvidia Shield with the Moonlight app. So my assumption is that the added CPU requirements for streaming are bottlenecking the CPU. Not on wifi, but using powerline adapter with ~105 Mbps connection.

        • You get real 105 Mbps connection or that's the powerline adapter reported connection speed? I've given up on powerline adapters a while back due to reliability issue (and that was with just streaming IPTV). The reliability for me was worse than my WiFi. Complete dropouts after a while was a common issue for my powerlink setup (and was annoying to power cycle the adapters). I would try LAN (or if you have decent WiFi, might even worth a try).

          That said, if you really want to upgrade, then just upgrade.

          • @netsurfer: I got the TP-Link AV2000. They are pretty consistent as far as I can tell. Nothing ever drops out, streaming 70mbps (edit: just checked and current stream is ~95mbps, so yeah these adapters plus the wiring in the house seem to hold up OK) movies from Plex server is fine with zero dropouts so far, so I'm guessing they can reach higher speeds with some consistency. Might adjust the streaming setting in Moonlight to make it a bit lower and see what happens.

            • @sickaunt: I don't find streaming from NAS to be a good test for network stability (mine didn't have issue with streaming videos from NAS). Perhaps AV2000 being a newer generation of products has a better chipset. The main issue I had with powerline products was they didn't handle large number of simultaneous connections well.

              If we are talking about 95Mbps then unfortunately, to be honest, that's not impressive at all. We already need WiFi capable of handling 100Mbps+ (as our NBN, despite being subpar overall, can generally reach at least 100Mbps). That's basically my issue with Powerline setup. It's not capable of reaching even the speed we need to support NBN and there is little information about the chipset and you are locked to vendor's firmware.

              If your WiFi is capable of 100Mbps+ real speed, I suggest you try that. I know in theory, wired suppose to be better, but as WiFi improved, I was surprised I got better performance and reliability than powerline (and that was a couple years ago already).

    • In the same boat with a 3600 and 3070 and I've got no idea either. Previously people said it wasn't worth the price increase but with this crazy price… Idk. Also would have to factor in what I want to do with this 3600

      • +2

        If it is for gaming, do you really think the issue is CPU? It depends on whether you are more into 1080p or perhaps 1440p gaming and your monitor.

        If you really want one now, then try to sell 3600 afterwards.

        • +1

          You know what, I thought about it after your comment. I don't really need extra CPU power, I've never really felt anything holding me back in games. Thank you for saving me from buyers remorse :D

    • -3

      I think you should get a better CPU than 5600, at least go for 5800X. Most of the games are using at least 6 cores nowadays, so CPU is too busy to also process streaming, with a 8 cores CPU, the extra 2 cores can make a big difference. Of course, you can also upgrade to 5900…

  • +1

    Great time to buy PC components except GPU

  • not my channel but amazing what google can find for you - AMD 3600 CPU vs 5600X gaming benchmarks.. about 10%-20% faster (depending on the game) at 1080p by the look of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAz7UgrWm5U&ab_channel=Bench...

    • +3

      Do bear in mind that's 1080p gaming, which tends to show the biggest difference. So, if 1080p gaming is what you are after and you really think the 10% bump is worth it, then get it. 1440p and 4K, that gap is going to reduce and performance will be more GPU bound.

      • yeah same power consumption and TDP, the CPU is better optimised and has better performance than the older one but not a worthwhile upgrade imo - if you need more computational power then step up to more cores.. good for building a new system though.

  • Lol paid $100 more at launch… Ouch!

  • +1

    Nice. Been waiting on a good deal for the 5600x and i can now finish my build.

    • Guess you had the gpu already… Lol surprising if a CPU was holding up a build hehe (although I assume it was the price n not availability)

      • Got the gpu from a friend who works at a distributor for computer parts, so was lucky with that. Wasn't in a rush to build so was happy to wait for what deals were coming around for EOFY sale.

        • +1

          Man you just brought up a bad memory… Lol last work place I had our distributor hold a 6800XT for me when it got released…. It was $1049 Inc gst… I couldn't justify it… Ended up settling for 5600XT for $300 + $50 steam card of ebay… Can't complain but the 6800XT now would be worth more than my whole build…. Lolll You win some you lose some…

  • used the 3% gift cards from shopback $365 what a bargain, new pc build before tax time. perfect!

  • but what GPU should I purchase to match this ? 6700xt any deals?

    • 6700XT is certainly cheaper than RTX3070 right now!
      Currently 'On Sale!'…. Asus is right now $100 more than Powercolor, which I think is worth the extra $100.
      Not withstanding that the 6700XT cards have gone up in price in the last two weeks by about $200. Who knows if they will keep going up or if prices will crash.

  • +3

    The longer this deal stays on, the more im tempted to buy. Please let this be sold out soon.

    Must resist upgrading from 3500x

  • OOS

    • Back in stock again, I think.
      How many have they been keeping in stock?!

  • I paid $429 not long ago. What the!!!!

    • I think AMD has resolved the stock problem, mind you not long ago this was over $500

      • Always my bad luck and timing. Bought the Xiaomi 34" ultra wide monitor for $600 the week after was for $430. 🤦🏻

  • the problem is matching a ITX board for myself…sigh….

    • +1

      There are a lot of reasonable ITX boards around. Even B450 boards will do well if they have a BIOS update for Zen3. What is the 'problem' that you are trying to solve?

    • The recent asrock a520 is a reasonable choice, just need to update the bios

  • worth upgrading from a r5 2600? this cpu still plays everything fine but some games like assetto corsa with an ultrawide struggle a bit.

  • Ended up having to order 2, had my old address in and apparently I won’t be able to cancel in time but they’re going to try :(

    • +2

      What's your old address?

      • +5

        • +1

          Guessing the new one is

  • worth upgrading from Intel i5-6600? I don't even game anymore. Just coding. and I have gtx 970 as GPU.
    P.S. I bought first before asking this question since the comments are so good about this CPU and price.

    • what motherboard should I go with this? Never had AMD. Been using i5-6600 for 6 years.

      • if you want to save a buck, B450 - must have updated bios.

        Otherwise B550 or X570 if you want to splurge.

        Intel/AMD - you won't notice any difference, purely psychological. Not like excel or word will run better on intel than amd.

        • +1

          I think I might splurge a bit thinking that I'll be using it for the next 6-7 years. So should I go with B550? I'm seeing MSI B550 is the most popular?

          • @Nick K: There are also good Asus B550 MBs.
            I struggle to see big advantages of X570 if you don't OC, seeing how good some B550 MBs are.

            The Asus b550-E is a good board and there was a bargain posted recently.

            • @g1: Cool, maybe I'll get that asus b550-e then. Thanks!

      • just go with B550 with any mainboard specific saying support ryzen 5000. B450 wiith update bios is pretty tricky without any ryzen 3000 cpu

    • +1

      Huge difference. I came from a 6600k about a year ago. Was running 3 screens, trader workstation and multiple chrome windows and the 6600 was struggling, also, call of duty just wouldn't cut it.

      I upgraded to 3600, just bought this 5600x now as i have a spare itx mobo from an rma.

      • +1

        ok just if anyone wants to know literally no difference if you already have a 3600x. just received mine today and put it in.

        • No difference going from 3600X to 5600X? How are you measuring any change in performance?

          Edit: There wouldn't be a lot of difference for a lot of things. https://youtu.be/PSxuiWih_Z8?t=763 and that's comparing 3600 (not 3600X) to 5600X . The upgrade would be smaller going from 3600X to 5600X.

    • +1

      Oh forgot to ask, do I need CPU cooler?

      • +1

        No you wont need as there is 1 included ( Wraith Spire cooler )

        • Oh nice lol is it quiter than the stealth or same thing just with led ring.