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[Afterpay] AMD Ryzen 7 5800X CPU $549.95 Delivered @ MetroCom eBay


First time seeing sub $550! Hurry up before the code expired!
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    Is it only a 24 hour code?

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    Great CPU, at this price it's a no brainer. I paid $730 delivered only 7 months ago.

    • +3 votes

      Only 7 months


      People were paying $500 plus for the 5600x :(


    Great price and great find.


    absolute steal, no brainer. cheapest price listed on static ice is ~$650.


    Upgrade worthy from a 3800x?

    • +2 votes

      I'd say no. Wait for Zen 3 refresh at least. These should be even cheaper by then too.


    wow that is tempting

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    Good price, but this is where it should be priced.

    5600X ~$420 = $70 per core
    5800X ~$550 = $69 per core
    5900X ~$850 = $71 per core

    The 5800X was never worth the $699 RRP when the 5900X can be had for $859.

    Of course, the 5950X is a special case, but that's expected for a halo product.

    5950X ~$1149 = $96 per core


      5600X is $356 and 5900X is $739 now though, so still feel like the 8 core is the odd one out (as it was for Ryzen 3000 as well)


        5800X is like getting 5600X but with a little more power, yet at a premium. It's almost a 'I want to upgrade from 5600X but can't afford a 5900X'.

        "5600X is $356":
        "5900X is $739":

        While this 5800X is $68.744/core. Its pricing puts it in an odd spot in my opinion.


          5800x runs hotter too

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            @kehuehue: 5600x - 6 cores on 1 CCX
            5800x - 8 cores on 1 CCX
            5900x - 6 + 6 cores on 2 CCX
            5950x - 8 + 8 cores on 2 CCX

            The manufacture of a 5800x requires better yield than a 5600x or a 5900x. It is theoretically the best gaming cpu (the 5950x doesn't have the clockspeed to complete), it should be more expensive per core than the others

            Having all cores on 1 CCX removes the latency between cores, closing the gap with the intel CPUs ringbus design. Hence intel has finally lost the best gaming cpu crown.

            It's also why the 5800x runs so much hotter.


      And 5950X @ $1067, so the real math:

      5600X ~$356 = $59 per core
      5800X ~$550 = $69 per core
      5900X ~$739 = $62 per core
      5950X ~$1067= $67 per core (16 cores here remember)

      But again these cores are only relevant if you need them otherwise 5600x is the obvious choice. (The 5950X is exactly 3 x the price of 5600X here, for around just 1.065 x the gaming performance).


    Anyone bought from this store? I've heard it is a home-based store, rather than a large store with online/offline services.

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    Now we have got the holy trinity of Ryzens thanks to Afterpay:
    5600X for $340 ($57/core)
    5800X for $550 ($69/core)
    5900X for $740 ($62/core)

    Personally would choose either 5600X or 5900X based on need, 5800X sits in a little awkward position where it’s neither cheap but neither the most powerful.


      $69 per core. Nice.

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    Literally the 5600X price a few months ago for 5800X now.

    Wish they would do that to the RTX 3080/RX 6800 XT and start selling it at RRP.

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    Extra 2 cores for around $100 each over the 5600. Still meh compared to either 5900 or 5600 price points.


    As much as I love the 5600X, at this price I think I'd go this way. It's still not as good 'bang for buck' (at some of the deals we've been seeing), but having 2 extra cores if you want to stream, other computational tasks that are compute heavy now or in the future, I think an 8 core main PC could last a fair bit longer… Of course a 5600X can be swapped out for a 5800X in the future too, but its only $150 more for right now, so why not?

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    People realising that unless they can get a decent GPU, a new CPU is a largely pointless upgrade for most people, especially for gaming.

    Playing at 1440p, my clocked up GTX1080 is the bottleneck, not my 2700x; but f'd if I'll be buying a new 3080 at these prices.

    I guess if you need an 8 core processor now it's and OK deal.


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