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10% off $100 & $250 Coles Gift MasterCards @ Coles In-store ($4.50 or $6.30 Fee Applies)


Huge $18.70 saving on the $250 card after the $6.30 activation fee. Please note the terms state the activation fees reduce by 10% as well. Starts June 16. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

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Coles Prepaid Cards
Coles Prepaid Cards

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    • Use self checkout. However i think someone previously said it flags purchases above $1K

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        Self checkout was pretty annoying.

        The machine locked after three gift cards due to scam warning. The attendant gave me a flyer, warned me about scams and unlocked the machine, then went off to help someone else.

        After that, the machine locked due to transaction over $1K. Had to wait a while for the attendant to become available and come over to unlock the machine.

        Then after that, it locked again due to card expiry date (or some warning like that). Again had to wait a while for the attendant to become available. Don't know what that warning was about - the cards all have >3 years expiry and the attendant didn't say or do anything other than unlocking the machine.

        It would have been faster and less annoying to have gone through a manned counter.

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    Can you buy prepaid Mastercards at coles using Prepaid Mastercards?

    • I had bonus coles gift cards from citibank the last deal and used them to buy these at 10% off haha.

      • So what is to stop me walking in and grabbing all of them, putting the first one through on my commbank credit card, activating the prepaid card and then buying the 2nd prepaid card with the 1st one? Then rinse and repeat until out of cards in the store?

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          Actually, the things that will stop you are:

          • the lack of stock in stores;
          • staff members suspecting you are being scammed or committing fraud by buying so many of these cards.

          When this promotion was run last time, I spotted 4x $100 cards in one store, and 2x $100 cards in another store on the first morning. I did not see any stock after that morning, and there were actually apology stickers displayed at the service desk of a number of Coles supermarkets I visited during the rest of the promotion, as stock was completely exhausted.

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            @WookieMonster: Ahh brilliant! So I should find a loose tile in the ceiling and camp in the store the night before gathering up all the cards and head to the prepaid checkout with my newly acquired cards.

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    AWS doesn’t take Pre-Paid card :(

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    My council rate is coming soon so this is just perfect to channel my Amex into that. My council wouldn't accept Amex.

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      Sniip 1.5% transaction fee better than nothing.

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      Does zippay work? I've thought about paying with zip then earn points via mastercard?

      Most council and government charges don't qualify for points.

      Possible workaround?

      • Yup

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      Have you tried Post billpay. Worked for me in this situation and receive 100% of the points on AMEX Ultimate.

      • When i goto the post billpay website it shows only visa or mastercard accepted 😒

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          Depends on the council I guess. My council doesn't accept AMEX but you can use Post billpay and PayPal to earn points on my rates.

          • @NPT1995: Ahhh… I didnt know that. Thanks for the info mate.

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    Interestingly every single time we buy bulk of gift cards at supermarket, staff there especially senior aged female at front desk or self serve always kindly “remind” you scam thing however the attitude was just like I stole thing from the supermarket: “you are not allow to purchase such such, 2 cards max according to catalogue”. If Coles wws feel losing money or doesn’t want to people to buy gc, please do not advertise in the catalogue, if you wish people to buy, do not racist to people walk in just to buy gc, I felt I am buying drugs.

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      I felt I am buying drugs

      Can you buy drug with gift/master card ?

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      Exactly similar happened to me when I first time bough the card in coles wattle grove,. I bought 2 $100 and she gave me that scam warning leaflet and I just smiled, but the senior staff or should I say the older staff told me not to smile as I don’t take it seriously? She asked for my driving license and I refused to give and would like to speak to her manager as since when that now I need to show my ID? Just because I smile? I told her I am not scammed and the card was on 10 percent discount and she did not believe that $4 saving is worth all the fuss? What should I do next time? Bearing in mind, I did not even tell her that many stores have sold out the cards. I Just paid and walked away with bitter heart.

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        I had a very similar experience. One store in my area does this but the other 2 do not even mention scams. Hard to understand how they have such different policies. Asking for an id is just trying to be intimidating.

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        Good luck this time most store doesn't have stock at all.

      • Why bitter heart, just pretend they are Coles robot actually an aging robot that will do. I find that when dealing with unreasonable pest best is to treat them like robots then you won't get wind up emotionally.

  • I guess we cant pay ebay using multiple cards, can we?

    • You cannot

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        Uhm I'm pretty sure you can. I remember reading someone on here asking and someone replied saying when you go to ebay checkout, you have to click something to enter more than one gift card. But they did say there's a limit how many cards you can add. It was something like 5 or 7 cards, something like that.

    • Order eBay gift cards with multiple cards, or buy from shooback/Coles etc of multiple gc

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    Something everyone should keep in mind is that the packaging these cards come in are not 100 percent tamper-proof, and you may be unlucky enough to purchase one where the card has been swapped out.

    It is not a common occurrence, but it can and has happened, so it would be prudent to inspect the card packaging before purchase.

    • Happened to me once unfortunately. Only realised a few months later.

    • Has happened to me with several cards purchased in one go. Fortunately refunded by Coles Financial services.

  • Can I use them to buy 4% off Woolies gift cards from RACV? 11% off my weekly shop would be decent

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      Yes, the Woolworths Group gift card portal accept these prepaid cards.

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    I have found that I can't shop in Coles with the Coles prepaid Mastercard. It doesn't accept it but I can use it fine pretty much everywhere else. Anyone else noticed this?

    • I used it without problem
      Maybe you mistyped pin?

      • I have never been asked for the PIN when swiping one of these prepaid cards at Coles.

      • No, but I was at the self serve area. Did you have success at a manned register?

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    not holding much hope for the $250 cards

    just went to my local Coles and surprise, surprise they're already 'out of stock' ….

  • What os the typical expiry date for this card?

    Only 12 months from purchase??

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      Minimum 3 years. Often 4 or 5 years.

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      As an aside, if you try to purchase one of these prepaid cards with less than three years of expiry left, the Coles POS system will display a message stating that the card has insufficient expiry, and it will refuse to take payment from you.

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      The ones I bought today say 10/2026

  • Would purchasing this be eligible for credit card reward points? Or would it be treated as cash advances, ie ineligible?

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      Im fairly certain its a yes. It would be eligible.

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        Yes eligible. Just shows as a purchase from Coles.

  • Is it possible to use Coles gift cards to swap/buy Coles gift mastercards?

    • Yes but can be annoying/awkward as a staff member may have to approve the transaction every time.

      • I happen to be on the autism spectrum. Can you explain what you mean by the staff have to approve the transaction every time? If they approve the gift mastercard the first time, then it should work at any store that accepts mastercards?

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          They have to approve each gift card purchase on the self scan registers.

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      If purchasing at a self check out your GC will need to cover the whole purchase. Do not let them see the GC as sometimes they will tell you it's not allowed but the pos system will work. If your GC does not cover the whole purchase you can use manned checkout and split payment but some staff/stores will not allow you to purchase with a GC.

  • Can tap and buy using Zippay for another 2% 😀

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      excluding groceries and fuel ??

      • D'oh!

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        It's not groceries or fuel, but I would have assumed they would block Coles /Woolies etc. Has anyone tried?

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      HSBC 2%, no?

      • Only for <$100 transactions. Or you could keep splitting into $99.99 blocks :P

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          No splitting for giftcard. He can buy $100 for $94.5 each time with a lot of hassles. I think you must use mobile pay to ensure 2% cashback now. Otherwise, Coles may reroute to EFTPOS for debit card payment that gives no cashback.

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            @Neoika: HSBC will reject your payment after 7-8 taps and you won't be able to pay again until maybe the next day.

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    Coles Burnside (SA) at the last sale :

    Me: Where are the Mastercard gift cards, the ones that are on sale?
    Coles : Don't know what you're talking about. What sale?
    Me: <pointing to the printed ads they posted at their store entrances>
    Coles : Oh, oh yeah… <silence >

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      Its a wealthy area.. wealthy people don't get rich by sleeping on bargains :P

      They probably hid them on the tuesday while charging their Tesla on the free charging station downstairs

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        Rich people have the resources to put $1250 on a whim towards buying prepaid cards. I know two people who live paycheck to paycheck and mentioned these cards to them. "Only 7.5%? Why bother?" was the response. They don't stop to think you need to keep your money in a bank account for ~5 years to earn that much.

        • Sound like a clue as to why these people live paycheck to paycheck.

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            @Yola: If you asked me to participate in this deal during my uni days, it'd be impossible. I just didn't have spare $1156.50 to buy five cards in one go. Hell! Even buying one card might be pushing it depending on what week it was.

            The poor are often penalised for being poor due to being poor (low buying power, poor buying options)

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              @t25: … and they get jealous with others hence crying foul when seeing others buying. And very often the one who cry out the loudest is the one don't even buy.

            • @t25: I totally understand and agree with what you say and would add that generational disadvantage is also a factor. But what I was referring to was the statement

              "Only 7.5%? Why bother?"

  • Bait and switch

  • I would like to comment, it is good bargain.
    Unfortunately some coles, like revesby, only allows 1 card per customer for giftcard such as Her giftcard10% promo.
    There are plenty of stocks and it is nearly the end of the promo week and they still refused to increase the limit. The support manager even grabbed my card showing her authority and told me that she clearly mentioned only 1 card per customer, why i did not hear her. I told her i pointed out the sticker on the shelf as well as on the catalogue.
    So yeah, the advertisement of 5 cards per customer is misleading.
    The last time a similar promo for the master card, they said, they ordered but there is no delivery for these card to Coles REVESBY.

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      And you didn’t complain to HQ?

      • -6

        If i report to HQ, i am worried that this will be applied to all coles stores as they need to support their own store managers.
        Do you think it will do good to us customers as some stores have not done that. So i am worried by complaining, the other stores will start to adapt this inconsistent policy

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          Why would they support the manager if they advertised 5?

          • +1

            @kyle: They would find some other excuses. Once I asked for a rain check for 4 bag of 5kg rice. It just happened that store manager was there and he refused. I complained to HQ and customer services apologised and said they would get the store manager to call me. According to customer services that store manager has no discretion regarding rain check policy. However, store didn't contact me. When I rang back I was directed to team leader who said I was suspected of buying in bulk by store manager. So HQ supported their store manager.

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              @apple0604: You should point them to the item description on their website with the retail limit. Anything under that shouldn't be bulk buying!

              • @kyle: I wasn't even aware of that. I didn't argue. The worst thing is that they made you felt you did something very wrong. Their attitude was wrong.

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                @kyle: I can tell you that it will get you nowhere. Do you think that Coles will sack the staff or store manager? It's not gonna happen so in the end you will just waste your time. These a**hole staffs clearly know that and that is why they are on a powertrip and being a d***head.

                Many of the Coles/WW staff are just a bully but when they really meet a really bully they are just running like a dog, like those bogans who stole things from store and just walk out and I just don't see these bully acting tough at all.

                • @samehada: I'm not so sure about the power of Coles's hotline, but one time I got someone reassigned at Myer.

                  • @kyle: as previous commenter put it, all they can do is to contact the store which is contact the one who you are complaining about.

                    Put it simply Coles won't do anything unless it is a big fuss kicked up by media or social media. Many times Coles/WW retail staff acting like they are the law doesn't matter what the advertising policy is.

                  • @kyle: What happened?

                    • +1

                      @Jaxx: I tried to return an item which became defective after going into a dishwasher when it was marked as dishwasher safe and the staff member refused to refund and asked condescendingly if I were a chef or something.

                • @samehada: When you say "do you think that Coles will sack the staff or store manager?", is that really your expectation ?

                  • @OzBrogains: I suggest you read my comment as a whole to get it in context.

                    • @samehada: I did, multiple times. I get the same interpretation each time. Happy to be corrected but.

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                  @samehada: Strange. Maybe it's in areas where more unpleasant people live (or where horrible staff do). Because I've mentioned things in their feedback they sometimes email to you after shopping there, and things do change/get done. e.g. My store used to put all the vegetables on ice away an hour or more before closing. If you ask staff they will go out the back and get something for you, but who knows what you're going to receive… cauliflowers the size of a softball, etc. So I won't buy unless I can see them first. I put in the feedback about putting stuff away an hour or more before closing then said: "Can't they leave just a couple of each type out, all in one crate sitting on ice, then put that one crate away 5 minutes before closing?" Next time I went there they had changed to doing exactly what I suggested after months of doing the other.

                  • @Faulty P xel: it is in fact not true, "unpleasant people" area like you said do not care about what ppl buy and in fact don't have this kind of attitude. In fact those are areas that they think they are "better" and "smarter" (but in fact they are nowhere better than ppl who are buying) that doing this. They are in a way jealous when seeing others buying and they think they are god to make it "fairer" as they see fit. (Socialist ideology sh*t)

                    This probably another way to express these ppl that think they are "smarter" as well and now they have the power to show it to your face.

                    • +2

                      @samehada: Well my experience has been the opposite (friendly staff will often bend, or suggest how the customer can bend, the rules) but that's ok. My main point was Coles want to know where their staff go wrong and nip it in the bud. Especially in this age of wilting snowflakes, 'safe spaces', etc. The exception of course might be where customers act like an arse about things. i.e. Someone who is unreasonable by going on the attack with personal insults, pulls the gender or race card because they can more than it being actually relevant to the situation, etc.

                      • @Faulty P xel: Well, it maybe that you have not experienced enough ;) If you have been to a certain number of stores and eventually you will experience the shocking attitude of retail staffs.

        • +2

          I think your fears are unfounded.

          I called the Coles Customer Care hotline a couple of years ago to complain about a service supervisor. I scanned an item at a self-service checkout, but the POS system was displaying a higher price than the one on the shelf. One of the store’s service supervisors was also the self-service checkout assistant that night, and when I pointed out the problem, they corrected the price in the POS system, instead of giving it to me for free. Although I reminded them that Coles’ store policy stipulates that the item is free, they said that was incorrect.

          I called Coles Customer Care the next day and explained the situation, and they said they needed to discuss this with the store manager. I got a call from the store manager a couple of days later, where they admitted that the service supervisor was wrong, and that the store would happily provide a full refund.

          There was no changes made to that store policy as a result of my call, so I don’t see why Coles would suddenly lower the number of gift cards each customer can purchase.

    • +1

      It's amazing how some stores seem to think they run their own private kingdoms and make their own policies. Last week in Liguarland purchasing Coles Myer Group GC's for the AMEX deal the supervisor tells me that after purchasing 4 they have to check that the name on the AMEX card is the same as my driver's license. Never heard of such a thing before other than Westfield. Before Covid had a Woolies supervisor tell me that there was no such thing as a raincheck. I told him I had been getting them for longer than he was alive. I waited till he left and got one from the next staff member. At Coles I was informed that it was illegal for them to sell me more than 5 GC. I asked them what law that was. I got the 7 I wanted. But yes they try to make you feel like a criminal or doubt your sanity.

      • +1

        These retailer staffs are stupid but they think they are smart and they made things up. There is no such law but they keeps insist with their nonsense.

        Most of these shit staffs are usually from a shit store manager, shit managers train shit staffs and it passed on to new staffs.

        Regarding raincheck, WWs changed their policy and do not allow raincheck during COVID last year. Coles also changed their return policy and do not allow any change of mind return, it is even printed on your receipt. This is very annoying if you bought something by mistake and not even allowed to refund it even if you go to the customer service desk right away.

        Coles has now get rid off this policy recently and things have been back to normal like before. I'm not sure about WW raincheck if it has been allowed back yet.

      • Hi Yola,

        Can I ask what AMEX deal are you talking about? I must have missed. I haven't seen any good AMEX desl lately.

      • +1

        They mixed morale with law. Also, morality is subjective as well.