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10% off $100 & $250 Coles Gift MasterCards @ Coles In-store ($4.50 or $6.30 Fee Applies)


Huge $18.70 saving on the $250 card after the $6.30 activation fee. Please note the terms state the activation fees reduce by 10% as well. Starts June 16. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

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Coles Prepaid Cards
Coles Prepaid Cards

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        • I once told the girl at Kmart that when she give me shit when I return the item I bought because price drop. I told her I exercise my right of return as per Kmart policy. She can bring her ethical standard home since I don't give a shit about her standard. I told her Kmart is not a school or a church and that is why head office put a store policy, it is clearly not for display purposes.

          • @samehada: I did same return due to price drop at Bunnings Woodville
            and that fat old gumpy man refused to sell the items back to me at Bunnings if I returned them, he kept changing his words like

            Bunnings doesn't return clearance goods (it does) he said easy returns on the back of receipt doesn't include clearance goods and made up bulsh*t that it says such on their website ( it doesn't I have checked multiple times).

            Then later he agreed I can return them but I cannot buy the items back. (Like I don't understand why shop even take a return then ?? For a reason like change of mind whole point of that is ensuring business can resell the item, so by not selling that item they are going against that policy)

            Ultimately he said I can return them, buy I CANNOT BUY THEM BACK SOMEONE ELSE CAN.

            Took a friend with me, he refused to sell them to my friend (counteracting his statements again and again). Even said to me, he told me the last thing TO GET ME OUT OF THE STORE

            Went to call the Bunnings complaint department, told them about the incident how team member is making up own bulsh*t store policies changing them every 5 mins etc.

            Later that day get an email from same store's service team that I can return items and purchase at discounted price.

            Went to store the next day the guy who emailed me not at the store, faced with same grumpy old man I refused to talk to him demanded some other person fr service team and he read all the email etc understood what happened apologized etc.


  • Can you get cashout from these?

    • I have never tried myself, but I assume you cannot get cashout, as that is part of the card’s terms and conditions (page 4).

      I haven’t tried doing this myself, as it would give an excuse to Indue (the card issuer) to cancel my card (and they’re retain the right to cancel any cards for any reason whatsoever).

    • No.

    • I tried once, cut one in half. Couldn't see any cash in it.

  • Last time was 15% off?

    • +2

      No, the last time a similar promotion was conducted, it was only 10% off. That was the first time I recall Coles ever running a 10% off promotion for these prepaid cards.

      Are you thinking of the chaotic 15% off TCN deal last year?

      • Thanks mate!

  • None left at my local two colesss,shame

  • -3

    Obviously just a ploy for Coles to hit their end of year sales targets. I reckon once they hit the sales target, the cards will definitely disappear off the shelves.

  • I managed to score 5x $250 cards last time, but after the first couple of days most stores didn't have any stock.

    Note, these cards don't have names on them, so many online retailers won't accept them. They of course work when you shop in person.

    • They worked fine for Southeast Water bill for me. YMMV for all sorts of uses, there are limitations and it's odd, but Indue's rules are so much in their favour if they "think" the card is being used for something that isn't allowed. There should not be such risk.

      • I have used them for Tango dozens of times.

    • +2

      Just put your name or any old name in, there's no actual name verification on these cards.

      • I put my name in when trying to use a card for an Amazon purchase and it was rejected.

        Some online payments don't ask for a name. Council fees and water bills are one example.

        • Interesting, I've used these at Amazon before without issue.

          • @Trance N Dance: I have also used this coles prepaid mastercard in Amazon without issue.

    • Lol… just type "John Smith" in and it'll work.

      • +5

        Hey, don't use my name. Use your own name.

    • +1

      Worked for me for many utilities and bills- during the last promo I managed to pay council rates at AusPost with the gift cards.

      • 👍 But are these something they might cancel your card over?

        • Why would they- don't think it's against T&C? Also I used up the full amount of each GC when paying the bill, so they can't cancel the card even if they wanted to…

  • +1

    Hunt begins :)

    I really wish zip was not excluding grocery from their 2% off promo. This would have been icing on the cake.

  • Has anyone actually find more than 2 x $250 cards ??

    Just came out of the new Marrickville store (NSW) and there's none there …..

    • Cant even find more than 0, lucky you can find 2

  • I’m within a 10km radius of the Brisbane city and my coles had at least 20 of the $250 cards just sitting on the shelf. Might not be as hard to get this time. I was shocked to see that many myself.

    • Can you use credit card to buy gift cards?

      • Yes.

        • Will I get points on my flybuys for the purchase?

          • @PAOK11: You will but will have to spend a lot more to get bonuses in the future. For me, it is not worth it.

    • You r too optimistic Jenyushaw

  • +1

    Front page & page 3 …. latest catalogue ….. link below


    • Another deal on it: $100 EFTPOS card for 1k bonus pts, $6.95 fee. Almost no one will be interested.

      • not worth it, why do you want EFTPOS card for nearly 2% more anyway. You can just pay credit card surcharge if that is your intention, credit card surcharge is surely less than 2%.

  • Does this deal start at the same time when stores open i.e 6AM?

    • Um, yes.

    • +1

      the last 15% off deal I had to wake up at 5.30AM to go to the store at 6AM and I was managed to get some.

      • No limit ? How many did you get?

        There is a limit of 5 now. Though it depends if the staff police it or not.

  • Anyone has tried if this can be used for Uber / Uber Eats?

    • +2

      Wont work.

    • It worked for me in my brand new Uber Eats account, the first time I added card information (Jan 2021). But when I wanted to change the coles prepaid mastercard with another coles prepaid mastercard, it did not accept.

  • -3

    will probably spend $20k on this, nice free money

    • +2

      Good luck finding enough to even spend $500 on it.

      • +2

        He already hid 35 of $250 @ his local store.

        • +1

          That is not $20k, that is more like $8,750.00. For $20k it has to be 80…

  • Damn, none found at my local Coles.

  • Can someone help me with this question: Can these cards be used to buy stuffs from eBay?

  • +13

    For those of you who planned to keep it for future use, be VERY worried that the design flaw in the packaging means scammer can steal the card inside.

    I have spotted a scammed blank card on the shelf today and given to the staff to throw away. This packaging is clearly tampered, it has been cut on one side and superglued back. But be warned that they can swapped the card and still have the packaging intact.

    Maybe OP or MOD should add this to this deal post.
    - Make sure you check the card balance RIGHT AWAY.
    - Even if the card inside the packaging looks new, check the last 11-digit of the barcode on the package and this MUST match the Card ID of the card inside
    - In case of getting scammed, quickly call Coles Prepaid Cards on 1300 095 072, ask them to block the stolen card with card ID which is the last 11-digit of the barcode so the scammer can't use it.
    - Ask Coles to refund you the amount of the card and card fee as well, i.e $105 or $257

    • Which Coles location was this?

      • +1

        It can happens at any Coles so location is not important. I have spotted it in at least 2 different Coles.

    • Wonder how it's done deliberately- so someone is taking the GC away to tamper and returning to store in hope that someone would purchase and activate the card they now hold possession of. Insider job? Otherwise it seems like a lot of effort that's relatively high risk (getting noticed by staff). Not saying this isn't happening (as you've experienced yourself).

      • +2

        Pretty much. They don’t even need to replace the card. Just take photo of card and check everyday if it’s been activated. So even if the card matches the ID on the cardboard, it’s no guarantee someone hasn’t swiped the details.

        • +1

          Yes it is but the chance is lower since these scammer will not want to spend it online which will leave digital trace, they are likely to spend it in store like getting cigarettes or things like that. Of course the other is also a posibility so there is no way to 100% against these scams unless you spend it as soon as possible.

    • I think the new package is very hard to swipe the card inside without damaging the package.

      not sure if how they did this

      • amazingly it is the opposite, I can easily get the card out with the packaging intact. The bad thing is you can't even see any tampering trace with this packaging. The best packaging is Vanilla Visa gc, have a look next time in Coles. Coles should have used that design.

        *Don't ask me how to do it, I won't go into any further detail to stop giving hint to those shit scammers.

    • Damn now you got me worried about storing these for my next lot of bills.

      Bought around 10 in the last deal and had no issues with any. But I did use them right away.

      • +1

        People have said Coles refunds. Just be sure to file the receipt somewhere. (I'd also photograph it because I've had receipts go completely black before.)

        • Yes I have had 5 refunded about 2 years ago. had to email a copy of the receipt and cards.

  • +3

    Had a look at 2 coles and could not find any $250 ones.

  • +1

    So it's literally just a prepaid mastercard they sell for 10% off the face value? Damn that's nuts, if it was Coles-use only I'd get it, but why/how can they just give away money that can be spent anywhere like that?

    • 7.48% or 5.5% off after you pay activation fee.

    • +2

      Because a significant number of people don't use them up, or at all. It's essentially a gamble. You gamble that you will use it, they gamble that you won't.

      • You are so right! I buy less and use up all of it though.

  • Where can I find/buy higher denomination Coles egift cards? Suncorp only has $200 denomination as the maximum, which won't cover purchasing the $250 mastercards

    • Can buy Coles egift cards up to $500 face value using Afterpay paying 25% upfront.

      • -1

        Are those discounted Coles egift cards?

        • Some workplaces (like my new one 🙂) give denominations of upto $500 discounted egiftcards…

    • Whats stopping you from buying multiple gift cards?

      • +2

        Coles doesn’t allow split transactions when paying for gift cards, at least not in the self-checkout

        • So you can use one gift card but not two?

          • +3

            @PAOK11: That’s right. The gift card you use need to be able to cover the whole amount.

            • +1

              @magwri: No split payment at self service checkout. Splitting allowed, including partial payment with eGift card at manned checkouts. Flybuys points cannot be used at either.

              • @TKC1984: is right! Just 2-3 months ago I bought a $100 mastercard gift card and $1 item and went to the counter (not self-checkout) and requested to do split payment. It was allowed. I also tried this split transaction requesting the staff at self-checkout, it was not allowed.

                • +1

                  @io: In some stores, they will not allow either.

      • I only used one gift card but could have easily used 5. Didn't work on self checkout. Edit *** I should have bought more gift cards as the cashier served someone else, that's what I'll do next time.

    • From what I've seen $500 is the limit from a retail perspective
      Corporate can issue higher denominations. I've seen a few up to $2000 usually for bonuses etc

      • The bigger the denomination the higher the risk of fraudulent to the issuer so most of gift card has a limit of $500.

  • +2

    3 stores this morning
    No stock of $250
    3 rows of the $50

    • +1

      Would rather use flybuys to limit purchase.

      • I do not disagree, but it would affect the bonuses we are offered for future spending.

        • There are people who prefer high spend, high pts rebate.

  • +3

    Just got an offer on the Amex Edge I haven't been using much offering 2,000 bonus Amex points for spending $1,500 and a bonus 3 points per $ spent after that up to 10,500 points. This would be a quick way to get free Amex points!

  • +2

    This photo is this thread's ultimate wet dream. A shelf full of them!


    • +4
      • 5 per person

    • That and a cashier attendant with prosopagnosia :)

      • +1

        I just purchased 6. The attendant could not keep track.

        • They get a pop up at 5. They just don't care lol.

  • +1

    Just checked out Coles Lane Cove in Sydney. They have no Coles Mastercards of any denomination. During the last offer they had none during the duration of the offer. Not expecting this time to be any different.