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iPad Pro 11" 2020 Wi-Fi 128GB $744 + Delivery or Click and Collect @ The Good Guys


iPad Pro 128GB on clearance at TGG
There's no M1 goodness, as it's the 2020 model
Items are still available for pickup and possibly delivery depending on your location

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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                          • @kungfuman: You are telling me how important new tech is and you are holding on to the iPad Air 4 for another 7 years?

                            • @huey: I am pretty sure mum and dads don't upgrade there ipads every year. They are most likely going to keep it till it breaks. just because its important to get the latest tech, doesn't mean people will actualy do it. So if they are going to keep it for the long term they might as well have the latest tech for the best price if they can't afford an M1 iPad pro. I don't think your understanding what I am saying in terms of the latest tech, in addtion to that the "latest tech" I am going to say "that they can afford." considering we are talking about teh 11 inch and not the 12.9 inch as per the title, the newer hardware is always the way to go.

                              • @kungfuman: Now you lost me, why are we talking about mum and dads?
                                Your initial comment was about yourself not wanting old tech.
                                I'll end this conversation by saying the deal was simply better bang for buck

                • @huey: That is one difference (among several)

              • @netsurfer: I didn't say it was the "same price" I said it was "ABOUT the same price" also I don't think HD9990 cares about all the other bells and whisles the pros have. he metioned his parrents will use it..

                • @kungfuman: Parents will use it, then iPad Pro 2020 makes more sense:

                  • Bigger screen (thinner bezel)
                  • Larger storage (parents are not good at managing storage)
                  • Pro motion (120Hz)
                  • Better speakers (parents don't use earphones)
                  • Cheaper

                  This thought that parents can just use whatever we feel like it (rather than giving them the best) is just weird. My parents use better phones (bigger and faster) than me. Parents will use either Face ID or Touch ID. They don't really care which one.

                  • @netsurfer:

                    • 11 inchs is the same for both iPad pro and ipad aire
                    • iCloud manages all the storage including apps for you with out parents doing things, all settings are setup during config of the device when they login, so storages options are just irrelevant. Unless the Parents intend to travel on planes where alot of content needs to be stored (which we can all do right now during a pandemic…….) its still not going to max out the storage.
                    • Unless they use apple pencil haveing 120hz is irrelevant.
                    • have you used an iPad air the speakers get very loud.
                    • its not that much cheaper than the iPad air with the better processor.
  • Tablet deals left and right

  • thanks OP, will give the Air 4 to the mrs.

  • +3

    Looks like no delivery options available in Melbourne?

    Telling me to pick up in Mornington.

  • Looked for deal on pre-M1 iPad Pro 12.9”. Anyone come across one?

    • They’ve got the 256GB Wifi for $1374

      • One or more products can't be delivered to your location. Please select pick up instead.

    • Wireless1 had it over the weekend with Afterpay.

      Managed to get a 12.9 256GB WiFi+Cellular for $1749

  • +7

    i purchased the ipad pro n an apple pencil to become an artist overnight… the ipad is gathering dust n im no wer near to drawing an elephant

  • I got the iPad Air 4 for $800-something with the education discount earlier this year. I kind of wish I waited for this for the 120 Hz lol

    • +1

      Me too. :( air is colourful though.

      • Not if you got space grey lol

  • Apple iPad Pro 11" 2/Gen Wi-Fi 128GB - Silver is also on clearance but for $ 844 :-/

  • +1

    what to use it for?

    • +3

      Buy it first then you will come up with excuses to use it.

    • +3

      exactly! so many people buy the latest and greatest tablet just to check the news and facebook for a bit and then leave it in a draw until it becomes worthless.

  • all gone in Mel metro area…

  • +4

    I bought it with a 5% off gift card from Suncorp so the price went down to $706.80. Silly me though bought the gift card before checking availability.

    After I put in my address they told me delivery was not available. The closest store with stock is 75km away. I still bought it, the 5% savings will cover the petrol to get down there I suppose.

    • ah should have bought with suncorp gift cards as well.

      I'll try repurchase it when I get to the store since there's no more stock.

    • +1

      That is EXACTLY what i just did. At least yours is 75km away. Mine is more than 500km! There is nothing in Victoria

      • +2

        I did something similar. Put it in cart. Bought 4% corporate gift cards through work and then only stock remaining was in a rural town hundreds of kilometres away.
        I placed the order anyway bc of gift cards.

        Recently received confirmation that it’s ready for pick up. Called the store. Spoke to a manager. They’re happy to deliver it to me directly for $10.

        • I did the other way
          Bought it with credit card
          Got a pick up notice from TGG (10km away from home - VIC)

          Then call the store, ask if I can re-pay by giftcard
          and the lady said its do-able

  • Thanks. Bought one and ready for pick up

  • +2

    One or more products can't be delivered to your location. Please select pick up instead.
    No close stores avaliable for pickup either.

  • +6

    for anyone not aware, you can just call the store with available stock (or the national sales line) and they can organise delivery for extra $10 (ymmv)

    • Just did that. Thank you.

      • Ditto, hopefully I will get it with no issues.

  • Can anyone confirm it has headphones jack or not?

    • +1

      Headphone jack left the chat since iPhone 7. And removed from iPads since iPad Pro 2018.

      • +1

        The iPad Mini (5th generation) and iPad (8th generation) still have 3.5mm headphone jacks.

  • get the TCN 10% off cards from coles and buy this. last day today

    • limit of 2 gift cards per transaction.

    • can you use multiple gift cards for online payment on the good guys?

    • How do these go in store? I've got a click and collect and I'll go purchase these Gift Cards first.

      • the 10% off TCN @ coles ends yesterday
        Still able to get discount GC if you have access to Suncorp App (5% off currently)

  • The link says it iPad Pro 2. Which is 2017 model? Not a 2020 model?

    I’m confused

    • +1

      It's correct. You can google it. It is iPad Pro 11" second generation (2020).

      Here: Apple official specs

      • Oh god! Seems the 11” n 12.9” got different timelines in generations.

        This 11” is 2nd gen and 2020 model I believe?

    • +3

      The smaller 2017 iPad Pro model is 10.5 inches. The 2018 iPad Pro 11 inch is 1st generation. The 2020 iPad Pro 11 Inch (the one in this deal) is the 2nd generation one, and the 2021 iPad Pro 11 Inch (the latest one with the Apple M1 chip) is 3rd generation.

  • grabbed one and ready for pick up at bendigo store, thanks

  • +6

    "Can't deliver to your location, please choose pickup instead"… "There is no pickup within 500km of your location" (Melbourne East)


  • +8

    Probably a good thing that it's not in stock, was about to impulse buy this without a real purpose.

    Silver is available for $100 more and cellular for $150 more in stores close to me (Essendon and Taylors Lake), but now I'm over the impulse.

    • +1

      Same here. Plus i have an iPad Air 3 from the Optus Deal still in the box!

      I'm sure when i come around using that, the iPad Pro 2021 will be on clearance

  • +4

    I considered this deal but at the end of the day I see no reason to upgrade my old device that does everything this does. Lol tech like this has hit a wall interms of appeal to me, I’m waiting for a significant change to give me a reason to waste money on new or old tech like this at a bargain price. Each to their own

    • +1

      Yep, on an old demo Air 2 I bought from Big W. Still runs great

  • Sold out in WA incl. cellular model.

  • Good deal. Unfortunately the only 2 available locations between Syd and Bris are Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour.

  • All sold out in Vic. Bad luck

    • +1

      You saved $744 on a toy that you don't really need.

      • I’m still using iPad3 really looking forward to upgrade 🥲

      • thanks, that makes me feel better for missing it out :)

      • same for me! thank god is OOS!

  • Any good price for 12.9 inch?

  • Grab one, forgot to use the GC… damn..
    Thinking whether its possible to re-pay with GC during pickup

    • i'm going to try

  • When I went to pick mine up I could see five others behind the counter that had been ozbargained, the cashier asked if it was a good deal since they all sold so quickly.

    • Yep - went in to pick mine up and the woman at the counter said it she thought if somewhat funny that she had received 5 orders within a few minutes of each other

  • No shipping available for my location and no stores within 500km for me to pick up

  • +1

    As much as this price is very tempting. My OG iPad Pro 9.7 is still rocking and it’s hard to justify grabbing this when I can’t fault my current, albeit relatively old, Pro.

    Pro Motion and thinner bezels would be nice to have though.

  • Good find op

  • Shows "The product "3074457345620211702" cannot be ordered." for me

  • The product "3074457345620211702" cannot be ordered.

    Guess it's all sold out now.

  • +2

    So good price, lucky out of stock now, save my wallet.

    • You can buy more noodles now.

  • +1

    Looks like you can still get the Apple iPad Pro 11" 2/Gen Wi-Fi 128GB - Silver for $100 more…. $844 … not sure why the $100 difference … https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/apple-ipad-pro-11-inches-2gen.... There is some stock available in SA.

  • +2

    Ozbargained! Thank you for saving a few bucks in my wallet ;)

  • I bought the wifi+cell version for $894, I really just wanted the wifi version, whoever bought the wifi version and want the cell version can exchange mine for $120? i am based in sydney

  • Didn’t need it, bought one !

    Thanks OP

  • +3

    That’s what I get for not reading during lunch.

    returns to OG ipad air

  • +1

    As tempting as it was, work gives me a free iPad and I barely use that. Thankfully resisted temptation!

  • what was the rrp price of this model? is it the same as the M1 price?

  • -2

    can someone give me the spare ipad please

  • +2

    Went into TGG Joondalup to buy macbook pro, it's 10% off till tomorrow, $1709 for the 256gb. Got offered the ipad pro on clearance $744 although online shows out of stock. Went and bought TCN gift cards and bought both. 20% saving on the MBP and $696 for the ipad pro. Winning.

    • Do you know if they had anymore of them in stock?

      • That was the last of the 128gb on clearance but they also had bigger sizes on clearance

        • Thanks for the reply. I called and luckily they had 1 left of the cellular version. Also stacked with tcn cards. Not as cheap but still a bargain

    • Great deal!

    • Were there any issues with the TCN cards instore? I've got one on click and collect, I'll go to Coles now to pickup 3x $250 to purchase.

      • No issues at all.

  • Thanks Op, picked up a bargain stacking with coles TCN.

    Next challenge, how to get the accessories cheap like pencil and keyboard?

    • how did you do that? isn't it 2 gift cards max per transaction?

      • +2

        I placed a click&collect order and paid by credit card. While picking it up, I asked them to cancel the order and I then paid using TCN cards. The credit card refund will take a few days to arrive but it’s ok for me.

      • no limit instore

        • Correct - I used eight cards to pay in store.

          • +1

            @YLUO: I used 23 cards of $100 each.

    • Haih, didn’t know I can pay online with my tcn gift card .

  • really nice price, too late for me:(

  • So sad i missed this :(

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