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Sony WH-1000XM4 Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones (Silver) $319 & (Black) $330 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Appears to be the cheapest price ever according to the Camels.

Sold and shipped by Amazon AU.

Update: Silver is back in stock for $319.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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      Near New is not brand new and has different warranty condition.

      • What like a few months difference in warranty? It’s negligible given long Sony warranty if they are almost new.

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    Likelihood of being cheaper in the upcoming Amazon prime day deals?

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    Has been cheaper elsewhere. Also considering Amazon Prime day is coming just around the corner, these will be likely be under $300.

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    Could price match this at the Sony store with AMEX spend $300.00, get $60.00 back.

    Also free shipping over $200.00.

    Total: $270.00 shipped

    • Shipped by Couriers Please :)

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        Couriers Please have my terrible in my experience. Maybe they've improved in recent years though.

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          Still easily the worst courier

        • No such problem here. Placed order Tuesday evening and received headphones Thursday morning in Sydney metro.

        • They hire contract drivers, so its largely who you get… YMMV (evidently, greatly)

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        I find them good once they pick up the package from the dispatcher, it is delivered next day before 10am (usually between 7-8am). But it can take them a week to pick up the package which is quite frustrating for a courier service.

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        Farceway worse by a hair

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          That aren't even a delivery service, tehy are a pick up from local depot service. In multiple areas I have lived fast way couriers don't even bother knocking

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      Tried the other day but Sony rejected my request

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      Did exactly this, yesterday.
      Edit - more accurately, I got a price match on the silver at $319

    • Did this on Monday night and received them yesterday. Delivery was uncharacteristically excellent.

      Took 3 attempts to get Sony to honour the price match. $330 black and $319 failed, a second $330 black went through.

      Happy with $270.

    • Legend.

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    For those with eBay Plus: $321 Delivered, or $300.30 here with PEOFY22 code.

    If you want Silver they are $319 Delivered at Kogan for those who prefer.

    Amazon are good to deal with for warranty though. If purchasing from Amazon:

    Targeted - AmEx Statement Credits: Amazon AU Spend $100 and Get $20 Back
    Discounted Amazon Gift Cards

    • Damn, if this was 30 cents cheaper on Ebay I would pull the trigger for the instant depreciation tax writeoff…

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    Got them for $263.65 when Good Guys had them on sale recently in combination with the Latitude Pay $50 off promo.

    Absolute STEAL! Would recommend these headphones to anyone. Super comfy over long use, great ANC and although it's a bit gimmicky I like the cover the ear feature.

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      Let me tell you my friend this feature alone IMO is worth the price of admission. I use it all the time

      • it's a good feature but I find it a bit slow to react (XM3s)

        • I never had XM3s but on my XM4s it's fast and reliable enough. I haven't measured it but it feels pretty much instantaneous

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          Had both. Much quicker om xm4

          • @pick: XM4 worth the upgrade? Better mic for phone calls?

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              @fredblogs: No, not worth the upgrade from XM3: general sentiment of reviewers. Has a better mic but still not amazing. Operation will be the same but 2 device comnection is nice.

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      What is the cover the ear feature?

      • It mutes whatever you have playing temporarily and boosts ambient noise. It's handy if you need to hear something quickly and don't want to take the headphones off your head.

        • Do the Bose QC 35ii or 700s come with a similar tech feature?

  • From previous comments comparing this with Bose, it's not as great for video calls. Is it bad or just not as good as Bose? Any owners who use this for zoom etc who can share your experience?

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      I bought these recently for 292 new from ebay, through one of the previous deals. I use them for work all day, mostly Microsoft teams but also on slack and zoom. Haven't had any issues with them. The ANC is amazing (though I have no experience with other sets so can't compare).

      I'd recommend this to anyone.

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      Neither have a webcam, so probably pretty useless for video calls

    • I've heard some people complain about the mic on these, but no idea why. I use them all the time for zoom/teams and phone calls, works great.
      I did have to tweak a setting to reduce how much traffic noise it picks up if I'm on a call and walking about.

    • I have these and use them for Zoom and have had no problems. I was definitely worried about this given the XM3's appalling reputation for phone calls and because we're all doing more video conferencing lately, and I'd read mixed reviews as to whether the XM4 was an improvement. Pretty relieved that they work nicely.

    • I got a pair recently. These are amazing for music, movies and calls.

  • Can anyone beat $270? I got Sony to price match and have the offer for $60 off for $300 spend on my AMEX card.

    • $270 is current best achievable price, but not ATL.

  • I was listening to a review of Sony WF-1000XM4, and they seemed to be hinting at another big headphone review in 1 week (from when they released the Sony WF-1000XM4 review)
    Is it possible the Sony WH-1000XM5 is about to be released or he would be talking about something else?

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      I think these are nearly a year on - so there could be another year to go - XM3 came out in 08/2018, these came out in 08/2020

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      Nothing has leaked, unlike the WF-XM4 which were hinted for some time then leaked.

    • my review of the xm4 - don't buy them, mine lasted 3 months before back to SONY for warranty repair - which they dodged. Not happy. I had the XM3, they only broke once but sony did repair in that case - warranty changed on move to XM4, no cover for corrosion - mine stopped charging and that was apparently corrosion. Seems common. Won't buy Sony anything anymore, too shifty IMHO.

  • Silva one is $319 on Amazon

  • i tried the XM3 in store and it hurt my head big time. is there any improvement with this version

    • They can be extended to accommodate larger heads.

  • I was able to call up officeworks and price beat amazon by another 5%.

  • Are these just as bad for phone calls as XM3s?

  • Thinking of going to New Zealand in 3 weeks, so another $30 tax will take this down a bit more

    Black: 330(Sony Match) - 60(Amex) - 30(Tax) = $240 or
    Silver: 319-60-29 = $230


  • anyone know how to find the cheapest item in the Sony Store? I have a $100 Sony voucher that I can use to purchase these headphones, but since Sony price-matched Amazon, the total is now $230 incl the voucher. I want to add $70 to the order to I can take advantage of the AMEX deal too, which means I would be paying $10 for a $70 item. Found a $68 pair of headphones but $2 short! FML

  • Quick question re price match: I request a price match, request accepted via an email and need to open an account; I did that, replied to their email but 3 hours now and nothing, my cart still shows $399 instead of $319. Do I have to do anything else ?

    • Don't think so. But call the number and quote the ref number that they informed you of in the approval email and hopefully go from there

  • what is the all time low cheapest price one this WH-1000XM4?

  • Delivered in the Premium Black Sony Box (Sony Store price match). Nice.