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Hisense 85Q8 85" 4K Ultra HD ULED Smart TV (2020) $3,495 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Key Features

85" 4K Ultra HD ULED Panel (3840 x 2160)
Dolby Vision HDR
Quantum Dot Technology
Dolby Atmos
200 smooth motion rate
Works with Alexa (built-in)
Works with Google Assistant
HD Tuner
Freeview Plus
PVR Recording
Built-in Wi-Fi
4 x HDMI Inputs
2 x USB Ports
*Currently not all Stan features supported.

85″ ULED 4K Series Q8.

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    Too small.

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    Too expensive.

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    Too fancy

  • Too Hisense

  • Too good

  • Too big

  • -1

    Too much

  • Too JB

  • +4

    I'm too high to make sense of these comments.

  • To two too

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  • Was $145 cheaper in April.

    • +1

      You broke the chain of comments. Any comments?

  • +2

    1 1 was a race horse
    2 2 was 1 2
    1 1 1 1 race
    2 2 1 1 2

  • Too many 8s

  • No one says too cheap?

  • Me too

  • Can get au8000 85 samsung for 2500 on appliances online. This tv is probably better but for 1000 less and slim form factor I went samsung.

  • Too nice

  • Too big a chin due to a speaker that I’d never use

  • How is the Smart tv tho compared to Samsung and Android tv

    • Just got the 65" version delivered yesterday. Amazed at the picture quality. Black is pretty much black.

      Admittedly I was upgrading from a 2017 Kogan, but so far very happy with the picture quality.

      • What about the Smart tv functions

  • Noob in TV tech. Is uled better than oled? Thanks

    • No

    • No.

      • Haha thanks guys. Is oled now the best tech in TV? Worth the extra $? Im leaning to purchase the Samsung projector (not native 4k i was told). However someone mentioned oled will be a better choice. Looking either 65" or 75". Thanks

        • Oled is the best picture quality.. But has drawbacks..

          If you're about to drop that kind of coin for a new TV I'd suggest some research

          • @Megahowler: Yeah, true that. Don't have time atm but i should start researching. I like the idea of projecting to the wall with ultra short throw but oled probably the better value. Thanks

            • @Bargain-er: Oled can be a nightmare with screen burn in and warranty claims to get it replaced, it's tech is improving but it's still possible to get the burn in

              • +1

                @Dezeption: You would have to be an excessive TV watcher and not change the screen which has a static image on it to get burn in theses days. Even then it would be extremely unlikely.

                • @omblygombly: Nope ive had 2 panels replaced just from the channel logos during news broadcast. Brother had burn in after only a few hours of the kids gaming on it

                  • @Dezeption: Wow ! Sorry to read that, I'm really surprised. RTings did a comparison a while ago where they had 5 or 6 OLED TVs and did a burn in test on them. Can't remember how they did the test but it seemed comprehensive and only one failed and that only seemed to be a minor burn in.

                    Could you let me know what model/s your TVs were ? Were they old models ?

                    • @omblygombly: They were older models but like I originally stated they are improving the tech and have power down procedure to move pixels during shutdown now. Biggest issue was the ch7 logo

              • @Dezeption: Thanks, tips like this what i need without spending hours researching haha.

                I m considering this projector


                Space saving. But would think the closer to the wall, the smaller the screen projection. Thanks

                • @Bargain-er: You can't even compare an OLED to a UST laser projector..
                  chalk and cheese..

                  Make sure you budget at least $2k for a ALR screen if going the projector route

  • i love my 55" q8 biiiggg difference from the TCL stuff

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