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[Afterpay, Refurb] HP Elitedesk 800 G1 (Intel i5-4570, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Win 10) $169.15 Delivered @ BNEACTTRADER eBay


This popular HP desktop is back on sale again as part of the 15% off Afterpay deal and now cheaper than before with the code.

This is an excellent value desktop with 4 DIMM slots, 3 SATA ports and will take a low profile graphics card. Check the other posts for the previous discussion surrounding this desktop.

  • Windows 10
  • Intel Core i5 4570 3.20Ghz
  • 8GB DDR3 RAM
  • 256GB SATA SSD
  • VGA, 2x DisplayPort
  • 8x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0

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  • +3

    4570 hey. Stuck on Windows 10 for life

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        It doesn't support TPM 2.0 which Windows 11 requires. Many older computers don't.

        • -3

          Windows 11 also requires microsoft account, local account only no longer an option.

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            @Flyerone: Good enough reason to go Pro.

          • +2

            @Flyerone: That's only for the home version isn't it?

            • @Jamiea: You would hope so.

              • +3

                @Flyerone: I can't recall if the leaked copy is home or not, bit it allows local account creation. Bit of a f-around getting to it though.

                For a company trying to support privacy and free markets they sure are trying hard to lock you into an account…

                • @TogTogTogTog: I think in Linus' video when he installed the leaked copy it had options for all the same editions as 10 has, so probably it was pro/enterprise.

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                  a company trying to support privacy and free markets

                  where did you get this idea??

                • -1

                  @TogTogTogTog: yeah allows local account and most likely the end version will allow it to. would think it's just the youtube reviewers reporting it wrong, a lot of them aren't very technical, more presenters.

                  • @Gallifr3y: It wasnt youtube, it was the official microsoft website and requirements, as well as the FAQ that explains online is required for home; testers simply confirmed that on youtube.

                    Pro is worthwhile if you're not planning on having a microsoft account.

                    Quite cheap too, since 7,8,8.1,10 and 11 licenes can all be used to activate. Pro is legitimately available cheap using older keys.

                  • @Gallifr3y: i mean pro. why do people use home?

          • @Flyerone: Dealbreaker then

          • @Flyerone: Windows 11 as a new install can be Pro or Pro n with many options
            Local account can be installed - but funnily only comes up on 3 of the 4 I’ve installed. No idea why didn’t allow on the second family computer I installed.

          • +1

            @Flyerone: I just installed windows 11 leaked version without sign in ms account. Its work fine

        • Is that a hard requirement or a soft one?
          I heard it might not actually matter and that a way around could be found

          • @cheapjack: Much like registry hacks, and a 'repair' can change OS versions on windows 10, its likely there will be a way to install pro, using an offline account, then modify the required keys, and 'repair' the install.

            It works on server 2019 too, so its good odds.

        • Good. We shouldnt be encouraging drm like tpm

        • +1

          May have a TPM header for add in TPM module. My Asrock B85 MB has one.

          • @netjock: But your processor isn't on the supported list.

            • @netsurfer: Saw that below. WinTel alliance at it again trying to get people to upgrade.

        • Not just TPM. The processor generation is too old. Basically 8 series Intel and above is supported with some 7 series included

          • +2

            @beatsntoons: Windows 10 support ends 2025. By that time 8th Gen processors would be cheap as 4th Gen now. No worries I am guessing.

        • +1

          By the time microsoft release official update, there will be some tweaks around to bypass tpm for sure to run older PC.

          • @Corsair2: You can edit Windows to show a different CPU. I'd be curious to see if that tricks Windows 11 into installing. Of course there's always the issue of driver compatibility.

        • just fyi,i install 11 on a Lenovo x230 which has an i5-3320M and it worked.

          • @Silent-zai: Yes it's a development build. The final release of Windows 11 at this stage will require TPM 2.0 and 8th Gen Processors. That's subject to change as only today Microsoft have indicated that Intel 7th Gen and Ryzen 1 CPUs will be okay. I won't be surprised if they relax the requirements even more as they'll want to get everyone on Windows 11.

            • @Clear: is it stated that it will require it for support or for it to work? coz there is a difference and kinda like how win7 wasn't meant to work on ryzen CPU's but its just that they don't offer support on 7 but it still works.

        • the dev version runs fine without tpm 2.0, most likely you will be able to bypass with some effort

          • +2

            @abctoz: Yes dev version. At this stage TPM 2.0 is a final release requirement. I feel like I'm repeating myself in this long string of comments.

        • Microsoft is still selling Surface tabs right now (@$3500!) which won't support 11 !

          Thankfully, I run Linux.

          • @Geekomatic: Which surface ones are they? Pentium? New pentiums are supported.

    • +4

      nothing to be excited about the 11, it will be a flop just like any subsequent release from a good OS like vista and windows 8, so that people got sucked into updating to 12 or whatever afterward.

      • +12

        The Android app support is getting some folks quite excited.

      • +5

        That's what everyone were saying when MS roll out win10. People start to change mind when games only support win10.

      • Don't forget to include windows me 😉

    • somebody hasn't learned their lesson yet.

    • like marriage unless you divorce

      • 100% of all divorces start with marrige

    • +1

      I use Linux.

      • Me too. After a few years of distro-hopping, I settled on Mint in 2009 and never looked back.

        I work helping residential clients using M$, and I tell you I almost feel like kissing my computer when I get home!

    • Why is Windows 11 even a consideration? These are used machines to begin with (at least 3 yrs). Win10 is supported for another 4 years so by that time I'd say you'd be throwing it out or getting another used PC to run Win11.

      I think the techie boffins will figure out the TPM workaround anyway if it's really an issue.

  • +16

    I don't think people ACTUALLY USE this would care about win10 or win11

  • which one is better dell 9020 or this?

    • +1

      I think this has a better power supply. (320 watt)

  • Will I be able to fit in a PCI wifi card in that?

    • +1

      Yes. Make sure it has a low profile bracket.

      • Can you link an example? Sorry, just bought the machine and forgot about the wifi card.

        • Just get a USB wifi adapter, unless you've got insane internet they'll be sufficient.
          Else, almost any new pci wifi card has a SFF bracket which accommodates the shorter width of this SFF PC, I know TP-Link include one with most if not at all of their products.

          • @Chaffix: I ended up buying a pretty good one - ASUS PCEAC68 AC1900 - figured since the machine will be quite far from the router I didn't want to cheap out and read good things regarding the compatibility with the workstation and range I require.

    • Be warned you might not be able to fit a low profile gpu and a wifi card. A 1050ti for example blocks two slots on my Lenovo.

  • +1

    Just for everyone's reference, I bought a z230 in ebay with i5-4590, 8gb, 500gb HDD, NVidia K2000 graphics, Win 10 Pro for similar price 3 weeks ago. I added 8gb and a SSD from my old system. Not sure about Win11 compatibility, but it's running perfectly fine for my needs.

    • +1

      Needs to be an 8th gen or above for windows 11

      • Microsoft is really trying to push people to upgrade their hardware.

        • +1

          Wtf is with this release anyways. Two weeks ago there was absolutely no news on it and now it seems it’s a mad rush or something to upgrade?

          • @ATangk: It's not due until later this year. You can't upgrade yet.

            There's a big push for hardware based encryptron because everyones security is lack lustre.

            Can't wash hands.

            Can't remember to keep an antivirus updated and installed.

            • +3

              @Gallifr3y: Can't stop themselves clicking on emails with poor spelling from their bank. Oh TPM won't solve that!

        • …and fill our landfills with the poisons of millions of viable computers. 🤬

  • Would this be okay for a kids computer? Roblox in particular

    • I've got 1 setup for my daughter, works fine for roblox

      • @no-honey do you run a dedicated gpu or just on board? Looking at Roblox/ minecraft machine as well.

  • +7

    You could always go Linux, check Pop OS out

    • This is the way.

      I'll be going full Linux if support is dropped for my gaming pc.

      • +1

        You'll have issues with "East Anti-Cheat", etc if you're into online gaming.

        • +4

          Just use West anti cheat

        • If you dont have:

          Epic games

          Are you even a gamer. Let alone oz bargains free game member.

          • @Kiro: You forgot UPlay and PSN!

            • @Chandler: Oof.


              • @Kiro: Doesn't count - can't link with GOG :P

                (did consider adding Xbox, but then I should probably add Nintendo as well… and then do I list Switch, Wii, etc separately?)

      • If game and DRM support become a thing, Hackintosh is always an option also.

  • Your uni/school might give these to you for next to nothing.

    • +3

      State education here prefers Lenovo and…. Acer 🤮 Uni however were ditching iMacs.

      I managed to get hold of a hundred HP ProDesks last year and they were excellent. Basically an EliteDesk with less USB 3.0.

      • Exactly.

        I managed to get hold of a hundred HP ProDesks last year and they were excellent.

        Nice - free money.

        Having a good relationship with the IT guy might help.

        I wouldn't be surprised if BNEACTTRADER get these for pennies/almost nothing.

        Your work might also give these out.

        • +1

          Client has a policy of replacing computers every 4 years. They get refurbed and resold most often with a handful going into reserve for spares ;)

          There's a massive influx of 4th Gen HP Desktops. I've lost count how many pallets I sorted through years ago.

          • @Clear:

            Client has a policy of replacing computers every 4 years.

            Kinda short IMO.

            They get refurbed and resold most often with a handful going into reserve for spares ;)

            I've seen Intel core i7's taken away instead of pentiums 🌽

            There's a massive influx of 4th Gen HP Desktops. I've lost count how many pallets I sorted through years ago.

            These are flooded everywhere and to whoever they can be offloaded to. I talked to guy who were selling some for $30 a pop.

            Definitely not something to regret buying.

            Better off paying the extra money to build your own with new parts.

            And the new desktops seem to be Acer's. 🍍

            • +1


              Kinda short IMO.

              Lots of OEM's offer 4 year as their max warranty on consumer grade products; and lots are OpEx not CapEx, so once they're paid off, you just start the 'new lease'. get you continued tax incentives, cheap products, and 'same day repair' uptime guarantees.

              If you think it's short, you need to encourage the OEM's not the customer, to change their policy.

  • Thinking about setting this up as a linux minecraft modpack server, can anyone comment on suitability or experience doing the same?

  • Got one for mum recently, good machines, snappy enough for browsing, word etc.

  • Things to note if buying for your kids.. need a gfx card to run android emulator for messenger kids… and minecraft

    • A cheap AMD HD 7470 will probably do the job???

      • @TilacVIP
        The HD7470 was a low/mid range OEM GPU included in some Dell and HP computers back in 2012. Where are you finding one of those?

        • A few on eBay. I'd say its more a low range GPU, I have a few at home and throw them in these builds for a bit more GPU power. for about $15 - $20 its worth adding one in IMO.

  • Any ideas if win 10 home or pro on these?

    • It will be pro with this.

      • I think it will be Home. I got one of these from a guy who got one from one of the previous deal and it is actually activated with a digital license - Home version

        • +1

          Did it have a white HP sticker on the sides somehow? These business desktops come with Pro out of the box and they often (but not always) have a sticker with their Windows key on it.

          • @Clear: No sticker on this one

          • @Clear: Not really the case anymore. Ever since the introduction of Windows 8 the Windows Keys are now embedded into the system firmware so you'll only see a Windows Logo on the Case Like This.

            On these models, it's on the rear of the machine where the IO is.

            However, with the batch of stock that we have for sale for this deal (and the others), it's a really big mix of licensing. Some still have the old Windows 7 COA's and a big mix of home and pro.

            • @Calmago: That's unusual as the 4th gens I was getting in late-2014 still had the stickers on them. I have a warehouse full of them still.

              Obviously newer generations don't.

              • @Clear: 4th Gen was the changeover.

                • @Calmago: Indeed. All my 6th gen and above have what you described.