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Seagate 2TB Expansion Portable Hard Drive $69, WD Elements SE Portable $69, $0 Metro Delivery @ Officeworks & OW eBay (Expired)


You can get this in Officeworks & in Officeworks eBay for the same price.


You can also get the WD 2TB portable for $69


You can find WD in JBHiFi without delivery for $69

Mod Edit: Officeworks eBay store on holidays until 23 July.

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    Can get 1TB SSD for $99, the gap is closing….

  • Seagate or WD?

    • am curious to hear the ozb community's thoughts on this too

    • I've owned 2-3 of each, and personally found WD more reliable

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        I've owned 4x of the portable Seagate 2TB for about 5 years now with no problems. Years ago I had several desktop WD drives in a row fail and I gave up on them. While I don't move them very often, considering the Seagates are small portable laptop drives, you'd expect them to be less reliable but I've found the opposite.

        I'd be more concerned whether the WD has a go-between decoder board like some have had in the past. If it does have one and it dies you can't just shuck the drive and plug it into a computer to retrieve data. Whereas I know the Seagate you can/doesn't have one.

        • Fair enough - it might have just been my luck then haha

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          I'll add my experience where I have a WD portable drive clicking and have currently experience this and I'm inclined to move to Seagate.

          • @tomsco: My Seagate stopped working within warranty, got a new one which stopped working after 3/4 yrs. thinking about WD now…

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      Westgate Seagital

    • WD for external drives, Seagate for internal.

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        As above some WD have a decoder board. I don't know of this has one, but if it does and it fails (and plenty have) you can't just shuck and plug the drive into a computer to retrieve data, all your stuff is just gone in an instant. This Seagate has no decoder board so it's not an issue.

        I've owned 4x of these for about 6 years now without a problem. Otoh I've had a few internal WDs, and one powered external (with a decoder board), which all failed in 2 years or less. Back then WD was supposedly the best so I kept buying them, but kept having problems, so was forced to abandon them. I've had no trouble from Seagates.

      • Other way around in general.

        WD have had a bad run with externals this past decade.
        Seagate had a lot of problems with firmware on some internals a few years back.

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      Seagate because shuckable (can open the enclosure and use the drive like an internal).

    • I've had issues with seagate drives failing on me, could just be bad luck but I've had better experience with WD

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      Both drives will fail, that's what backups are for. Also the sample sizes in the comments aren't really indicative of the reliability as a whole. Best bet is to buy one of each, so they fail at different times.

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      backblaze has data on drive failure rates

      • And they're not representative of anything of relevance here. Those drives are enterprise drives on different tech and manufacturing specs, doesn't reflect on consumer models except for the Seagate ST4000DM000, ST6000DX000 and ST8000DM002

        • It's obviously not represented here, but I remember years ago one of the big backup places (I think it was Backblaze) were so short on drives that they were driving around retailers and buying externals to shuck. This was during the floods that severely impacted supply.

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            @macrocephalic: Yeah that was back when Thailand had massive floods so the factories were damaged and supply was severely limited. Back then Backblaze's data was highly relevant; now not so much.

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      You'll find people recommending both. I belive it's more important for you to get your drive/s on the assumption it is going to die. The only question is when.

      1. Spread your purchases. You can spread your purchase by buying different brands, different stores, at different times, etc.
        This is to try to get different disks from different batches. Two identical disks from the same batch being used in the same conditions are (more) likely to die at the same time.

      2. Test the drives. There's (free) software (easily) available to "burn in" your new drives. This will weed out any that are already "faulty" (or close to it) for you to easily return them immediately, rather than when they're out of their "warranty" period, and, more importantly, before they have your data on them.

    • Seagate.
      Generally low failure rate, and the drive can usually be used as a standalaone Internal drive, or put in another external case.

    • Be aware, may be some issues with WD drives at the moment


  • shuckable?

    • Would like to know this too..

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        Can confirm yes for the Seagate. Not sure on WD but i reckon i would be.

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          All WD portable drives have integrated USB 3 or C interfaces, as do Toshiba. Seagate do not make an USB interface integrated drive, all their portable drives are normal SATA drives with a bridge board inside the enclosure.

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      Seagate should be, WD isn't.
      Both are SMR.

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        smr is shit

        also seagate may be using rosewood drives..

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          Nonsense statement. I've owned 4x of the 2TB Seagates for 6 years now. I download and store lots of video. They work fine.

          • @Faulty P xel: those 2TB from 6 years ago were very different drives, not just different models but different designs and manufacturers. Current 2TB Seagate Rosewood designs are bread, butter and black caviar of data recovery servces.

            • @DainB: Hm ok, I was referring more to the SMR comment. Most people aren't even aware of the write speed difference/slow down, and most people who are, probably use HDDs the same way I do: OS on an SSD, with user files stored on HDDs. Small files open in an instant regardless, and large files are usually video or ISO files that are rarely accessed and when they are, they play/work slower than a 1990s HDD could shift the data anyway. They do take time to copy from one drive to another, but they're large so you expect them to take time anyway and so you rarely do it unless reorganising a drive.

              I'll have to read up more about these new drives though because I plan to buy more. Thanks.

        • May be? Rosewood is default for thin Seagate drives for like 5 years now, I'd be really surprised to find Samsung M9T in there.

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    OW ebay excludes: Perth Metro, QLD Far North, WA Regional, WA Remote

    • Do you mean Perth CBD or Perth metro as in all of Perth is excluded for delivery.

      • It’s copied from eBay who appear to use metro in a broad sense to distinguish cities from the regions and the bush.

  • Not the best price $35/Tb

  • Are these bargain or just their regular price?

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      I've been out of the game for a while, so just assuming MSY is still pretty good, and they have the WD 2TB Elements for $85 vs $69 here.

  • while I'm here, any good deals on internal 250gb or 500gb SSD internal drives? not m.2, and not portable. Missed the crucial 1tb deal, was just a bit pricey for what I'm after. TIA

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    Is it good for PS5?

    • want to know this as well. I need a ps4 external drive but no idea if it should be ssd or hdd

      • Any USB 3.0 regular HDD should do the job. I shelled out extra for the proper 2Tb and 4Tb "PlayStation" drives (which I think are made by Seagate), but a regular WD drive also works from what i've tried.

        There's no point paying a premium for SSD as only PS4 games can run from the external. PS5 games need to be copied back onto the internal SSD to be playable. If you want the copy process to move a lil quicker, then SSD would probably be better, but I don't know if it's necessarily worth the extra cost.

        But, if all you want is an external drive for a PS4, I doubt you'll notice any major performance increase with SSD.

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    Same prices at JB for both drives (just checked).

    If you’re gonna get an external for the PS5 go for a 4Tb… you’ll need it!

  • Looks like a LEGO brick.

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    Got one for $49 from Harvey Norman, thanks OP

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      How did you get for $49?

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        LatiitudePay $20 off $60 spend. Can't complain about that.

    • They're currently $94-95.
      Price match?

    • Thank you. I will update the post.

    • Great feedback for the WDs over there

    • I suspect JB clearing stocks & Officeworks price matching to avoid guarantee claims & will go back up once the JB sale finishes.

      • very possible. how much is normally?

  • I'm so torn between the two, need a reliable portable hard drive to move items from my MacBook air.

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    Officeworks on ebay is now on holiday. Can not buy until next month. 🤨

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      wtf? how can officeworks go on holiday?
      is it them running out of stocks?

      • Officeworks doesn't go on holiday!

        • Their eBay store does. It’s only an adjunct to their site. Doesn’t seem to be there at the moment. Apparently sometimes during big sales and things like that. Maybe it’s an end of financial year thing, or lockdown.

          • @kiteo: I bought it for the "real" store anyway……just kinda stupid to say that the ebay store is on holiday, because a massive company like officeworks would have people to cover for the guy who just happened to go on a lovely holiday, business must continue.

  • Thanks OP! Just picked up the Seagate 2TB drive. Exactly what I needed. :-)

  • Wtf? Officeworks link for the Segate, listing says “item doesn’t post to Australia” 🤨

    • Is your postcode in WA or FNQ?

      • Yep, that must be it. Sucks to be on the outer rim

  • I bought it via ebay 2 days back. And got it delivered today. I'm not sure what they meant by their note.

    The seller is away until 23 Jul, 2021. Add this item to your Watchlist to keep track of it.

    • it means that they can't be bothered with extra business as their administrator is on indefinite leave………………………..

  • Merged from Seagate Expansion Portable Drive 2TB $68.99 + Delivery ($0 to Metro/ C&C/ in-Store) @ Officeworks

    Seeing as the other Seagate "One Touch" drives have been posted for $80 as a bargain, figured I'd post this as Officeworks has them cheaper than these, for the same amount of storage.

    Limit: 3 per customer

    For those looking to shuck these / crack them open and use the drives in other devices, my two both had a ST2000LM007 "Mobile HDD" in them, part number 1R8174-570, FW EB01, date of manufacture January 2021.

    • You're a devil OP.

    • Would this be okay for storing movies and tv shows to play on a tv and pc?

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        Yeah you can watch Homer.

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        Absolutely - that's what I'm using them for … albeit they'll be installed in my server at home, which I stream from via Plex or directly over my network. No reason you couldn't copy the files onto the drives as is over USB, then plug it into a PC / TV (providing it'll play from a USB).

        • Okay thanks Devil! :D

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      Someone I know (anonymous) already did this today the model drive is: ST2000LM007. Guide on how to do this for a 4TB Seagate Expansion. (https://mattgadient.com/how-to-shuck-the-seagate-expansion-4...)

      • -1

        Sorry I don't understand it, what's the point in shucking? What does doing that achieve?

        • +1

          use it in other things - often cheaper than buying a HDD on its own

        • Why down vote a legitimate question?

    • I went to see if this was on their ebay store as well and it's gone.
      Looks like they have deleted it (their ebay store)

      • They are "out of the office until 07/23/2021" on ebay

        • I get "Sorry, this store does not exist" when I search for their store. Hopefully is is just temporarily disabled
          It is pretty useful to use for ebay vouchers etc

    • Any reason why people prefer these 2tb ones instead of the bigger drive sizes (8tb+, when they're on sale)? This is more directed at people who want to shuck these. The price/tb for these is $34.5, which is fairly average all things considered.

      • Didn't think 8tb was even an option in these portable drives

        • You're right, the 8tb ones are in the externals only I think. Well at least the WD and Seagate ones that go on sale!

      • +1

        Yeah this is not a deal. I'm waiting for the 4tb model of these for $99.
        Thanks op for sharing the sucked HD model numbers though.

      • People get these because its portable. The ones you're talking about need to be plugged into the wall for power. This just runs off USB. Also portables max out at 5TB size. Most people don't want to schuck these its more for convenience

    • Thanks OP just picked one up!

    • Thanks, ordered 2!

    • This is really not a good price, people need to hold out for sub $50 if you can.

    • grabbed one thanks OP

    • 2.5” HDD still deliver around 100 MB/s ?

    • SMR or CMR?

      • SMR

        Don't think there are any consumer CMR drives in 2.5" format anymore. (except possibly for WD Blue and Black 500GB and WD Red 1TB)

  • Hey guys, I got mine delivered today. I forgot to check is the HD exFat file format? I want to be able to use between windows and mac without formatting it.


    • Plug in, right click the drive, properties. There's your answer.

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    Prices showing $89 for the WD from Jb & office works