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List & Sell 2 Items Free Each Month on eBay (via Gumtree)


Reposting this deal, as it's about 7 months old now…

As always, enjoy!

P.S. Is there a way to see if you've 'exceeded' your limit for the month? Would love to know.
Thanks :)

•The promotional offer is available for the period that the “Free Post to eBay” banner is displayed on Gumtree’s Listing Confirmation Page on the Gumtree website via gumtree.com.au. eBay reserves the right to cancel or change the offer at any time.

•Items must be listed and available for purchase during the Promotion Period in order to qualify for the promotion.

•During the Promotion Period, pay no Insertion Fees or Final Value Fees for an item you list and make available for purchase in a single category when you: •i) list an item not in an Excluded Category on Gumtree via www.gumtree.com.au (which must be a completed, legitimate listing);

•ii) click the “Free Post to eBay” banner displayed on the Gumtree Listing Confirmation Page and click the “Confirm and import listing” button on ebay.com.au (“Click Through”); and

•iii) list an item not in an Excluded Category on www.ebay.com.au and subsequently sell the eBay item within 30 days (“Qualifying Sale”) (the “Promotion Requirements”).

•Limited to 2 Free Insertion and Final Value Fees per Qualifying Seller per Qualifying Sale per month during the Promotion Period.

•The promotion is only available to sellers who: (a) are validly registered, or create a new account, on ebay.com.au; (b) satisfy the Promotion Requirements; and (c) are not Store subscribers (“Qualifying Sellers”).

•The promotion is only valid for Free Insertion and Final Value Fees on the first 2 listings that result in a Qualifying Sale per month during the Promotion Period. Final Value Fees are the selling fees charged on sale of an item, calculated as a percentage of your total sale price. Insertion Fees, depending on how many listings you have already created, as well as optional upgrade fees (such as reserve price, subtitle, etc.) may apply; learn more about seller fees, including the number of Free Insertion Fees per month by viewing our complete fee table.

•The promotion applies to listings in Auction-style or Fixed Price format, but does not apply to listings in Classified Ad format.

•Store subscribers are not eligible to participate in this promotion.

•To qualify for this promotion, Qualifying Sellers may list in all eBay categories, except the following excluded categories (“Excluded Category”): Businesses for Sale (11759), Aircrafts (63676), Boats (26429), Caravans/Motorhomes (32633), Cars (29690), Motorcycles (32073), Trucks/Commercial Vehicles (6049), Real Estate (10542), Services (316), Flights (3253), Tickets (1305), Travel (3252) and Vouchers/Gift Certificates (184609).

•This promotion only applies to single quantity listings.

Good 'Til Cancelled Listings
• Good ‘Til Cancelled listings created during the Promotion Period will be eligible for the promotion only until the listing automatically re-lists.

•    Good ‘Til Cancelled listings which relist during the Promotion Period will not be eligible for the promotion.

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  • +8

    i used this promo and its been 2 months and they still have yet to reimburse the final value fees they have, spoken to atleast 5 reps and still getting told its in progress.

    • +2

      I thought it was just me. Maybe I should contact them too.

      • +2

        i wonder if theres anything we can do seeing its almost bordering false advertising by making it nearly impossible to get the funds without spending hours chasing dead ends

        • Been stuck in limbo for 3 months also. Been told it’s been “escalated” and will receive an email from them regarding the outcome of reimbursement. I’ve only received an email last week saying they’re “working on it”.

          • +2

            @jackedd: To provide some "light at the end of the tunnel". I sold a few items in April (start of April) and got the credit of the selling fees just last week. So it took about 3 months after chatting with them once a week for two months (then I just started speaking to them every 3 to 4 weeks) and they finally came through. Frustrating af given they literally gave the same response - "it's been escalated. You will hear from someone in 2 to 3 business days…".

            • @stevenv19: Finally got my refund after 3 months and a few days.

    • +3

      Negging this deal because of this. Just read the latest comments in the previous deal and here.

      I'm still waiting to be refunded a few hundred dollars in total for a few items I listed through Gumtree since I moved to managed payments (over a month now since the first item sold, have contacted them 3 times already and it's very soon to become 4).

      Fortunately I don't need to list through Gumtree for a while at least as I've just accepted 2 consecutive promos for 5 no FVF listings.

      I'd suggest others that have gone through this to also neg this deal.

      • +4

        don’t hold your breath getting that money back… f**k ebay, they really don’t care.

      • +1

        They do eventually come through though. I think if I know I will get the money eventually (which I did) I would much rather deal with the Ebay crowd than the Gumtree crowd…

      • +1

        Hey there mate, would you be be able to share the link to those promise for 5 no FVF listings? Would be much appreciated!

        • Can't find a link for it now, but check the bottom of the page at ebay.com.au

          I think that's where the banner was for me. Either that or the deals page. Might be targeted.

          Edit: Try the link posted by proud below.

      • +1

        Is it 5 no FVF listings or 5 listings for $1?

        Here's the link to 5 listings for $1:


        • Yeah the latter.

    • same here!!

  • Do you have to leave the item listed on gumtree?

    • Don't see why you would have to.

    • No you don't.

  • +1

    same here. It has been for 2 months and spoken to 6 reps. hopeless.

    • did they tell you they where "waiting to hear back from the UK office"

  • Same pain in the ass to get the credits. I think they made it harder for the chat reps to apply credits now as previously they just credited on the spot now it doesn't get applied

  • +2

    After reading this I'm too scared to ever give eBay a try (despite the positive outcome).

    • If you do it, just expect to get your money back in about 3 months…

  • Been quite lucky and always had it work without needing to contact support, it’s even better now as no PayPal fee either if you’re on the new bank payment thing. Do wonder if they will stop it soon though because of that.

    • +5

      it’s even better now as no PayPal fee either if you’re on the new bank payment thing

      eBay increased their fee to make up for it. ~10.5% to ~13.5%

      • +3

        Yes, but if you only sell when you get free listings, then you save that 3% Paypal fee.

      • +3

        Yeah EBay is just being greedy they want the PayPal cut.

      • Yeah thats what happened to me. Free listing. But ended up paying nealy $25 for $230 sales. Hurts

    • As other said, there is now no PayPal fee, but eBay has raised there commission to compensate for it.

      Now however you need to pay GST on the whole fee (where as before you paid no GST on PayPals fee) so the whole selling cost has increased.

      • +1

        To be fair (and I didn't think of this myself when I made my above comment) there won't be any fee if you successfully get the Gumtree credit (whereas before you'd still pay the PayPal fee). Same goes for the $1 listings. So Pobman is right, it is better now (along as you do eventually get the Gumtree credit of course).

        Still, for regular listings with full fees, sucks that they increased the fee.

        • Yeah very good point thanks for mentioning it, I was mainly thinking about regular non-promo sales regarding the new fee structure.

          The saving of the PayPal fee is a huge bonus on the Gumtree promo sales. So I'd agree now will be much better if the promo is reliable.
          The PayPal fee saving on the promo sales will greatly outweigh the extra GST cost.

    • Actually just had my first fail on the fee free deal. Support said it’s now policy not to give the fee rebate right away, but should be there after 2 weeks. He may of made that up, or may be true.. either way I shall be getting my $70 fee back even if it takes a bit more effort.

  • +2

    Pain in the a*s to get the fee credits its annoying as hell eBay doesn't always credit the fees.
    It's not worth the Hassel of spending hours on their chat to get credits

  • They still own me 5c after giving me back my credit..

  • +3

    I've listed quite a lot using this offer and more time than not I've had to chase them for the credit. Could we collectively take the issue to trading standards? Or do you think ebay would just take the easy route and remove the offer?

    The best way of chasing for me previously was over the phone. Messaging them was useless.

  • +7

    Don't use this deal they wont reimburse you. I contacted EBay multiple times and they said they contacted Gumtree. In the end they said its not their promotion and I need to get it from Gumtree. I'm not selling on EBAY any more!!

    They need to be reported to the ACCC for false advertising!!!

    • I've already reported them to the ACCC and I suggest everyone affected also do so. It's the only way to put some pressure on them.

    • It is their promo though. I have a screenshot from ebay.com.au showing the "eBay and Gumtree Selling Promotion" terms and conditions.

  • Question for anyone who's on the new managed payments (eBay pays to bank account) AND had this promotion work with/without eBay chat follow up:

    Were your fees invoiced on the item sale breakdown, then reimbursed later via a separate pay out? (i.e. separate payments on this page: https://www.ebay.com.au/sh/fin)
    I'm guessing that is the case for anyone who had to follow up through chat?

    Would just be interested to see if the promo has worked immediately for anyone with the new managed payments, where the fees were waived at time of sale. eBay chat keep telling me Gumtree promos have to wait 15-20 days (and am now getting the escalation blah blah).

    Fee breakdown that I'm talking about:

    • Every time up until May I had it rebated instantly. I have since changed over to the new payment system and had my first fail, and have been told it’s policy for it to be after 2 weeks now. That’s for a sale started and ended in July. Didn’t use the gumtree deal in June as I had $1 listings.

  • Same here. Since new payment system online, something has happened between ebay and gumtree. Have been a month with 3 Chat and still pending.
    Previously, although ebay doesn't always automatic track it, customer service could provide credit after 15 days.
    Now ebay said gumtree needs to pay them first.
    Not sure what we can do to escalate the issue, but it apparently a false advertisement and unfair for customers who have followed T/C and still not get paid.

  • +2

    Doesn't work with managed payments. AVOID.

  • +4

    Stay far far away lol. Sold about 5k worth of stuff in April and been on the phone and chat with them 6 times since I’m out about $500 in fees. Had to resort to VCAT and am still awaiting the results.

    Stick to FB marketplace or Gumtree. Nothing against OP, purely negging bc if you’re selling and expect to have an easy time getting fees back you’d be delusional.

  • +1

    This promo doesn't work unless you spam support even then it's hit or miss, old deal was marked expired for a reason

  • +2

    Ebay cooked this promo.
    Charging people then getting them to ask for a refund is low.

  • +1

    Anyone have access to other promotions such as 5 sales without final value fees that they could share the links to? Quite wary of using this offer due to bad reviews

  • I wasn't charged any fee for my latest item listed 3 days ago. But still waiting for the fee from item 2 months ago.

    They certainly got more dodgy after their new payment system. Unfortunately I still prefer ebay than gumtree full of scammers or Facebook full of idiots.

  • +1

    Since managed payments this deal is a PITA.
    It doesn't work automatically, meaning you have to log a ticket. They will make you wait 15 days from sale to then log another ticket. Which will then make you wait another 7 business days minimum.
    I've had 3 sales through this, average is 1 month wait and 4 chats per sale to resolve. Meaning minimum 1 hour to 2 hours on chat arguing with untrained chat support staff. I did get all my fees refunded but their process is horrible, slow, and the promotion is extremely misleading.

  • +1

    Had to contact support 4 times over the course of 2 months to get a refund. Now they say they have refunded me but I haven't seen it come through yet. Chat rep said this promo is basically broken at the moment and have had a lot of people requesting refunds.

    Her advice was to keep using the promo and expect to have to contact support.

    I'll revise my vote if it ever starts to work again.

  • On a positive note because I complained so many times they stuffed up and refunded me twice for one of my sales… Will I give that money back? Hell no. I consider it the cost of my time chasing them up and even then I think I earnt below minimum wage on my hours wasted.
    Screw you eBay, I'm keeping your 150 bucks.

    • Hey, just wondering where your refund came through? (Eg. it straight back to your bank account/PayPal account? Or taken off your next invoice?)

      • +1

        Back to bank account

  • eBay online help chat is easily one of the worst customer service departments out there. From what I recall they were fairly decent for the most part until a year or so back. These days they'll keep you online for hours just to end it by either making things up, saying they'll escalate (99.9% of the time it's most likely more BS) or asking you to wait a few more days. Only very rarely you'll come across a decent rep who knows what they are doing. From my experiences I get the feeling that they are handling multiple help chats at a time because many times I've had them ask the same thing over and over again 10-15 mins apart. So I do feel for them they are most likely being over worked to the point that they just don't give a damn.

    • +1

      With eBay handling the payment side of things, they'll have more work than ever.

      • Yeah that plus the whole Covid situation and numerous technical issues and glitches they must be swamped no doubt.

  • Also thought I mention be wary when accepting 10% of sale voucher promos and similar like the one from a month or two back. When you accept those they'll override every other promo (ie no fee and/or $1 fee promos) and there's no way of removing the promo once you have accepted it and they last for months. Found that out the hard way and still waiting for some of those vouchers as well with eBay help chat giving the usual runaround.

  • Yeah, this promo is broken even more than usual ever since eBay redesigned their end of things. Previously the occasional item would fail to have FVF fees removed, but upon contacting a rep they'd apologise and quickly apply the credit again.

    Now it's "wait 15 business days" as "the GumTree team needs to pay" for this promo. And why exactly would the GumTree team pay for an eBay promo?

    Coupled with the increase in eBay fees, it was actually cheaper for me to sell my phone to Mobile Monster… never thought I'd see the day.

  • I'm surprised to say after months of hassling eBay I have finally been reimbursed the fees for the 3 items I sold using this promotion!

    • Nice! Did it show up as a new payout to your bank account here? https://www.ebay.com.au/sh/fin

      • Answering my own question; for me it did eventually come out as a separate payment on the above page.

        Description as:
        eBay Incidental Reimbursement Credit
        FVF Credit 2.0

        Had to talk to chat every Friday for about 4-5 weeks before I saw this appear.

  • Not sure what powerful complaints people have sent eBay's way, but I spontaneously received an "eBay Incidental Reimbursement Credit". The amount doesn't match any final value fee, and I haven't actually lodged any complaint with eBay. Go figure.

  • Pleased to say I rolled the dice on this deal again, made a sale and the promotion actually worked no intervention required!
    Full amount (less 30c which I'm not sure what that is /care) in processing.
    Woo hoo!
    Also eBay can still go to hell

  • Had no idea what this was on my account, but got over $400 back!

  • I don't usually downvote but f*** eBay.

    Sold 2 item about 2 months ago using this promotion. I was charged final fees of about $100. Talked to them and they said they'll refund it after 28 business days after talking for an hour. After 30 business days, didn't get any refund so I contacted them. Spent 1 hour on live chat to explain the whole situation and they couldn't find the refund. Said they'll email me back asap. It's been 2 weeks and just crickets.

    What a waste of everyone's time.

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