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[Switch] Hori Taiko Drum Controller for Nintendo Switch $109.05 Delivered @ Play-Asia


Play Asia are offering free shipping throughout July, which brings this down to a more reasonable price.

Use the code 'CENSORED' for a further 5% discount, which brings it down to $104.09.

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  • +34

    I thought this was a hot dog maker

    • +8

      you need glasses?

      • +2

        yah we need another Specsavers deal

      • Dentist. That hot dog was hard as a rock.

  • +4

    Omg. Thank you. Was waiting for this to come!!!! Got one. Thanks OP.

  • Bought one from eBay for about $160 last month. Just received it last week. Could've saved $50+ if I waited 😭

    • Is it good ? Does it worth it ?

      • +66

        It does worth it

        • +4

          L'Oreal's new pidgin ad campaign.

  • Which game do you need for this?

    • +8

      Taiko no Tatsujin

    • +85

      Dark Souls Remastered

      • +4

        Can confirm. Speed run the game with the drum is fun.

      • +1

        I use mine for Human Fall Flat because it's too easy with a controller.

    • Jinkou Gakuen 2

    • Pong 4

    • Chivalry 2

  • +3

    Thanks OP!! $100.12 using 28degrees!!

    • Beat me to it! But yeah definitely the way to go if you have the card.

    • +1

      $100.13 with macquarie black, you get points though…

    • Bankwest Zero should also give similar result. Thanks for the reminder!

    • using what currency?

      • USD.

        • Ah, k, it automatically switches currency if paying by CC. Thanks for the response!

          Edit: got it for $100.12!

    • +1

      Got the same ($100.12) using Westpac Lite Card!

    • How did you guys get it for $100?

      • Opted to be charged in USD and used a card with good exchange rate and no international transaction fees.

  • +13

    FYI - playasia adds GST at checkout.

    Thanks Gerry!

  • +3

    I got one of these at launch and paid much more. But it is 100% worth it, it completely changes your enjoyment of the game, it goes from like "meh" to "just one turn!".

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Got one. Cant wait 😀

  • Wow, made me really glad I brought mine back from Japan (albeit, a Wii version).

  • Can't seem to find the coupon entering place?

    • +1

      Ugh, I made the mistake of paying through paypal checkout which means you don't get the coupon prompt. Also, it automatically subscribes you to their newletter using the paypal email….

    • It's kind of obscured, yeah. It's on this screen, at the bottom.

  • +5

    Thanks, grabbing one to play this with my kid, good timing because the game is about $22 on eshop atm!

  • +1

    I'm getting charged $110 for shipping? Anyone know how to get it free?

    • Do one at a time

  • Says backordered now…stock expected 2-4 weeks…

  • I'm obviously too old but where on earth is the code for discount entered?

    • +14

      Here. I hope I made it clear enough.

  • Thanks.
    Ordered and paid by paypal and it still says "Waiting for payment".
    Anyone else have this problem ?

    • Yes same issue here. Even though I got the payment received email.

      • I emailed customer support and they fixed it

  • +1

    If anyone has either the game or the drums, will 2 drums work? Purchased one but not sure if 2 would work or haven't seen anything that says 2 drums can work.

    • +1

      The Switch just sees the drums as just another controller, you can plug a bunch of them in or even play Mario Odyssey or Dark Souls using the drums.

    • +1

      Hey there I have 2 drums and they're recognised as separate controllers, i.e. you can play 2-player (and probably more if you have enough ports) where each person uses their own drum.

      • +1

        Thank you both for the info I might buy an extra one.

  • +16
    • +1

      Next level

    • What the hell man

    • Whoa 🥶

    • Holy smokes that was great! This is actually tempting me to get a bloody switch and this controller just to play this game!

  • -2

    omg dude. you can almost buy a wiiu and taiko and game for that. oh well..

  • +2

    Thanks OP! Just ordered one. Have the game but not the drum and have been waiting for a deal like this.

  • +1

    Just in time! Cancelled my Amazon order just now and bought this one instead. Saved me $60.

  • +4

    cool, made my son so excited.. he's been checking Amazon daily for a couple of months now. I told him we aren't buying it if it isn't on sale.. And proved a point as well, he is adamant that this one probably will never go on sale… HA.

    I couldn't find how to change currencies though to use 28deg.. spent the extra $3 just to get my son off my back saying it might run out..

  • +1

    Out of curiosity, why, instead of paying premium price, perhaps go with this one at more than half the price?


    Anyone has any experience with one of these?

    • +6

      Not sure why you got negged but here is a video showing comparison


      • +1

        This was an excellent review.

      • +4

        Now I want to get the big drums

        • +1

          Damn, me too. But the price and storage, I'll settle for this instead.

      • +1

        that big drum. oh mama

    • +5

      Here you go: "The drum has relatively large 'dead spot' areas (especially within the centre area) where hitting the drum will not register a hit in the game. Whilst providing about 80% of the HORI drum experience."

      Also, it can't roll.

      Just buy the real thing!

  • +3

    bought one, going to use it on PC until the next switch comes out

    • +1

      Oh my god. Are you able to emulate this game on PC? Please let me know how. I might just grab a set of these coz I’ve been super keen to play this game!!

      • +1

        Look up tjaplayer3. Aos, taiko.bui.pm is a browser version.

        • +1

          Thanks will do some research

        • Hey you seem to know a fair bit about Taiko, would you know if these Switch drums can be used on the Playstation 4 version? I had a look online and couldn't really find a definitive answer.

  • +1

    How does this compare to Donkey Konga Bongos?

  • thanks for the post!

    anyone got a lead on the best deal for the game itself?

    they have this one: https://www.play-asia.com/taiko-no-tatsujin-nintendo-switch-...

    • +1

      its on sale on the eshop

      • thanks!

  • +1

    Does this have an integrated battery in it or just USB cable to connect it to the switch?
    Couldn't find any info on this about the drum.

    • +2

      Looked up a youtube review of one, looks to be a USB cable

  • Can 2+ players play at the same time using the controllers?

    My wife and I like rhythm games and also have 3 kids and it might just be worth it to buy 2 of these…

  • Bought one, thanks op
    Also the comments are funny, appricate it bringing me some good lols

  • thanks bought one

  • Site keeps knocking back my order. Credit card no luck 2x, PayPal failed linked to my account. Any tips to ordering one? I registered and no difference to being a guest.

  • Getting charged for shipping no matter what I do, tried different products no luck, Is there something I'm missing during the ordering phase?

    Edit: nvm got a response from playasia dimensions of my order(s) do not qualify for free shipping. Shame they have some decent deals on some hard to find games but 110 bucks for shipping is a deal breaker.

  • Price decreased again?

    • +1

      Listed price doesn’t include tax.

  • +1

    Estimated shipping date 2/8/21 … noooooooo

  • Quite tempted to get this game. Is there anywhere i can get the base game cheap now? Or should i get the drum kits first and then wait for the base game to go on sale. It seems to be quite regular?

    • It is regular. It was on sale just a few weeks ago. If you’re really interested in the game, it might be worth getting the drum now, as it doesn’t often drop down to this price.

      Keep in mind that it’s also compatible with PC, which has a fair few ways to play Taiko no Tatsujin, such as the really good browser version.

  • Has anyone's order been shipped yet? Play Asia is displaying the drum as in stock now, but my order hasn't shipped yet. Ordered on the 10/7 and had ETA of 2-4 weeks for stock.

    • same, no movement here too

      edit : 2021-07-05 Order shipped

      No email / notifications of it being shipped out though

  • Ordered on the 5th July, finally shipped today (29th July)

    • Quite the delay! Better late than never, I suppose.

      • Just arrived today. Outer parcel box dented all corners by postage, but actual product box is mint (thanks to bubble wrap and packing peanuts).


        • Nice! Have fun.

        • Did you order with the free delivery option? Yours arrived so quick.. still waiting for mine in Perth

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