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$450 Trade-in Bonus, Stackable $100 & $50 Discount on Galaxy S21 Series @ Samsung Australia Store


Not the best trade-in bonus offer, but better than the last one.

Samsung have increased their trade-in bonus for the Galaxy S21 range to $450.

Stackable with $100 discount code (get it via chat) and $50 newsletter signup voucher.

Also, tried to get trade-in offer for Education PP and Employee Partnership Program, I do have access to both - no trade-in offer available.

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    and use promo code SPEN for FREE Case with Pen if you going to get S21 Ultra :)

  • Can you combine this with westpac 20% off and samusng sale of 30% off plus code SPEN for the free case and pen

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    S21: $1249-450-100-50=$649

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      $649 - the value of your trade-in device = actual cost to you

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    So S21 $1250 - 450 trade-in bonus minus $100 chat code = $700.
    I never got the newsletter code, despite a few tries. If you manage, $650 total.
    - not counting any trade-in value if you actually proceed and send in the old phone. (not required)

    Add $300 for plus model, or $600 for Ultra.

    • Are you sure its not required?

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        Yes, thoroughly covered in previous deal.
        It is an automated system.
        I kept my old phone and was debited the $35 a few weeks later.

        • is the $35 debited a one off payment?

        • Alright. So you can pretend you have a tradeable phone and only cough up an extra $35.

          • @justtoreply: No. The $35 was discounted from the amount paid to Samsung, then re-paid later.
            My total paid was $499. (Would have been less if I had the newsletter coupon)

          • @justtoreply: you would need one on hand (or ask a friend) to run through the trade-up app and get a unique code. If you don't actually send it in, you'll just get debited the phone's "value" (not the bonus) a few months later.

            • @xrailgun: I was never even debited the trade in value even after a few email reminders to 'send it in or be debited'

              I then took the phone i bought from CEX to trade in back to them and resold it to them. Not quite as much as the initial purchase but better then sending it to samsung.

              I would however be careful that they dont update the terms eventually. Surely samsung will get word from the trade-in company eventually that no one seems to be actually sending the phones back

  • How do you get $450 trade in? My old S9 is apparently only $75. Should the title ready up to $450 trade in?

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      Get up to $475 off , and get additional $450 off Bonus offer2 when you trade in now!

      450 is on top of your 75

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      wondering the same, do you get a the bonus if the phone you're trading in is damaged? i've got a note 10+ that i dropped a while back and it doesnt seem like its worth getting it repaired for the cost :(

      • i managed to connect my phone to a monitor and a usb mouse :P

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    It was only $400 trade in bonus before EOFY but devices were discounted $250 so still $200 better than now.

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      Yes, looks like they jacked up the price.

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        RRP has always been $1249.
        Before there was a discount to $1099, 400 trade-in bonus and$200 coupon from chat. But they said it was not supposed to stack.

  • any way around grey import? got my samsung s9 from Kogan :(

    • +1

      Get someone else to trade in their cheapo phone, don't send it in after.

      I did mine with the S10e, got the bonus and they charged me $5 a couple of weeks later.

      • Sorry for being dense, but why did they charge you $5?

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          Samsung valued their S10e at $5 but they didn't actually send it in, so they were charged the value of the phone

  • How do you access the discount code via the chat?

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      Via the chat

      • What do you actually ask for? Just mention the $100 discount? What's the minimum spend?

        • I didnt know this previously but was advised this during chat: Samsung has a new guideline that loyalty voucher are currently being offered as an alternative option to customers who have customer induced damage units or Out-of-warranty (OOW) devices that require repair. Please be advised that we only cater to Australian variant devices. Are you able to send us the photos/proof of their device (front and back with IMEI) and receipt before we can provide any voucher?

  • What phones qualify for the $450 trade in? Does it have to he an s20?

    • I have S20 FE and only offered $240 (+$450 bonus). The bonus is with any trade in

  • Damn I bought the phone in the last deal with $400 trade in and no S pen Case. Reckon Samsung will provide a free case and $50 voucher if I ask for it?

    • Keep us updated if you manage to get either

      • Edit: All good I found the code.

        I cant find this free case promo. Want to find that first so I can reference it when I am talking to customer service.

        • Did u manage to get the case and pen?

          • @Sammyboy: spoke to online chat - I clicked Sales and the guy "Justin" said no. If you ordered before 01st of July 2021, you miss out.

            he was quite condescending actually when I asked if he could do anything for me even though I ordered on the 18th of June, he replied "Would you like order another phone?"

            • @Turbonetics: Wow that's pretty rude. Did you have a chance to leave negative feedback for the chat?

  • Chat gave me the run around for a bit. I've been told now to email for the $100 voucher and that they can't give over chat. Anyone else had luck with the chat agent?

  • Funny. My S10 was then work $205, now only $180. Even worse, my S20 FE 5G 128GB is only worth $240, which is still selling for $800πŸ˜„

    • +1

      Of course, Samsung flogs it off on Gumtree whenever they get it from some unsuspecting ozbargainer πŸ˜„

  • So s10e $120 trade in. Do I get the 450 on top of this?

    • +1

      Yes. So your trade-in discount is $570 total. Plus you can get $100 discount code via chat, and another $50 for newsletter signup.

      • You do not get $100 discount via chat. Not sure how people are doing that. I've tried twice.

        • Tried it for a friend last night, traded google pixel, had a chat with Samsung, provided IMEI of the pixel, and received the $100 discount voucher instantly.

      • although you could probably sell the s10e on gumtree/fbmarketplace for more than double…

        i just sold my base s9 for $270 instead of sending it back for $60.

  • $649 is a great price for the Galaxy S21 if you have an almost worthless phone to trade in with. Apple, now is your turn with the iPhone 12 models.

  • How do you get the chat $100. Do you just go to online chat as ask?

    • I just tried in chat - no joy

      • Yeah same - apparently I need to have a previous Samsung device to trade in. I then mentioned I also have a Samsung S20FE 5G and he was like - oh thats a current model, also not applicable. LOL

    • +3


    • +3

      What the hell are you talking about bloatware? If it took you 3 months to setup notifications to suit you? there is something wrong here…

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    Just a fair warning. I managed to get a sub-$400 S21 in the last trade-in, but it was an absolute effort at all stages of the process.

    The newsletter signup just doesn't seem to work. I signed up a couple of times from different emails and eventually had to email them to ask for the voucher.

    The other loyalty voucher is reserved for people who have existing Samsung devices with no trade-in value (due to something like a cracked screen for example). I was fortunate to have an old S6 Edge+ so I gave them the serial # for that.

    I traded in an old iPad to get the trade-in bonus, but despite the fact that I sent it back promptly, I was charged the trade-in value, and then had to email them several times to get them to follow up and eventially refund me.

    Would I do it all again, probably. It was a sweet discount. But Jesus it was a saga.

    • S22 coming and the saga continues.

  • Nice deal πŸ‘

  • Thinking of trying to find a second hand phone to trade in on FB marketplace. What's the crappiest phone they're offering trade in on?

    • See previous deal. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/622905

      Also: https://www.samsung.com/au/tradeup/
      You can search, butthe list is incomplete.

      You only need borrow a phone and run their app to generate a discount code. Then delete the app.
      The app process will tell you phone is worth $XX, you make agreement with Aurion (not Samsung) to pay them $XX if used phone is not sent in.
      Nobody hassles you, the process is automated. I emailed to say I was not sending phone in, they said "fine, just ignore future reminder emails".

      Then apply code to Samsung website, get $XX plus $450 off new phone price.

      Some iphone 6S models, and all later are accepted.

    • Coles has iPhones for 169 right now and you can trade those in. I did that last time with the $200 iPhone 7's from Coles and it all worked.

      • +2

        But Samsung only pays $25 for that 7. If you send it in. (why would you?)

        • For the $450 trade-in bonus. However, I agree, just find any phone to run the trade in app then don't send the phone in.

  • Not really cheaper then EOFY deal is it, as increased phone price and only a slight increase in trade in?

  • I have a Galaxy S5 phone in good working condition, how much I will get as a trade in for this device ?. What will be the total discount I can get ?

    • Unfortunately, $0.

      • Thanks, is there any links to check the trade in details for each galaxy phone they are offering, will make easy to those who have old galaxy phones and looking to upgrade.

  • +2

    Was $449 months ago
    And $549 a month ago
    Now $649
    Mobile Technology update months and this phone has been out almost 6 months now

  • Sorry for my ignorance but how does the trade-in works? Most of you here mention that there is no need to send/ship back the old device to Samsung??? are you positive that the balance will not be charged to your credit card if the phone is not shipped?

  • +1

    PM me if you want a $100 voucher that can be used towards S21. I've got it from Samsung chat but now decided against going ahead.

    • +1

      Can you please turn on your pm function?
      Got this error "User … does not accept new conversations."

  • Sorry about that pls try again.

  • Anyone else having trouble getting the $50 Voucher? It's been a day since signing up for the newsletter

    • Same, I had to email them and they sent it over within a few hours

      • Where did you email them? Can you please guide. Really appreciate.

        • +2

          I emailed [email protected]

          I just told them I had signed up for the $50 voucher as advertised on their website and they sent it through no questions asked

    • What was the link that you signed up with? I've been at samsung website for a day and no newsletter popup.

      • Never mind.

  • I signed up with multiple emails but still waiting for the $50 newsletter codes. Spoke to Samsung's online support chat to get $100 voucher. Both times they asked me to send photos and IMEI which I've done from multiple emails again.

    I would really like to purchase now but have to wait up to 48hrs. If anyone can PM me a $50 + $100 voucher I will pass mine on once/if they arrive.

    • +1

      PMed you my $100 voucher that I received through the online sales chat!

      • +1
        • of the 2 x $100 loyalty code requests I received 1 code. The second one was questioned because of the quality of the photo I sent, it was the same photo in both requests.
        • still haven't received any newsletter codes, I was able to use one from this thread.
        • someone (Spendophobia) sent me a $100 voucher which was different to the newsletter/loyalty codes and could be stacked

        So much of an effort but I finally purchased for $544.

        Thanks everyone, I will post my spare codes if they ever arrive.

        • if possible and if you receive them, is it possible if I can have them please

  • Can anyone assist with the $50 newsletter voucher if they have one to share? They send you an email with a link to the Samsung store… No voucher code and doesn't apply to your cart automatically. Useless…

  • I have my trade-in ID but it doesn't work and I just get an error
    and their live chat only has an email that gets bounced back

    • Did you enter your credit card to complete the trade-in ID process?

      • He has the trade in ID so obviously he already verify the CC.

        For those who has issue in the first screen with trade in ID, try to keep clicking and when you get to the cart before you pay, there is an option for you to add trade ID at the cart screen. If you add the trade in ID there it should work. Don't as me why CHEAP SAMSUNG CODINGπŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“

    • Same, my trade in code gives me an error

  • Hi All,

    Though this does not relate to Samsung Galaxy S21 however if anyone is after Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G (available at $799 across a number of places), use the following link to straight away get 15% discount on selected devices. I haven't checked whether it will work with any other credit /debit cards than Westpac however worth trying. I intend to purchase Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G at $679.15 (after 15% discount).



  • +1

    Ok Boys and girl, Just want to share my experience on this deal as I pull the trigger right before the EOFY.

    Getting the discount:

    The newsletter code is absolutely a pain to get. Everyone here almost get the same result… AKA the original email blocked and Samsung CS has to manually send it. The loyalty discount code was relatively easy I got both the $200 which then become unstackable and the $100 one which I used, both from chat. The trade up is also quite painful. Key point: only confirm if you plan to trade in as once you got the trade in code, you cannot rerun the app again, it will say you IMEI is blocked (call ATPT block or something…) lucky i have two IMEI with a dual sim phone. The trade in code also has problem in ordering system, you need to apply it when you get to the cart and not at the first screen.

    The phone:

    My household has a S10, a P30 and now a S21. I did not know what a piece of sxxt P30 is until I swap with my wife on her S10. DO NOT BELIEVE IN HUAWEI HYPE. Its hardware was already one generation behind when I got it two years again. I can see the S10 keep getting better but not the P30 which why I decided to trade it before it ACTUALLLY become a worthless piece of sxxh.

    Having said that The S21 is not that much improvement for an average user compare to the S10 either thanks to the latest update. One may argue that that is because I did not get the Ultra whcih is true. The reason I did not get an Ultra is because it hasn't got the new GN2 sensor. Once Samsung is done with Xiaomi who currently guinea pigging for Samsung, I will then buy a top phone from Samsung. So specifically on the S21 (and plus), if you have a S10 or newer, hold on for another gen. S9 and before owner will find a convincing reason to upgrade.

    • I had a Mate 20 Pro which is an older generation than P30, and isa bit older than my current S10 Plus. Despite being newer, the S10 Plus is in every aspect behind the older Huawei phone. The camera of S10 Plus, specially the night mode, is much worse. The performance of the S10 Plus is quite laggy compared to the Mate 20 Pro. The finger-print reader on the S10 Plus is a joke. The Mate 20 Pro has an IR blaster while the S10 Plus doesn't. And above all, the battery life and the charging speed of S10 Plus doesn't even come close to the Mate 20 Pro. How you think the S10 is better than the P30 is beyond me.

    • I had no issue re-running the trade up app. I ran it multiple times. I just had to uninstall and reinstall the app each time.
      Also had no issue stacking the $200 and $100 voucher, unless they caught onto it after I purchased and fixed it.

  • Can

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