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[Pre Order] Nintendo Switch Console OLED Model White or Neon $539 + $6.99 Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


Pre orders just went live. First post hope this is right. Wish it was 4k.

Release October 8 2021

Mod Note: Neon also available.

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  • +18

    is this Ozpreordernews?

    Not sure i see a bargain here i'm afraid

    • +7

      lol a couple of weeks ago I posted a preorder for the new Sony earphones, the preorder price being close to 25% off the launch rrp

      All the comments tore into it like it was a full price non-deal, but this is fine apparently.

      • +6

        Fanboys be fanboys

  • +7

    wide adjustable stand is a noted feature. LOL. Says it all

    • The previous one is utterly pathetic, so yeah it helps!

      • hahahaha touché …

  • Only upgraded the screen?

    I rather keep mine for now until pro version comes out

    • For sure you cannot.

    • You will be waiting a long time.

  • +2

    I'm just gonna wait for the New Nintendo Switch Console Processor Model

  • -2

    Bought 10

  • +5

    Finally, cardboard labo in OLED glory.

    • Finally I can use my cardboard VR nintendos before it goes all moldy and mushy in the garage, haha

      • Maybe it will stay in the garage longer
        From Nintendo official FAQ

        However, there may be differences in game experience with some of the Toy-Con accessories from the Nintendo Labo series, due to differences in console and screen size between Nintendo Switch (OLED model) and Nintendo Switch. There may also be games where the game experience may differ due to the new capabilities of the console, such as the larger screen size.

  • The next big stock pile begins lol

  • +1

    Might have to give this ago and still keep my OG switch. Was excited to see if this would be the new Pro (OG) would've definitely grabbed it. But thanks OP for the post. :)

  • I play docked, so i guess that's a pass.

  • +1

    Maybe Nintendo will finally release a new theme called OLED black. Where the background is literally just solid black.

  • +3

    Or like, buy an OLED tv and then dock your gen 1 or 2 Switch you already have, and voilà!

  • +5

    Disclaimer: Huge Nintendo fan

    That being said, what the actual (profanity) are they thinking. Zero chance I’m buying this over my v1. Negging because it’s such poor value, sorry about doing it on your first post.

    I’m hoping this is just a filler before they release an actual graphical improvement model or switch v2 which would use NVidia DLSS 2.0 with its games. Now that would be sick.

    • +5

      No problem mate. I am pissed off to but it went live and I thought you guys need to see it.the only reason I pre ordered it is I play 80% hand hold and my missus is buying my day one switch off me for $200. (We pay each other $50 a week pocket money a week to spend on this sort of crap) really hoping they come out and say there is the new terga chip in it. But looks like that's a dream that might happen when the new Zelda comes out.

      • +4

        day one switch is a keeper.
        get any v2 switch for the missus or switch missus, otherwise you'll miss your switch.
        oh and give this switch a miss.

      • +2

        You give each other $50? I don't get it. So you each come out even?

        • +6

          It's basically pocket money out of the weekly budget. Divided into a separate account for each other and you are aloud to spend it on what ever dumb crap you want. Like a new tiny over priced oled screen.

  • +1

    New Dock w/ built-in LAN port: but -1 USB port, also USB LAN adapter is very cheap
    New Kickstand: but still can't charge the switch while using the stand, still need to buy a "Nintendo Switch Adjustable Charging Stand"
    New OLED: but still same processing power, so same blurry image, and OLED suffering from screen burn-in (especially if you use OLED to display static images for long period of time… like menu, key prompts & HUD in video games) and flickering (especially if the display is using PWM to modulate brightness)
    New 64GB instead of 32GB internal memory: there's something called Micro SD card my friend
    "Better" handheld gaming experence: but heavier and more expensive

    …what was Nintendo thinking?

    • XL, Nintendo loves XL everything. Now fanboys can shut up on keep asking about the new switch for another 5 years.
      2026 we will have SwitchPro with 1080p handheld and 4K when ported. LOL

  • +3

    This feels incredibly overpriced for the limited improvement.

    I wonder if this means there won't be a "Pro" version (with more actual processing power, etc.)
    It would be very rude to come out with this, take people's money…. and then release a Pro version right?

    • +1

      No, I wouldn't put it past Nintendo. But first, the switch lite OLED…

  • +2

    This isn't really a preorder type thing… it's much more of a "wait for a sale" type thing.

  • +2

    Lol what a disappointment……. expectations vs reality I guess.

  • +6

    at least now i wont have to endure reading the same conversation about "wait for the pro model" everytime a switch deal is posted GG Nintendo on releasing a new switch that isn't new

    • +1

      Instead, you'll have to endure reading about how this switch is barely an upgrade, and why it's so overpriced.

    • Nah, people here already saying that this isn't the pro model they've been predicting. They think a pro is still coming

  • +2

    Awesome, I predict this will be even bigger than the Wii U.

  • +6

    Vita did handheld OLED b4 it was kewl

    • +2

      Oh it was always cool

      Vita means Life

  • +3

    This is USD$405 and the US price for the OLED Switch is $349. I could accept a bit extra to account for GST & ACL but this is too much.

    • +2


      For $539 you could grab:
      An "old" Switch for $379, -which mind you, will definitely have price cuts before this Oled Switch becomes available,
      and a 128GB microSDXC for $22.50,
      and even whack in a Pro controller for $79,

      AND still have $58.5 left over.
      Heck, after all the price cuts done to the "old Switch" you would most likely be able to even buy a $69 game with that left over money.

      This "Oled Switch" is definitely overpriced, and definitely not a bargain.

      • I think you might've forgotten something slightly important in that switch starter kit.

    • It's entirely possible that the price was set late last year when the exchange rate was around what you would expect the current price to be. Add in GST etc and you are about smack bang on the price.

      Sure they could have adjusted it but some of these campaigns are printed up months in advance. Also I'm sure there are other factors involved so the price, while it is high, barring any other factors like chip shortages and low amounts of stock, will give some retailers more room to move. We will find out in the next few days depending on how pre orders hold up.

      Also don't forget Nintendo does admit (rarely) when it is wrong. The 3DS had a price cut mere months after its release. I do not think this will happen given the current situation though.

      $539? Not a bargain for sure, but on a technicality this is .95c lower than RRP ;)

      This will be the first Nintendo console I have not bought on day 1.

      • Regular Switch RRP was $469 here, so it's not terrible in that regard.

  • -1

    Does this mean BotW 2 is coming this year? Bayonetta 3?
    Pretty much the only reason to even own a switch IMHO if you own any other console or PC.

    • No and no.

    • Oh bayonetta 3…

      …When art thou slought thy legs!

      • Who will win the fanboy lust war?

        Long leggy tall lady


        Big boob tall lady?

  • +2

    Feels like a yearly smartphone update in terms of improvements, really should’ve discontinued the current model and replaced it with this at the same price

    • If only it were, yearly smartphone upgrades actually come with improved hardware, Using the phone analogy, this would just be a Plus/XL/Max model in the same yearly lineup. Wouldn't be so bad if it came out with the refreshed Switch. Feels like they're double dipping with their fanbase.

  • +1

    Overpriced ancient 4+ years tech (trying to look like ps5)

    —Huge Nintendo switch fan playing docked.

  • +2

    Yeah nah. Same same under the hood.


    Pointless iterative "upgrade" at an inflated price that now also includes a big streaming pile of Australia tax.

    More a hugely disappointing news item than a deal.

  • And still no fix for the drift… what a big let down

  • +1

    This is an utter nonsense

  • +1

    The real question is when a Switch V2 goes on sale for a decent price, what will people choose?

    Never owned a Switch before and was holding out for the so called ‘upgrade.’ Guess this is it, combined with the ridiculously high price Switch 1st and 2nd party games, think I’ll stick with PS4-5 and Xbox for now

    Going back to sleep now

  • +1

    What the ## is this shit!! I love Nintendo but seriously stop with the cash grabs…

  • +1

    not a bargain for the same reason mentioned above :s

  • Will waiting on Pro. This just seems to be the OLED variant of the old switch….

  • -1

    Ill wait for when this doesn’t sell and they are forced to reduce prices I hope. Then I might buy one for $200.

  • +1

    With all apologies to the OP, of whom I wish a bright future posting on OzBargain… this is not a bargain. This is the opposite of a bargain. This is a… [Googles what is the opposite of a bargain]… a rip-off :(

  • i was gonna sell my OG and upgrade, but lol

  • I assume the next big update won't be until a new console is announced. Orig Switch was announced 5 years ago now.

  • 500+ omg….

  • Is this the next generation switch? It doesn't look like a big difference

  • RRP also delivery doesn't look to be free like the title says for me (Western Melbourne)

  • Was really expecting more improvements with the specs, won't be rushing to upgrade my V2 that I grabbed a few months ago from the $300 ebay gamesmen deal…

  • The Japs are also complaining about no joycon improvements being that they break a lot.

    In the wifi age I wouldn’t have expected a LAN port as a premium selling point.

    To be fair these are all good improvements on the new Switch and if it straight out replaced the Switch without a price increase I think it would be a worthy refresh.

  • So glad I picked up an existing switch with the Afterpay deal now

  • I was waiting for a pro, probably won't buy one at all now

  • -2

    To all the people that say the hardware needs to be upgraded.

    I believe there is an issue if Nintendo did upgrade it and then have issues keeping up with demand due to supply issues.

    The PS5 is having this issue but on top of that their game range is terrible since launch.

    I would rather Nintendo do these quality of life improvements with the new switch but hopefully they will drop the price more overtime.

    And in addition i would prefer they focus on releasing quality games. I dont need fancy graphics.

    Thats why the Switch has been so popular to date even though it has less power than the competitors models.

  • +2

    Nintendo milking die hard nintendo fans. Not all bit still..

    • damn , where's the all sold out hysteria…

  • I thought this was going to have a newer SoC and increased operation time on battery. After reading the comments I think I have a pre-order to cancel.

    • +1

      If it’s your first Switch then just keep the preorder, but I reckon you’ll be able to find plenty of stock on launch day, and cheaper too.

      • No doubt will be $500 at atleast one store, prob 480 at gamesmen with ebay deal or something.
        This is the opposite of a bargain.

      • I have 2 v2 switches already haha

  • What is this non deal??

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