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Opolar Battery Operated Air Duster US$29.50 (~A$39.37) Delivered @ Opolar (Discount Applied at Checkout)


Opolar have Summer Sale 50% off Sitewide. Great to have this Battery Operated AirDuster for just $37.79 with Free Shipping.

Mod Update 11:10am AEST: Available to Australia again.

13-Jul-2021 Price increased slightly from US$28.50 to $29.50.

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  • +2

    very good price

    • +5

      It's AUD.

      • It's will check out with USD, they tell you that when you click add to cart.

    • +3

      It's actually 28.5 USD = ~37.8-38 AUD

      • That is most likely the spot rate. If checking out with PayPal, expect to pay about 3-4% more than the that.

        • +25

          Anyone using PayPal's currency conversion should hand in their ozbargain membership immediately!

          • @miarn: whats the better way…credit card?

            • @franco cozzo: Any card that doesn't charge international transaction fees and has a relatively good exchange rate.

            • +4

              @franco cozzo: Credit card without currency conversion fees for OS purchases and Master card currency rates.

          • +2

            @miarn: I used paypal and selected USD as the currency. Got charged 38.11 by my bank

  • +5

    $39.70 AUD with Paypal and free shipping - still a good price…

    • +4

      You can choose to pay in USD in paypal.

      • +8

        This. Guys, don't use PayPal's rip-off exchange rates. Pay in USD and use a credit card that has no foreign currency exchange fees. There's plenty of them out there, e.g. 28 Degrees MasterCard.

        • +5

          Orange Everyday account debit cards from ING have no foreign currency exchange fees too. As long as you meet the criteria (5 card transactions and $1,000 deposit per month if I remember correctly) you're good to go without fees.

          Only once have I been short changed by using my bank's exchange rate where PayPal's was better. Definitely an anomaly, that one.

        • +1

          citibank plus. no hassle in meeting any criteria.

  • +41

    Purchased because its on ozbargain, not because I need it

    • +28

      I saw your comment and did the same because i follow smart people

      • +5

        i was feeling a bit dumb for buying this that i wont need to use very often but now im feeling smart too :)

        • +9

          I was feeling smart for not buying this because I won't need to use very often but now I'm feeling dumb :(

      • +1

        canceled my order for this and ordered the 2 in 1 vac blower for the almost double the blowing power 33000 RPM vs. 60000 RPM now i feel like a real genius :)

      • Don't forget to buy some GME

  • +1

    Price is actually $28.50 USD. Worked out to $38.11 AUD with ING.

  • +3

    How are these compared to compressed cans, in terms of the strengtht of the air coming out?

    • +3

      They are pretty good - the nozzle isn't as fine of course but they generate a bit of pressure….just bought a 2nd one…

    • +27

      Surprisingly good. Battery lasts a long time as well. Mine also doubles as a cat chaser when I need to get work done from home

    • So the air pressure should be alot more than a hairdryer ?

  • +6

    Bought because why not

  • Ordered one hoping it’s powerful enough

  • Thanks OP, been waiting on a deal for a while. Even better than the unobtainable deal posted last week

  • "Buy now, cry later", or in my case, "buy again now, cry later".

    Because more than one is never enough (specially at this price) &/or family.

    • Families that blow together stay together.

      Cause we're family.

  • +12

    Purchased to replace hairdryer

  • +23

    Man, lock down has been so expensive for me. Already completed two credit card minimum spends for bonus points.

  • Glad I didn't buy a datavac or whatever would've cost way more.

  • How does it compare to the model that sucks in terms of blowing power anyone know

  • Nice. Thanks OP. Picked up the upgraded duster/vacuum model for $66 delivered! Bargain!

    • Considered it as well but the blower hasn't been upgraded, nor the battery (vs other brand versions).

      Correction : almost double the rpm!

      • can you clarify? @bargainshooter

        I bought the upgraded version also but before I saw this comment. Is it not as strong as the non vacuum version?

    • Damn it, because of you I got the upgraded one too. And the basic one as well….

  • +3

    Does this filter the air so that it is clean enough for blowing dust from things like camera sensors? Or will it just blow dust onto the sensor?

  • +2

    I have one of these. Its decent. I mostly use it to flare up my bbq coals though!

  • looks like a popular product, what is used for mostly?

    • +61

      Occasional quick blow job around the house.

      • +2

        Great! this will keep the wife happy.

        • -1

          Because this item can do the job on her behalf? :)

          • @b0b0: So she won't keep getting headaches.

  • +1

    Any good for cleaning Lego?

  • +6

    Is this the right product to clean computer hardware/electronics?

    • +5


      • +3

        Thank you

  • +1

    Does it work well for car air filter cleaning purpose?

    • Can't see why not, just don't hold it too close in order to not tear the filter.

      • Is it strong enough to get all the dirt stuck on the air filter out? I have been thinking changing it on every service is totally waste of money.

    • +4

      yeah its quite handy, I've used it for that purpose. As well as using it to start/blow my charcoal bbqs. half yearly PC dusting of course

  • +1

    Do they have a battery strength gauge on them? I will only use it once in a blue moon and like to store batteries I don't use at 40-50%.

    • +1

      No, just an indicator light when charging.

  • +7

    Non-replaceable battery? So when the battery dies you have to throw it out?

    • +1

      Hmm that might be a deal breaker

    • Not easily like early 2000's mobiles, but it might be possible to replace, only issue might be sealing the unit back up.

  • +2

    How well does this go for general dusting around the house because I can't be bothered moving ornaments?

    • +5

      they have a handheld vacuum unit that probably is better suited for that use

  • +4

    Bought my daily unnecessary OZB purchase and it's only 9am…

    • +1

      "Wiinnnnniiiiinnnngggggggg" - Charlie Sheen style!

      • $$$$$ Hookers and suitcases of blow vs a handheld airduster?!

  • Buy now… think about how to use it later

    • +1

      "This is the way"

  • Trying to figure out why I was charged US$29.36, when it showing as US$28.50 on their site…

    Paid directly, instead of through PayPal with no foreign exchange fee card.

  • Tried to purchase but got an error message saying couldn't ship to Australia. Anyone else have this issue?

    • Yup, having the same issue

      • Everyone all of a sudden are having the same problem, looks like OZB scared off the Americans when they realised postage was going to make this promotion a non profitable exercise.

    • Same got the same error

  • I am getting the error - This order can’t be shipped to your location. Contact the store for more information.
    I live in VIC. Is it just me or somebody else?

  • Can't ship to Australia?

  • They removed Australia, most other countries are there

  • How are you guys managing to check out? There's literally no option for Australia in the shipping details section.

  • says cannot ship to australia?

  • Should I get this, or spend the big bucks on a MetroVac?

  • +1

    Doesn't ship to Australia for me. For some reason Australia isn't in the drop down box at checkout

    • +5

      Looks like they updated to not ship to AU.

      The item you added doesn’t ship to your location. Remove it to check out, or contact the store.

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