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Opolar Battery Operated Air Duster US$29.50 (~A$39.37) Delivered @ Opolar (Discount Applied at Checkout)


Opolar have Summer Sale 50% off Sitewide. Great to have this Battery Operated AirDuster for just $37.79 with Free Shipping.

Mod Update 11:10am AEST: Available to Australia again.

13-Jul-2021 Price increased slightly from US$28.50 to $29.50.

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  • Getting the same error about not shipping to Australia.

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    Has anyone's order been cancelled?

  • Just tried to order, saying they don't ship to Australia

    • Tried again. Works now. Thanks OP

  • Says "can't be shipped to my location" I'm in metro WA, anyone else?

  • I tried to check out with PayPal and it says can't ship to your location.
    Trying to enter my details manually and Australia isn't on the country list?

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    I purchased this one (Cordless Air Duster w/ Built in Torch - 6000mAh) and not impressed https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/617981
    No instant On/Off button and takes time to get up to speed as one has to cycle from Low and then to High. Useless for my needs as too much hassle for spot jobs that require constant On/Off for a few seconds at a time.

    Wonder of this Opolar is any better………………

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    This order can't be shipped to Australia ?? Anyone else got this error.

    • same with me and then I logged in to write this same comment, and saw the deal has expired

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    How is everyone getting around the "We dont ship to Australia"?

    • No idea, same happened to me.

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      Back working allowing shipping to AUS for me. Tried again successfully at 11:15am for the High powered 2 in 1 vac + blower.

  • Can somebody recommend on cleaning dust from laptop fan without opening it up?

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      Hold it upside down and burp it like a baby.

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    All the countries listed except Australia. Wonder why …

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      ozbargained thats why

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        Classic Ozbargain.

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    They said This order can’t be shipped to your location. Contact the store for more information. We don’t offer shipping to Australia.

    • …sounds like theres going to be a few disappointed ozbargainers

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    I used paypal and it allowed me to checkout.

  • Australia doesn't appear on the country list to ship. Paypal express checkout doesn't work either. Deal is no longer obtainable

    • edit - australia back online. Bought the upgraded vac/blow model

  • tried Paypal but no luck- "This order can’t be shipped to your location. Contact the store for more information."
    Manual address doesnt have Australia on the drop down list either.

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      I paid with Paypal. Card was charged immediately upon clicking "Continue", but it returned to the Cart page again.

      • same for me

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      edit- all good now. great deal.

  • Just tried to purchase using Paypal, but then I got an error they don't ship to Australia

    "This order can’t be shipped to your location. Contact the store for more information."

    Did I miss something on ordering instructions?

    Edit: just saw a few other comments above me saying the same

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    I use the vacuum one heaps. Great product

  • Are these actually any good for dusting electrical stuff? Anybody with one give any feedback?

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      Considering the brand & the fact that is what it is designed for, yes, yes it is. As for feedback one would guess it's positive considering the amount of ppl wanting to purchase, plus you can use the search history to see previous purchases/deals/comments.

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      They will blow out hair/cat fur and loose dust but any caked on dust will need a wipe. I've used mine for keyboards and it's fantastic. For PCs it's okay but you still need to put some elbow grease in to truly get it clean. It's nowhere near as good as a mains air compressor. It lasts about 20 minutes of continuous use but starts to loose its pressure after about 10 minutes or so. I don't regret buying mine but don't expect too much power from it.

  • Where can I still get one?

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    Mine has definitely gone through paypal.
    I used paypal express so didn't have to put in the address.

    Order #33384
    Thank you for your purchase!we're getting your order ready to be shipped. We will notify you when it has been sent.

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      I used paypal and got this confirmation as well. Hopefully it will go through.

    • it's now up to order number 35623!

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        35689 now…

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    my order is still confirmed with shipping to australia. Hopefully it doesnt get cancelled as i ordered two of these.

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    Deal expired.

    That blows

  • Oh damn…. tried to check out with paypal, it brings you to shiping page saying it wont ship to australia :(

    needed one! argh

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    We don’t offer shipping to Australia.

    Damn. The one day I sleep in.

  • Wait so what happens to those of us who has already ordered one?
    Will our orders be cancelled?

  • lol product page says free shipping worldwide. Should have a * saying Australia excluded

  • I was just looking for one last night for my sister. Missed out.

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    Maybe they got spooked about all these orders from Australia and they thought they might be from scammers?

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    I managed to order the more powerful blue one before.

    I've purchased two of these at full price from this website in the past with no issues.

    Hopefully they will fulfil our orders.

  • are these any good ?

  • No Australia in checkout

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    I managed to order one just now.

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    Australia is back as an option!

  • Can confirm. Just successfully ordered.

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    Yes, Australia is back on! I order the 2 in 1 instead. Can be handy for use in car.

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      Was thinking about that one too, but got a Dyson with attachments for any vacuuming.

      So just went with the Air Duster.

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    Thanks, bought one just because everyone else was doing it… so FOMO.

  • This is much weaker than Datavac.

    • It's 3x cheaper though.

      • True.

        • It also portable, without the need to plug to power to use.

      • +3

        But if one needs stronger, pointless buying a device that doesn't do what is needed regardless of the price. Would just sit there unused hence a waste.

        • Do people use these to blow computer parts?

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          Yeah and the inverse is also true, if one doesn't need stronger they just wasted $100+.

          • @studentl0an: Nah, OZB spirit "Buy first think later…" it'll never be wasted since it'll still in original package and collecting dust.

      • At AU$37 it's probably 4x cheaper than ED500.

        Amazon wants AU$105 for the Opolar so this is bargain.


  • I thought I already missed out on this one as I saw it first as an expired deal already. Quickly bought one when I saw that it was back. Thanks OP.

  • Noice. Got one.

  • +2

    Bought both duster and 2-in-1

    $38.07 for duster and $66.79 for 2-in-1 via PayPal (28 Degrees)

    • Why do you need a separate duster if you bought 2-in-1?

      • Ordered this and then noticed 2-in-1 was also on sale which I actually need, didn't bother to cancel the duster.

  • bought one - been eyeing one since this first came to market. thanks OP.

  • Is there any point buying this if I already have a Dyson with the dust brush attachment? I know that there will be some static electricity being transferred from the brush to the surface but I don't really think that it's a big risk that many people claim it is.

    • Blowing output is generally more powerful than vacuum output.
      Can blow a lot of dust out of radiator fins that you simply can't suck away.

      • Agree, but with duster/ blower, won't that dust fall elsewhere nearby when you blow it (instead of getting sucked in a contained space)? Which means you still need to clean the dust somewhere else.

    • You do you but have you seen the cost of computer parts lately? Have fun with that gamble.

  • Just purchased - $39.22 - great find!

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    Just bought one thanks. Always wanted one. Bought using PayPal set currency to USD and used my UBank card for better rates.

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    Apart from flaring charcoals, replacement for hair dryer and blow jobs around the house, anyone used to fill air to balloons as well?? TIA

    • +4

      Your place sounds pretty cool. Can I come over?

      • +1

        Yes sure…..did you order this though??

        • Pretty sure @pollywaffle was referring to the whole… 'blow jobs' around the house thing haha

          • @tojy: Yes I know, but someone previously said that it is a handy tool for blow jobs around the house. I was just keen to know if I can fill air to ballons with this or not.

    • blow jobs around the house

      This feature should really be in the product description @OP

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    Bought the bigger version as well, 1 each


    • Just curious why do you need just the blower if you already bought 2-in-1?

      • 1 for work, 1 for home

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    Good deal. Between $80 and $100 on Ebay and Amazon.

  • what else do people use this for? I can only think of using it to blow the keyboard…

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      Looking to use this to clean dusty lego

      • ahhh nice one! hah I bought one anyway !

    • +2

      Blow dust from small PC fans

      • +2

        Hope you remember to hold the fan still and not let it free-spin whilst blowing at it…

        • PC fan go BURRRRRRRRRRR

    • +2

      I've used similar products (and expect to use this one) for cleaning my playstation, keyboards, computer fans, back of tvs, hard to reach places when dusting my desk, or any other type of dusting of electrical things (phone, headphones, usb ports, etc)

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