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Free $10/$20 Voucher @ David Jones Rewards


Not sure if this is targeted but I just received a free $10 voucher from DJ. Check your mailbox!

Had your eye on something? Make it yours with a $10 Bonus Reward. Be sure to redeem it instore or online before it expires on Sunday 11 July 2021.

Also $20 vouchers (credit Nathw).

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David Jones
David Jones

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    • ive only ever purchased when we get these coupons and i got $20 on both accounts. kids will love these surprise 0.94 and 0.11 gifts! haha

  • $0 nothing in 2 accounts

  • Yep no love here either :-(

  • +2

    Got $20 in 2 accounts, ordered some socks and shirts and they all got canceled, ye~~

    • bargain. LOL

    • Why did they cancel?

      • +1

        no idea, they never give u a reason.

    • ye why tho

    • Did you get returns cards for all the cancellations?

  • +1

    It’s free delivery for me!

    When you get to the payment, delivery cost is waived for me. I’m in Victoria by the way.

  • A few years ago I woke up to 3 of my emails getting the $10 gift card rewards. I had only ever bought with one email from them. Not sure how they got my other two, considering they're also mostly throwaways. Anyway, expect one at Christmas time! This reward comes about two times a year for me.

  • Thanks. Got $20. I would not have noticed it. Above $50 for free delivery. But u dont have to spend over $70 to get free delivery when you use the voucher

    • How do you get free delivery for under $50?

      • you always get free delivery if you pay using DJ's Amex. i spent Coupon + $0.11 on one order and Coupon + $0.94 for free delivery on both

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    Is the food section still open at DJs Elizabeth St Sydney?

    • Closed

      • +1

        The supermarket/bakery/deli section is open! Was there.

  • Looks like we dont get free delivery in NSW for under $50?

    • Is click and collect available?

  • +1

    I got $20 i feel special

  • Can't go past Continue to payment after billing address is entered.

  • +7

    lol I love how VIC are getting free delivery when it should be NSW that needs it a bit more now haha.

    • Free for orders $50 or above.

  • $20 and free delivery. Beautiful.

  • My wife received $10 don't know what to buy.

    • Fragrance diffuser/candle. Some are a little over $10.

  • Most of the cheap stuff gets out of stock, so would recommend using this asap.

  • DJ do price match. So price match this RM Williams belt then use your $20 voucher to get it for $49. RRP $120.

  • +1

    3 Lindt blocks for a tenner with their current promo, which is all the credit I got.

    Meh, can't complain at free chocolate :)

  • +2

    Hmmm… after spending the voucher this morning, I got an email from Amex saying they're giving me a $150 credit on the David Jones Amex to spend at DJ.

    • Which david Jones Amex is that?

      • Platinum

  • $20 here

  • Thank you! I would have missed this otherwise.

  • +1
  • Thank you! Got $20. Time to shop.

  • Is it possible to use more than one voucher for a single purchase online?

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      If you have two vouchers from two different accounts, you can only use one on each account. The vouchers are linked to the account.

    • +2


    • In store - staff have always allowed me more than 1 voucher per purchase.

  • +1

    Awesome news. I can finally knock $20 off those shoes I've had my eye on while they're on special.


    • Red bottoms. Noice.

  • Yeah got a $20 one, but the thing that I was going to buy (which was on sale) is now no longer on sale, damn it. :(

  • Oh cool, I'd thought it was a boring marketing thing and marked as read. Thanks OP!

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    Why they send me such voucher when Sydney is in lockdown… the only thing i get is $10 of chocolates from there. This could be a set up so i get lured into the store and busted by cops for buying non essential goods.

    • Yeh, don't fall for the bait, send the voucher to me, I'll take one for the team!

    • Don't understand if they are open why we can't go in to buy?

      • i believe the rules are essential travel only. if buying groceries. thats essential. buying handbag or shoes. perhaps not.

        but hey if you want to take one for the team and test the cops out. go for it but dont go all rashays manager on us if you get stopped by the cops and fined.

        • +1

          if buying groceries. thats essential

          But what stuff in DJ are essential?

          • @superforever: hey i didnt make the rules.

          • @superforever: Don’t get the handbag, you have to get the essential handbag

            • +1

              @grasstown: I'm getting the essential leather shoes. Can't be walking bare foot.

              And the essential leather belt. Can't have my pants falling down.


              • @xoom: My essential leather shoes and essential leather belt will remain in their bags, I don’t even need to wear them

                • @grasstown: So long as you are wearing a mask and practicing social distancing. All good.

                  • +1

                    @xoom: I also share photos of myself getting the jabs with all my friends to encourage them to do their bit

  • Got it which was nice :)

  • I asked them to merge my 2 accounts a few months ago but they refused to do it.. so got 2x $10 vouchers to each of my emails.

    I used one tonight for some clearance chocolate. $12.95 per box reduced $6.40. Got x2 so $12.80 less $10 voucher and paid $2.80.

    Liqueur soaked cherries in dark chocolate
    Glace orange peel in dark chocolate

    Pretty good I would recommend.

    Anyway some Jelly belly will be the go for my other $10 voucher.

  • +2

    probably a numb question, but does it expire midnight today or can I still use it tomorrow until tomorrow midnight?

    • +1

      tomorrow midnight

  • +2

    I ended up buying a Chanel lipstick because they never go on sale, so $20 off plus free Express shipping isn’t too bad. Lockdown treat 😉

  • I cant log in to my account, even though I am a member say email invalid :(

    • I got the same issue too (for a 2nd acc I created a while back)… Can't login, can't reset password or even create new account with that email

      • My wife has the same - got the email voucher but cant get in to the account and cant sign up again as 'email is already used'

        • +1

          Contacted customer service, they said account was created in store and need to make new online.
          Did same and used the voucher.

  • Got a 4-cup Pyrex measuring jug with my $20 voucher and free express shipping (VIC). What a pleasant surprise, I don’t think I have even spent more than $100 at DJ….?

  • Picked up two pot holders for $10.

  • Ordered something yesterday for click & collect and order status is already showing as "cancelled" in online acc….no cancellation email.

  • They make it bloody impossible to order off their website. Half the stuff is incredibly overpriced (and you can't get through on chat to price match), out of stock, unavailable at local store or have to pay $10 shipping during lockdown. Waste of time. When will DJ's ever learn and sort their website out..

    • Apparently no click n collect for low value items. I had to walk into the store to spend the $10.

  • In my view, these would make good gifts for anyone struggling to think of what to buy:

    BEECHWORTH HONEY MINI TRIO 3 X 45G ($11.95) - https://www.davidjones.com/Product/23544993

    BURT'S BEES TIPS AND TOES KIT (424.96) - https://www.davidjones.com/brand/burts-bees/20360991/Tips-An...

  • I got free delivery options even for $20. Not sure its for all products.

  • +1

    Both online orders were cancelled. Thanks David Jones!

    • Did you get a refund back in the form of the original payment method or gift card?

  • Has anyone's order been shipped yet?

    • Yes, but I just used mine to buy a tiny box of chocolates (couldn't think of anything I particularly needed)

  • Ordered 2 x bowl, don't know why call Milk bowl and waiting for collection, was buy two save 30%


    • don't know why call Milk bowl

      It's a bowl. The design is called speckle milk.

      • 🤣 Just the colour

        • They put you in jail if you put liquids other than milk in it. 😂

  • I just found the gift card expired only 4 days.

    • Same here. On holiday & didn't check emails.

  • Has anyone who had their order cancelled get another egift card?

    • i got 2 orders cancelled no egift card, you ?

      • 1 order cancelled, the other has been shipped. In the order cancelled email, it says that if you used reward points or a gift card, a replacement egift card will be sent.
        I hope this includes the $20 from this deal, haven't received it yet though.

        • i don't even get a cancellation email, they only change the state to cancelled.

          • @samelight: They only do that if you've been blacklisted from experience … if it was truly out of stock, they would have sent a cancellation e-mail.

            Source: Been blacklisted before a few years ago/ex-DJs employee

            • @kerfuffle: then why they sent me those vouchers in the first place?

              • @samelight: Autosend? They always had shoddy IT practices.

                If you've got some spare time, you can always contact Customer Service and ask why your order was cancelled but you didn't receive any notification about it

                • @kerfuffle: I got send a voucher, then the quiet cancel too. So I guess my extra account is dead.
                  Would this voucher they send me have worked in store do you think?

                  • @King Tightarse: Couldn't tell you; haven't worked there since 2018. Worth trying if you get one next time and happen to be near DJs and just play dumb when they say you can't use it

                    • @kerfuffle: Oh I would probably feel a bit awkward doing that, but thanks anyway

                      • @King Tightarse: You could always play mad and say you're going to Customer Service to complain ha

                        • @kerfuffle: Haha yes. More likely to slink off tough as its such a nice environment that I would not like to cause a fuss.
                          Am all up for whatever freebies effortless they though my way however

            • @kerfuffle:

              Source: Been blacklisted before a few years ago/ex-DJs employee

              Oh O! Do you know why they blacklisted you? (if you're allowed to share)

              • +2

                @Ughhh: Sure can. They had a glitch where you could manipulate a beauty brand GWP by removing items in a certain order, but keeping the GWP. So you could buy a teaspoon and get the GWP for example. Didn't matter what brand the GWP or non-related item was; I think I had all but one fulfilled.

                That last one that wasn't fulfilled was when they cottoned on (after three months) as to what I was doing. Didn't help that I also had staff discount on my account as well, four months after I had resigned (by keeping a cookie active and therefore logged in with staff discount). Had to e-mail them and tell them I wouldn't be dodgy on their website any more before they removed me from the blacklist.

                As I have constantly mentioned on here, their IT sucks … They should have paid me to test their website; so many loopholes I found ahahaha

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