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Lenovo Legion 5 15" AMD Ryzen 7 5800H RTX 3060 16GB RAM 512GB SSD FHD 300nits 165Hz 100% sRGB - $1871.20 Delivered @ Lenovo eBay


Listed at $2,339.00, discounted to $1871.20 with coupon. This is about $100 cheaper than the expired EOFY EDU store deal. Combine with 3% cashback on eBay gift cards via ShopBack Super Store to further reduce the final price after cashback.

Processor: AMD Ryzen™ 7 5800H (8C / 16T, 3.2 / 4.4GHz, 4MB L2 / 16MB L3)
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3060 6GB GDDR6, Boost Clock 1425 / 1702MHz, TGP 130W
Display: 15.6" FHD (1920x1080) IPS 300nits Anti-glare, 165Hz, 100% sRGB, Dolby Vision, Free-Sync, G-Sync, DC dimmer
Memory: 2x 8GB SO-DIMM DDR4-3200
Hard Drive: 512GB SSD M.2 2280 PCIe 3.0x4 NVMe
Battery: Integrated 80Wh
Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64
Warranty: 1 Year Premium

Part Number: 82JU00D5AU

Customisable Legion 5 Pro models have also been added to Lenovo's website with 6-8+ weeks shipping. Shame about the price, though.

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  • Nice find, that's a great spec and price.

  • +1

    Great deal. Recommend upgrading ram to 32gb dual rank and ssd to 1tb or 2tb. There’s also a second empty ssd slot.

    • That's good to know, thanks for pointing out.

    • Two NVME slot's..one taken already
      2TB 970 EVO works

    • you upgrade yourself with own ram sticks right

      the pricing for upgrades through lenovo is daylight robbery

      • Yeah, definitely, lenovos own upgrades are overpriced junk. You need to pay close attn to all ram specs when buying your own upgraded ram too - not just timings and speed, but also single/dual rank and other specs you can only see in ram analysis apps. Best to do research across discord groups, forums etc that recommend specific kits. Even then there are similar model numbers that are not as good. As the recommended ones and easily confused.

  • +2

    Great find, is that the historical low? Lenovo is still making banks on this since its still ~200 aud more expensive than the Chinese RRP but you know what, its the best 3060 machine out there, and this is an absolute bargain no matter how you look at it.

    • Chinese don't pay GST

      • Yeah they dont pay gst. They pay the chinese version of gst.

        Even assuming china doesn’t have any sort of tax. The difference between oz rrp and chinese pricing is far more than 10%

        • +1

          Transportation, ACL

          • +1

            @ln28909: Still doesn’t cover it, the normal pricing (w/o discounts, vouchers etc which is given out regularly) on JD is 8199 cny~1695 aud. The rrp here is 2.3k

            We pay more than most other regions.

            • +6

              @Brrrrt: Feel free to import it if you believe the price is unfair, price is expensive in Australia for a reason

            • @Brrrrt: To be honest, even in China it is very difficult to get the rrp Lenovo laptop at 8199 CNY. Normally, you need to pay an extra 700-800 CNY to get one.

    • A few options there, ASUS A15 is about the same price.

      If you can spend a bit more, I would go with MSI or ASUS for a gaming laptop.

      • +7

        At this price point, the Legion, is superior to the Asus and MSI with much better screen and cooling.

    • The problem is you cant buy this laptop at rrp in China cuz they are all bought out by scalpers or cryptominers.

  • +4

    The screen is epic. As in IQ is on par with 16” macbook pro, but you trade slightly lower resolution for 165hz gsync

    • Ooo

    • +2

      This is nice no doubt, but Macbook Pro (and XPS) is over 500 nits

      • +2

        You’re right - I mistook this for the L5 Pro. See my correction below lol

    • +6


      Legion 5 pro screen: awesome
      Legion 5 (non-pro) screen: alright

      Cc: @MaxDong69 @killingtime

  • Review by Dave2D, although the Intel variant, still relevant.

  • can't seem to apply coupon to legion 7 unfortunately

  • -1

    where is legion 5 pro with 3070 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • +2

      L5P 82JQCTO1WWENAU1 can be upgraded to a 3070 during customisation. 6 week wait, though.

      • -2

        not a very good price

        • Always remember to contact Lenovo chat for the best price, they usually knock a few hundred off.

  • You can sitll negotiate $2100 on the 5PRO if you ask - FYI.

    • What's the difference between this and the pro?

      • +2

        The Pro is more gaming-oriented design that reminds of the previous Y series of laptops from 2018, with a backlit Legion logo on the lid, opted for a 16-inch QHD 165 Hz display, a thicker chassis, and a different internal design, meant to accommodate higher-tier specs. More info here;


        • +1

          Screen alone is worth it for the pro, unless you plan to only ever use an external display

    • 5800h model?

      • Yep.

        $2100 for 5800H, 3060, 16gb, 512 SSD, 16" model

        • So just ask through Lenovo live chat?

          • +1

            @WIND: Yep, maybe try 2k honestly, I just said to price match the previous EDU EOFY offer, and it was matched at 2100.

            This was with base warranty (ACCC should be good on a 2k laptop purchase IMO)

        • Last month a fellow OzBargainer was able negotiate down to $2065. This was for the now OOS L5P pre-config model with 5800H, RTX 3060, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD and 1YR Premium warranty.

          Worth noting that the customisable L5P models currently on Lenovo's website only have 1YR Depot warranty. (EDIT: As already indicated in the above reply)

    • Chat gave me pricing of $2432 on the Pro with 3 year on site warranty
      What's your thoughts ?

    • $2100 for one with 3070 or 3060?

      • 3060 includes 3 year on site warranty

  • +4

    Review of this exact config (AMD 5800, 3060, 16G Ram) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cTqmLt4Yy8

    • That's a review of the 17" version.

  • Suggest research about Lenovo's battery life for this model.
    Bought Yoga C930 and after 2 years the battery loses its full charge within minutes and seems to be a pretty common thing.

  • Talk to their sales team through Lenovo website.
    You can get this for $1,800

    • Tried this, best they could do was 2150 lol. Any tips

      • Keep trying with different agents.
        Say that you are ready to pull the trigger but you have other comparable offers from Dell/HP/etc in the low 1800s.

        Also I am talking about the model 82JU00D5AU, not legion 5 pro.

        • Yeah I've been spamming their chat to no avail. 82JU00D5AU is the model I've been using to get a quote. Lowest I got was 2000

    • That's awesome, are you able to send the quote so I can price matched.

  • +1

    bought this few weeks back , awesome laptop so far ! would recommend!

    • can this laptop handle 4 monitor?

  • "This code can't be applied to your order."

  • -3

    Is the cooling on this enough for mining?

  • Safer if you buy a USB desk fan to go with it

  • would assume this is the same keyboard as this ( https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/622546 ). Maybe it's a gaming keyboard setup but as a touch typist used to T-series and full sized keyboards I struggle to type on it because of the different keyboard layout.

    maybe a non-issue to others, but I haven't got used to it yet…

  • https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-RTX-3060-Laptop…

    weaker than my four year old Acer Predator 17x….

  • Best price I managed via chat for Legion 5 Pro with 5800H and RTX 3070 - ~$2400.
    For anyone holding breath (like me) there's Omen 17 coming with RTX 3070 (available in US).

    Lucky / clever people may stack it with https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/637622#comment-10730740 ?

    • hey bro you got invoice/qoute for that 2400 quote you got? i ve got 2525.

    • Is this with 3yr onsite warranty?

    • Chat gave me pricing of $2432 on the Pro RTX 3060 with 3 year on site warranty.

      • my price was standard warranty. but RTX3070

        • Thanks. could you please share chat conversation /invoice? I think it is a good price.

          • +1

            @hydies: you mean my price? i think his price 2400 is good. waiting for him to reply.

    • +1

      Also got $2450 with RTX 3070 - happy to forward the quote if someone wants it

      • can you forward me the qoute pls ive got 2525.

      • I'm interested in the quote as well. Thank you!

        • +1
          • @SevenSmurfs: thank bro!

          • @SevenSmurfs: agent wont match it ahahha might have to try someone else

          • @SevenSmurfs: Hi Mate, are you able to provide the quote number ? Chat rep said he can match it if i provide the quote / invoice number

            • +3

              @hydies: Quote Number 4601248278

              • @SevenSmurfs: was going to ask for the same thing thanks bro

              • @SevenSmurfs: Thank you very much :)

                • @hydies: you manage to get yours matched?

                  still waiting for the original person to match the price

                  • @wassabi: I managed to get mine matched.

                  • @wassabi: Hi. I have sent an email as per their request and still waiting for their reply. I was able to get another quote for $2550 from a different chat rep.

                    • @hydies: i am curious did you manage to get CR %13 as well?

      • me interested also thanks!

    • Quote Number:

      Creation Date:

      Tue Jul 13 2021
      09:14 AEST
      Expiration Date:

      Sun Jul 18 2021
      09:14 AEST

  • +2

    Don't forget the 17'' model as well, Lenovo Legion 5 (17) - AMD Ryzen 7 5800H 16GB RAM 1TB SSD RTX 3060 144Hz down to: AU $2,159.20
    For those that are interested in a 17.3'' model.

  • Need to gaming laptop (my son one wants one)
    this or ROG strix G15? (little one wants ROG Strix G15)
    Googled and youtubed but didn't help much

    • I don’t think you will be able to get the rog strix g15 with the same specs at this price. The strix has a lot of rgb…

      • +2

        Thanks. You are right! ordered this one through online agent $1769 (epp price)

        • $1769, even better! Is that for the exact model listed on Lenovo's eBay store with the included 1YR premium warranty? Do you have a quote ID in case someone wants to try asking a Lenovo rep to match it?

          • +2

            @marquisite: Correct. Exactly the same. I actually asked if the 1yr premium warranty can be changed to 3 years onsite, but they couldn't change it to 2 yr or anything.

            QUOTE ID (removed)
            STORE auepp
            PART NUMBER 82JU00D5AU
            QUANTITY 1
            TOTAL PRICE $1,769.00
            PRICE DATE 13/07/2021
            EXPIRATION DATE 18/07/2021

            • @superbass: Thank you for sharing those details. Rather tempting at that price, I must say. But one has to wonder what sort of pricing you could muster for a Legion 5 Pro with your top notch negotiating skills! ;-)

              PS: When I enquired last month about the L5P, one agent said the same thing regarding changes to included 1YR premium warranty. In the end I didn't proceed as the lowest offer was still above $2K.

            • @superbass: hey mate, how can you get the employee discount for this? the rep is asking for employee email.

            • @superbass: you got the qoute ID need it to get matching with my sale rep

          • @marquisite: be prepare to go through couple of agents over a period of time. My first one was same as on the website or second rep wouldn't even match $1871 even when proof is provided.

            • +1

              @superbass: Got told this was for IBM l/telstra employees only lol

              • @naedtrax: same here… the quote is invalid for normal buyer

              • @naedtrax: yeah. thats why I mentioned that it was EPP price per my earlier reply. I am not a IBM epp tho, ymmv so good luck.

        • +3

          I have reported to mods to delete my quote id as someone managed to get my personal detail out of it that quote id and pm'ed me with that info. (understand that the rep shouldn't have given it out)

          ALL: understand that the rep shouldn't have given it out but I would appreciate if you don't get my personal information out of this. Please… thanks.

  • just wonder is this a good spec for entry level gaming laptop and it's just $1399

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