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TCL 20 Pro 5G $799 + Free 43” TCL S625 TV (via Redemption, RRP $599) @ Mobileciti / Vodafone


Saw this on the today show today and thought it was a decent enough deal.

As part of TCLs launch of their new 5G smart phone they are offering a 43” tv via redemption.

Can’t vouch for the phone but the reviews seem pretty solid.

I can vouch for their TVs and they are a great panel and sound quality is also very good. (Paid around $500)

Must purchase through Mobileciti or Vodafone according to the link. However it seems Amazon and Harvey Norman purchases are also eligible according to the pcworld

TCL 20 Pro 5G at Vodafone on Vodafone Infinity Plan (Device repayment: $66.58/month for 12 months, or $33.29/month for 24 months, or $22.19/month for 36 months) — No listing for outright purchase yet

Via Canstar

Offer expires July 29th

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  • +76

    Can't believe we live in a world where you get free TVs with phones…..

    • ya, was just telling my friend, haha

      • +2

        What did your friend say?

    • It felt like it was only yesterday where you get a free phone with TV lol

    • +3

      I got a free TV with my LG 4/5 years ago now - not the first time it's happened.

      • +1

        g6 club

  • +14

    TV available from JB for $395, so ~ 400 for the phone
    link https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/tcl-s625-43-full-hd-led-a…

    • Oo not a bad deal at $395

    • +3

      Yeah, perhaps a bit much for a 43" FHD TV, the power consumption is not that far off my LG 43" 4K TV, but it looks like a quality TV just the same, just not better than FHD.

      And the mobile compares, reasonably well with the Motorola Moto G 5G Plus. so I'm not sure it is worth anywhere near the $799 price tag for the mobile without any bonuses.

      As a deal, if you really need both, then it might be okay, just okay I think.

      So far the Moto I have (above), doesn't keep up with the updates I get from a Nokia 7.1, hope that improves; does anyone know how well TCL is with security updates on mobile phones? The Moto has May security update whilst the older Nokia has had June for about 2 weeks already.

      I believe if you do want the deal, then you MUST buy from Mobileciti or Vodafone as the other retailers won't have stock until August according to this news:
      TCL's 20 Pro 5G is a flagship phone with a stunning screen for under AU$800 — although they don't mention Amazon.

  • +3

    256GB of storage is standard on this phone.

    • +15

      Apple is laughing their ass off, "these guys are amateur, they don't know people still buy 64GB, will happily pay $200 for the extra storage"

      • +1

        The problem is that only Apple customers will pay an additional $200 for a reasonable amount of storage. If android manufacturers try this gimmick then the customers will just move to a different manufacturer. Apple can do whatever they like and their customers don't care.

  • -5

    OP, you must be very tolerant because every TCL TV I've ever used in motels and AirBnBs has been garbage.

    • +13

      Not at all. I have an LG I paid $2500 for and a tcl I paid around a fifth of that price for.

      I’d sooner watch from my TCL than my LG.

      To be fair though mine is only 12 months old, from what you’ve described seems like older stuff that doesn’t have android tv.

      My understanding of TCL is that it is similar to Kia. They’ve spent the infant years making crappy stuff and selling the consumer cheap (profanity) only to invest in R & D and make some decent things of late…

      • Yeah none had Android. Interface was terrible and the pic was very average.

        • Yeah none had Android. Interface was terrible and the pic was very average.

          So old models then. The new stuff is quite good, the Android interface is based on Roku and better than anything I've seen form LG, Sony or Samsung. The image on a $1000 TCL TV is never going to beat a $4000 LG OLED, but it will do a decent job for most people.

      • Funny you should mention that. I've got a 15 year old TCL Air Conditioner and not one I had to made a service call for it. It's a bit rattly but cool my house down on summer nights with ease…

      • Reliability appears doubtful looking at reviews on retailer websites and Product Review.

        I've used a large 4K myself at a rental and it was… Ok. Only bright enough for a relatively dark room but the colours popped. Black areas of pictures look very grey and washed out.

    • +8

      my TCL is a great TV for the price. i mean its no OLED LG but it's not meant to be. zero wrong with them and would recommend over other budget TV brands.

    • Agree - the TVs are horrible.

  • dual or single sim?

    • Ignorant comment.

      • +1

        yeah I agree, ignorant comment for sure. Everybody knows pandas are bears. No need to say panda bear. That's like saying ATM machine.

  • The TCL 20 Pro 5G for $799 doesn't seem like a great deal, but this is one of the best free inclusions I've seen for buying a phone - especially for the price.

  • Are they struggling to sell this phone that bad?

    • +1

      Could also be tv that's struggling

      • +9

        Actually it's possibly more likely chances are both. 😝

    • Yes - it's a tough market so the more people that jump at the deal and then tell people how decent the phone is, the better.

  • +1

    Not sure if the free TV got any warranty since it's the gift here…

  • Two years of software updates is absolutely terrible.

    • Especially when Google is rumoured to offer 5 years with the upcoming Pixel 6 lineup. They're showing what should be done.

      • hopefully that's feature updates and not just security updates..

        • +1

          samsung was recently 2 years and nobody bats an eye..

    • +1

      I've never understood the expectation that phones will get software updates for years into the future. Especially budget ones.

      • +2

        $800 is budget now? Depends, if the company is making updates for other of its phones, might as well for its other line ups. If the company solely makes $100-$400 then sure, can live with 2 years or so. Ultimately increasing updates increases the phone lifespan reducing the amount that goes into landfill. Every company should have that responsibility to some degree.

        • $800 is budget now? Depends…

          It does depend on what value you get out of it. $800 for 2 years is just over $1 day. That seems to be peanuts for anyone that uses their phone for more than casual use.
          $800 sounds like a lot for a phone, but phones these days are no long just phones, they are portable computers and semi-pro level cameras, so $800 is cheap for what they do.

          • @1st-Amendment: That's been the case for like the past 10 years when phones were that price. Sure, they might not have been semi-pro cameras but they had decent cameras nevertheless

  • Can we get the phone on a monthly Vodafone plan and still be eligible?

  • +21

    If you're lucky enough to have a price protection credit card these sort of deals are insanely good. buy the TCL 5g at full price - guaranteed to plummet in price post launch - if you're like me and have the old coles pp deal it would be a fair bet it'll be half price at some point in the next 24 months. claim back the difference whenever that happens - you'll end up with the TV and phone for 399-ish dollars.

    • this insurance is rare now. I have one but it only covers for 21 days if the price goes down :(

  • +7

    Getting your tax back and looking at ozbargain is scary af lmao

  • if a phone deal comes with a free tv.. a tv deal would come with a free..?

    • +3

      Phone, obviously.

    • Spare small TV.

    • +1

      … dishwasher

    • remote

  • +2

    Not that many people would care but I looked up TV's as monitors and the base level 4:4:4 models which actually look good was if I recall the Sony 8 series - about 18 months old or so and around $750 for refurbs on ebay.

    I believe the TCL will not make a good 'TV as a monitor' FYI.

    • +1

      It's a FHD TV, of course it wouldn't be good as a monitor lol.

      • Oh wow! lol ok! oops.

        Yeah there's a couple of 4k, 4:4:4 IPS based TVs which actually look half decent as an actual 43" monitor.
        This is clearly, not one of those!

  • +2

    Lol, only honest review of the phone I've seen is here: https://www.androidpolice.com/2021/07/12/tcl-20-pro-5g-revie…

    For the money and the fact that just about every new phone in this price range is coming with something higher than a 60hz refresh rate, eep

    • +1

      Okay, then given that review I'm sure the Motorola Moto G 5G Plus is a better option all around, despite the one feature I find that is missing and that is wireless charging; otherwise I'm very happy with the mobile and it was sub $400 when I got it.

      OW clearance price, might be hard to find now, just a year since release.

      • +1

        You pretty much nailed it on the head there mate. Lots of phones old or new are a better deal than this TCL aye

  • +2

    I saw Tech Guru Trevor Long talking about this on the today show this morning around 8:30am.

    I thought now way is someone going to post this deal because it would mean they watch the today show.

    12 hours later I was proven wrong.

    • +4

      I think, more of a celebrity than a tech guru, but anyway.

      • +3

        And not exactly much of a deal either

        • Who buys a 43" FHD nowadays that isn't wanting the lowest price tv they can find?
        • Who buys a phone and locks their data into cloud services that offload activity, metadata, and PII into cloud services behind the GFW?

        Someone that (thinks) they got a steal I guess.

      • +2

        Agreed. Just saw the video on Twitter and it's pretty much an infomercial. Painful to watch.

    • Exactly where I got it from lol!!

      I seldom take his stuff as ‘deals’ but I felt compelled to look it up.

  • I'm here for the TV. LOL

  • No stock at Vodafone website (now)

  • um, it looks like a FHD tv which is not worth it, would have considered if it was 4k

    • 4K on a 43" TV is like tits on a bull, unless your viewing distance is less than ~1.5m

      • um well can get a 4k 43' for under 500 so i expect it to be 4k

      • +1

        I mean transgender bulls might be a thing in the future…

    • FHD with HDR is neat though and yeah for the size you don't really need 4k

  • +1

    I heard you like screens, so we got you a screen for your screen.

  • Wake me up when free car with phone

  • Wake me up when free house with phone

  • +4

    Wake me up before you go go

  • Buying for the TV, with a free phone thrown in

  • Mobileciti Listing is live.

    Also available on eBay. eBay Plus members who have the targeted 5% off coupon can get it for $759.04.

  • Hi guys,

    Anyone knows how much will it cost (just the phone) in Harvey Norman???
    If yes, could you please provide a link for it?

    • $799. As mentioned the TV is just a redemption

      • thanks man, that's the price for Mobiciti and Vodafone,
        but how about Harvey Norman?

  • +1

    Hi guys, is the deal on Amazon the cheapest among Mobilciti, Vondafone, EBay and Harvey Norman?

  • +4

    Hi there,

    This is Jarvis from TCL Mobile here! Just wanting to confirm with you all that the TCL 20 Pro 5G/TV bundle promotion will only be available through purchase through Vodafone and Mobileciti.

    Thanks for your support.

    • Hi @Jarvis is this phone going to be available with Harvey Norman as well?

      If yes, what's the price for just buying this phone?


      • That would be up to HN, would it not?

      • +1

        Hi @NightDigger,

        The 20 Pro 5G will be available through Harvey Norman in early August for an RRP of $799.


        • Hi @Jarvis, could you please confirm that whether can we buy the phone outright from Vodafone?

          I visited a Vodafone store during today's lunch break and they told me to be on a plan for one month and then buy out the phone.

          But I don't really want to buy another plan while I am still using my existing prepaid SIM.

          Any ideas to buy it from Vodafone directly?


  • Hi guys,

    I have a quick comparison between Oppo Reno 5G(the one which was stolen) and the this TCL phone.

    And I found that Oppo Reno 5G which was around 2 years ago has better CPU then this shinny new phone~!

    Oppo Reno 5G has Snapdragon 855 VS TCL has 750G.

    The 750G is newer CPU but I checked the performance comparison(https://nanoreview.net/en/soc-compare/qualcomm-snapdragon-85…)
    It seems that 855 wins every where.

    So I am hesitate to put buy this phone.

    Could someone provide some advises??


    • Don't buy it, unless you want a free TV.

      • sure, are there any other good phone with good deals to recommend???

        • Do you need a new phone? It sounds like your Oppo is still working great. Save your money and put the $500 into your super fund.

          • @bunnybash: Yes, I need a new phone…..

            My beloved, shiny, power monster Oppo Reno 5G was stolen by teenagers last Thursday….

            I am still in deep sorrow… please help to recommend a good with with good deals…

  • Also if purchased through Mobilciti, then there is no easy local repair is anything happened.

    What do you guys think about this?

  • It's listed on Mobileciti now.

  • We currently have 55" so is 43" much worse?

    • Yes. Most likely your 55 incher is 4k.

  • Hi guys, it seems that you cannot buy the phone directly from Vodafone.

    I visited a Vodafone store during today's lunch break and they told me to be on a plan for one month and then buy out the phone.

    But I don't really want to buy another plan while I am still using my existing prepaid SIM.

    Any ideas to buy it from Vodafone directly?

    I would like to have a local store so when things happen I can talk to someone.

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