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Henry Schein Procedure Level 2 Earloop Face Mask: 2 Boxes of 50 for $13.97 Delivered @ Healthcare Xpress


Henry Schein Procedure Level 2 Earloop Face Mask: 2 Boxes of 50 for $13.97 Delivered

These are great quality mask.


Procedure Mask Level 2

High Filtration

Fluid resistant (120mmHg – LV2)

Meets AS/NZ 4381:2015

ARTG# 321807


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  • Thanks OP, ordered.

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        That one looks dodgy can't find a result for the ARTG number given.

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          Could be an old product not renewed or (worse) cancelled by the TGA after a review.

          They're also using the illegal term "TGA Approved" contrary to TGA regulations.

          Probably just an oversight but HealthCare Express needs to fix its website to remove the TGA number and the TGA approved notice for that product.

          Just checked and that number was cancelled by the sponsor

          ARTG number: 343540 Sponsor-initiated cancellation
          Sponsor: Vicki Partridge Pty Ltd
          Device/Product name: Mask, surgical, reusable

          • @DisabledUser67242: What are the common reasons for cancelling?

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              @nfr: Withdrawal of product from market or lack of benefit from having a ARTG registration (aka they don't want to pay the annual fee)

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                @Trance N Dance: So nothing to do with performance or quality?

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                  @Indomietable: Sponsor initiated cancellation and TGA cancellation are separate issues, From the first linked page above:

                  Cancelled face mask ARTG entries
                  The ARTG entry for a face mask may be cancelled in two ways: (1) The sponsor (the supplier within Australia) may voluntarily cancel the entry or (2) the TGA may cancel the entry. With respect to the ARTG entries voluntarily cancelled by the sponsor, it is important to note that some of these devices may not be subject to a recall action. This is because the TGA may not have received any evidence for those entries about their compliance to any manufacturing standards. The TGA holds no evidence these devices meet appropriate manufacturing standards or failed to perform as intended. The decision to cancel the ARTG entry was made solely by the sponsor.

                  Upon applying for an ARTG inclusion, the sponsor certifies that they have evidence to support the devices safety and performance and that the device meets the Essential Principles or that the information can be obtained from the manufacturer within a specified timeframe. Therefore, it is expected that the manufacturer holds certain kinds of evidence (such as test reports to a nominated standard) to support the devices performance.

                  Where a face mask does not meet all the necessary regulatory requirements (e.g. non-conformance with the Essential Principles, failed laboratory testing, etc.) and/or is not performing as intended, consideration of where these masks are being used and if they pose an unacceptable risk to health and safety, including in healthcare settings is occurring. If the TGA determines that the risk is unacceptable and that manufacturer is unable to provide sufficient evidence to support the face masks performance, the TGA may decide to cancel the entry from the ARTG.

                  The TGA may decide not to cancel an ARTG entry due to administrative matters that can be addressed, where these masks meet all specifications and standards, and there are no deficiencies in safety, quality, performance or presentation.

    • Doesn't it need to be Level 3?

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        You mean Level 4

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    NO Paypal option?

    • Doesn't look like it. Also, according to my CC statement looks like this site is owned by Henry Schein themselves.

      • my txn showing "HENRY SCHEIN REGIONAL MASCOT"

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    Ordered, really good price for something that's legit!

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    I ordered these before and the quality is great. Supplier of dental products.

  • Great, thank you!

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    I read that as Eneloop facemask, thought damn OzB this is getting ridiculous…

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      One day we will have Eneloop undies.

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    Good timing, almost out of masks. Anything better for the price (my last 100 cost me $70 from chemist warehouse)

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      IIRC it's the same product they supply dentists and doctors with so, pretty much as good as you're going to get. This is cheaper than what health professionals can get directly with HSH.

  • These are great masks, thanks.

  • Thanks OP

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    These are high quality masks. We use them in my dental practice. Pretty close to the price we get in bulk - we use like 50 boxes a month! Go go go!

  • How many layers? I can't find anywhere?

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      Not sure, but they’re ASTM level 2, which is to sufficient standard for dental office protection against aerosols, body fluid spray, etc. Ie it’s good enough for just about any general purpose.

      • Will it filter out dust and dirt in air?

        How about chemical gases and paint aerosols?

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          Limited filtration for dust and dirt as it's not air tight.

          No, it won't work for chemical gases and paint aerosols, you'll need a specialised mask for this purpose.

  • I keep getting the error message D4405 - Do Not Honour

    • That looks like a card processing error. Probably want to check with your bank

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    Maybe just a typo but anyone find it strange that the phone number listed for their customer service section is the same phone number that Westpac uses

    Can I return a product?

    To arrange for authorisation to return a product, contact our customer service department on 1300 360 322. The following conditions must be met in order to return a product

    Phone number can be seen on the Westpac site at the following link (near the bottom of page)

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      Interesting as their contact page lists the following info

      Contact Details
      Phone: 1300 854 529
      Fax: 1300 655 963
      Email: [email protected]
      Building 3, Level 6, 189 O'Riordan Street Mascot New South Wales Australia, 2020

      That address is the same as Henry Schein

    • Usually this happens if they've copy-pasted a sample returns policy template that the banks provide, as businesses need to have one to accept payments online.

      Still a bit odd they haven't noticed though.

  • Are they sealed in plastic in packs of say 5-10 within the box?

    • Don’t think so.

    • No, they're just a stack of 50 inside the box

  • Thanks

  • Thanks OP.

  • Thanks OP. Maybe I'm paranoid, but much rather prefer disposable masks that are AS/NZ standard approved.

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      err these are right?

      Henry Schein
      Procedure Mask Level 2

      High Filtration

      Fluid resistant (120mmHg – LV2)

      Meets AS/NZ 4381:2015

      Latex and fibreglass free

      Non Sterile

      ARTG# 321807

      • Sorry, worded that wrong. I bought these over other mask options due to them being AS/NZ standard approved.

  • I'm loaded with Ebay + very expensive 0 cost ones .

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    This Order is currently below our Minimum Order Limit of $10.00
    A charge of $5.00 Plus Sales Tax will be added to orders submitted for less than our minimum order amount.

    That's why X2

  • Bought many times, previously paid $8 a box, so this is cheaper. Bought 2.

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    Thanks OP. Bought a couple of boxes of these the last time they were on sale. Excellent quality and fit.

  • Legend.. Bought 2

  • clicked on this thinking i'd be getting next level anti ageing face mask

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    anyone have a photo of what they look like

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    What's the difference between this and MAXIMA Mask Blue Earloop Lv2 Box of 50 which costs $10.99?

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      Wondering the same

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      I am using Maxima ones and they are best. Now I ordered this new product 4 boxes and once they are arrived I will see the difference. Thanks OP. I hope they will be same.

      • The difference is that the $10.99 ones are made by Medicom (a famous Canadian medical brand, 40+ years of history), they are thicker than the $6.99 one.

    • I have the 10.99 one they are a bit tight so not the most comfy masks

      • Costco masks are more tight. These ones are ok to me.

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      I DM’ed them 2 days ago with this very question and got this response: “Hi jaycee, Specs are the same but essentially the Henry Schein masks are an entry level mask so the maximas are better quality. Hope that helps!”
      I’m currently using their Maximas and found them to be the best surgical masks I’ve used so far - so sticking with that for now!

  • What does "Non Sterile" mean? The other $10.99 link doesn't mention this.

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      Well if they are unwrapped in the box they wouldn’t be sterile.

      For example a new bandage would be sterile until the packaging was opened.

      • Thanks. Got the $10.99 one and they are also unwrapped in the box. Other comment said it's a bit thicker than this deal.

  • Bought 2. Let's see if this any better than those I got from an Asian shop for $8/box.

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      Would be much better. I can bet.

      • Midle last year, bought a box of 4 ply mask made in Vietnam from Asian groceries store for $20. It was the most comfy mask I have ever worn since the pandemic. I can wear all day without problem.

        Been in lookout for same brand but not found any more. Some how, I found the 4 ply mask from VN are the most fit to my face.

        • we brought some VN ones from overseas, felt firm and comfy too, used up - forgotten brand

  • Grabbed a couple boxes, thanks OP

  • Does it being “non sterile” really matter? Does it impact the effectiveness of the mask at all? I’d guess not though not sure

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      It just means they haven't been gamma irradiated. Dentists, Doctors, Nurses etc use non sterile masks in most circumstances. It's just listed like this because it's a requirement for products used in healthcare. It doesn't mean they aren't clean or are in anyway defective.

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    Has anyone purchased from this store before?

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      Yes. Search for previous deals on the same/similar products.

      • Not sure this seller but this product. Yes. Excellent product and cheap. I am using them 5 masks pw since Corona era started.

      • Yes this product from this seller, and others above read comments.

  • Can't believe this hasn't been asked…are these any good against covid?

    Last masks I bought were ages ago, and it was all about N95 back then.

    • Yes if you wear three of them at once

      • At the risk of feeding the troll

        You can't be serious….

        • As pointed out these are not N95 rated, and as such are about one-third the efficiency.

          • @bOngOCaT: Jokes aside as I'm not very across how the different masks work/etc other than N95 was what we used to use in Singapore, is this mask better or worse than those generic blue/white masks which are sold at various retailers/chemists/etc (and handed out for free in some places)? I've seen they are often advertised as having three layers of filtration but not sure how that compares with this level 2 mask?

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              @jace88: The major difference between N95 respirators and surgical masks is the purpose for which they are used.

              N95 respirators are designed to have some sort of seal against the wearer's face and thus protect the user from particulates in the air. Without this seal, it's efficacy is reduced as there are gaps for particulates to enter through.

              Surgical masks are designed to protect others from the wearer, and the wearer from direct fluid splashes. It just so happens that it also protects the wearer from particulates that are directly drawn through the mask.
              The main difference between level 1,2 and 3 surgical masks are the fluid resistance ratings, with level 2 and 3 being suitable for actual surgical use.
              The filtration requirements of the middle filter layer of a 3 layer surgical mask is only measured against 3um and 0.1um particles (whereas N95 are measured against 0.3um particles). Level 1 masks are rated at 95% filtration efficiency and level 2 and 3 are rated at 98%. But that's only directly across the filter, because of the gaps on the sides and poor fitting around the nose and face, particles can still enter and thus it's actual efficacy at filtering particulates is unknown.

              As for which will protect you from covid, both will do a good job just in different ways. Most of us don't handle masks properly anyway and the risk isn't the inhalation per se but rather the physical contact with the virus by improperly touching a mask and then touching the face/nose/mouth after taking the mask off.

              Why do we wear a mask? It's to reduce the transmission distance of the virus in case you have it and don't know. With surgical masks a bonus is it can protect yourself from directly inhaling the virus spread from someone else (only if that air passes through the mask). If you're worried about aerosols entering through the gaps you should be more cautious of handling masks and clothing exposed to the aerosols than whether to use surgical or N95 masks.

              But for the love of god, wearing multiple surgical masks does not make it magically as efficient as an N95 mask. If anything it just makes it harder to breath as you now have to draw air through more layers, but it doesn't change it from being a mask into being a respirator, the gaps are still there for leaks.

              • +1

                @Trance N Dance: Thanks so much for a very detailed response. Feels like this was a good buy for under $15 then!

  • Thanks LC1. Got two for 1c less than your advertised deal price. Bargain.

  • I was wearing this mask when I went for vaccine injection. I was given another mask and was told my one did not meet requirements.

    • People think they are ok but Andres is right N95 or better if you are serious .

    • How could they tell??

      • I don't know. I just put it on top of mine, so I had two masks on. It actually didn't make breathing any harder.

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      Sometimes if it appears the mask is well worn or scrunched from being in your pocket etc, they will request you to wear a new mask. Its not always that the mask type or manufacturer itself is unacceptable.

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    I am not trying to say they are bad or anything like that but according to the small piece of certificate included, they are made in Hubei province (where Wuhan city situated).

    • you got yours delivered already?

      • I bought them before.

    • +5

      Taken directly from a ATAGI release on 17 June 2021

      Given the ongoing risk of COVID-19 outbreaks, low vaccine coverage, and increasing rate of severe COVID-19 outcomes in older individuals, it was considered that the benefits of COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca outweighed the risk in those over 50 years. As such, no preferential recommendation for either vaccine was made in this age group. This advice was reinforced on 23 April 2021 and has been reviewed weekly by ATAGI since then.

      And from 13 July 2021

      ATAGI reinforces that the benefits of vaccination with COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca strongly outweigh the risks of adverse effects in those ≥60 years, and that vaccination is essential for this group in the context of an outbreak.

  • Got some thanks

  • Running low. This seems great.
    (Usually get a box of 50 on special $20 from ChemWH or Colesworth)

  • Better deal

    100 for $ 9.99 incl. delivery

    • +2

      Better deal doesn't mean better quality. I need balance on deal and quality. I used cheap ones with chemical smell, thin cover and easily broken earloop.

      • i've ordered the above and using them at the moment. No complaints whatsoever. They're comfortable and don't smell.

        • That's why I call them best in price and Q.

    • +1

      These are rubbish, as has been already discussed on other threads.

  • Unable to order. Says postcode and suburb don't match when they most definitely do…

    • I had the same error from a previous order.

      Try adding the address via the order "Checkout" process (not the "My Address" menu).

  • Cheers OP! Great price, grabbed 2 boxes - not sure how long this lockdown in Syd will last! :(

  • +3

    Apologies but just bought 250 boxes (Aged care, not Broaden)

  • I just tried to order but it says freight to be confirmed. Did anyone else get this? I am metro Sydney and wanted 2 boxes as per post. How do you know it’s free freight?