What TV Shows Are You Watching ATM?

It's already been an exceptional year for TV, and we've still got many months to go!

What TV shows are you watching atm?


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    Mr Robot on binge

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      just binged that stan s2s3 and binge s4 - decent tv

    • Real mind bender. I used to have a few drinks and watch it - so intense

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    Bosch / The Wire great shows

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    prison break s1 - first time

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    The Bureau it’s a thrilling/contemporary/realistic French spy series … refreshing new (non-US) perspective - Iran, Syria to Russian hackers https://www.sbs.com.au/ondemand/program/the-bureau

    • i heard that was quite good (it just sounds like too much talking )

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      10/10. One of the best ever. I thought they would screw it in the later seasons. Nope, it was top notch till the end.

      • how alert and orientated do i need to be?

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          There are no 007 , super-human and trigger-happy stuff. No jump scare or anything like that. You can relate to any of the characters. Just a good story that is very well executed with pretty good details. For example, actors are actually on locations and actually talking on foreign languages with real foreigners and real tradecraft things. Very few moments look artificial. Regarding too much talking - yeah, it's not John Wick for sure.

          • @a1oka: thanks seems great but not for after work

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    High Maintenance

    • awesome show!

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    Startrek Picard. Just finished episode 2. Finding it much more intense than I was expecting.

    I'm not usually a Star Trek guy. I only started watching it because a) I wanted to save some of the known to be good series (The Expanse S5, Better Call Saul S5, Legion, Snow Piercer S2..) on my list until I have a better setup going, and b) I got it confused with The Orville.

    • Picard was pretty good. Boy are you in for a ride with Expanse S5. I had planned to watch the season over five days with two episodes a day. Ended up watching all of it in a single day. It is insanity.

      • Thats good to know! I've already read just about all the books so sadly I won't be surprised by what happens, but I heard they used a large chunk of the budget on the visuals for a single episode so I'm really looking to that. And of course anything with Amos on screen is always a winner.

    • Legion was great. I need to do a rewatch, I felt so lost during the last season.

      • I'm soooo looking forward to it. I randomly caught the first episode of the third season when I was flicking through foxtel go, and it really grabbed me
        Where did you hear about it?

        • Can't remember but watched since the beginning. Maybe cos it's x-men related and it's from the creator of the Fargo tv series.

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    Finished The Terror a few weeks ago, this is dark, has a supernatural element to it with a heavy ominous feel about it, brilliant story telling. Up there with HBO Chenobyl.

    • I enjoyed Terror too!

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    Halt and Catch Fire. One the best tv shows from A.M.C. same producers that made and screened Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead. Available on sbs on demand

    • You have good taste. Loved Halt and Catch Fire.. all of those series are great though!

  • DOM on Prime 👌

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    Can’t believe no one mentioned DARK on Netflix !!

    • Fantastic first season, decent second season, crap final season

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    Mosquito coast.

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    Couldn't see anyone mention 'afterlife' on NF: Amazing, funny, on point.

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    This year I've watched:

    Barbarians S01 (if you like Roman-era stuff you'll like this)
    The Stand S01 (decent post-apocalypse good vs evil show)
    The Expanse S05 (very good sci-fi discovery show)
    Impractical Jokers S09 (hilarious prank comedy)
    WandaVision S01 (pretty good Marvel show, quite a wild ride)
    For All Mankind S02 (pretty good drama about an alternate history space race)
    Snowfall S04 (pretty good gangster/cop show about the rise of crack in 80's LA and ties to the CIA)
    The Falcon and the Winter Soldier S01 (some OK drama mixed with boring Super Soldier vs Super Soldier fights)
    Lego Masters AU S03 (probably my favourite reality TV/competition show in recent years)
    Loki S01 (another wild ride, maybe my favourite of the recent Marvel's)

    • +1

      LEGO Masters is my favourite reality show too. I tend to steer clear of "reality" TV shows as they are so heavily produced now to create drama etc where LEGO Masters has gone the other tack of just being fun. I watch the US version too, it's not as good and they do a lot of the same builds as the Aus show but chemistry between the hosts isn't as good. Still fun though as they do some amazing builds. The whole family watches it too.

      I haven't seen latest version of The Stand, it hasn't gotten good reviews. I've read the Stephen King book and saw the original TV mini series but it's one of those books that's hard to adapt.

  • Just started trailer park boys. Continually watching random peep show eps

  • Jonah from Tonga
    Fat Pizza
    The Big Lez Show
    The Mike Nolan Show
    FlexAir series
    Helluva Boss
    Internet Historian Documentaries

    • +2

      Swift and shift couriers.

      • Yeah mate, I am planning to get to it soon!

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    Strike Back is a decent show if your into a James Bond type of series. Cinemax took over BBC from season 2 and that's where it gets good.
    Banshee is also another amazing show.

    • +1

      Strike back was good up to season 5 (season 1 was good as well) . I stopped watching mid way through season 6 when they changed the main characters as it really went downhill.
      Banshee was great.

      • You should give it another crack! Those new characters actually grown on you and you'll end up liking them (esp the aussie chick) by the end of it. Stonebridge & Scott are still the ultimate duo though.

  • Currently watching the entire Sopranos series.

    Highly recommend the following that I've recently watched

    Line of Duty: 9/10- Another fantastic British procedural police drama set in an Anti-corruption division.
    The Expanse: 8/10 - takes time to build momentum though. - Great Sci-Fi, definitely lives up to its name.
    Bosch: 9/10 - Great American police procedural drama set in LA.
    Drive to Survive S03. 8/10- good even if you don't love motorsport… Watch them all in order
    Mare of Easttown: Very good police drama- Kate Winslet is amazing.

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    I am rewatching curb your enthusiasm. Also just finished Ted Lasso. Great show.

  • +1

    Ted Lasso

  • +3

    If you haven't seen it, Better Call Saul is excellent. The 5 seasons have got me through work from home lunch hours for some time and I actually prefer it to Breaking Bad (Kim Wexler better looking and less annoying then Skyler White!). Now finishing Breaking Bad seasons 4 and 5 which I never got around to originally.

    Mare of Easttown was brilliant, amazing performance by Kate Winslet.

    Queens Gambit is well worth watching on Netflix, really good despite the fact I have little knowledge of chess. Lead actress is mesmerising.

    Still yet to see anything that is even close to The Wire for quality though.

  • The Good Fight
    Ted Lasso
    Sisyphus The Myth

    Will start watching The Devil Judge when I have time.

  • American Horror Story!

  • We enjoy watching
    Mr Inbetween (Foxtel or Binge)
    Loki (Disney)
    The Boys (AP
    Forever (AP)

  • None of these are new but if you havent watched them then you are missing out on many hours of good TV

    • 30 Rock
    • Parks and Rec
    • Brooklyn 99
    • The Office (is there anyone who hasnt watched this?)
    • Buffy the Vampire Slayer (seriously; although just watch eps 1,2,7 and 12 of s1; hits its stride mid s2)
    • Russian Doll
    • Fleabag
    • The Good Place and The Good Fight
    • West Wing (why not!)
  • Any KDrama fans in the house?

    Keeping with the Olympics/sporting theme, I'm watching Racket Boys on Netflix at the moment… it's a hilarious/lighthearted/heartwarming series about a country school badminton team trying to turn their fortunes around.

    I also watched the original Top Gun the other day… and thought geez Maverick was such an obnoxious jerk. Just because he saved the day at the end doesn't excuse his behaviour…

    • uncanny counter
      squid game

  • A few I've recently been watching which havent been mentioned:
    - Last man on earth (interesting coincidence to the pandemic)
    - Jupiters Legacy
    - Manifest
    - The Rookie

  • Watching The White Lotus now.

    Waiting for Succession, Hacks, Morning Show, Better Call Saul and Demon Slayer to come back.

    Think I'll binge Ted Lasso next. See what everyone's raving about.

    • First episode of The White Lotus was exceptional. So tense and funny. I loved Mike White’s Enlightened and this is on the same register, so can’t wait for the rest of it

      • The second episode was pretty weak, but I just watched the third episode and it was fantastic. A little uneven so far.

  • +1

    For All Mankind
    Kevin Can F*** Himself
    Ted Lasso
    Mare of Easttown

    Rick and Morty I feel has dropped in quality a little bit, but still watching. Also finally finishing up Hannibal S3.

    • i didnt like Lupin it seems like it just focused on being stylish more than anything else, I dont know why there is such a fuss, Omar Sy does look likeable but meh (i do recommend the books one of my favourites as a teenager).

  • -1

    Nothing much on free to air for drama atm so just watching

    FBI - Ten
    911 lonestar - seven
    Good fight - sbs

    Recently watched

    Starstruck (1 season) - abc iview
    Trying (2 seasons) - Apple TV

    Finally Ted Lasso season 2 1st ep just aired. (Apple TV)

  • +3

    Just watched the first three episodes of "Clarksons Farm". Its really good and has a great supporting cast. It kinda reminds of me of the best parts of old Top Gear.

  • +1

    I only watch animated shows like Spiderman, Batman (90's), Simpsons etc which thankfully Disney+ has tons of it. Watched Futurama a year ago and started watching it again. So… good!

  • +1

    Banshee is a great show, 4 seasons and watched the whole thing in two days.

    • You watched 38 hours of Banshee in 2 days?

      • I'm not even mad, that's amazing

  • The chosen

  • +1

    Bojack Horsemen. Can recommend

    • +1

      Bojack Horseman is such a great show that is so hard to get others to watch

  • prison break
    money heist

  • Peaky Blinders. Then I rewatched it all cos it was the most entertaining show I've seen since the sopranos. 10/10 show.

  • +1

    Not a big TV watcher and very fussy with what I watch but right now I've started watching an anime series called Attack on Titan.
    It's very intense and griping from the first episode! I would 10/10 recommend even if anime is not your thing.

    • ok i'll give it a go

  • +1

    Invincible on Amazon Prime. Hooked after the first episode!

  • Mr Inbetween — excellent Aussie show.

    Also great:

    Succession (Binge)
    Dr Death (Stan)
    Luis Miguel (Netflix)
    Billions (Stan)

  • Banshee, Time, The Boys, Mr Inbetween, Justified and Preacher. Tried watching Warrior, Strike Back and The Shield but just couldn't get into it for some reason.

  • Star Wars Rebels
    The Bad Batch

  • Rewatching Breaking Bad after tens of trash binges. Makes me wonder how good BB was for it’s time.

  • Was missing being in The Office, so started watching it instead.

    After when I am virtually out of the office, rewatching Better call Saul, IT Crowd, and Black Mirror.

    Planning to rewatch Daredevil..

    • Forgot to add, Mindhunter and True Detective! (planned to rewatch)

  • Started watching Documental on Prime Video on a whim, much better than Last One Laughing Australia (Aus equivalent show)

    Really funny, and alot of the humour translates even though show is Japanese language.

  • El Cid on prime video

  • Round The Twist with the kids

    Crime Investigation Australia and Forensic Investigators - late at night by myself 😳

  • Taskmaster
    Taskmaster New Zealand
    Ride upon the Storm
    Home Ground
    There's Something About Movies
    Save Me
    The Good Doctor
    Would I Lie To You?

  • Midsomer Murders - Season 1

  • Mare of Easttown. Will watch the final episode tonight. Absolutely loving it.

  • SEE is amazing

  • Mr Inbetween
    His Dark Materials

  • Can I also recommend, and ask if you all use any database search?

    I use reelgood.com for US content, and Justwatch, but for Justwatch I have to change the country instead of checking where the title is available.

    unogs.com is also an option, but Netflix only.

    Any other database with all streaming services and all countries? :)

  • -2

    45GB of Olympics yesterday (multiple screens)

  • The Handmaids Tale, such an amazing show, kept me interested through all 4 Seasons, cannot wait for the next

  • -2

    Not sure if I'd seen a TV show with an ATM

  • Dr Death on Stan. Dramatisation of a true story.. it’s one crazy ride..

  • So… here's one I don't think people would expect to see here.

    The Owl House! It's wholesome, funny, witty, and I'm constantly in awe at how they somehow turned horror-esque imagery to something cute suitable for kids.

  • Poll? or not enough fields?

  • +2

    Eastbound and Down

  • Malcolm in the Middle. Not a single bad episode

    • Damn it I need to rewatch that.

  • Gamorrah on SBS On Demand

    Very raw and according to my friend from Naples quite accurate.

  • Last few shows I’ve watched (only watch Netflix/Prime + anime, no Foxtel or appleTV+)

    Kingdom (highly recommend Korean zombie show)
    Glitch (first 2 seconds are good the last is trash)
    Dark (excellent show)
    Ragnarok (excellent premise, can get a bit silly)
    The boys (first season was good, 2nd wasn’t as good)
    The haunting (again only can recommend the first)
    Mindhunter (brilliant show)
    Umbrella academy (pretty weird premise but enjoyable)

  • For those who like a bit of SciFi. I have really enjoyed the Mandalorian. This surprised me as I did not make it all the way through the star wars movies.

    Also rewatched impulse.

    Why women kill was a lot of fun as was resident alien.

  • home before dark
    ted lasso

  • +1

    Extreme Cheapskates is good for a laugh

  • +1

    Surprised no one has mentioned Atypical on Netflix. Does a great job of depicting life with ASD from the perspective of the person themself and family/friends.

  • Recently discovered 30 rock on stan. Actually found it to be a absurdly brilliant show.

  • Prison Break, finally at the final season and I'm just about over it

  • Black Monday
    Mr.Mercedes (again)