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Hisense 75Q8 75" 4K TV $2280 + Delivery @ Appliance Central / $2295 + Delivery ($0 to Selected Areas) @ JB Hi-Fi


Hisense 75Q8 75inch tv for $2280 plus delivery or $2295 @ JB Hi-Fi with free delivery to selected areas.

JB Hi-Fi

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JB Hi-Fi

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  • Thanks op.

    JB is OOS for the Gold coast, can't deliver either

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      Where do you get the discounted gift cards?

      • Ozbargain classifieds or suncorp rewards

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      75X9000H around 2k or less? I think it has been 2300, never 2k and never less?
      Correct me if I'm wrong please.

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        You’re exactly right. $2300 due to a massive pricing error from Sony as well. The lowest sale price was around $2500. This guy is giving people false hope.

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          not to mention stock of the 75x90h is dwindling harder than the q8. what are you going to do when you buy all those 10% gift cards, they take a day to clear and you miss out?? or does he think everyone should throw a few grand into gift cards just in case?

  • I think videopro or some other mob had this for 2150 couple of months ago. Not sure why prices didn't keep going down

  • I’m still waiting for 65Q8 to be under $1000

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      If you had access to JB Hi Fi GCs at 5% off or Ultimate Gift cards or TCN Gift Cards at 10-15% off, it was around $900 with free delivery to door last week.

      • Yep, that's what I got it for last week.

        • Still waiting for it to be delivered.. no ETA and they saying it's out of stock

    • Wouldn't hold your breath. I think it will completely sell out b4 that happens

      • The deal renegade mentioned had it for $1036. I’m guessing within two weeks.

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          Reply to mrTT

          I’m still waiting for 65Q8 to be under $1000

    • how does this tv compare to the TCL qled flagship models?

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    This the best 75" under $2500?

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      Q70A Samsung was around $2000 with soundbar

    • I believe TCL X10 was the best, it was under 2k

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    This is a great TV. VIDAA is soooooooo shit though and basically might stuff up Alexa integration and other apps but the picture (after calibration) is really good. No hdmi 2.1 though, top end GPUs next year will be able to push 4k ultra 120fps in the games that can't do it now.

    • What's your calibration settings?

  • Is the red ghosting issue fixed on the Q8s?

    • Not as far as I know. Mine is quite bad, and going back after no success in addressing the issue through support. Apparent variability of intensity of this artefact between units.

    • I've had the 65Q8 for about 4 months and only saw this happen once during an episode of Loki on Netflix - haven't seen it since - could've been fixed with a firmware upgrade as I'm sure Hisense rolled out something recently.
      Watching Olympics coverage and the image is just beautiful.

      • Do you have any stuttering on yours when you watch YouTube? I've had my hisense for a week now and there is a very slight stutter I notice at times. Not sure if that's normal

  • Isn't this normal price? Rather get the 75 " U7G which has HDMI 2.1..

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      I think I read that they were falsely advertised as having hdmi 2.1. They have it on US models but not in Aus

      • Oh you're right.. That's a bit deceiving. Only the 'features'.

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          It made perfect sense (pardon the pun) for Hisense to deceive Australians with the same modelling as the US. An old colleague of mine told me they're getting flooded with calls from customers who are complaining that they thought the review on RTINGS is the same as ours LOL.

  • Would you pick a 75" QLED or a 65" OLED?

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        Why stop at 77 when you have z9 at 88

        • a90j comes in 83 and is the most beautiful thing I've seen in my life, besides the missus

    • I've got the 65 inch for this TV. Was purchased for around ~$1250.
      I love it so far, impressed about the quality for the price i paid.
      65 inch is still too big for our small living room though. We have to sit pretty far to enjoy the full size.
      The OS VIDAA isn't the best, but then again it's not the worst. There are also updates for it as well.

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      • Yep, not even a comparison.
        QLED is Samsung terminology by the way.
        This is ULED with Quantum Dot technology.
        Abysmal motion handling and operating system.
        Save your money and get an LG OLED.

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    I got the 65" version of this delivered yesterday. Amazing value. Very bright, great HDR and colour. Amazing blacks. Motion is good. Downside is there is a ridiculous amount of blooming but I already expected that from a non-OLED. If you don't mind the blooming, can't go wrong IMO.

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      That's because they lie about the zone count and many other specs. I used to work for this shady company. Doesn't get anymore misleading than Hisense. And no, I didn't get sacked, I left that shit hole voluntarily.

      • Any other insights you’d be able to share? I do like a bit of industry goss!

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        Good to know. I went in with eyes open though so I am happy with the purchase. Doesn't excuse shady behaviour

  • Hows FTA content on these types of TVs?

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      I have the 65 version, I dont like the picture from FTA. I'm no expert but i dont think it looks very good at all no matter what I change. I'm coming from an excellent old Panasonic plasma so maybe it's just that plasmas better on FTA. Q8 Looks better watching from disc,Netflix or YouTube, games on Xbox though

      • Wow I also upgraded from a Panasonic plasma which is about 13 years old. I don't even have an aerial connected as I don't watch FTA so I can't comment on that.

        • Yeah thankfully I rarely watch it too, if I am its just the kids watching Abc Kids so doesn't need to be great

          • @summit: What about news, olympics etc?

            • @richmond12: Just watched Women win Gold in the 400m relay and the image to me is fantastic. Can't complain about motion etc. Coming from an older TV, the new features are interesting e.g. on FTA, when I go to the Olympics channel (70 - 7HD) it detects that it's Sport and asks me if I want to switch to Sports mode - it then adjusts the screen for it and enables Timeshift (with USB key) - kinda cool…

          • @summit: Just loaded 7 Plus onto the Chromecast to watch the footy today. Put on the olympics to test and it looks great. Good workaround but obviously sucks bandwidth compared to just using FTA.

  • Anyone know if HiSense uses androidTV?

    • Only in USA

      • What in the world…So they load up some random software specifically for Aussies? Why would they not do Android here as well, who makes these decisions!

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    Obviously FTA in SD will look like crap on any new TV anything BELOW 1080P will look garbage regardless of how much you pay for a TV

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      Some TVs have much better upscaling than others. This is not one with good upscaling IIRC but I don't watch FTA so I don't care

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      North America is getting atsc 3.0 for 4k broadcasting whilst our "HD" broadcast is 1080i not even 1080p lol. 1080i was like the 2004-2005 Hitachi/Fujitsu plasma era resolution and this is the best quality that we have in 2021…

      • Yeah pretty useless here

    • Thanks order one😀

    • how does this work? asks for a number? are you able to apply gift cards on top of this price?

        • ahhh i see! thanks!

  • Have had this tv for a about 2 months, very bright nice colours. and ok-decent inbuilt speakers if you don't have a soundbar. Got it bing lee for 2095.

  • This or Samsung 75" Q70A?

    • expired, did you call up and ask for a discount?

      • I can get updated links, they last until 11:59PM the day I post them. Were you after one?

        • Interested to get special pricing, can dm me? Thanks

    • I'm keen on any discounts for the Samsung QA75QN85AAWXXY if you have a line on those…


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