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Lenovo IdeaPad Chromebook Duet $267.75 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Great deal on this popular Chromebook convertible.

I've had one for a while now and have found it to be a great media consumption device.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Would this be good for school?

    • Depending on what you are studying 4 gb of ram may not be good enough, though for most things it should just be good enough. I am guessing you cannot expand the ram on this model…

    • Depends on the school. But yes.

  • Thank op. Was looking for cheapo tablet to watch YouTube and stuffs, figured this would do to and for cheaper price. Bought!

  • This is really cheap! Bought it a while ago and great for reading!

  • +3

    Damn $257 (with the first mobile order $10 discount) is super cheap, been wanting a good youtube/reddit tablet for in bed, was either this or a $900 2in1 laptop. $643 saved!

  • Thanks OP.
    Too good a deal to pass up!

  • Got one thanks, hopefully it isn't too slow…

  • +9

    My purchase rule: If I see +vote goes up quick, I purchase without asking questions first!

    • +1

      This is what I did. Didn't even really want it. It arrived today and I've been messing with it for the past few hours. I love it - can't believe it was only $267.75. I didn't even know it supported Linux, it opens up so many possibilities.

      Thanks OP!

  • Can someone recommend me a good screen protector and USI pen to go with this? Thanks!

    Been thinking of buying the Tab S7 for awhile but this will do in the meantime as I wait for the Tab S8 to release

    • Duet is better than the Tab S7 .. probably better than Tab S8 also.

      I am selling my Tab S6 and Tab S7 .. as now replaced with Duet after owning for a few weeks.

      • Better value for money? No doubt. But better, period? The Tab7 has more screen real estate - 10" vs 11" is substantial, is a high-end device that comes with an IPS screen, 120 kHz refresh rate, an integrated pen with a ton of functionality, has the loudest speakers you can get on a tablet, 6Gb RAM and a solid front camera.

        • Better in terms of preference to use … the Duet .. something about the full desktop Chrome browser and desktop OS just makes it better.

          Yes, have tried all the browsers to emulate a desktop mode … edge & samsung browser beta seem to be the most reliable but still glitchy and never perfectly reliable on all websites.

          Tab S7 was sold the other weekend .. I had the 8Gb RAM version btw

          Tab S6 is going on gumtree in the next or two.

  • thanks great price got second last one woohoo

    • I think there is a limit of 2 per order. When I ordered couple of hours ago, I could only buy max 2. Only bought 1.

  • Just checking what’s the easiest way to use a normal USB 2.0 harddrive/USB stick with this?

    • +1

      Get a usb c to usb a adaptor, should be around $2 on ebay

    • Just:

      a) move with the times and spend $30 at Officeworks for a USB-C memory stick

      b) buy an adapter on ebay for $5

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    Can you wipe ChromeOS and install Linux or install any other custom ROMs?

    • No, though you might be able to run Chromeos' Linux container (it's a lower end model so might struggle with this)

    • ChromeOS has native support for Linux now, and haven't used it but this feature sold me last time

  • the hard drive is empc and not ssd. does it mean this is slow?

    • +2

      Faster than HDD, slower than SSD

    • Performance feels a bit like my Galaxy Tab S7 .. pretty decent .. not as good as my 11th gen laptop SSD.

      Most people will be happy.

      • Just curious, why would you need this if you already have the S7?

  • +2

    Bought this as my first chromebook and i'm quite happy, it's a pretty good device. It provides the best of both worlds for a tablet (apps) and small laptop (keyboard/mouse).

  • -1

    Would this be suitable for a toddler?

    Had 2 cheap Android tablets and they both broke.

    • What brand?

    • +4

      What about books, toys or playing outside? Why does a toddler need screen time?

      • +3

        guess you don't have kids.

    • Yes .. for android apps and the kids websites.

      The actual device (after removing the keyboard and cover) is very slim and light.

  • +5

    Dont need it! But ordered one!

    • +1

      I thought I was the only one……. LOL

    • +1

      you might be surprised .. that you do actually need it.

  • Do I buy now before everyone wakes while there is still stock or wait till Officeworks opens and get a price match..

  • +8

    Panic mode! Not sure what to buy this for. Every time I see a deal voted more than 100+, and I cannot see why I buy it, I get headache, panic and depression. Like the fridge that I gave up and bought in the end. Hahahahaha.

    • -1

      Buy low re-sell high

    • Yes .. buy quickly if you need a portable device or tablet.

  • I think buy iPad? Faster, better sound and display ?

    • +11

      Let me know if you can find a brand new iPad for $267.75

      • +4

        With keyboard.

      • +3

        Just bought one, asked that question to control my urge 😊

        • +1

          hehe we believe what you say man, no need to post evidence.

      • I was watching some youtube review, some commented (complained) this cost less than the cost of a keyboard for ipad.

    • +2

      Our Duet is in use just as often as the iPads in our family.

      Great device, and we found some educational sites/apps required by school really only work properly with a mouse and keyboard. A Bluetooth mouse works well with these.

  • +1

    Upvoted cause all time low

  • I have an older little lenovo got super cheap it runs windows. Slow as but ok for trips away as it has usb and hdmi.

    Looking at this it am i right it has only 1 usbc and no expandable media? If so thats a deal breaker for me. Superb for those who don't need that though.

    • +1

      Yes and yes

    • Can we use usb c multi hub like 6 in 1 or 10 in 1?

      • +1

        Yes .. of course. Works fine.

    • +1

      you need to check the specs of the USB-C connection on the Duet .. just buy a hub .. essential these days.

      • Thanks guys. cbf with hubs since dont need one with my current devices, i'll just drag their life out a bit longer. :)

  • Great Chromebook …Thanks OP
    Bought one too !

  • Does it require the stylus/pen?

    • No, but you can buy a compatible one if you want.

  • Awesome deal at this price!

    Paid about $50 more and this Chromebook has been popular with the whole family.

  • I hope this can work with Citrix

    • +1

      You have two options:
      a) citrix android app
      b) citrix chromeOS app

      Both work fine with citrix with great performance .. but please tell me about your needs for external USB webcams and microphones? Then I will answer on this matter.

      Chrome OS app is better (not android app).

      Chrome OS app will be even better when the latest beta version is released as a stable version as this has all the USB webcam connectivity .. to use the beta you need your IT team to whitelist though until it goes to stable.

      • Basically just need to to connect to Citrix desktop for remote computing.

        • I know that Citrix is for remote computing … that is obvious.. but do you have any fancy devices that you need to connect? drives, cams, printers, microhones, etc.

          anyway Citrix works great with low latency … but USB webcams have been a hassle but should be fixed now if you use the beta Chrome OS app … or in a month or two when the beta moves to stable.

  • +7

    This is a great deal for a wonderful chromebook tablet.
    Best features for me:

    Fantastic battery life.
    Bright and vivid FHD screen.
    Convertible/detachable - magnetic keyboard and stand included - tablet on its own is nice and light.
    Looks great - love the fabric backing on the stand
    keyboard is narrow to suit the small screen, and unlit but still is quite usable, with better than expected key quality, legible keys.
    Mediatek ARM CPU means some android games are more playable (compared with intel chromebooks)
    Screen has a digitiser for USI pens, so will work with the Lenovo USI Pen if you would like a pressure sensitive active stylus.
    128GB storage is good.

    Things to keep in mind: You will hit it's limits, but only because it is so good for the price, and you will be expecting more.
    External monitors generally will not work unless you have a DisplayLink dock/adapter.
    There is no SD slot, and only the one USB-C port.

    Best of all - It is a Chromebook - Secure, yet fast to turn on, great browser, Android apps, so much easier to set up and maintain, with supported automatic updates until June 2028.
    My favourite trivia about chromebooks is the lower case keyboard - makes every other keyboard appear CAPS obsessed.
    Always brings a smile to my face.

    • "External monitors generally will not work unless you have a DisplayLink dock/adapter."

      To keep this simple .. a USB-C to HDMI adapter works great .. but only up to 1080p … the DisplayLink might be needed for higher res than 1080p

      • +1

        With a standard passthrough dock/adapter, it will only output 1080p at 30hz, if your monitor doesn't support that you'll have to drop down to 720p 60hz

        If you need 1080p 60hz then you'll need a displaylink dock.

  • Thanks OP, bought one. Had held out on last deals, but finally pulled the trigger.

  • -1

    only 10 inch (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    • +1


      • +1

        oh 10.1?
        ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)

  • Bought it for $252 even already have iPad Pro 😅. It’s a consequence of lockdown

    • Well I even have Tab S7 Plus, but still bought one anyway It's a steal and a no-brainer at this price, with a decent keyboard and a back cover.

      • I know. These kind of deals are just so tempting

      • I sold my Tab S7 as I prefer the Duet for tablet use.

        And no need for Dex with a desktop Chrome OS.

        Also selling my Tab S6 soon.

        • What is the price of Tab S6 going for these days?

    • I have a pro 12.9 with keyboard. Why would I buy this?? Stop me please!!!! Had a XP X2 Chromebook before and it was ok, but I found many of Android apps just nowhere near as good as iOS. But for web based apps it will be ok.

  • I picked this up on Prime Day, it's an absolute beast for the price. If you just do browsing, document/powerpoint editing and media consumption (the screen is amazing for the price) it's a no brainer. I got it for around ~$285, at this price I can 100% recommend picking it up. It's definitely a "second/backup device" though, I'd still recommend you carry around another windows machine with you due to some of the constraints of chrome os, but the weight this adds to a backpack is so negligible.

  • How well will this run Minecraft? Looking at the article here https://beebom.com/how-install-play-minecraft-chromebook/

    • +1

      Haven't tested but I think it should be fine .. the Duet runs Roblox very well and better than the Celeron 4000 series laptops … I expect that Minecraft will be similar to Roblox.

  • I currently have a tab S4 with the keyboard cover, and I'm trying to work out whether it's worth getting this and selling off my tablet.

    • +2

      I sold my Tab S7 and will sell my Tab S6 .. I prefer the Duet for tablet use.

      And the Duet is the same size of the Tab S6 .. almost like they bought the same casing mould !?

      The Duet is very thin and light.

  • thanks I got one, I was searching for something for my daughter anyway. This should fit just fine. Can anybody recommend a USB hub with HDMI where I can make this a proper desktop? Would any work?

    • Any usb c hub should work but how well will depend on your monitor.

      It doesn't play nice with my ultra wide unless I use a displaylink dock. Without that it stretches a 1080 signal.

      I have a usb c monitor what doesn't accept 30hz which is all this can output at 1080p so I have to drop it to 720/60 to get it to work

  • Finally pulled the trigger. Tired of using android and ios, this should be refreshing to use for a change. Anyone successful running Linux on this?

    • As the root ROM or loading Linux apps on it?

      • Root rom. I think if I just run linus apps on top it might be a overkill

  • +1

    How good is the wifi adapter for this? As good as an iPhone 7? That’s the dealbreaker for me. Living in a granny flat and using the adjacent property’s wifi (my family by the way LOL)

  • +3

    Just got it at officeworks for $254.36. Took about 5mins for them to verify with Amazon, but they agreed its the same product.

    • Would you mind sharing the receipt, in case OW doesn’t discount and I can show this ?

    • +1

      Me too, it works!!! Almost had a panic attack when I saw this was still in stock today so you bet I rushed to the nearest officework

  • Dayumn paid $350 10 days ago

  • +1

    Looks brilliant, I'd be all over this…but I just managed to pick up a 2017 Surface Pro from my old work for $50 😁 Gonna ruin me for any future tablet deals

    • check the size of the devices and compare … the Duet is like a tablet form factor.

      you need a Duet to complement the Surface Pro.

  • $253.65 price beat at OW and no wait till Aug 10.

    They just had to make sure it was a match due to the huge price difference.

  • +1

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  • +1

    dammit Ozbargain seriously

    I had one from last year, mostly for my better half and kids to use

    but at this price I can't resist buying another one for myself

    forget about iPad, this provides desktop like experience in a tiny package, if quite a bit slow at times

    fantastic screen, comfy keyboard, solid build, desktop browser

    just a bit of advice: if you have messaging apps installed, make sure you do ise your tablet often, otherwise if you leave it sleeping for a day or two, it can take 2-3 minutes to catch up with all the notifications that arrived in that timeframe

    • not sure about the 'quite a bit slow at times' .. for a $250 laptop with hig res & bright screen, the CPU performance is pretty decent … not as good as my 11th gen laptop but not much different to my Tab S7.