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Hoodie Blanket, Soft Warm Comfortable Wearable Blanket, Grey $29.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Yesdex Amazon AU

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【$29.99】Hoodie Blanket, Soft Warm Comfortable Wearable Blanket, Blue
【$29.99】Hoodie Blanket, Soft Warm Comfortable Wearable Blanket, Black
【$29.99】Hoodie Blanket, Soft Warm Comfortable Wearable Blanket, Light Blue
【$29.99】Hoodie Blanket, Soft Warm Comfortable Wearable Blanket, Purple
【$29.99】Hoodie Blanket, Soft Warm Comfortable Wearable Blanket, Pink
【$29.99】Hoodie Blanket, Soft Warm Comfortable Wearable Blanket, Red

  • One Size Fits All & Easy Care: The wearable conformable hoodie blanket is perfect size for men, women, adult, teenage boys and girls. Machine washable, just toss in the wash on cold then tumble dry separately on low - it comes out like new!
  • Warm All Winter: Oversized Sweatshirt Hoodie Blanket is designed to keep you warm and comfortable from head to toe, while in chilly night, you can enjoy camping& outdoor concert, lounging around the house, reading a book, watching TV. Enjoy this comfort and warmth anytime, anywhere.
  • Premium Materials and Elaborate Design: Our luxuriously soft wearable blanket is made from high quality cotton flannel, weighted around 950g. There is a huge front pocket to hide the remote,phone, snacks, game controller and your arms never get cold. Your hands get all the goodness of the soft silky outside material.
  • Festival Gift: A great gift for one who likes to be cozy. It’s perfect for moms, dads, wives, husbands, sisters, brothers, cousins, friends & students on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, birthdays, bridal showers, weddings, anniversaries, back to school, graduation & prime gift 2021
  • 12 Months Guarantee: We ensure that the Comfortable Giant Hoodie is 100% quality guaranteed and is committed to the best shopping experience for our customers. If you are not satisfied with the Sherpa Hooded Wearable Blanket, please contact us immediately.
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  • +3

    cheaper than the competitor's $109 ask

  • Got a pink for the Mrs, thanks.

  • FYI Postage was free without prime. Think delivery is calculated before coupons applied.

  • +1

    How are these compare to oodies?

    • +2

      Someone comment on Q&A section that they are smaller than Oodies

    • Yes, bought one and they are very similar. Definitely worth the saving.

  • Got one, thanks!

  • Why are the faces blurred in the pictures? copyright?

    • +36

      They're dentists, so we can't show you their faces on the internet.

  • bohoo 0% category cashback

  • +1

    I'm not sure if they still do, but NQR had basically the same thing for either 20 or 25. I bought one and it's great

    • Coz JV hates publicity

  • pink OOS, bought a grey one.

  • Bought 3 but buy seperate to get 10 off on each

  • +1

    Oodie just got destroyed F

    • +1

      Yeah but these don't have sushi on them

      • +1

        I really like the avocado one but I ain't paying $80 for them.

      • +5

        Won't take long in a house of messy eaters.

        • +1

          I legit dropped sushi on my pants 45 mins after my comment

  • +11

    Bought 2 one for me one for my future gf thanks

    • Should be just buy one, and wear together… extra warm for sure

      • speaking from experience I see

  • +2

    can't wait to be rocking this during my next teams meeting.

  • -1

    30 bucks pfffff

  • +1

    FYI I bought the Kogan $30 version and it's not as thick as an oodie but pretty good for $30. I imagine these would be similar

  • Bought one from Auslect last time that looked identical. Is smaller than a genuine Oodie, but my wife prefers this one (even though we live in western Victoria. This one is easier to wear when you're doing things as sleeves aren't as puffy, and so on.

    • +1

      It’s kinda true and can relate 100%. I have a oodie and I can’t do anything as the sleeves are too puffy.

  • Does it come with the socks? all the photos show a pair of socks.

    • +2

      I put a lock on my door. Does the job so far.

  • I dont know how or why but I just bought a grey one. thanks op?

  • This is the normal price on Catch if anyone has that but not prime

  • I understand Oodie has a bit of hype, but I heard the imitations are either too thin or too short..or just look cheap lol

  • +4

    One day, we'll look back at this home fashion faux pas and wonder what we were even thinking at that time

    • I'm thinking that now.

    • Fashion is usually at the bottom of my list of priorities for pyjamas.

  • They look shorter than oodies

    • +1

      About $80 shorter

  • +4

    Is it just me, or are all the links now going to Sky Blue and there is no coupon shown??

    • +1

      Yeah that's what I was wondering too.. thought I was going crazy..

  • +7

    all the links go to the sky blue one

    • +3

      sky blue is the new black.

  • +3

    Link for pink one shows Colour Name: Sky Blue

  • +2

    REP, is this sold out? Can't see a coupon and only sky blue left?

  • +4

    Deal over, back to $39.99

  • +2

    Perfect for lockdown till December

  • Is this made in NZ ?

  • I think the deal is over… Back to $39.99 and there's no options other than sky blue

  • Does anyone have any experience with this similar one? It's dearer but it's Best Seller!

    • read the reviews… run away

      • yeah, saw them too. thanks for the reply

  • Oodie ain't doing too bad, turned over 200+ million in 12 months. Pretty good for an Adelaide guy!

    I think it's cheaper if you buy 2-3 tho?

    • They managed to fleece a whole lotta ppl

      • I believe it was an original idea? So I don't think so, and now everyone is copying them.

        No one forces anyone to buy someone's product.

        • Just jokes. The inner lining is made from fleece.

        • Duplicate

        • Duplicate

  • so quick.
    Amazon Prime is now like Ebay Plus

    • +1

      Because lockdown and more people realised amazon is better.

  • You can buy similar for ~$24 on eBay + free shipping (similar = same product photos, but a different tag). This looks similar to the products in Ali Express.

  • Just got mine. Happy with it! Smells a tiny bit weird and the fabric is quite messed up, but both will be fixed with a wash.

    • as thick as the oossiee ones? (or almost)

      • Couldn't tell you sorry. It is nice and thick though. Very soft.

  • got it.
    wish it is a bit longer, i can see person with 180cm+ height will not happy.

    can we really wash this with washing machine? the white thingie inside front pocket falls out when i pull

    • I'm 180+ and yeah its a bit longer than a standard hoodie but so much more comfortable.

  • +1

    You get what you pay for. It's okay but mine is quite different to the pictures.

    Not very oversized, the wrist elastics are much shorter than in the pictures, not as thick as poctures make out.

    My one almost seems like a knock off of the ones in the pictures haha. Take a look here.

    • yeah haha. i can see why.. bit meh looking

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