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Microsoft Surface Duo 128GB A$537 (US$398) AT&T Locked + $88 Shipping & GST (via Shopmate) @


AT&T locked but unlockable by microsoft via live chat. (for free)

Shipping via

Package is 0.7kg and postage includes GST. $88

Has 2 hours left on deal at time of posting.
**edit. at expiry rolled over to show 3 days until expiry.

Device was $1400 USD at launch. (1500 for 256GB)

256GB also avaliable at $635 ($467 USD) + $97 shipping and GST.

Purchased one last month 6/7
Arrived Shopmate warehouse 15/7
Arrived 30/7
Unlocked via Microsoft 5/8

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  • is anyone having their payment method rejected?

    • Did you manage to buy one? Same thing, I tried 3 different cards all got rejected.

  • I am giving this a go, really interesting device with quite a few omissions but i'm keen to try it out.

    • Did your payment go through or was it denied?

      • +1

        mine went through i paid via amazon

    • Did your payment get denied? I'm trying to buy this since morning.

      • +1

        Mine was getting denied. I had to call my bank (CBA) to get them to get their security system to stand down and allow transaction to go through. NAB appears to have similar system.

  • +1

    Damn this deal. Expire already and stop tempting me!

    • I can try: this phone has no NFC

      • you can use android wear watch to pay ;-)

        • My wrists are too small for a smartwatch …

          • +1

            @kerfuffle: bummer, the small galaxy watch active 2 with samsung pay may suit you?

            • @Draco: I don't use Samsung Android products though (phone is a Pixel as I don't like the Samsung interface).

              I'd get the Surface Duo if it had NFC, a better camera and Australian warranty. And came in black to match my Surface Laptop 3

              • @kerfuffle: wait til october for the surface duo 2… i tell myself it wont be that expensive to avoid buying this

                • @juki: Will it actually be sold in Australia though? Or have to be imported like this one? I tend to have issues with my phones, so Australian warranty is a must.

  • Was interested in this when it first came out then saw the reviews and price and quickly forgot about it…

    Bought one at this price though and going to use it as a tablet. I find my phone faster than a desktop/laptop for a lot of tasks so the dual screen android should be (in theory) a productivity beast. Concerned about the 6gb ram though, my S21 Ultra has 16GB…

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    is anybody getting an extra $6 shipping via woot to shopmate?

    • +1

      I got charged $6 too. It says that Amazon Prime member has free shipping, but I reckon it mean rather than Australian Amazon store.

  • +1

    Cheers OP, snagged one because I've always wanted one to try out but could never justify the lack of NFC and older CPU at the launch price, but at that price I can try it and flick it without too great of a loss if I don't like it.

    • Didn't your payment get denied?

      • Nope, paid with my Amex with no issues

  • How are you guys buying this? Payment gets denied with all the debit/credit cards I have tried, I even got my relative in the US to use their card and still denied!

    • +1

      I used a CBA mastercard debit card, no issues, worked first try. I'm sorry this doesn't help, but i really don't know.

    • My 28degrees worked fine.

  • Mine worked fine also. This is what I did - I used my amazon account to open up Woot account (there is an option there), and used my American Express card to pay. I reckon if your payment got denied then you may like to try connecting your amazon account (or create one) and purchase on Woot. Also I got charged $6 shipping too.

  • +1

    Got below third party pen to use. Hopefully will work okay.

    • Ordered one of these too. Reviews seem good.

  • +1

    I wonder whether woot with twig when they realise a whole bunch of orders going to the same random address.

    • Mine has been shipped

      • Me to

        • Mine shipped too. Supposed to get to auspost site on Mon

  • +5 - just ordered from here. Ships to AU for USD40.99, accepts Paypal too so USD 429.99 for the 128GB

    • Thats a way better and cheaper deal. Arrives quicker as well. Plus PayPal is a way better payment option

    • How did you get it posted to Australia? The website only posts to UK, US and Canada. If you use AuPost service, it will come up with the same postage and tax as Woot.

      • +1

        The postage estimator didn't show AU but the website says they ship to AU. It also accepted my address during checkout. Don't expect tax to be any different but no need for separate US shipping provider with this option.

        • +1

          If GST is charged on delivery (10% of USD430), you will end up paying more? The $88 in the woot deal includes GST.

  • Would anyone that's bought one, have the dimensions of the package it comes in/ships in?
    Just want to get a few quotes amongst the forwarders, all seem to need dimenions though.

  • If paying by PayPal, is it better to pay by a linked bank account or a linked credit/debit card in terms of fees? Thank you.

    • +1

      Depends if you choose to pay in AUD or USD in PayPal.

      If you pay in AUD, then PayPal do the currency conversion and your bank won't charge a conversion fee for either method of payment.

      If you pay in USD, then your bank or card provider will convert to AUD. This will usually involve a fee. But some banks or card providers don't charge a conversion fee (like the 28 Degrees card or Citibank debit card). You need to check with your bank or card provider.

  • anyone else get confirmation that has arrived a shopmate warehouse

    • Yep hopefully shipped tomorrow

      • Has yours shipped yet? No shipping status despite arriving on 17th. Wondering what kind of delay there is at the moment.

        • Hey, mine appeared in shopmate and they asked for invoice so sent screenshot of the woot order page and delared the amount for hte DUo. I can see a package tracking no now however not tracking updates yet. I did read on OP it took about 15 days for it to arrive from shopmate but not sure if OP in Sydney or elsewhere.

          • @Draco: Oh - good news for you. Yes, I've forwarded the invoice so I suppose I'll just wait and hope they send it soon. Sounds like it might just be a day or two wait.

          • @Draco: Yes, after you get the tracking number it goes dark for about 2 weeks (as in no updates, it was a tough wait as I was a little excited), then suddenly it was at sydney, then about 2 days to get to wollongong.

            ***** Also update on the unlock procedure. 2 day turn around faster than Microsoft and works fast.

            Do this:

            • @PTS: Thank you for the unlock link! Are you still enjoying your Surface Duo?

              • +1

                @ronafios: There's a bit of a (fun) learning curve and I miss the wireless charging (and the plastic around the USB C socket is known to be fragile so I try not to use it while charging), it's also bigger in my pocket, But yeah, the 2 apps / websites is super useful. Perhaps the best ebook reader. I still think the Duo 2 is what I want, but this was cheap enough to try the form factor. I haven't experienced any software bugs like the first reviews, it all does what it's supposed to. I'd recomend watching for a few tips and tricks.

            • @PTS: Cheers for the extra info shouldn't be too long looking forward to it and hopeful Android 11 will be out soon as Microsoft promised

    • It took Woot 4 days before they posted my item, and 6 days!!! afterward to arrive Shopmate from Woot. It took Shopmate 2 days to provide tracking number. And the status shows "it's being prepared" since then for 7 days, no update ever since.

      Honestly, I think it will arrive safely. But the poor delivery speed from Woot and Shopmate is super annoying and disappointing. If ever I waited and got the deal in Buydig, it would have saved me some $$ and way faster delivery. No more Woot and Shopmate again, never!

      • I agree, super slow and for the price shopmate charge the tracking is poor.

      • Yep pretty disappointed with the tracking have sent them some feedback

        • Another day and no update…. frustrating

          • @niknaks: No update for me either. Shipping info received on the 19th.

            • @devize: Same… have asked the question on twitter. They are usually really good and helpful hopefully will hear back soon

              • @niknaks: I lodged an enquiry on mine. They said it can take up to 10 business days to get a response…Terrible service.

                • +1

                  @devize: I got a response this morning and they have said 10-12 business days to ship from US to AUS. Seems excessive but should see an update in the next day or so I think

                  • @Draco: Yea got a similar response. Given auspost is pausing deliveries from retailers it could either way as to how soon we will get the package.

                    • @niknaks: Mine is now finally in Sydney as of approx 11am today. Hopefully arrives next week.

                      • @ronafios: Geez no such luck for me

                        • @niknaks: Yeah neither 😔

                          • @Draco: actually got an update this morning. am in melbourne and hoping it will be delivered today.

                            • @niknaks: Nice mine probably not far behind fingers crossed

                              • @Draco: Nothing for me yet either. Hopefully arrives early next week.

                                • +1

                                  @devize: Ahhhh geez just realised my sat text was a false alarm. Still no news.

                                  • @niknaks: auspost looks like they're in shambles.. pretty disappointing

                                    • @Draco: Typically a fan of auspost but a bit disappointed this time round.

                                      • @niknaks: I think Auspost is having system issues, so don't read too much into the tracking. During the past few days, I have had parcels delivered to me while the online tracking still says they are in a different city.

                                        • @nosrad: Just got the below update;

                                          In regards to your enquiry, the shipment containing your package blah blah has arrived in Australia but has yet to be received by Australia Post for delivery. This shipment contains over 50 Shopmate items. Due to the pandemic health crisis, there is a severe backlog in processing packages at the Sydney gateway, which is how our Shopmate packages are received in Australia.

                                          We are following up with our receiver to confirm when the shipment will be cleared for delivery in Australia as soon as possible.

                                          I expect a tracking update within 1-2 business days when the shipment is processed in Sydney.

                                          • @Draco: fingers crossed end of this week. otherwise my z fold 3 will keep me busy

                                            • @niknaks: Boo. After an enquiry I was just given an update of 14-16 September. At least the tracking was updated…

  • 5 days and counting still waiting for an unlock code from ATT. Maybe MS would have been faster. Status just says in progres

    • @jamba did they ever send the unlock code or should we go through MS do you reckon?

      • No they haven't sent yet. Someone said it took about a week with AT&T. So I will wait

  • +1

    The Australian Post service is really rubbish. The parcel left the State on 17 August, there is still no updates at all. All it shows is that it is "being prepared"?! Sent in my inquiry twice with no avail. I went ahead to order on Buydig on 3rd September. Guess what? I received the phone today!!! 9 September!!! What the hell is Australian Post doing? Rubbish…

    • What are you gonna do with the first one when it shows up? Can you return it to Woot?

  • +1

    Mine just turned up in Melbourne ummm, I'm in Sydney someone's stuffed up here I reckon or the limited flights have caused issues. Anyway it's on its way now from the looks of it.

    • At least you're getting somewhere. I'm in Melbourne and hoping mine is along with yours.

      I'm still at 'Shipping info received by Aus Post' since 19th August. Not a single update despite lodging an enquiry and AusPost supposedly prioritising it. Hoping it just turns up one day.

      • +1

        mine also just scanned in, in Melbourne. So hopefully next week

        • Mine just got scanned in Melbourne too. Finally!

          • @devize: now bring on the unlock process……have heard it take up to a month

            • @niknaks: I plan on using mine as a secondary device/tablet so no rush for me there.

  • Happy to hear some of you have now received your items. Frustratingly mine has now been updated in the tracking and is in "SYDNEY SOUTH WEST NSW" and hasn't moved since Monday. This is probably the worst place it could be in the country given COVID-19 cases (I'm in Canberra). Given I've received several items from OS since I ordered the Surface Duo, I have to say that ShopMate has problems - slow and expensive, with poor tracking between US and Aus. Once arrived, I'll definitely be deleting my account, which is a pity - as I saw potential for it.

    The key downsides - high price for relatively slow shipping (they advertise 5-8 days), GST on every sale (many retailers who will direct ship don't collect GST - e.g. BuyDig), poor communication, inadequate tracking. I noticed on that 72% of the reviews are "1 star" so I'm obviously not alone in my experience.

    In this case, given other US orders have arrived in the same time frame, I can only assume ShopMate customers were/are stuck in a different AusPost queue to other carriers who use their network once in Australia. Support mentioned to me (and it seems to some above) that my parcel was stuck with a number of other ShopMate orders, which also seems to indicate they are managed differently to regular postal items.

    For whatever reason, I ended up in the slow lane with ShopMate.

  • Shopmate has given me a delivery date of 21 -24 September. I am in Perth Metro.

    • Yep I have mine coming for Friday this week

      • Finally out for delivery today. Funnily after having wired anxiously for a month might just sell it on cause unexpectedly got a fold 3 and enjoying it. Will see if Android 11 is rolled out.

        • Thems the brakes hey! Can't wait for my Samsung watch 4 is the fold 3 amazing to use as the single screen looks like they finally figured that out. I'm still curious about the duo and future software updates I hope they release something with the new release of the duo 2 on the 22nd

          • @Draco: Galaxy 4 has been awesome. I think you will enjoy it. Wearos headed in right direction. Funnily enough given Samsung's dedication to tablets I am now more confident in the watch ecosystem should Google get bored of it again. The fold 3 has been awesome. Front display perfect for single handed use and for more arduous tasks the unfolded experience is great. Hopefully we get more apps that fully take advantage of the canvas. Really interested to see what Microsoft announceds next week in terms of software. Hopefully the duo faithful will be rewarded for their patience, though sad to think that this late in the game people are waiting with baited breath for Android 1

          • @Draco: Finally arrived. Not much in the way of protective packaging…just a bubble wrap bag. As a result the box was a bit banged up but otherwiise okay

            • @niknaks: Nice one

            • @niknaks: Mine arrived today and received my watch 4 yesterday. Parcel was also very dirty and a little banged up. Can only imagine the journey it has been through.

              Love the hardware of this thing, probably the best piece of tech hardware I've ever seen. It is a little bit buggy and not as smooth as my S21 Ultra which will remain my daily but the form factor is a joy to use. I'm not sure how I'd like it as a daily driver but as a secondary device it's great. Hopefully android 11 is released soon and can tide me over until a 3rd gen next year.

              • @devize: Yea the hardware is impeccable though I can see why many have had the usb cracking issue as that part of the frame is so thin. Yea the software is a tad bit crusty and will interesting to see if Microsoft does roll-out Android 11. After the whole Windows 11
                situation it's clear they aren't above annoying their customer base. Am now consider keeping it as a very expensive digital notebook and e-reader. I got a cheap pen on Amazon and that works great.

                • @niknaks: Yeah I'm already paranoid by the usb port, it is ridiculously thin. Makes you wonder why they didn't include wireless charging to eliminate the use of the port. I've put a magnetic cable in mine but I've read conflicting information about their usefulness in protecting the port.

                  I'm going bumperless at the moment which I heard was one of the main reasons for the cracked ports (pressure from the bumper).

                  There are a few software issues but mine is running fairly well, I would expect Android 11 to fix most of them.

                  • @devize: i think it would have been thicker to include the wireless charging coil. I am still patiently waiting for mine it seems to be stuck in Melbourne now have had to kick AusPost for the 3rd time.

  • +2

    Those interested in unlocking:
    - AT&T request on 10/9
    - AT&T 'more time required' email on 12/9
    - Contacted Microsoft 12/9 using this guide : [Essentially, make sure you start the chat with Surface Duo technical support - other departments won't know what you're talking about]

    "Hi - I need assistance with unlocking my AT&T Surface Duo. I was told to reach out to you with the unlock request number which is NULXXXXXXXXX. My IMEI is XXXXXXX and the serial is XXXXXXX."

    • Microsoft provided code 16/9
    • Thanks mate ill give it a go! This thing is something else keen to try it as a phone.

      • Hoping for a nice surprise tonight. Hopefully Microsoft don't let me down.

        • Me too being on the updates

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