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Microsoft Surface Duo 128GB A$537 (US$398) AT&T Locked + $88 Shipping & GST (via Shopmate) @


AT&T locked but unlockable by microsoft via live chat. (for free)

Shipping via

Package is 0.7kg and postage includes GST. $88

Has 2 hours left on deal at time of posting.
**edit. at expiry rolled over to show 3 days until expiry.

Device was $1400 USD at launch. (1500 for 256GB)

256GB also avaliable at $635 ($467 USD) + $97 shipping and GST.

Purchased one last month 6/7
Arrived Shopmate warehouse 15/7
Arrived 30/7
Unlocked via Microsoft 5/8

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  • +3

    Does anyone have this? is it convenient to use?

    • +37

      Camera is trash. Processor is trash. No point buying this other than for novelty

      • +12

        Processor is trash

        Snapdragon 855 is trash?

        • +10

          I think what phooooon meant was, MS used 855 in 2020, when 865 was available.

          Basically 2019 flagship processor in 2020 Q3, at a price higher than a lot of flagships in 2020.

          • +1

            @iridiumstem: May be they signed a deal with the processor on 2019 and took them long to actually finish the phone.

            • +5

              @superforever: At the time of release, I could see why people would be iffy about 855, since it was a pricey phone.
              I don't think it should matter that much now, it's not like 855 was a bad SoC like say 810.

              • +1

                @iridiumstem: The 2019 QSD 855 is about as fast as the 2021 QSD 888+ when looking at Android Phones. And even the 2022 QSD 890 (which is expecting a regression of performance).

                I can see with the larger device, less thermal throttling, and possibly with more demanding Programs… this small performance gap could extend. But yeah, I wouldn't be complaining about QSD 855's performance too much.

                However, things look very different when considering iPhones, and they become laughable when compared to the M1 MacBook Air. So depends on your perspective I guess.

                Although I think this device (and MS in general) probably has much bigger issues.

      • +4

        Processor and camera arnt the reason this flopped. Its the useless design.

    • +3

      No NFC if you use that, no SD expansion, no earphone jack. The lack of the former makes it particularly useless, I haven't had to carry a wallet for a couple years, don't want tot go back

      No idea how a phone locked to AT&T in the US will work in Aus though

      Software has come a long way since it was released, camera is so so if that's a concern wouldn't bother me)

      The upcoming Duo 2 should refine it but the pricing will be quite high.

      So far, sticking with my Galaxy Note 9 as everything else has had too many features taken away.

      • +2

        I can deal with an average camera, but no NFC in 2020? What were they thinking?

    • It might be worth something in 20 years as a collectors item if you don't open it.

  • nice one.. wanting to replace my LG V50 dual screen

    • +5

      This is a PHONE?

      • It's definitely well in the "phablet" territory.

  • Snapdragon 855, 6GB DRAM, FYI.

    • +3

      For the insane original RRP the specs were pretty weak

  • +14

    Yeah, as op, I just bought one. So far it's like nothing else. Coming from Note 10 pro.
    Device is fast, lot of the reviews list buggy software and poor camera quality especially in low light.
    Camera hasn't changed but several software updates (over 10 months since launch) performs really well.

    • -3

      Camera performs really well is such an overstatement.. the camera is terrible

      • +15

        They didn't say the camera performs really well.

      • +11

        Sorry, the "Performs really well" was in reference to the software not the camera, poor camera… hasn't change.
        Performance of the software may also be an overstement, maybe "performs as intended and really well compared to launch software" would be more accurate

  • Also Duo 2 leaked, expected as coming later this year.

    • I’d be more into this… in the future when it will come way down in price & fixed all the issues.

      Also waiting to see when that Surface Neo, or some variation of it will arrive. Looked great.

    • that's going to flop too who the hell would choose that over a fold 3 lol

      • +4

        Me, for sure! I want something different and I love the high-end design elements of Surface products, they just look sexy ;)
        It's not about being a flop, by the way, they have no intentions of selling millions of them, this has been stated many times over, they don't make that many units of these to start with because they are well aware of this.
        It's for a niche market that really appreciates them for many different reasons.

      • Not a fan of the front screen on the fold 2 and rumoured fold 3. Ratio makes it too narrow. I do however prefer the foldable screen for media consumption vs the dual screen on the duo.

        I see both these devices as flawed but for this price 😅

    • It won't be able to sit flat with that camera bump which seems to negate one of the main advantage of the clamshell dual screen form factor.

      • +1

        You know you can just turn it around so it doesn't sit on the camera hump right?

        • I doubt that would work with the weighting of the internals behind the main screen at most angles. Certainly can't do it with my Fold 2.

          • @taffy711: In reviews the original Duo (but no guarantee on the Duo 2) could sit on either screen. I think the internals were spread to balance it more evenly. The original Duo would be a better guess of what it would be like than the Fold 2 I would say

      • +1

        This isn't the absolute final design that has leaked, if you take a listen to the Windows Central podcasts this is not the final design (probably from a couple of months/designs back). Let's see how the final version looks, but I think given Panos at MS, is a perfectionist, he will do whatever he can to make the final device as slick as possible.

  • bad reviews

  • @PTS, I didn't see NFC in the specs.. can you confirm if it has it for NFC payments?

    • +3

      As far as I know, NFC was a huge omission on Microsoft's part in the Surface Duo

    • +4

      No NFC or wireless charging.

      • +3

        thanks for confirming.. deal breaker for me.

        • +1

          Users say they're compensating by using a NFC enabled watch, but yeah, agree it's a big miss. As is the wireless charging.

  • +5

    Another overhyped joke product half-arsed by microsoft.


    • Microsoft phone, what do you think?

    • Not sure why you are negged. It is indeed over hyped and overpriced and half baked and at its original price!

      • Probably Balmer fanbois running a Surface RT

    • Panos Panay disagrees

  • +1

    how was this ever going to work?

  • +1

    an expensive toy..

  • +2

    i have no idea to why i am really tempted (or why this was a flop other than the camera)

    • +3

      It was expensive at launch, at the early reviews highlighted buggy software.

      Plus a lot of people do prioritise a good camera, especially if they're spending that kind of money.

      I agree though, it's tempting…

    • Because nobody wants a large awkward dual screen phone with a massive hinge in the middle that struggles to fit in your pocket. Literally nobody asked for it. Specs had little to do with the reason it flopped. Which is why the new one will flop too

      • +2

        there are a few weirdos out there… i had a vaio p, samsung q1, they didnt fit in your pocket but great when travelling or having a vacation from the main pc.

        • its an android phone dude.

          • @ubcool: potato potata nowadays, it can go on internet, play movies, podcasts and open pdfs

  • does any one still buy microsoft phone or tablet of fablet?

    • i still used my windows phone until march 2020, for overseas visitors

      • Ah u r something rare

      • +2

        Sounds like you didn’t actually use it so much as foist it on others.

        • haha shhh they dont know that

  • +5

    Thanks to OzBargain I didn’t even know this existed lol

  • It's running windows right? Looks like Android

    • Just checked and it says it runs on Android 10 in the spec tab

    • +5

      It is android

    • its android….

    • +1

      MS dumped Windows 10 Mobile, just like Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 7, Windows Mobile, etc..

    • There are only 2 dominant mobile OS's (another in China), so yes, it's Android, because that's the only choice for non-Apple mobiles :) Microsoft has customised the OS however for this device.

  • +2

    Been very tempted to get one of these, love the idea of expanding your screen size but I guess this would be a downgrade from my current Xiaomi Mi 8. :\
    Best to wait for the Duo 2?

    • I think so. This was their first phone of this kind, may as well wait for a version 2 that would probably have a lot of better features.

    • Just saw these renders of the Duo 2 based on Leaked images.
      Looks like microsoft level hype video ;)

  • +8

    The irony is that if it ran Windows (even the ARM version) I would be super completely take-my-money interested. But as an Android phone, meh.

  • -3

    This isn't cheap, it's discounted because it's locked and old.

  • "Purchased one last month 6/7
    Arrived Shopmate warehouse 15/6"

    Do you mean

    Purchased one last month 6/7
    Arrived Shopmate warehouse 15/7?

    • Yes, thanks, will fix.

      • +1

        Cheers. ShopMate is actually pretty fast then :)

  • +6

    Incredible and unique design, but don't buy it if you want a decent camera, however.
    Just keep in mind the Duo 2 is coming with a vastly improved camera, smaller top and chin bezels, latest processor, more ram, fingerprint sensor built into the power button and NFC.
    Duo 2 to be officially announced in October and that will be available from Microsoft in many more regions (hopefully in Australia)
    The first Duo was never sold in Australia (North America and UK only), so if anything goes wrong with this, you won't be getting it repaired under warranty in Australia, but if you have a spare $600 or so and just want to give it a spin or want something different, I'd say go for it :)
    I'll be buying the Duo 2 for sure!

    • And it will be like $2000…

  • This was copied off Lenovo’s Thinkpad design but they did a far worse job than the original Lenovo machine.

  • +6

    I've had one of these since launch. Don't rely on the launch reviews, the software is much improved. This device is excellent if it lines up with your expectations… but it's definitely not for everyone. If you're looking for a great camera or a super polished experience, forget it. If you're looking for a super productive phone, this is it. Pen support, tent mode, side by side apps, dual screen span and the list goes on. There's a lot of 'unique' scenarios this phone can pull off which you simply can't do in any other device. But.. it needs commitment. You can't just use it solely one handed (as in you need at least 2 hands to at least fold it back to one handed mode) & there's no simple 'glance' and go. Really cool device, especially at this price.. but it's a gen 1 of a concept which may or may not ever go mainstream.

  • +1

    This would be great to read comic books with.

    • That's the reason why I'm thinking about getting it. I want the Surface Neo but since Microsoft took down the page for it… it might not be coming out anymore.

  • Please buy with eyes wide open. This phone is not very durable. See youtube durability review by Jerry Rig Everything….

  • so … doe the majority say … It's a DUD ?

    • It's not dysfunctional. It's a 1st gen device that's a bit rough around the edges.

    • so … doe the majority say … It's a DUD ?

      Reading through the comments, it looks like the people who say it's a dud have never owned or even used one before. The people who have bought it say it's good if you have the right expectations (first-gen device, camera is nothing like a Samsung, etc).

  • Would love a dual screen as opposed to a fold.

    • Whats wrong with fold?
      Folds are the future.

      • more subject to stress

      • Screens are not durable, soft layers and can be subject to damage, indentations, flexibility lift of folding open and closed isn't guaranteed.

      • +1

        Whats wrong with fold?
        Folds are the future.

        I'd say they're two different products with two different use cases in mind. I think the Fold is designed to run 1 application on a large screen while the Duo is designed to run 2 applications simultaneously.

        You can run 2 apps on the Fold simultaneously, but the aspect ratio means it'll be 2 narrow windows side by side. You can rotate the screen to have one on top and one on the bottom, but in that orientation you can't put it on a table laptop-style and have the keyboard on the bottom, or e.g. have Zoom running on the top screen with your notes on the bottom screen.

  • How to unlock this for free?

  • Looks like the sale has been extended.

    Last night it was:
    2 days left - OR - until sold out

    Today it's now:
    24 days left - OR - until sold out

  • How to sign for shopmate. The website is not letting me click the sign up link.

    • +1
      • Thanks. That worked.

        • +1

          Has your payment method been accepted. Keep getting denied. If I were smart would take it as a sign.

          • @niknaks: Mine got declined. Will try via Amazon

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