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[Backorder] PowerColor AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT $567.58 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


OK, you've been HODLING…
Here is the bargain of the year!!!
I checked with Amazon support, they say it is a "Radeon RX 6700 XT"…
Let's see what actually arrives. If not, they said they will make it right ;)


Mod Note 8/8: Purchase at your own risk, as Amazon Product image is for a AMD Ryzen 7 CPU.

Mod Note 11/8: Be aware that the listing now states AMD Ryzen 7 CPU. See comments for further discussion..

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    • +1

      Mine 6900 just got shipped today. 6700 is same as yours. Both order sumary show GPU however tax invoices show CPU. The chance of getting GPU is very slim if not 0.

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    Exact same boat Legelas, my two 6900's shipped today (dare to dream) interestingly one got rescheduled for some reason. Exactly the same order summary graphics cards, invoice 5600G.

    • +1

      Now both rescheduled. I guess they are starting to join the dots! Interestingly, still not charged to my CC either.

      • +1

        Same mine is resceduled.

  • +3

    End of the line for me lads, the 6700xt order is most certainly a CPU as indicated by the actual invoice, and my 6900xt order got shipped, got damaged(?) in amazon warehouse, and is already being returned and delivery cancelled. Chat got me $10 credit…better than nothing.

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    Update for all:

    Your Account Amazon.com.au
    Message From Customer Service
    Hello Grant,

    I'm sorry to hear about the problem you had with the invoice received of your order #250-7010803-9354236 for PowerColor AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT Red Devil 12GB GDDR6 PCIe 4.0 Dual-Fan Ray Tracing AMD RDNA2 Architecture AMD Infinity Cache 1x HDMI 3x DisplayPort 1. Let me check this for you.

    I've checked the invoice received and tried to checked the name of the item on our website, and can confirm that it's the same item you've ordered for PowerColor AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT Red Devil 12GB GDDR6 PCIe 4.0 Dual-Fan Ray Tracing AMD RDNA2 Architecture AMD Infinity Cache 1x HDMI 3x DisplayPort 1. Rest assured that you will receive the right item.

    Your order is on time and we'll expect it to arrive by until Tuesday, 14 September 2021'

    Once again I'm not expecting a GPU, but just collecting all the conversations through phone calls, online chat and email. I tracked my passage and it is currently flying here

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    Good Luck buddy.

  • +1

    Managed to get $15 credit and cancelled as well without any return hassle. A win in my book.

  • +1

    Hi all first time poster long time lurker.
    I've just got a notification from Amazon and AU post saying my parcel has been shipped.

    The invoice indicates that it's a cpu but the funny thing is that the Amazon transaction disappeared from my account and has been refunded?.

    This is the item description on my invoice:

    AMD 100-100000263BOX | B091J3NYVF

    • +1

      The transition will appear next Monday or Tuesday. Same has happened on my account.

    • +1

      It is just the way the transactions work, The initial one is a reservation hold, once the order is shipped that is removed and the actual transaction is made which can take a day or 2 to appear.

  • +2

    So once I got my invoice I contacted support in 'dismay" that there appeared to be a mix up with my order. Soon after that my order switched from shipped to rescheduled.

    When I track its movements I get the following:

    Friday, 20 August
    5:02 AM
    Package arrived at an Amazon facility
    San Bernardino, California US
    4:12 AM
    The delivery of your package has been rescheduled based on your shipment instructions for the carrier.
    N/A, AU
    12:11 AM
    Package departed an Amazon facility
    San Bernardino, CALIFORNIA US
    Thursday, 19 August
    5:27 PM
    Package arrived at an Amazon facility
    San Bernardino, CALIFORNIA US
    Package has shipped

    So it left San Bernardino on Thursday, but has been redirected back to the same facility Friday. I assume so they can open it and find out it has CPU not a GPU. Subsequently the transaction has been pulled from my CC.

    • +1

      the latest update on mine is "Package left the carrier facility US".

      Guess it's coming!
      Will see if its a CPU or GPU

  • +1

    Mine got delivered this morning. Had to chat to Amazon and received $10 credit. Huge waste of time.

    • +3

      Well it always was a gamble.
      Mine should be here next week, either way, happy to give it a go, or i'd be kicking myself if others got one, but i didnt try.

      • +2

        I actually thought mine had shipped, but it was in an order with something else that shipped.
        It was marked as 'preparing for shipment' for almost 2 weeks, so after reading some stories here i pressed the cancel button.
        It cancelled right away! No idea what the hell was going on with the "preparing to ship".

    • LOL what were you expecting?

      • -1

        A large windfall with no effort perhaps? Somewhat entitled if that was the expectation..

      • The advertised product he paid for, maybe?

        • +2

          People who genuinely think the product 100% gonna be the 6700XT GPU are being naive.

          • @edfoo: Gee if you believe the customers who thought they would receive the advertised product they paid for were being naive, wait 'til you hear about the Amazon staff that 100% reassured those customers they would be receiving the advertised product they paid for.

            • @Guybrush57: The listing had CPU technical details and ASIN. Therefore any other information on the listing was an error. There was never advertising of GPU ASIN.

              • @g1: So if you walked into an electrical goods store, you browsed around until you found a TV you liked, the TV had a flyer with its description, you told the staff you wanted this TV delivered to your house, you paid for it in full at the counter, you received proof of the transaction with the name and description of the TV, nobody told you anything to the contrary and you drive home, you wait at your house and then the delivery man knocks on your door and says "Here is your Tickle Me Elmo" because there was an Elmo barcode ID sticker on the TV, that is acceptable? Shame on the customer for assuming they would receive the goods they paid for. They should have checked for erroneous IDs the company placed on the product and shame on the customer for not knowing what those IDs meant.

                I had a better reply to your previous comment below but it didn't post because it seems you retracted your statement.

                • -1

                  @Guybrush57: Comparing TV and Tickle Me Elmo? Well if you are shopping for this TV which is normally priced at $1,000 but has a price labelled only $50, you would be naive to think it is a TV. supernoob must have read all the comments here while this deal was up and know about high possibility of price error, but like many here either wanting to take a punt or being greedy, ordered it anyway. So now the deal has fallen through, he still wanted to complain about it? How dumb does that make him look now?

              • +1

                @g1: Oh I forgot, consumers should look up the AMAZON Standard ID Number, and cross match it to the website everytime before buying. DOH.

                Oh wait, that's amazons job!

                I can clearly tell you guys @g1 @edfoo have never worked a day in your life in a retail or product level. In the same way supermarkets will jump through hoops to honor scanning policy to meet their legal obligations, people have a reasonable expectation that amazon would deliver the product they advertised to the consumers.

                Standing there posturing with an "I told you so" attitude isn't really what this community is about to be honest. For shame.

                • +2

                  @thedean: Your "I can clearly tell you guys…" is wrong.

                  Anyone who read information on the listing would have read the technical details. Technical details showed that the item being sold is a CPU/APU.

                  What are you trying to make this community about? About trying to punish a marketplace for a third party mistake in having errors in parts of the listing? If this was a listing for a GPU then Amazon or third party could claim price error. So, what are you trying to make out of this community?

                  Also, there were a lot of comments at the very start stating that this was a CPU and that the listing had errors in it. Obviously no harm in trying your luck but complaining at getting a CPU/APU from a CPU/APU listing?..

                  If I walk into a store and see a bunch of TVs with a bunch of labels next to them then I would read the labels. If I picked up a label that had a 55" LCD model number and technical description but had 65" inch written on it then I would have a reasonable expectation that I am buying a 55" LCD when I pay for it. If the delivered TV is a 65" then bonus, and if it is a 55" then I wouldn't be going Karen on the store. Especially when the image on the label was of a 55" LCD TV.

            • -4

              @Guybrush57: Those Amazon staffs are either clueless or playing spin doctor.

  • so, anyone else received their 6700xt or 5700G?

    • +3

      Yep, a 5700G just arrived here.
      About to jump online to get my return shipping slip.

    • +1

      I am waiting the arrival on 1/9
      But that should be the 5700G unless they had made mistakes again

  • +1

    Item was delivered today. Received a 5700G CPU.

    • Can returns be done via auspost?

      • I've always been able to in the past, but today was told I had to take it to a ParcelPoint returns outlet.

      • +1

        Return is via ParcelPoint. Check your nearest location from your home address : https://parcelpoint.com.au/find-a-store

        Also, if you don't have a box to pack the item, Amazon said they will reimburse the cost of packaging.

        • Can we not use the same box it came with?

          • @Brakus: Mine came in an envelope.
            I cut it open, so it was not re-usable.

            • @Covid19: If I don’t cut it open at all, can I use the same envelope?

              • +1

                @Brakus: Yes, but you'll need to rip off all the existing labels to avoid confusion

              • +2

                @Brakus: Yes you can. Just black out your shipping details with a black marker.
                ParcelPoint will print a label/attach according to the Chat.

                • @Covid19: 100 percent this, if it comes to me and it is obviously not a GPU - I won't even open it - and just send back in original packaging.

                  • @hardjards: Yup. Thinking the same. Save me the trouble of packing it

    • +2

      I can imagine when AMD product manager review the product performance on 5700G.
      these high return rate of 5700G is going to stays on paper for a long long time

      • +2

        I agree, also why it's reasonable to think we ended up with a 6700xt given a support or product manager somewhere saw all these ship out AFTER they were aware the name and description was incorrect.
        I think Amazon quite cleverly has a very segregated and happy to please customer support team who can only be friendly and hand out discounts at the slightest convenience to avoid regulatory complaints.

        Enough power to please the masses, but not enough that these mistakes have a significant income cost to them.

        Very clever indeed.

        • +1

          Full Agree Dean, they absolutely knew about the product description and actual items discrepancy very early and continued to send them regardless.

          The cost of the gift certificates is probably insignificant compared to the shipping and return shipping, let alone the product handling etc.

          • +1

            @hardjards: Have anyone try to negotiate to keep the CPU at a certain discount?
            Surely they are open to negotiate

            • @siegfried: They'll probably give you $10 if you decide to keep it. Its happened to me in the past. It was either I keep it and they give me $10, or they are happy for me to return it and get a full refund.

              • @Ebaygiftcards: I hope i don't get the CPU, but I will see if this can be negotiate if i do receive it.

                • +1

                  @siegfried: If it was the 5600x I would try to haggle for it. But in will probably go for the voucher and use that instead. That being said I am still getting a pair of 6900xt's ;)

                  • @hardjards: How are you 6900xt's getting delivered?

                    • @Who is joe: Really interesting, it went to ship, after that I contacted them and told them about the "error" and then has stalled since then, I have had no updates on shipping since the weekend. When I tracked the package, it went back to its original point of origin. I can only assume it is so they could replace my 5600g's with 6900xt!

                      • +1

                        @hardjards: Or could it be the other way around where they got it sent back for the CPU? lol… jokes aside wish you well!

                  • @hardjards: Has it been posted yet? Is your invoice still showing 6900XT?

                    • @Ebaygiftcards: Mine has been posted and invoice 1 says 5600g ill update on sep 2

                    • +1

                      @Ebaygiftcards: invoice showing CPU (5600G).

                      I was interested that they sent it back to its point of origin. But I am pretty realistic…… I am going to get a a pair of 6900XT's and a Lambo thrown in for my trouble :)

                      • +3

                        @hardjards: Or maybe it went back to the depot to get correct item instead of 6900xt :(

                        • -2

                          @Dalgona456: no way.
                          i received cpu today.
                          only solution is refund.
                          It seems amazon used our money to solve their liquidity issue….

                          • -1

                            @mumu808: LOL, as if the giant Amazon need to use your money for their liquidity issue. Maybe if you pay them $1 billion then I will believe you.

  • +1

    It really is bizarre - they just kept sending them out - knowing people would send them back? How much do you reckon it costs to send it back and forth?

    At least for mine, they are sending graphics cards - so no return needed! :P

    • 5600g or 6900xt?

      • He meant 5600G because it does have an integrated GPU.

  • +1

    Mine is onboard with Driver today. Prob will get a CPU and need to take return process.
    This is from Amazon US, 6700XT order.

    • -4

      See how hard you can push the customer service, ask to escalate etc.
      Personally my initial plan was to leverage the fact my entire suburb is an exposure zone and there is no way I would put my health at risk to return an incorrectly delivered product (especially after confirming it was correct 3 times with Amazon CS). Personally a free CPU is just as good as the GPU at that price.

      Unfortunately for that same reason I couldn't afford to sit on it anymore :-(

      • +1

        You were told it was an error listing by everyone here. You chose to ignore it.

      • +2

        Ok i got cpu 5700g delivered and initiated return process, also received $30 promo via customer support chat

  • +4

    Tried my luck and asked for $50 as a promotional credit, to my surprise he approved it!!

    • +4

      Free $50 for all the hassle. Worth it imo.

    • +1

      I got shafted. I only got $10 credit and that's an upgrade from $5…

  • 30 to 50 bucks for sending it back. Will literally take me 10 minutes to drop it off. Winning! That being said. I am still getting a pair of 6900xts :)

    • Full price or did you manage to leverage amazon?

  • +1

    My first package has now been transferred to another carrier for delivery (Mascot Sydney early this morning) so it might be out for delivery to Canberra tomorrow?

    My second only arrived in Mascot yesterday and still isn't showing up as transferred. I will probably get that Monday or Tuesday next week.

    I will be sure to upload a picture of my new graphics cards to admire :P. If in the incredibly rare event I get a pair of 5600G's I will push for some vouchers and aim to buy a pair of 5600X's for the two builds I am doing for my two sons. Will be a nice discount on the CPU's in the worst case scenario.

    • +2

      Im pretty sure you will end up with 2 5600G
      Amazon AU offered me for 10% discount if I keep my 5700G so yeah I just returned it

      • +2

        "Im pretty sure you will end up with 2 5600G"

        Well to be totally honest so am I Edelweiss. I am cool with that. I will be totally happy with some gift vouchers.

        • +2

          Someone got $50..damn

  • I received a 5700G today and CS was stingy about giving me anything so just returning and not worth it for me to argue I have other things on.


  • +2

    So it has been over 2 weeks since this "deal" was posted and so far 0% of buyers have received the 6700XT card XD

    • +2

      From an ozbargainer perspective it sucks but actually kinda funny. I mean deep down did we really expect the GPU, amazon aren't that stupid.

      • +1

        Yeah, I came here for the ridiculous comments by those self-entitled members XD

        • +5

          If you are looking for Oz RRP it is on another page - why hate on people who rolled the dice? I think most of us honestly knew the chances are low, but since when did OZB hate on people for getting a few free gift certificates?

          • +2

            @hardjards: That being said my first 6900xt turns up on Tuesday or Wednesday!

          • @hardjards: I do think people that rolled the dice for this deal was worth it. Would have been deal of the year if worked because of the GPU situation.

  • +4

    Yep, received my CPU and CS chat gave me a $30 credit… this is in addition to the $20 credit I managed to score when they had just posted it (I asked why the invoice changed to cpu).
    So $50 in total.

    I’ve already dropped it off at a parcel point location, anyone know how long before the refund is initiated? Usually with auspost returns it’s done immediately.

    • +1

      4 weeks on normal process for this "Amazon US" purchase.
      For any other Amazon AU items we get refund straight after we return at post office.

  • +3

    Not as good as Warrior Z - but my first package arrived - was obviously a CPU (didn't even open the package) spoke to chat, and secured a $20 voucher for each of my CPUs for a total of 40 bucks. The second parcel which has yet to arrive will be automatically diverted, so no effort on this end.

    They informed me that it would take a month for the refund to be processed - at which point I made a big deal about how they had cost me three months on my build blah blah blah so they gave me an expedited refund which should be processed in 2-5 business days.

    Will pop over to the drop-off point tomorrow on my way to the shops, literally a 2-minute detour.

    All in all, I am pretty happy!

  • +1

    My order of the 6900XT "CPU" arrived today. Chat now acknowledge that this was a known listing issue. Got some inconvenience credit with a ship back label.

  • +2

    6900xt (5600G) arrived too, free return label plus $20 credit.

  • +8

    I feel deep shame but I found out why Karens exist, it works.

    I received my rx 6700 xt today and it looked a lot like a ryzen 5700G CPU. I went straight to customer support (strangely got a guy with the exact same name as the guy I got when I was confirming what would be delivered) and told them what had happened. He tried looking at available gpu's but couldn't do a swap because it was an amazon UK product (amazon UK also don't have the same gpu in stock). So then he said the only thing he can do is a refund. I complained using every excuse I could think of; why am I taking the hit for amazon's mistake, it was a limited time offer and now it costs a lot more, I'm in lockdown due to the pandemic so can't ship it back, etc. I even said things like bezo's grandchildren get more pocket money than this items worth lol.
    After spending over 30mins arguing with him that a refund wasn't good enough, I eventually wore him down and he gave me a refund AND let me keep the item.

    I am in no way proud of what I've done, especially since he was actually really nice and was responding to me straight away (normally you can tell they are managing multiple chats at once with how long they take to reply), I was mostly getting heated in the moment (I was acting as if I didn't know this exact thing would happen) but it did get me probably the best outcome since, if I can sell it for nearly what I bought it for, I have enough for a rx 6700xt and a bit left over.

    • Wow well done!

      • Now I'm wondering how many ozbargainers are the devil (Karens)

    • +2

      I tried being another Karen..

      After 1 hour of chat, all i got is a trip to parcel point drop off locations……

      • +1


      • +2

        Did you DEMAND to speak to a manager? If not then you didn't go full Karen, but more Becky.

    • Can you send ur chat transcript, i wanna try : )

  • Can confirm. Today I received a 5700g .

    Worth a shot/gamble :) .

    Will see if Amazon support gives me anything for my inconvenience.

  • +1

    received a 5600g instead and i got to keep it at 30% discount, i'll just upgrade from my current 2200g which is alright i think.

    Shitty thing is i need a new ram, any recommendation?

  • Wow great outcome Siegfried!

    • Thanks mate, however i do like to say 5600g is not meant for everyone.

      It doesn't support PCIE 4.0 and CPU core performance isn't as good as 5600x.

      My case is just general browsing/excel stuff/coding/casual gaming

  • +7

    After reading all sad story I feel I need to share my Little luck.

    Like everyone I've contacted the chat when email was sent regarding cancelling the order. Expressed wasn't happy, I got lucky with the person I was chatting with at that time who promised price match.

    So I found PowerColor Red Devil which they allowed me to purchased. Because Amazon don't do price match so they don't they Ended up crediting me $857 in my Amazon account and then I ended up ordering the PowerColor Red Devil from Amazon UK with rest difference $$.


    • I would have just kept the credit to use for other things, unless of course you really wanted the gc. Good score though… Well done

      • Yeah I needed one. Though of getting rtx 3070/3080 but the price. No way amigo

    • The one you are chatting with must be someone in senior position…

      They promised me to provide credit too, but in the end they didn't honor it, saying maximum they can do for credit of this kind of problem is $50 price difference…

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