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PowerColor Radeon RX 6600 XT Fighter 8GB $589 + Delivery @ PC Case Gear


Available from tonight on PCCG and other retailers, AMD's competitor to the RTX 3060. Haven't seen GPU prices like these for a while so not sure if there's a catch but they're all available now.

Other brands:

ASUS Radeon RX 6600 XT Dual OC 8GB - $699 + Free Delivery @ Centre Com / Also available at Kogan for $599 using Klarna (Offer ends 12th August 11:59pm)

PowerColor Radeon RX 6600 XT Hellhound OC 8GB RDNA 2 - $699 + Delivery

MSI Radeon RX 6600 XT Mech 2X OC 8GB - $699 + Delivery

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  • +4

    Cos it can't mine! 🤣

    • +2

      Theoretically can mine @30 MH/S, probably not appealing to miners

      • Where'd you find that

        • Saw quite a few Youtube video about that

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            • +1

              @samsal46: AMD has said they are not going to limit mining like Nvidia. They will not put any limiters in.

              It mines like the RX 580 8GB and costs less. RX 580 8GB are selling for $600-700, its insane!

              • @techlead: Yep, but AMD inadvertently limited mining performance on the 6000 series due to infinity cache.

                Higher cache helps mining a lot and 6000 cards use a lot less than expected due to the performance of infinity cache.

              • +3

                @techlead: Where in the (profanity) can I sell mine for that? There's unsold on gumtree for $450.

                • +4

                  @finnybro: He's taking active listings at their advertised price or cherry picking the top 1% of what they sell for over the last few months, not the the mean value of what they actually sell for which is around $400.

                  • +1

                    @studentl0an: The average sell price is around $400-500. $700-750 is brand new, which is still ludicrious for a card that came out in 2017 with a MSRP of $229 USD.

                    This demonstrates the invisible hand of the market at work. Card prices are a function of crypto prices, more specifically how much profit can be derived from the card.

              • @techlead: Is RX580 8GB mining profitable these days? About half year ago I did some calcs but didn't think it was profitable. Assuming electricity at $30c/kWh

                • +1

                  @CoronavirusVaccine: What state are you in? Power in NSW is on average around $0.22 kWh. I'm on cheaper.

                  The RX 580 8GB hashes at around 30Mh/s. I've rotated them out of my rigs though and are selling them for $400-$500. I bought the cards for $180 and mined with them ever since haha. They are still in great condition though.

              • @techlead: wait what?! I have a 580 and could care less about mining. Im assuming this is a nice upgrade for actual gaming

                • @locosam: RX580 8GB? That's not a "nice upgrade", for the same money you can get a more modern card.

                  This card was released in 2017 with a MSRP of $229USD.

                  • @techlead: Thats what im saying, i bought an rx580 a when they were cheap, but now for little change over i can get a 6600xt. Seems like for gaming this will be a nice upgrade for me.
                    Currently getting 40-50s in most games on low to medium settings at 1440p

                    • @locosam: This is the invisible hand of the market for ya.

      • Can't the RX 5600xt do more than that?

        • +1

          the 6600 XT is a ray tracing enabled graphics card. 5600 XT can not do this. the other thing is you get more VRam as well 6gb to 8gb.

      • +1

        Considering the price, and how much a 2060 goes for now, that's actually decent performance.

      • +1

        Just saw a video too, its a great deal compared to 1660 Supers which do same 30mH/s. scalpers & miners will be out for sure on this one! no wonder it sold out so quick!

    • +1
  • +5

    Reasonably priced at 589$ compared to 3060 but word of warning to those who don't have PCIe 4, expect performance to drop off harshly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tDYu5sBtFs.

        • +2

          The 6600 only use x8 pcie which is why there's a huge difference with this particular card

    • +8

      So you should probably not generalise. Of the games he tested the drop off was 5% or less. Only Doom Eternal on nightmare settings dropped off harshly.

      Also the issue isn't so much of PCIe3 vs PCIe4 as AMDs stupid decision to make the card only use 8 PCIe lanes, which is proven by the fact the card on PCIe 3 is slower than the 5600xt because the 5600xt supports x16. Had AMD made it a x16 capable card there would have been a negligible difference between PCIe3 and PCIe4.

      • Yep. the 8 PCIe lane thing means PCIe3 hurts this card more than the upper tier ones. I think AMD really dropped the ball on that one.
        Also Doom Eternal is one of the few games optimised to make use of all the bandwidth available, hence the greater impact.
        This may indicate the difference will become more noticeable over the next few year.
        Right now the effect is pretty small/negligible in most games.

    • +27

      Mate it literally launched 80 minutes ago.

      • +1

        I mean video cards price start dropping XD

  • +4

    I didn't like this card when announced but it's probably best value at this price. First card to not sell out on release this gen?

  • +2

    Gamers Nexus reviews this exact model


    • +1

      He is not very impressed with this card at this price point.

      • +7

        Did he compare it rrp or crazy current market??

        Massive difference due to demand > supply

  • +2

    Think I should sell my kids 1070 and get this for him

    • +13

      u adopting anytime soon?

    • Can probably get 400 for. 1070 Atm. $200 to upgrade is a good deal

    • If he only games at 1080 should be a nice upgrade

      • +5

        He has a 1440 screen but mostly minecraft and roblox lol.. he is 9 so..

    • -4

      Don't unless you have pcie gen 4

    • +4

      No point upgrading for what you are using it for.
      I'm still using a GTX960, and as much as I want to upgrade it's still holding on for the games I play.

      Off he's only playing Minecraft and Roblox I can't see the point at the moment.

      • Basically the same for me. Still using a 970.. If it weren't for crypto crap and what it's done for the GPU market, I would have upgraded a long time ago!

      • trying playing dirt 5 with that graphics card jus for LOL's lol

    • Those games would run perfect on a 5600G…

    • I mean it would be between a free upgrade and a $100 upgrade for an almost 50% performance improvement at 1440p, seeing as the 6600 XT is about the same as the 5700 XT.

      Seems like a good deal to me.

      • from the benchmarks I have seen the 6600XT is pretty much equal or a little better than the 5700 XT

        the 6600 xt is pretty much the 5700 XT with ray tracing added.

        • Yeah so compared to a 1070 about 50% more performance.

  • +3

    Is the pricing different in Australia or something? Most reviews tend to be pretty negative because of it's price but here it seems better value than the alternatives.

    • +2

      Nope. AMD cards typically not as popular in this country. MSRP should be about 560 to 570 AUD

      • Kogan had them for as cheap as 500 aud for the base 6600 xt

        • *JW Computers had them for $629 through the Kogan Marketplace that had a deal with Klarna for $100 off the final payment.

          The cheapest retail price was this deal, $589AUD.

          • @studentl0an: and now they are all sold out. pretty sure alot of the people that did buy it were crypto minner's because the price all graphics cards are going up because of them.

    • +1

      No, but comparitively compared to past generations, this is a bad value. Something like the 1060 6GB was these prices: https://preview.redd.it/r7cp4n9awaax.png?width=622&auto=webp...

      I'd say for a mid range card, this is a markup. Mind you, I wasn't happy with 1060 pricing at the time either. But in this bad of a market, this is a bargain and close to, if not already, at MSRP. So yes, it's a "good value" street price wise. But bad value MSRP wise.

      • u r right. But…. with the current gpu market, getting one of these is a clearly wise choice. U can still make profit out of it from selling to 2nd market, or use it as it outperformed the rtx 3060 except for dlss and ray tracing stuffs.

  • Is the 6600 XT better than a Radeon 5600 XT? Going for $700+ on eBay.

    • +6

      Yes in every way

      • Not bad then!

      • -2

        Not in every way. Mining performance is way lower.

        • +1


        • -1

          average 15mh/s, no good.

        • -1

          How's it compare to rx580 on mining? I can't find it on whattomine.com :/

          • +2

            @ozjimjam: Pretty much the same.

            Both cards do 30-33 MH/s when properly tuned.

          • @ozjimjam: Please don't buy these exclusively to mine. If you mine on the side when you're not gaming, more power to you (or less I guess).

            • @KARMAAA: Why shouldn't they? and why do you care?
              I'm as annoyed as everyone about the increase in GPU cost that mining has contributed to significantly.
              But I certainly don't want anyone telling me what I can and can't use a product I buy for.

    • +2

      yes, the 6600xt is about equal to the 5700xt

    • I am on the same page, looking to get cheaper 5600xt used but….

  • +6

    For those who want a bit "extra" the pulse is being sold for at $629 at PLE shipped (if you're in Vic or WA), $15 more than the fighter after you factor in shipping. Sapphire cards are known to be a bit over engineered and for this price you're getting a backplate and (imo) a better looking non OEM-lookalike card. https://www.ple.com.au/Products/647883/Sapphire-Radeon-RX-66...

    • -1

      But it's pre-order

      • +1

        As of right now it shows in stock on the 17th. From my personal experience with PLE they are pretty on point with their preorder dates, and will ship on that date.

    • +1

      Pulled the trigger on the Sapphire Pulse from JW Computers (same price as PLE), shipping was free for me from JW, as opposed to ~$18 if I ordered it from PLE.

    • 5700XT side-grade here I come.

      • why bother?

        • +1

          Can sell the 5700XT for more.. brand new card and warranty, lower power consumption, quieter card.

    • I also thought the Sapphire Pulse for $629 + shipping was the best value until I saw the same card for $599 from Mwave (shown as In Stock too) and also don't have to pay postage as I live nearby , so I pulled the trigger and just a moment later it became Out of Stock and the price jumped to $649.

      Only 10% slower than the 3060 Ti at 1080P for $599 in 2021 in my opinion is not a bad price at all, because this is the only decent card that that I can find selling at MSRP.

    • Dead link now - they've pulled out

  • Wow, This is the card i wanted to buy this time last year. For this price point too.

    Ticks every box.

  • WOW, such a good value!

  • +3

    Thumbs up OP! This is such a good value night, $589 you can get a same or even better performance 3060, why not? Mid range king!

  • Hmmm
    Is it faster than 1070?

    • +3

      Significantly faster, yes.

    • +2

      About 50% at 1440p (as it matches the 5600 XT)

  • Surely this brings down the prices of the 3000 series

    • Maybe it will stop 1080 going for 600

    • No chance. This will most likely have an impact on the second hand/used market.

  • Any thoughts on PCIE 4.0?
    Specifically with a Z590 on a 10th gen CPU

    • +1

      The 6600xt is about 3% faster with pcie 4 over 3 @1080p, but with doom eternal it was 25% faster. 10th gen intel doesnt support pcie 4

      • Yeah aware of 10th gen intel holding it back, I have a 1080 at the moment. If I could get $500 for that on eBay is this a worthy upgrade?

        • You'd be getting something like a 10-15% boost and ofc a fresh card so it's not that big a step up. That said the 6600xt will get better with driver updates + support for longer if you intend on using it for a couple years so if you cant wait until gpus get cheaper it's a decent upgrade

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