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Bonus $40 eBay Voucher ($40.01 Min Spend) with 1-Year eBay Plus Subscription ($49)


Got this pop-up promo when I went to the eBay website today. $40 voucher upon signing up to eBay Plus ($49 annually).

Not as good as the previous $50 deals but it's an option if you've been wanting to sign-up.

I got my $40 voucher straightaway after signing up, valid for 30 days. The account has been used for the free trial in the past.

Copied the link from the pop-up banner. Not sure if targeted (doesn't seem to be from the URL). Apparently targeted. Would appreciate feedback in the comments.

Pop-up banner screenshot:

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  • +20

    Questionable value either way seeing as can’t stack with ebay codes

    • +7

      I dont think Ebay Plus at $49 is brilliant, but effectively paying $9 a year is good imho.

      • +5

        Yeah only good deal if you’re getting something that doesn’t need a coupon to get a good deal. (Ie most things posted to ozbargain)

    • +4

      Good value with combination of CommBank Rewards if anyone has it saved.

      Got $40 voucher & 1yr for $29.

      Voucher is good for used electronics from individual sellers.

      • +1

        How do you get the commbank rewards?
        It seems like every item I want usually has a bit of a discount or code already.
        Worried I might not use the 40 voucher within 30 days.

        • Minimum is $40.01 spend, can get a good USB/SDcard.

          CommBank Rewards are in the "For You" section of the CommBank app menu.

      • Ebay charged 48.99 to my card for some reason and it's says cash back with 49 spent. Don't know if it will work.

        • There was another reply where they got the cashback from $48.99.

    • -11

      That's exactly why I opted to rejoin for 1 month last week ($4.99). Saved $80 using a code, much better deal than a $40 limited voucher with a 12 month membership.

      • +6

        Wait, so you joined for 1 month at $4.99 and consider it a deal but 12 months for $9 isnt?

      • +1

        What about the next 11 months pal
        You save more on other deals months without worrying about the $9

        • If you cancel and they offer you a $30 gift card, that card is valid for 3 years

          • @slomo300: Yeah probably should have renewed for $30, or wait and get $40-$50 better

  • Perfect timing as I just opted out of auto renewal yesterday!

    • +2

      I don't think it will work.
      I have done the same but can't rejoin until subscription has elapsed.

      • Yeah no option to . waiting till end of the month when mine elapses too then will reconsider. Could have accepted the 30$ voucher for rejoining but not the best deal. Could always contact them and they'd arrange it.

        • The $30 discount card is valid for 3 years where’s the $40 card lasts 30 days

    • You will still have the 1-yr PLUSmember afteryou cancel. It will not auto renew though.

  • +17

    Commbank rewards

    Get $20 cashback when you
    spend $49 on an annual eBay
    Plus membership.

    • I saw this the other day and wondered if they stack? Do they?

      • They sure do

        • Nice! Thanks for the info!

    • +1

      I have tried that but for some reason ebay charged me 48.99 for annual membership. So according to comm bank the transaction is not eligible.

      • +1

        lol. that seems like kick in n**s

      • +10

        Can confirm even though $48.99 it still qualifies for $20 cashback. Source: it did for me personally.

      • +1

        It takes time

      • +3

        Did you actually check with commbank about this? Sounds really stupid for commbank to offer $20 back when it is not possible to get the deal.

        A lot of people have success in the original deal?

        • The deal works fine even when charged $48.99.

          However if u sign up now, u probably won’t be charged till September by which the CommBank deal would have ended.

          • @On1: It is pretty strange, sometimes they charge your card within minutes while sometimes they add it to your monthly bill and only process it when the invoice is due.

      • +1

        They charged 48.99 too, and I was so angry because they have tricked me. But after few days, I received notification on CBA app that my cashback had been processed.

      • +1

        Sure it's will. Mine get charged 48.99 and still get cashback from Commbank.

  • Targeted,
    Sorry, you're ineligible for this offer.

  • I think offer is only for people who have not participated in trial before. I am not getting popup :(

    • +2

      If you cancel your existing sub in the final 2 months, they will offer you a $30 voucher to stay. Reasonable offer with minimal inconvenience

    • I participated in a trial a while ago and I got this pop-up :)

  • +7

    Though many say eBay Plus is not worth, I feel we can easily get our $50 subscription fee as they provide so many freebies multiple times in a year.

    I agree that, many of eBay products comes with free delivery and eBay Plus wont help but ROE is definitely there.
    We shouldn't be comparing against Amazon Prime as that's meant for free deliveries but eBay Plus is more than that.

    It's just 2 cents.

    • Also often the private sellers on ebay are susceptible. I placed a book order with some discount thrown, item never sent but they argued their carrier lost the shipment. The fact that Amazon directly managing most item on their site makes quite a difference.

      • eBay definitely refunds the money if we prove that item is not delivered. PayPal protection is there too.

        • You are right, I did get the money back. But I did want the product, and their response was rather we give you the money back, there was no attempt to send another item or what so ever… if you see the holistic view as Ebay a brand compared to Amazon, this is the reason they struggle imo…

          • +2

            @Jay Nomad: That's because even the seller send the 2nd item, if the item doesn't reach before the dispute be closed, the money will still be refunded back to you and the seller has to spend at least 30 minutes to chat withe ebay to get their money and sometimes eBay will refuse to do that because eBay won't asking buyer to pay again but they have to give the money out of their own pocket. SO MANY seller had complained about this "smart" dispute close system and yet nothing changed since last year. If you message sender they may resend you the book, but if you open the dispute, they would just rather refund you payment.

    • For me I got my money's worth from the last eBay Plus subscription through those Tuesday deals.

      Managed to get 6 packs of 16 Finish Quantum dishwasher tablets for just $2, and a set of Bluetooth earpods for $1. Plus some other deals that were 'eBay Plus only'.

    • Exactly, it's worth it for the deals that come up year around, and free delivery/returns

  • I cancelled mine in April with the subscription running through to December.
    As far as I can tell I have to wait until December to sign up again.

  • Not eligible

  • that's been a long time. recently got that and $20 cashback from CAN bank. $29 a year with $40 voucher.

  • I just joint Ebay Plus and also was charged $48.99 despite the ad saying $49.00, although based on above comments I trust Commbank will cash me back $20.
    I got this Philips Series 5000 Hair Clipper from The Good Guys on Ebay for $39 in case anyone is looking for a good option to use the $40 Ebay voucher:

    • I initially thought the same, CommBank credited $20 to my account within 3 days.

  • +1

    I signed up with this offer 2 weeks ago because commonwealth rewards offered $20 cashback if you spend 49 dollars or more on eBay plus subscription (new signup only) it worked beautifully as I have already received cashback, plus $40 eBay discount. So, I paid 49, and received $60 benefit. Check your Commonwealth app for cashback reward offer. You will need to activate it from app before spending on eBay plus membership

  • +3

    The link is working for me but I can't see any evidence of a voucher being offered so I don't want to click "signup" .

    • Same for me but I did it anyway and was given the code instantly.

  • +1

    Carefully everyone, you don't know when you will receive the voucher, and you won't receive any email regarding the voucher. One day when you would like to find out and use the voucher, sorry, expired! When you contact with eBay, sorry again, no way, no return or extend. Bad bad bad :(

    • +1

      Can confirm that you don't get an email regarding the voucher, but I got the voucher code immediately after paying for the subscription as a pop-up banner.

      The said code also appeared in the My eBay page.

      • You're very lucky Mate, when I registered, I didn’t receive the voucher immediately, and then it was what I described as above T_T.

        • Check your eBay messages once or contact support if you can't find the voucher in the messages. The voucher usually appears automatically under every product you browse with the label "Take $40 off with this item" .

    • Same didn't receive any email. Under my ebay summary my voucher said "Expires 20/8/2021" but apparently the last day I could use is 19/8/2021 on 23:59. Whereas as far as Ik when it says expires on X date I should be able to use it until 23:59 of that X date not that the day before.

      Contacted ebay and same result they are sorry but no extend or return (for membership cancellation). I am pretty sure I would have different experience if it was Amazon Prime.

      • +1

        I know what you feeling Mate, terrible customer service!

        • Chatted again this morning and managed to get a new coupon with 1 month expiry date arguing that the previous coupon didn’t have an expiry time.

          This time the representative was more understanding whereas previous one kept arguing. I guess it depends on you end up chatting with it.

  • Make sure to use your $40 voucher within that month of 30 days otherwise its $0.

    Basically you need to be able to use voucher otherwise meaning don't signup to eBay plus if you don't want to buy something immediately.

    Or else you'll be off by a big margin

    $40 voucher true worth is only like $30 in my opinion, because it cannot be stacked with any other vouchers/promo codes (Afterpay and discounted gift card promotions can still be stacked but that's rarely case on small value items i.e Under $50)

  • +4

    Use this link and you will see the offer:

    • +1

      no pop-up banner but got $40 code by using the above link. thanks.

    • Thanks - worked for my subscription that expired last week

  • anyone did prepayment of $49, and got the $20 cashback from Commbank? ?
    Have gotten the refund from eBay for the $49, unsure about $20 Cashback, anyone had a luck?

    • CommBank credited $20 to my account after 3 days

      • Automatically or had to chase it ??

        Used my fam s card and he stil aint got it
        But eBay refunded him full transaction

        • Didn't have to chase it, it just landed in my account.
          Did you activate the reward before placing the order ? Did you use the card which was eligible for the reward ?
          Why did you get 49$ Ebay refund ? The initial transaction would have been reversed. So I don't think CommBank is going to give the 20$ now.

          • @veyron: Yes activated before spending and used the correct card
            Ebay refund because it was Prepaid hence the ebay plus subscription was cancelled by ebay themselves, in seller's account balance became negative, complained to ebay that they have my 49 $ and cancelled membership too, at the end they refunded 49$

            The creteria is spending 49$ on ebay plus which was done so it should be eligible but i think my fam is super dumb he won't chase combank he's kinda lazzy person who doesn't care about promos etc only i in fam care honestly.

            Super pissed of at combank myself personally though

            • +1

              @USER DC: CommBank looks for EBAY PLUS 888-749-3229 AUS in the transaction, $48.99 will get your $20 cashback.

  • +1

    eBay got my $50 voucher expired at the morning of the day it was valid till.

  • Does anyone know if you can still make use of this offer if you're on a monthly eBay plus plan?
    I am thinking that I need to cancel my monthly subscription, but not sure if I have to wait for the current subscription to expire before I can take advantage of this offer.

    • You need to pay 49 dollars now
      I.e. meaning you need an inactive subscription to subscribe to ebay plus

      • There is a 'make one off payment' option within ebay, wonder if this would trigger commbank rewards (my ebay plus is valid until October…)

        • Yes that's what i did (make a one off payment) and got
          " 888-749-3229 AU Aus Card Xx____ "
          In the description

          Yet combank did not honor anything to fam

          But as i already know he doesn't care about his money enough he wont bother even spending a min trying to call combank but spend 2 hours on me saying i do my own sh*t etc, bottom line he doesn't care about cashbacks etc and never he wants to spend extra efforts to ensure he gets what he was told, he's suffered a lot by this ridiculous attitude of his (of not caring he gets what he was told) yet he being older than me, acts like a child.

          At the end will simply just need to sign up using different card without combank promo because I can't deal with his sh*t

          • @USER DC: Yeah my family is like that, tried to sell them on the Amaysim 6 month deal and they're like we don't use much credit… you can't beat under $10 for 6 months!

            • @blueyez: That's a good deal
              Still going on this 365 day Boost Anytime Ultra sim (think it was $300 for $229, and 240+bonus 80GB).
              Before that was on post paid for like 20years. Would be keen on getting the same again, maybe in a 5G equivalent if such a thing exists.

              • +1

                @G-rig: Vodafone prepaid is cheapest 5g

  • I found that eBay plus is somewhat of a scam! I eventually did sign up (no special offers so $49) & initially got some okay deals in the first week. Now pretty much nothing & I buy about five things a week.

    • +1

      How is it a scam? Perhaps not great value if there is nothing you want to buy, but pretty much pays for itself with the $50 for $49 over a year. Not that I like BNPL, but some of the afterpay codes are great. The $5 a month vouchers could be a bit is a waste when you're looking for something to buy for the sake of it, however I've received more than a few $5 vouchers (no min spend) as stuff was late, or apparently late.

    • 5 things a week that's way more than me.

      Personally think eBay plus is a good service, especially considering how much blunder they create like the latest addidas shoes blunder.

      Or afterpay $10 voucher hack (with no minimum spend)

      etc. only problem with it is deals are rare, but again you need to consider that you only buy this eBay plus service, when you need to buy something from eBay for around $40 at least, (with no promo code,and item need to be cheapest in market, which aren't many)

      If you follow this advice, eBay plus is not a SCAM at all. Only a positive thing.

      THOSE Extra blunders, hacks, price errors etc. on eBay way overpay the eBay plus Price itself.

  • Not bad

  • Make sure that if you see this and click through to sign-up, do not navigate away from the page.

    I had this banner appear, I clicked it. However, I then proceeded to the eBay Plus page to read about the perks. Returned to the eBay homepage and the banner was gone. Presumably I'd shown interest in eBay Plus, so they decided they are no longer prepared to give me a discount.

    I contacted support who confirmed that as long as I'd previously clicked the banner, the offer would be applied… It was not. I've since contacted support with the transcript of the previous conversation. Been around a week now and am waiting to hear back.

    • Same thing happens on many sites which have popups with special offers Ben. What usually works is clearing your cache. It's possible that ebay somehow tags your account but I doubt it.

  • +1

    ebay has definitely tightened their offerings in the last 12-18 months.

    A couple of years ago. We got:

    Without ebay Plus:
    - as a buyer, regular 10% discount codes across most items (not this eligible crap now). often 3x each promotion
    - as a seller, frequent $1 FVF or free altogether promos. This is still being offered now but seldomly.
    — side note, if you combine the above two together, you know what happens ;)

    With ebay Plus:
    - it used to be $49 membership for $50 coupon
    - now its $49 for $40 coupon

    I think for buyers, less appealing (other than some BS promos) but for sellers, its okay. The offsetting is now that ebay doesn't use paypal as their platform, you get much better value when you sell under a promo.

  • Yeah, didn't see OP deal till today, yeah targeted in my case :- was looking for a cheaper/biddable/Australian Chromecast with Google Remote - thought well $99.95 Everywhere local & G store so $40 off - Great.

    But sneaky way it was introduced was :- first mentions the monthly price, then the annual - so thought Maybe can sign up monthly - nup annual from the start.

    eBay Plus Free delivery (slightly regional so might be not-quite-free) Is the most useful to me, never sold mostly 'cause of postage hassle & nothing buyable, but worth selling.

    Thinking Should cancel straight away & hope for future re-join coupon offers - been quite a while since 2nd last buy from eBay.

    Off Topic - (Been not buying KFC weekly so got 2nd Spend $10 save $4 thru App today - got Secret Menu Spicy Bacon Burger Zinger Stacker - think Triple Bacon Triple Stacker Zinger Burger is TOO big & no lettuce either).

    EDIT ↑ Whoops looked closer at pic on app - Not triple bacon Zinger® burger - actually triple cheese, triple sauce with 1 top layer of Habanero Bacon - other B's HOT sauce like pure Mustard but brownish & bit of tomato? relish - usual layer of falling off lettuce.

  • How can I tell if I'm eligible or not?

    • Same question

  • +2

    I signed up yesterday paying via Commbank card but the transaction is still pending in my account.

    Does anyone know how long it usually takes?

    $20 cash back offer ends tomorrow and I'm worried if payment doesn't go through I'll miss out.

    • Mine is pending too!

    • i only just signed up so see what happens haha

  • Ack - first $5 coupon code as eBay Plus member - oh Ok no Bunnings etc - quick read of T&C's - thought I'd try it.

    Dammit missed $50 min spend condition (was trying on a $5.95 25 x 30 mm proper chrome keyrings order) - will stay joined for now, might cancel 3-6 months early to try for free $20? 30? coupon for re-joining.

    [don't buy much stuff might be un-OzB'y to stay/re-join at all - hoping for ultra-cheap-local-item Or win-low-bid before canceling].

  • +1

    I contacted eBay customer service via chat session today advising that when I clicked on the offer and was taken to the signup screen there was no evidence of $40 coupon offer.

    The service rep provided me with the following link - confirming that it would be honored (within 72 hours) and provided me with a reference number for the conversation - I also have a copy of chat transcription.

    • Oooh nice one!

      • Just completed my transaction, $40 coupon is provided instantaneously and is valid for 30 days.

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