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Free 12 Months Amazon Prime, 3 Months Calm App, Ongoing Optus Sport + More, for Existing Optus Postpaid Customers @ Optus SubHub


Optus has just launched SubHub, which allows you to combine multiple subscription services in one simple bill - and with discounts depending on how many services you combine.

SubHub has launched with the following offers, for those without current subscriptions:

  • Optus Sport: ongoing free
  • Amazon Prime: 12 months free
  • Kindle Unlimited: 3 months free
  • Calm App: 3 months free
  • inkl news: 1 month free

Available for Optus postpaid customers with a current Optus mobile or Optus home broadband plan. Prepaid users not eligible.

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  • Optus fetch tv monthly payment customer. Not bad for 5 bucks a month.

    • Is Optus Sport available to you for free via SubHub?

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        • Just wondering if optus fetch broadcast F1 at all?

    • Can you clarify please. For $5 are you getting Fetch, Optus Sport, and now Prime also?

  • Thx for this, 12 months free amazon nice.

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    Just when I was about to dump Optus postpaid I've used for years…………..
    Set reminder for 363 days to cancel.

    • +3

      Still work out if your current postpaid is worth staying on for $59 Amazon saving

      • Nah probably not with the incompetent sh!tfight Optus has now become.
        Lot cheaper now to be prepaid for a 365 day plan with Optus, but then you have to put up with Optus bullsh!t.

        Shame - they used to be really good a couple of years ago.

        • +1

          Their mobile postpaid prices are atrocious now (broadband too).
          Lucky I'm on a legacy plans which at one point stacked discounts to $5p/m per SIM. Now back up to $30p/m however.

          One good thing they did in recent times was match Slower speeds once data maxed. (instead of charging $10 per extra GB)

  • Might have to test out Optus again and see if they're indoor data coverage/speed has improved in the last 12 months. There are a few offers floating around for decent Optus Mobile sim-only plans if the reception is good. I'm not hopeful though :'(

    • I've just gone from getting 0 signal in my house to being able to get 5G.

      • +25

        Did you recently get a covid vaccine? ;-)

        • +2

          That comment goes to 11

        • Both happened the same week! CoNsPIraCY!!!

        • +1

          Haha that comment made me laugh like I haven't in a while ;p
          Well you know the NSA insisted the vaccines came with 5g don't you.

  • I am an existing post-paid optus customer, and opted for the Amazon Prime 12 month membership, however when I now goto Amazon membership setting it says 'Billed through third party" and "Ends on 18 September 2021".
    Shouldn't it be 18 August 2022?

    • Read earlier (above) the Amazon Prime subscription is month to month

  • +4

    Thanks OP, just saved $7 a month for my Prime membership.

    Yes I have Optus NBN, and this works. Free 12m membership. Also now got Optus Sport for free.

  • Seems $28 cashback on a $15/month data plan plus free Amazon Prime + free Optus sport?

    Not even sure what's left on Optus sport though..

    remain connected for at least 60 days.

    So one can remain connected for 60 days for $2 plus enjoy these benefits?

    • +2

      Amazon prime will be gone once you cancel your Optus plan

    • +1

      EPL is still on Optus Sport. Shame that UCL & UEL are no longer there.

    • Seems $28 cashback on a $15/month data plan

      Do you have a link to this?

      • Just look at the Cashback tab and follow the last CR link

        • Did you sign up for the $15/month data plan (or someone else on it).

          I'm keen to know whether you have access to the $5 fetch mini subscription at https://www.optus.com.au/entertainment/tv-movies-music/fetch...

          It says:

          If you have an eligible home broadband or postpaid mobile plan with us, you can add a Fetch Mini for $5 per month. Note: Price applies to first Fetch service only.

          So need to know if this is eligible

  • Awesome deal. Thanks OP!

  • -3

    This wouldn't apply to those 3 month free data plans would they?

    I'm just not smart enough to figure out post paid and prepaid difference, those words are too similar sounding. Like numerator and denominator.

  • +1

    Damn my prime renewed in May :(

    • Mine was June! :(

      • Mine was July :(

        • Refunds?

          • @capslock janitor: Nope, I checked to see if I could cancel and get any type of prorata back, but it simply indicates that it'll be cancelled and my current subscription will go until July 2022 :(

            • @AnDyStYLe: Livechat a diff rep.

              • +1

                @capslock janitor: Thanks to you and seeing lots of other members' attempts and feedback on their experience of the same in the next pages, I went to live chat too!

                Thanks for holding! I was able to cancel your subscription and you'll receive the refund of $52.01 within the next 2-10 business days!

    • Man mine was 5 days ago, 14 August :(

  • How to get Optus Sport free? Still asking me for $15 a month

    • You should be able to activate it using the optus app

    • use same email to signup when activating. its a stupid system.

  • So my Amazon Prime is annual, was supposed to renew on 13th of September. I just cancelled it, and tried to redeem this offer but doesn't work as I am still a customer until 13th of September when it will expire. So hoping this offer is available till after Sep 13, or should I sign up prime on another email?

    • I'm in the same boat, except my renewal day was today.. That's somewhat irritating.

      • My renewal in a week's time - yall got me worried now

    • +2

      Maybe create a new amazon account?
      Not sure how long the deal will go for.

    • -1

      Why bother? Based my past experience with Optus, I simply cannot trust them with anything. And combining other subscriptions with Optus is a much bigger NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. They cannot event do their own billing correctly, now they want to include others' billing, that's really good appetite but I don't think they can really chew it.

    • U need to cancel via live chat, they will refund the money, then sign up for this offer.

      • +1

        I was told no when I asked via live chat.

        • Try again with another rep.

        • Same, I've been told "due to the benefits used, partial refund is not possible". Maybe too many ozbargainers trying to cancel, lol

  • +1

    Nice! Not that keen on Prime Video, but for free who's complaining?

    • +3

      Prime Video is surprisingly good

      • The Boys + Invincible

      • OK I should be able to find this myself, but I can't… how many devices can be using Prime Video at once? And do you know if they care if you share with family who may or may not live at the same address? Thanks!

    • +4

      I subscribed for a month of Prime just to catch up on The Expanse. Worth every cent and more.

  • +3

    Great find!!! 12 months free Prime, just when I was gonna sign up.

    Thanks OP

  • +1

    OMG Thanks!!! I didn't want to pay for optus sport and I was JUST going to port away from Optus to TPG to save $5 a month. (new plan for NBN is now 79)
    Not sure how it works, if I can extend my current Amazon subscription but this has made my day!

  • Does Subhub work with GrubHub or StubHub?

  • +1

    Check your email, you can claim Echo Dot for $10 when you join the prime first time

    • Email subject header please?

      • +1

        My email header is: "esandjay, a credit has been applied to your account"

        And the body of the message:

        Thank you for signing up to Amazon Prime. A credit has been applied to your account, entitling you to purchase >an Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Smart Speaker with Alexa for $10.

        • Don't have :( Could you share the link? Presuming somewhat generic

        • How long did it take for the email to arrive?

  • Prime not eligible if you are an existing member…so pretty much 75% of people here lol

    Also it asks you to pick, can you only pick one of the offers?

    • create a new account, and link your optus to your new account

      cancel your existing account

      exactly what I did
      works well

    • Got my prime cancelled and refunded, then signed back up with this like many other people here too.

  • Hello Amazon Prime, nice to meet you.

  • +1

    This is great, I have optus nbn and got a year of amazon prime free. Thanks!

  • Thanks OP.
    Just got my 12 months free Prime.
    Now I am trying to figure out how to cancel it when it is due to renew:)

    • +4

      there's a Stop Subscription button in the Subhub next your sub. Click on the 'i' and you can stop the subscription.
      Looks like it's monthly so you can only stop/cancel it on your 12th month. If you stop it early, it might finished within the month as it shows the next renewal is next month.

  • +2

    Optus with another killer deal

  • bloody el, this is good, time to start ordering 2 minute noodles from Amazon

  • +1

    can we cancel our current annual membership (and getting pro-rata unused portion refund) and then applying this one?

    • +1

      yeah looks like you need to cancel and then register for this

      • didn't work for me

    • +1

      I had a monthly membership, cancelled that and had to open a ticket to get the prime status removed from my account to sign up via optus. Not too sure what the go would be with pro rata rebate, but I assume they would do an appropriate refund (maybe charge you the monthly rate for however months you've had your prime for then refund remainder)

    • I tried and they said no

      • Update!!!! I tried again with another person on live chat and they agreed and refunded my whole annual subscription. My subscription was only 3 week old so maybe that's why I was able to cancel and get a full refund.

    • No. Just had live chat with Amazon support and the was told, this is not possible since I've used benefits like express shipping and watched prime video.

      • I've used benefits like express shipping and watched prime video.

        I haven't used either in 1-2 months I think… might have a crack on chat?

  • +5

    Thanks OP(tus)!

  • +2

    I'm not an existing Amazon Prime customer at all. But I have home wireless broadband with Optus.

    Guessing that I should be able to claim the free 12 months of Prime (to watch Amazon Video) and nothing else haha.

    I remember when I got 12 months of free Netflix a few years ago when I signed up to my current plan

    • +3

      Yes you can. I have just signed up to this.

      Thanks OP

    • +1

      12 months of free Netflix a few years ago when I signed up to my current plan

      Good times, it was either 6mths or 12 for me too.

  • +1

    Thanks OP
    Was on a Data postpaid sim plan on my iPad
    Was able to sign up for sub hub and get Amazon prime.

  • +4

    FYI if you have an existing Prime membership, you can cancel and then ask via chat for them to end it immediately (rather than wait for it to expire at the end of the billing period).

    When I spoke to chat they said it could take up to 24 hours for it to process, it took like 20 minutes. I was then able to add Prime to SubHub as per normal.

    • not working for me .. maybe i need to wait a while longer …

      • I got an email when it was cancelled

        • yeah i got one too .. did you wait 20 mins from that email ?

          • @droodle: No, I was actually refreshing the Amazon page and noticed the change before I got the email. Hopefully shouldn't take too long for you.

            • +1

              @doritobro: cool its worked now ..

              Still says I'm ineligible for Kindle unlimited - which I've never had :(

    • Thanks for the info. If you cancel immediately do they refund you pro rata the unused portion of your membership? Or do you forfeit that?

      • Chat said you forfeit that, so may not be worth it for annual subs that are less than halfway through.

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