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Little Birdie Launch Event: Free Dominos Traditional Pizza, Apple AirPods Pro $99, Nintendo Switch $299, Soniq 65" 4K TV $299


Little Birdie launch event is taking place August 24-26th, and here are some offers to celebrate their launch:

24/08 -

Item Deal Price Quantity Dropped?
Coles $15 off $120 Spend Voucher Free 500 available 10:15am AEST
BoozeBud Voucher - 16-Case of Stone & Wood ($90+ Spend) Free 250 available 12:04pm AEST
Bluey Plush Large Doll $7 Shipped 100 available 16:05pm AEST
Tontine Ergonomic Anti-snore Pillow $10 + Post 500 available 12:04pm AEST
Zero X Blade Drone $29 Shipped 250 available 14:05pm AEST
Apple AirPods Pro $99 + Post 100 available 20:10pm AEST

25/08 -

Item Deal Price Quantity Dropped?
Dominos Traditional Pizza Voucher Free 1000 available 12:05pm AEST - See Rep's message
The ICONIC $25 Gift Card Free 100 available 14:04pm AEST - See Rep's message
AFL $30 GiftCard Free 100 Available 14:04pm AEST - See Rep's message
Kitchen Couture 5 Litre Air Fryer $29 + Post 500 available 20:01pm AEST
Soniq 65" 4K TV $299 Shipped 100 available 09:55am AEST
Segway Ninebot ES1LD eScooter $449 100 available 16:11pm AEST

26/08 -

Item Deal Price Quantity Dropped?
Naked Wines $50 Gift Card Free 300 available 16:08pm AEST
OzSale $25 off $50 Spend Voucher Free 200 available 10:21am AEST
Under Armour Flow Velociti Runners $88 250 available 12:10pm AEST - See Rep's message
Nintendo Switch Console - Grey $299 100 available 20:05pm AEST

You will need to sign up to their platform to access these deals. I assume some of these deals will fly out pretty quick.


What time are the special offers dropping?

We don’t have any specific time to share as when we will release each offer. As much as possible, we want to stay fair to all members of our community. These offers will be released as soon as it will be deemed available by our marketing department. At the moment, we are unable to share a specific time of release: this is to make sure the legitimate member of our community will have a chance to really get those wonderful deals.

To retrieve previous vouchers: click on the ❤️ icon, scroll down to "Vouchers you're following", which will take you to the voucher page for a short time before redirecting.

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  • +2

    I have a code but in isolation cant leave my house pm me for code

    • can't pm you, can you please turn message on?

    • Hi I cant PM, could I have it? Cheers mate.

  • +2

    Just add "0" before your code and it'll be applied.
    Enjoy your free Pizza

  • can anyone PM me the TV code please?

  • +4

    I will give you a juciebox and 4 crayons for a code

  • Yeah pickup pizza worked for me with the zero. Thanks.

  • -1

    TV code ????

  • -2

    Ordered 2 free pizzas

  • Since when do Domino's charge for creme fraiche? Bit sad as well there's a half n half surcharge so the two premium halves don't work anymore..

  • What happened to my code now that the page doesnt exist anymore?

    • For the TV or Pizza?
      you still can redeem them. go to their website.

      • For the pizza, I didnt copy the code and refreshed and now the page doesnt exist…

        • unfortunately if you didnt copy the code and the page doesnt exist anymore it is gone….
          unless you remember your code then you can go to dominos website.
          down below still some of us sharing the code tho.

    • gaaawn

    • +2

      Click on the ❤️, your previous vouchers will be visible for a short time before redirecting.

      • +1

        You sir are a legend!

  • I have a pizza code.

  • Accidentally close the littlebirdie webpage with the pizza code after I tried the code and its saying not working. Now i am unhable to go back to the page to get my code. Anyone know how I can retrieve my code?

    • +8

      If you click on the "heart" icon at the top, which brings you to your "following" page, you should still see the Domino's offer there. Click on it will get you to the offer page with the voucher code (for a few seconds, before redirecting back to home page).

      • Thanks Scotty, you are a legend!

    • +1

      "Click on the ❤️, your previous vouchers will be visible for a short time before redirecting."
      Mentioned by another OZBian…. Unfortunately, it didn't work for me … You give it a shot ..

      • +1

        thanks mate, it works for me. Just ordered my pizza haha

        • That's awesome ..

  • +4

    My pizza code below. Didn't realise it required pickup to be free..

    • The voucher 086270113033 has no uses left.

    • Used

  • -1

    Can anyone please PM me the TV Code, if not using? Really appreciate and God bless!

  • Turns out my code messed up after i hit pay and the order went through with a pizza on it's way…… i love this site

    • I called to cancel hopefull I don't ending up paying 25 for a domino's pizza

    • "After you pressed pay" mmmmhmmmmm

  • anyone has pizza code?

  • Btw that Scooter is on sale at Jb hifi for $499

  • +3

    Next sale seems to be the The ICONIC $25 Gift Card
    Saw that while browsing the website and showed up as "coming this afternoon"

  • Looks like ill be getting it ive just been refreshing and its there at random times lol

  • +2

    86467616754 anyone wanna guve the code a go might still work

    • no accepted by selected store :(

      • Trywith the 0 infront likenothers

  • +4

    Here is my code for Pizza:

    • Thank you :)

  • would greatly appreciate a voucher for the Soniq TV if anyone has a spare or one they're not using, cheers

    • Pretty sure they are all.used now

  • +1

    $20 OFF When You Spend $75+ From SurfStitch available now

    • Full priced items I think. Tested it last night.

  • Any pizza code plz?

    • send a pm

    • oh.. u got already :), messaging to others

  • If you have a spare TV code, can you PM please?

  • if anyone not using pizza code, can you please PM me. Thanks!

  • Is the iconic an actual gift card or just a voucher for 25 off.
    Can it be stackes

  • any available pizza code, pm me pliz. thankz

  • Have a TV in my cart with an old code that someone posted on here. Discount has stayed in cart. Mrs told me no, its $379 delivered as I'm not in metro. Is it even worth while at that price?

    • +1

      I had one in the cart and tried checking out but it didn't let me

      • I had that issue then kept trying, I can go to paypal and order. Not sure if it's worth it though

      • +1

        I found another comment somewhere here to help checkout, go to the page here and enter your address (if not already done) and press checkout and it should work if you still have it in the cart with the coupon applied :)

        I had the same issue and this worked well.

        • Thanks doweyy - but now it says token has expired and removed it from my cart :(

          • +1

            @knight321: Damn :(

            Their website seems quite glitchy..

  • Missed on the pizza :(

  • Free $30 AFL Gift Card from The Card Network

    • 30c credit card fee it seems

    • All claimed!

  • Iconic gc is live

  • iconic voucher is out

  • +1

    wow less than 100 views and its all out. Great

    • Yeah same I was at 15 views wtf

  • Yeah nice Little Birdie

  • Is the site bugged? It was 20 views when i clicked it all out, refreshed 30 views tried again still all out

  • i was viewer 75 and too late

  • Too fast .

  • -2

    Yay got the Iconic gift card. Good consolidation prize for last night's Airpods mess

    • +1

      Probs need to revoke my neg

  • missed

  • My wife and i managed to get 1 each

  • completely zoned out and refreshed the page for the first time in like 10 mins and managed to get one of the iconic gift cards lmao, so lucky

  • +1

    Much easier than the airpods pro last night quick and fast

  • If anyone by chance doesn't want their iconic voucher I'd be thankful for a code, felt like I got on it within seconds but it was out :(

  • I couldn't get the gift card but I can be positive because I don't need check the deal today. I don't need segway. So see you tomorrow guys!!!

  • wow they had both iconic and afl eftpos cards ^ ^

  • How does the AFL card work?

    • Yeah i can't figiure it out either

  • Did multiple people get the same code for the Iconic store? Says already redeemed

  • Anyone have a spare The Iconic code, please pm me ! Tkx

  • Anyone with a spare Iconic code, please dm me. Thanks

  • If anyone has a spare AFL card would be much appreciated, missed trying to get the Iconic zzz

  • how to activate the afl card??? anyone hav ethe link

    • Says redeem at checkout

      • i tried but how? it says you need a pin number which they dont give?

        • +2
          1. Go to this page
          2. Select $30 Value and press "Buy Now"
          3. Press Checkout
          4. Apply your unique code in the "Gift Card or Discount Code" section

          It will apply $30 off the card and leave you with a $0.30 CC fee.

          You need to use your code to order a physical gift card from that site and it'll get delivered to you.

          • @doweyy: Thanks looks like it works

          • @doweyy: yer i couldnt find out how to do it … iw ent to another pay and failed hard XD! thanks!!!

            payment keeps failing now :(

          • +2

            @doweyy: I am keep getting the same error again and again
            There was an issue processing your payment. Try again or use a different payment method.

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