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Little Birdie Launch Event: Free Dominos Traditional Pizza, Apple AirPods Pro $99, Nintendo Switch $299, Soniq 65" 4K TV $299


Little Birdie launch event is taking place August 24-26th, and here are some offers to celebrate their launch:

24/08 -

Item Deal Price Quantity Dropped?
Coles $15 off $120 Spend Voucher Free 500 available 10:15am AEST
BoozeBud Voucher - 16-Case of Stone & Wood ($90+ Spend) Free 250 available 12:04pm AEST
Bluey Plush Large Doll $7 Shipped 100 available 16:05pm AEST
Tontine Ergonomic Anti-snore Pillow $10 + Post 500 available 12:04pm AEST
Zero X Blade Drone $29 Shipped 250 available 14:05pm AEST
Apple AirPods Pro $99 + Post 100 available 20:10pm AEST

25/08 -

Item Deal Price Quantity Dropped?
Dominos Traditional Pizza Voucher Free 1000 available 12:05pm AEST - See Rep's message
The ICONIC $25 Gift Card Free 100 available 14:04pm AEST - See Rep's message
AFL $30 GiftCard Free 100 Available 14:04pm AEST - See Rep's message
Kitchen Couture 5 Litre Air Fryer $29 + Post 500 available 20:01pm AEST
Soniq 65" 4K TV $299 Shipped 100 available 09:55am AEST
Segway Ninebot ES1LD eScooter $449 100 available 16:11pm AEST

26/08 -

Item Deal Price Quantity Dropped?
Naked Wines $50 Gift Card Free 300 available 16:08pm AEST
OzSale $25 off $50 Spend Voucher Free 200 available 10:21am AEST
Under Armour Flow Velociti Runners $88 250 available 12:10pm AEST - See Rep's message
Nintendo Switch Console - Grey $299 100 available 20:05pm AEST

You will need to sign up to their platform to access these deals. I assume some of these deals will fly out pretty quick.


What time are the special offers dropping?

We don’t have any specific time to share as when we will release each offer. As much as possible, we want to stay fair to all members of our community. These offers will be released as soon as it will be deemed available by our marketing department. At the moment, we are unable to share a specific time of release: this is to make sure the legitimate member of our community will have a chance to really get those wonderful deals.

To retrieve previous vouchers: click on the ❤️ icon, scroll down to "Vouchers you're following", which will take you to the voucher page for a short time before redirecting.

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  • Yeah site is getting hammered

  • +2

    Didn't take to long for the website to go down.
    Their website can't take the mob of ozbarginers.

  • 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable when u go to the AirPods now

  • +1

    it seems like it deleted the AirPods from your cart now

    • How did you know which Airpods to add to your cart?

      • someone sent the link above

        • Thanks mate

  • Yep. They removed the airpods from their cart now.

  • +1

    I can go and add to cart on some browsers but not others

  • +5

    Plush toy now available from home screen banner

    • Free shipping as well

      Subtotal $45.00
      Shipping $0.00
      Discount $38.00
      Total $7.00

  • bluey: UVCNP

  • MCUYS if anyone wants it for Bluey

    • This worked for me, thanks! As opposed to 5HNFJ which was given to me on the page and didn't work lmao

  • +1

    Got the plush toy woohoo!

  • Got the bluey, kids will be happy. Thanks little birdie and OP

  • Bluey nownin site

  • +1

    Got the Plush Toy for kid. I guess first time ever i got something :)

  • 5HNFJ code for Bluey

    • That’s my code too lol!

      • me three, lol

        • me four :)

    • Same for all it seems. So much for ‘unique’

    • got the same code. Not unique at all

  • Code is generic and no longer working

  • Anybody else getting "Coupon code is no longer valid"?

  • WEll thats BS

    • +2

      I have tried every single coupon in the responses. None of them works.
      "Coupon code is no longer valid"

  • 5HNFJ
    2 codes for bluey which I dont need

    • Maybe this code works too idk 67MS4

  • Bluey Code >> DXK8S

    • The code is not valid anymore.

  • +1

    Damn…. The code which was generated doesn't work .
    Anyone can donate one plz? Thanks

    • Try this : QC6NE

  • +1

    deal is dead

  • XUW9P

  • Not working:..

  • Wow they have fixed number of voucher and giving single voucher to multiple users, best of luck.

    • +1

      Lol. Makes no sense.
      Gave me 2 'unique' vouchers, both of which has already been posted by others on here.
      Didn't want this anyway, was just testing.

    • I don't think this is the case, or at the very least, I do not think this is intentional.

      I tried a bit of a test. I got a unique voucher (I assume!) for the bluey plush toy and I waited until the banner updated with "sorry you missed out" on the home page.

      I went to mydeal, applied the discount code and went through the checkout process seamlessly and paid $7.

  • RDE56

    • +1

      Not working.. not too sure what’s wrong with all the codes

      • +2

        They are giving same 100 codes to thousands of users someone lucky got to use them.

        • +2

          Not a fan of the approach they've taken

  • +1

    Rip Bluey gone now

  • +2

    Given that the drops are around every two hours, we should probably expect the AirPods to drop at 6PM

    • right at the time that channel 9 news is on

    • thinking the same

  • +1

    Jeez, this launch was quite a mess

  • Well if it follows this trend AirPod Pros could be 6pm. But good reasoning above that it might be after 9pm when the commercial drops. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • News is at 6?

      • I think I confused channel 9 with 9pm, my bad

  • ik theyre sold out now but where exactly on the mydeals website do you enter the coupon code anyway?

    Added to cart, went through checkout, entered e-mail, shipping information, only thing I have left to do is enter payment details and click a button saying 'Confirm and Pay' which obvoiusly I wouldnt want to do before entering the discount code…

    • Right at the top of the payment details section

    • +2

      Payment Details

      ———-> Do you have a coupon code? <————-

      Select Payment Method

      • ahh i see now lmao

    • It's the tiny section after you input your address, took me some time to find out as well.

    • what are you talking about the plush or airpods

      • +2

        mydeal website

        Bluey plush

  • +1

    Got a shipping notification for the Bluey Toy now.

  • Awwww missed out Bluey!! :(

    • You are not the only one. We got some Dissapointed little birdies here now ):

  • I got the drone from JB for $40 on sale. Fun to fly around, but the camera is pretty much useless. Also it struggles to fly outside sometimes :(

    • +8

      Also it struggles to fly outside sometimes :(

      Did you open your door?

      • It's been a bit naughty, so it's grounded indoors for the time being >:)

  • +1

    Soniq 65" 4K TV $299 100 available if that's the one I bought recently it's pretty good deal that's like 50% off

    • E65UV42A?

      • +1

        Does it have a eARC HDMI?

        • Yes I'm using it with my sound bar ATM you can also use Bluetooth

          • @Willco88: Are you sure?

            In the manual HDMI 3 is labelled as ARC with no mention of eARC.

            • @HomeAlone: I run my sound bar off the ARC?

              • @Willco88: We know it has ARC. The question was does it have eARC.

                • @HomeAlone: Oh sorry it just says ARC.

                  it's a budget TV mate it's not perfect but for the price is pretty good my Xbox one X looks amazing playing 4K hdr10 games.

  • they just said they were announcing what little birdie is on 7 news

    • Little birdie said it or channel 7 said it?

  • so is it both on channel 7 and channel 9?

    • +1

      Rip if it’s on both. Lol

  • just saw promo on 7

    • Yep saw on 7 News Sydney promo… lol gg

      • Just saw it channel 9 news (flash)

    • what? are they announcing the code on tv promo!?

  • +11

    All this time waiting only to be screwed over by little birdie themselves. Come on. If you're going to advertise on tv, that had better be 1000 units not 100.

    • +4

      True, they probably spent more advertising it than the cost of the 100 AirPods

      • A lot more like 5x more lol

      • +3

        Be confident, remove "probably".

  • anyone see anything on channel 7 Melbourne?

    • or channel 9 Melbourne

  • +3

    Incoming Website Crash for the Airpods. It happened before and that was just the ozbarginers

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