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ARCTIC P12 PWM 120mm Fan Black/Transparent $10.64 + Delivery (Free with Prime & $49 Spend) @ Amazon UK


The Arctic P12 PWM 120mm Fan is optimised for static pressure, provides strong cooling performance, features an efficient motor, PWM controlled fan with up to 1800 RPM, and a fluid dynamic bearing.

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  • Is this something recommended to replace default fans in cabinet?

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      The P series is more aimed at radiators. High static pressure fans perform better than standard fans on radiators, think of it like them having the torque to force air through radiator fins because they have thicker blades. The F series are more high cfm and more ideally suited to be case fans, they move more air as they have more fan blades. Generally thinner blades push more air faster but not as well through obstructions like a hdd cage or a radiator. Both the F and P series are highly rated especially for their price and good upgrades from stock or oem case fans

      • They good? price certainly is ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜

        • I don't know just ordered them will see if they are any good

        • They do the job. I wouldn't use them on a CPU cooler or rad but they're alright case fans in a pinch.

      • The color version can realize the automatic color lighting effect, but it cannot be connected to the motherboard or the controller to control the lighting effect.

        Explains the lower price.

        • hmmmmmm I do not mate, it is saying their intelligent control so it should be controlled by the motherboard, what do you think?

          • @max-pc1010: Would assume no lighting control going by the description. Would need the proprietary hub and remote.
            86.34 cfm - ambitious spec..

    • If you mean a hifi cabinet โ€“ I just installed AC Infinity MULTIFAN S7 with a thermal controller. Works a treat, USB powered and only turns on when its gets too hot. Can be had for $100AUD delivered from the USA.

  • Damn just ordered the p12 silent this week for 16 each

    • Hearing you. I ordered 11 of the pwm pst versions 24 hours ago and they are $2 cheaper per fan now damnit

      • 11? why lol

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          On my new pc (Not really that new now 5600/3080) Iโ€™ve been building for the last year I have a 360mm rad and a 240mm with literal $2 rgb fans on them that pretty much donโ€™t move any air. I swear the only reason my current fans bother to spin at all is to make circle rgb patterns, I canโ€™t feel any airflow with my hand and thatโ€™s reflected in my hardware temps, they ainโ€™t great lol

          • @Count Shagula: Fair. Coming from generic $2 fans I think you'll be very happy with these. I have four and despite having the motor whine that a lot of reviews talk about I don't see anything being much better than these bar noctuas or that new phanteks fan etc which are 3-5x the price.

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            @Count Shagula: RGB increases performance though so you're good

          • @Count Shagula: You sure there on the right way ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜

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    Delivery of $10 kills it a bit, I only want two.

    • do the delivery hack ;)

      • What hack?

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          basically just fill cart to $49 and order, then just cancel your order on the extra stuff to keep the free shipping on what you want
          more info here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/641114

          • @daiwik: But you have to be Prime member from Amazon US website too aye? Not just Amazon Au?

            • +3

              @dreamscene: nah, works fine for me with Aus amazon prime. I just search on amazon an asterisk "*", tick the "prime | International shipping" button and set my price parameters as min = x, max = x + 0.01 (where x is however much extra needed to hit $49).

              side note: I only do the price parameter thing whenever I'm using a coupon as Amazon are sneaky as they apply the discount evenly throughout your cart based on its weighted price (so if u add something that puts your cart total above $49, you don't get the full discount when you cancel the extra item). So the best way to minimise this loss of discount would be to have your cart total exactly $49
              Also, I'm sure Amazon know that this "hack" exists as the whole discount process would not make sense if they weren't assuming that people would regularly cancel items, they probs just leave it unpatched to make people buy more since they feel more powerful with this "hack". who knows tho lol ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ

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            @daiwik: Thank you. I ordered 2

  • Damn $16.99 when i checked, so got 1x of the PWM PST models instead for $12.06: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07GJBD69S

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    yes it is 16.99 now, review says its noisy, so I pass

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      There noisy when there ramped up to full speed RPM (all fans are noisy at full speed), these drop down to 200 RPM (lower then most) and are almost silent well my experience with my 140s on my Artic 280 radiator

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      These fans are well respected as direct competitors to the Noctua NF-A12x25, which are renowned as probably the best fans you can buy on the market. If these fans are "noisy", every other fan is even noisier.

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    P12 PWM - Black/Black is coming up as $10.21 on my end ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜

    • you are correct, however it says those are out of stock until the 4th of September.

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        Whoops ok missed that so thanks as couldn't be bothered waiting that long

        Edit: whoops again its already the 22nd of August

        • how many u getting?

          • @daiwik: My PC is in the north of a 5K build and I'm fusing over $30 lol

            I'm gonna get 6x of the ones I posted below as I like how they can be completely be turned off through PWM, even though there twice as much as the ones posted here but they do have A-RGB to compensate the higher price and these are optimized for static pressure as I need 3x in front of my radiator and I'm not sure if the other 3x I'll be using are suited for case cooling,.. though extra LEDs in my case will be nice, anyway the price is standard so Ill leave them in my cart maybe magically the price will drop overnight lolz

  • Check these Artic Fans out more expensive but if your after dead quite these spin down to 0 RPM, $10 more for sanity ๐Ÿ˜

    Edit: cant make my mind up its not that the above fans have LEDs, its the fact they can speed down to zero RPM basically no noise if they were cheaper i wouldnt made my mind up and bought them,.. ahh F,..IT

    • +2

      Mate any fan will spin "to 0 rpm" it's called turning the fan off. The normal fans claim 200rpm lowest speed which is far below inaudible, they will also go 0 rpm if your hardware supports it, or if you don't plug them in.

      • Yes I have the 200rpm ones on my 280 Artic cooler umm yeah you can still hear them if ones makes an effort, yes sorry "turning off" is a better description which I'm after and ok didn't know one can force the 200 RPM ones to turn off,.. AORUS x470 motherboard here if any suggestions how to, cheers

        PS: my radiator wouldn't be too happy if there fans were not plugged in dare I say my CPU wouldn't be happy either lolz

    • Blow me off but I am a huge fan of the be quiet silent wings 3 pwm.
      Around $30 typically but at full puff they are an inaudible 28 db.

      • louder than these with worst temps

        • I think I have to disagree with you on that (imho), plus the SW3 has very good anti vibration fittings standard. You would have to pony up for noctua to beat them.
          Where these p12 win is you can get a brace of them for the price of one SW3, and as you say they are pretty good on the silent front anyway. I would rate the p12 best budget fan.

  • -3

    Are these good for open air rigs for MINING?

  • Set up and alert for these and it didn't tell me damn it. Probably because the deal hasn't been tagged properly.

    • black/black are still available for backorder. Have to wait two weeks.

      • Ah nice. Would have preferred white but they're never posted here.

  • +3
    • bought 3 to replace noisy ml120's on my radiator and used $49 free delivery hack then cancelled other items.
      $21 for 3 delivered.
      ml120 will replace old dc case fans but ill just limit them to 70% or smn

  • Waited 6 months for the 5 pack to go down to $50 again, Iโ€™m a happy man.

  • There are these Artic P12 RGB 3 Pack Fans @ $58.82 No stock so back order and UK import but these are the ones with 0 - 2000 RPM so can be turned off or run RPM at a very low audible very slow speed close to 0 RPM which others only at minimum limit of 200 RPM, though not sure if much difference between RGB and A-RGB I guess depending on ones motherboard support, PRIME15 discount seems to be working on these for me on one of my accounts

  • back in stock

  • Anyone know how the ID-Cooling XF-12025/TF-12025s stack up to these? They're super cheap on AliExpress and look pretty good on paper.

    Edit: They add $4 to the shipping with every fan, so they're really charging $10 per fan. Though my question still stands.

    • Wouldn't have a link on Aliexpress?

    • considering these are noctua competitors and some of the best fans while also some of the cheapest. Id say those are probably just like any generic fan and much noisier while also not cooling aswell.
      These are the definite option

  • PST version in stock for $10.60.

  • $9.89 now

  • +1

    $7.90 now!

    • seller has a limit of 3 per customer


      • order some black/black $7.09 each

        • I already ordered 6 fans when I posted this deal so

          Have 9 altogether;)

  • back in stock 8.44

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