Which Brands Do You Blindly Trust and Why?

Everyone had great time I think sharing their stories and experiences with brands that they boycott here.

Are there any brands that you blindly trust? Why?


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        the horror of washing the mechanism.. and if a part goes down the sink you're all done for!

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      Patagonia also have fantastic social and sustainability practices. I’m a huge fan.

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        And they don’t barbarically live pluck geese for their down jackets like most of the others do.

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      +1 for Patagonia. The only big 'for profit' company I trust and actually cares.

      I would recommend this book from the founder if you are interested:
      Let My People Go Surfing

      • Thanks for the recommendation! Will be good for audible during afternoon walks :)

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    I never trust any brand that asks me to trust them.

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      Absolutely agree

      Never trusted a condom in my life

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        Never had to trust a condom in your life?

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    Adidas; well, their shoes. I owned a pair of cheap-ish Adidas trainers, and they lasted a year or so with heavy usage. I upgraded to a pair of Ultraboost 20s and NMDs, and they're both very good.
    I haven't tried any other Adidas products besides their shoes, so I can't speak for their backpacks and clothing.

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      I have a 8 year old pair of adidas track pants still good as new.
      The same pants now are considerably worse quality though so it's fair to say they dropped the ball in the clothing department.

      • In my experience, that's been the same or worse for most if not all other brands, especially Nike and Fila. In comparison, Adidas seems to be holding up much better (on average).

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      Not sure you could trust your kids with that paint these days.

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  • Apple
    Jim Beam

    Saying that LG and Samsung used to be on this list… Not anymore so blindly can be costly when they make mistakes

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    Lockwood Locks.

    I'm not always looking at them so i blindly trust them to do their thing.

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      I had to read it twice! For some reason I read it as Lockdown Locks 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • I had a recommendation when I was changing all my door handles over to get Lockwood. They have a 25 year guarantee. They weren't even that expensive. Worth every cent

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    Coz it works.

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      i have a small person who would like to chat with you ;)

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        Contact Ansell and ask for refund

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          Refund not gonna cut it, ask for ongoing support costs!

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      Double on the jack then go bust. Woah

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      What? What? What? Well, they should put that on the box!
      They do!
      No, they don't!
      [running to the bedroom and returning with his box of condoms] Well, they should put it in huge black letters!

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        A swing and a miss. Next time champ.

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    Blindly? None. Why should I?

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    Toyota, LG and Xiaomi. Just from many years of using them and bad experiences with other brands.
    Dont forget Eneloop!

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    Colgate. Because I have zero idea on what I should look for in toothpaste but I know that if it turned out they were rotting people's teeth their brand would be dead tomorrow.

    Besides that, brand loyalty is for suckers. Just because I had a really good product from x company 5 years ago doesn't mean they haven't cut costs to increase profits now. Any kind of reasonable spend (over $50 usually) I do a basic amount of research to see if the product is any good. Usually the best bet is companies trying to build brand loyalty, not the ones that already have it, because they make better products on smaller margins to make a name for themselves.

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      Pretty sure toothpaste is fairly simple at its core, it's just how many marketing gimmicks brands add on top of it.

      My beef with Colgate is that they charge $5+ a tube for their Total 12 product, which is imported from Thailand. Aldi manufactures their equivalent in Australia and sells it for a buck fiddy. Sure, it's potentially a low margin or loss leader for Aldi, but the markup on Colgate products must be huge.

      • It's absolutely massive, I'm sure, toothpaste is some pretty basic stuff. I worked on a project at a big dental company a few years ago, because I was travelling they gave me a couple of dozen Colgate travel packs as they pretty much had an infinite supply of them, Colgate spend a ridiculous amount on marketing to dentists, probably more than they spend on the actual product, and I'm sure it's not a unique product.

        But for a couple of bucks extra every couple of months, compared to the cost of what it costs to fix my teeth if I wind up with a dodgy batch of toothpaste, I'm going to stick with it, even if it is irrational.

      • Yes asked a few dentists and they say they are all pretty much the same

    • My toothpaste recommendation is sensodyne repair and protect on the basis of ingredients

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    I trust Ansell.

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      username checks out ✅

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    I always trust stuff from Kmart. For the price, it just works. And when it doesn't work… refunds/exchanges are easy.

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    Baseus. Their cables, phone accessories and small electronics are all pretty well done.

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      Their braided triple cable died on me less than a year. Now I'm wary

      • difficult to have cables (braided or not) last for a long time. Braiding can only do so much in terms of durability above regular rubber/plastic.

        • We use it on the desk and no hard yanking, but I noticed each of the cable started curling up?
          It won't go straight like when we got it new. Wonder what caused that…

    • I had a bad batch of their USB-C cables that would short out a device when inserted — from new!!

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    RM Williams, Omega, MacPac, Apple, Dyson, always got decades of life out of Ralph Lauren Polo shirts, Xiaomi is getting up there.

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    RM Williams (but only their boots, not clothing). This is in spite of who now owns the company - Lous Vuitton Moet Henessey having sold the brand to Twiggy Forrest recently.

    When I started my career my boss said spend your pay check on quality boots and your legs and back will thank you later. The boots cost me several pay checks to buy, but I followed that advice. I still wear the boots 19 years later. I've bought a second pair now, but still wear the originals often. They've been re-soled twice, but I wouldn't part with them. I would blindly buy another pair if these fell apart, regardless of the cost.

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      Wow.. I am sold on this. Definitely buying!!

    • spend your pay check on quality boots and your legs and back will thank you later

      You might want to do some research on the structure of the shoes. In particular check out zero drop shoes.

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      If you know your Terry Pratchett

      “The reason that the rich were so rich, Vimes reasoned, was because they managed to spend less money.

      Take boots, for example. He earned thirty-eight dollars a month plus allowances. A really good pair of leather boots cost fifty dollars. But an affordable pair of boots, which were sort of OK for a season or two and then leaked like hell when the cardboard gave out, cost about ten dollars. Those were the kind of boots Vimes always bought, and wore until the soles were so thin that he could tell where he was in Ankh-Morpork on a foggy night by the feel of the cobbles.

      But the thing was that good boots lasted for years and years. A man who could afford fifty dollars had a pair of boots that'd still be keeping his feet dry in ten years' time, while the poor man who could only afford cheap boots would have spent a hundred dollars on boots in the same time and would still have wet feet.

      This was the Captain Samuel Vimes 'Boots' theory of socioeconomic unfairness.”

      • GNU Terry Pratchett

      • A second data point from Douglas Adams ‘shoe event horizon’ supports this.

    • Can confirm. Have owned two pair for 5 years and they have served me well - and don't look like stopping any time soon.

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    Probably already been said but I've been a long time user of the following brands, adidas, Toyota and Yamaha. I've owned so many pairs of adidas shoes and clothes and they've ALL been quality and last a very long time. I have owned a Toyota hilux, camry, 2 starlets and 2 rav4s and they have all outlasted what I needed them for and I only lost money on the camry as I sold it to a friend in the end. All the others I broke even or made a bit of $, simply because they are extremely durable and reliable vehicles (I still have one starlet as a second car today). Yamaha I mainly have used them for their AV receivers and they have always been extremely reliable and worked with everything I've tried to use them for (some times with electronics it takes a few times to get things going i.e getting sound out of certain things, mixing and switching cables etc) but Yamaha receivers just work, for eg first one I had was one of the most basic entry level models I think HTR- something, and it worked first go and seamlessly with a new age samsung TV and PS4 pro it automatically turned on with the TV by itself I was surprised and have used them ever since, they are also very good value for money, there are more expensive brands like denon, marantz etc but there are some Yamaha's that will do it all plus more for a much cheaper price

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    Are there brands I prefer to deal with and won't necessarily shop around/consider alternatives too heavily if they have what I need at a competitive price? Heaps.

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    Casio. I love my G-Shocks.

  • xiaomi

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    RM Williams - just their boots. Their clothings are horrible.

    Apple - great after sale support

    CBA - their service has never disappointed me.

    All of the above , I rate RM being the strongest, Apple then CBA :-)

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      Paid for and sponsored by RM Williams

      Terms and conditions apply, if you cant make minimum monthly payments we take your legs, your wife and your dog

      • Fun fact: buying RM boots has actually saved me money.

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    Apple, Samsung and LG (they are good despite what people say), Nvidia, Intel, MJBale, Top Juice for food+fruits because it's fresh as fk, sennheiser, Philips (great quality products and very good with warranty/recalls).

    i hate all banks but i have a strange love for Citibank even though their app and website gives me the shits.

    TOYOTA is the brand that I give money to endlessly without a care in the world.

    Sony is like my favourite brand of all time because of how I've grown up with their products.

    • Citibank is weirdly the best. Free foreign cheque deposits, completely unheard of but they do it.

      • Free foreign cheque deposits

        Yes, I've used it before. Sent a cheque worth a lot of money through registered post to their Sydney office and within 2 weeks, cash was deposited into my account. I think it was less than a week. Stupid Americans love their cheques.

    • I find Citibank's marketing policies fairly aggressive - they're always at me to take out additional credit products with them.

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        Back in 2008 we had our mortgage with Citibank. We broke up and I rang them to ask them to put a hold on our loan and they refused. My ex-husband proceeded to withdraw all the money out of our over draft account. Apparently aussie banks use to put a hold on the loan if your going through a divorce. Then later you have to catch up on the repayments. I dunno if that's the practice now days. What a mess it was. I was given poor advice from the bank at that time

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      Philips (great quality products and very good with warranty/recalls)

      Guess you haven't heard of the major fiasco with their ventilators and *PAP machines where they found they were pumping carcinogens into the lungs of sickly people and are yet to do anything concrete in regards to recalls.

      • Funny, have Never had a Phillips product that lasted, I mean never.
        To the point that I would buy Tiffany over them.
        They were an amazing brand when I was a kid.

      • So that's why the Resmed share price is at $282 USD rip

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    Jack & Jones

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    Blindly trust a brand? Never. If you do then you need to rethink it. I trust some brands more than others but never blindly.

  • OzBikies

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    Pfizer :P

  • Noctua & Toyota

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      How about Noctua radiator fan for your Toyota

      • A Toyota car is beige enough. Nothing wrong with beige, but having too much is a thing.

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    Fox news

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    EVGA, Dell, Toyota, Honda, Leatherman, Naughty Dog, Valve, Mozilla

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    Made in Japan

    • I shouldn't, but I often do too

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      and Made in Germany. Time to have more of 'Made in Australia'.

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    YKK zips

    • Underrated post. +1

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    Expensive brands - quality and warranty

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      who wouldn't trust scotty from marketing

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    Rodd and Gunn
    Darn tough socks

    High quality items with long warranties and built to last. After years/decades of using their products these brands have never disappointed. That said, if I notice things change I will move on (eg these days Bonds is total garbage but used to be very high quality).

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      Are Crumpler backpacks better than Samsonite or L.L.Bean? This is my another favourite brand though not available here: https://wildcraft.com/backpacks

      • To be honest I think those are all quality brands. I’ve had my Crumpler backpack for five years and it still looks like the day I bought it. I hear LL Bean is exceptional but no personal experience with them.

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      Where do you get Darn Tough Socks in Australia?

      • Haven’t bought any in a while (my current ones have lasted well) but I think Wiggle has them. A local equivalent I’ve found is Lindner, made in Australia and look to be the real deal.

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    I trust the Royal Australian Mint $1.00 coins as they will always (short of Armageddon) be worth $1.00

  • I blindly trust anything made by stellantis will be nothingbut headache

  • DeWalt, probably overkill for hobbyist use but I've gotten quite the collection over the years. And they've been faultless performance/reliability wise.

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      I’d say hobbyists are their bread and butter these days. Most tradespeople I know wouldn’t touch it.

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        Really ?
        I see Dewalt everywhere with the tradies they love em.
        Some go for Makita though.

        Whatever you go with you gotta hang shit on the other stuff that seems to be the bogan law.

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    Patagonia - they will literally fix anything for free, no matter how old it is

    • Agree, but the price of that is included in the original price, it being so expensive. I wouldn't call it a great value.

  • ShopBack… said no one ever

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      Have I ever said that?

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    Neff Appliances
    Victoria's secret
    Taj group of hotels

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