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nbn 250/25 Elite Mates Home Superfast Plan $99 Per Month (FTTP and HFC Only) @ MATE


Just stumbled across this. Was part of their 6 month discount promo but noticed it has now reduced from $109 per month to $99 per month. By comparison looking at ABB they offer 100/20 for $99 per month and Mate still offer the static IP and Aussie call centre. Pretty great deal

FTTP and HFC Only.

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  • +8

    Love mate and their service but I've referred 3 people to switch and never got referral credit so I left :3

    • +4

      Did you call their 'Aussie call centre' to enquire why?

      • +87

        Yep and they said
        "G'day mate, get the barbie started. We'll get things sorted by toosday arvo"

        • +1

          Toosday? You're having a lend.

    • +41

      I hate Mate and their customer service. Can't stand the "Mate" they force into every sentence. "Hi mate. What's the problem mate. Sorry mate. We'll have to charge you for that mate"
      Was glad to see the back of them.

      • +38

        thanks mate…

      • Ok M8

        • +1

          Who cares mate what they call you? If service is good?

      • yeah mate that would piss me right off to.

    • +5

      Aussie BB is best in service and support. Speeds are top notch. At the end you get what you pay for.

      • +75

        At the end you get what you pay for.

        Then explain Telstra ?????

        • -1

          Or even worse… Australia Post who have a legalised monopoly on letters. Just ridiculous!

          • +2

            @Brucegonemad: Well… letters being a dying business might just have something to do with that

            • @FBN: Letters may be dying but you can send anything within letter size at letter/large letter rates. From a screen protector to cables to blurays and so on

        • +3

          i need my dividends lol

        • +1

          I'm still waiting on the explanation, although I know the question was rhetorical. Anyone else?

        • +2

          A former monopoly that sucked so much as a business it had to be sold off to mums and dads when the liberals wanted to privatise it.

          • +2

            @This Guy:

            A former monopoly that sucked so much as a business

            You mean it was inefficient like most government run entities…

            • @jv: Typical lazy government employees who wouldn't get a job in the private sector but due to our high tax rates they get to cruise through life at the tax payers expense!

              • +2

                @Brucegonemad: I generally find people who carry on about the laziness of government employees are rarely the productive members of society they imagine themselves to be.

                • @bobalot: A Maccas employee is more productive than a government one

            • @jv: JV=joint venture

        • I guess "You don't get what you don't pay for" is more to the point. (But not always true if you're a professional ozbargainer)

      • +7

        I had a pretty bad experience with ABB when I left. They had been good a few years back but seemed to have started to slide.

        Been very happy with mate, cheaper and customer service hasn't been an issue (but I think I've only had to call once).

    • +4

      I've only referred one person last month & $50 was taken off this months bill… I'm happy

    • +1

      That's unusual - I've received referral credit about 5 times over the past 2 years.
      No issues - takes about 2 months to come through on the bill though.

    • That's odd. I've referred 2 people and my bill reduced by the referral amount on both occasions

    • I've referred multiple and got the credit every time. Love their service.

  • +5

    What are their CVC graphs like?

    • Not publicly available.

      • Why not?

        Are they trying to hide something?

        • +2

          Their CVC numbers.

          Nah I don't know. Most ISPs don't show them publicly. CVC might go the way of the dodo if the ISPs have their way.

        • +5

          Erm, hardly any providers in terms of all the RSPs out there, make their CVC graphs publicly available. It's far from the standard…

          Much kudos though for Aussie Broadband being the pioneer in terms of this.

    • +2

      I can't comment for everybody but I've never had an issue with it coming off the Albury POI.

      • -2

        How many OzBargainers would be using that though?

        • +3

          No idea, but anybody in the region will know they are so its the best info I can offer being a customer and not seeing their data.

    • +4

      Don't know what their graphs look like but my experience as a customer for two months was pretty dire from mid-afternoon out of the Maitland POI. Jumped back to ABB quick smart.
      Also occasionally regretting their mobile service with coverage patchy in and around parts of Newcastle. Guessing Telstra WME isn't great so any of the cheaper providers will be sketchy as well, so not entirely their fault.

      • Similar issue Sydney City South back in 2018. Mate would throttle very heavily during the afternoon and early evening. Switched to ABB and never looked back.

        Was hoping Mate provided 250 and would be tempted to try them again, but looks like still capped to 100 here.

      • +1

        The cheapest Telstra provider with the full network is Boost. The rest of the wholesalers have the cutdown network. Buy it as a 12 month prepaid plan, if you go month to month they make it 28 days so you end up paying for 13 months per year.

  • +16

    Aussie mates… that still have FTTN and can't get decent speed. Thanks Malcom and Tony

    • -1

      I now have FTTP available, Thanks Scotty…

      • +13

        Why did scotty get you FTTP?

        Is it because he realised you needed the bandwidth for all the comments?

      • Do you live in the Shire?

    • +1

      I now have Enterprise Ethernet. Thanks myself

  • +3

    I just signed on to TPG Super Fast 200 exclusive offer for $84.99

    • +4

      Good deal for existing TPG customers. Superfast = 250Mbps and 200Mbps is TPG's typical evening speed.

    • +2

      Same here. Good price and good speed. Average about 260 Mbps down and 24 Mbps upload.

    • +2

      Good luck :-)
      ACCC accuses Telstra, Optus and TPG of misleading customers on NBN speeds, takes them to court

      • Honestly the only reason why ACCC don’t take others because they’re too small to pursue. The limited funds the ACCC has it needs to use to cast a net big enough to be worth it.

    • How do you get this deal?

    • I dont see this deal on their website.

    • @phoebus - how did you get this deal?

  • Anyone has this company? How's the service in general? I currently have ABB and I feel like I'm paying too much for 100 MB ($99)

    • +1

      try it yourself. they have 1 month risk free guarantee.
      they are pretty good.

    • +4

      Yeah they're pretty good. I am fttp and have had no real issues from them at all. I seem to get solid speeds even during peak periods. Bundle that in with a static IP and aussie support it's pretty hard to beat.

    • +3

      I use them and I recommend them
      performance has been pretty good, they use Vocus though - which I have read people's experiences can vary
      their service and response times have been excellent

      • +1

        Another noteworthy thing (if anybody cares) is you won't get IPv6 on mate at this point cause Vocus don't support it yet on this wholesaled service.

        Most people won't care, but somebody might, and I think ABB offer it natively these days.

        • No, ABB stopped their IPv6 program. The reason was the moderm they provided for customer use old protocol to get IPv6 address. So ABB server get flood by their moderm. Latest firmware from cisco fixed the issue, but it’s hard for ABB to rollout the firmware upgrade, so they just terminated the IPv6 program.

          I switch from Mates to Superloop to get IPv6. So far so good. And I paid $89 for 250/25.

    • +3

      100MB for $99 that's an absolute bargain lol

      • -1

        Not if you get unusable speeds during peak…

        • +6

          It was a joke as I don't think any isp offers 100MB download speeds. You're thinking of 100Mb. Woosh

    • +2

      In my six months on 250/25, not a single complaint.

      • Did you use it much?

      • +1

        I got it at $89/month, 4 months no complains, except excessive usage of mate word.

        258 Mbps a moment ago while a HD YouTube video was playing too. https://www.speedtest.net/result/11928974893

        It is FTTP nbn, and I get average 300Mbps at the nbn NTD box over PPPoE bridge connection.

    • +1

      I'm using Mate since more than 3 years and happy with their service.
      I have FTTN so do encounter NBN issues, but their support team is always very helpful.
      Even on FTTN, here is my speediest result

      Highly recommend Mate to everyone.

    • I have been with them for around 10 months now and the service and speed so far is excellent I could not be happier, awesome price and near full speed 24/7. I am on 100/20 (FTTC). Referred my brother and got a $50 credit on my next bill.

    • If you like ABB but want a cheaper plan go to Superloop. Their 100/20 plan is $10/mo cheaper.

    • I've been with them for a few years. Best service I've ever had with a Telco (iiNet used to be okay too before they were purchased by TPG and had all their staff slashed). I'm on HFC and speeds are fine, I'm sure it's area dependant though. I wish mate was a bit cheaper but I haven't found another offer tempting enough to switch.

    • +1

      I'm about 4 months in on mate 250 plan $89/month. Regret churning from superloop. Everything works OK but no better than ok. A lot of lag. If there is a fault, everything falls apart with zero customer service. Only now realised that they are "vocus reseller level 3" which is basically a cheap ars product. Will move back soon. Superloop are the best of the lot. Been with them, internode and telstra

  • +3

    I signed up for Mate a week ago on the 250 plan and got ~14 down between 5-9pm. Lasted two nights before I switched to Aussie. Thankfully they won't charge you for the first month if you disconnect early.

    • Interesting, are you fttp or HFC?

      • FTTP. I was getting a solid 260 down during the day which is great for WFH but after work ended and leisure time began the speed absolutely tanked.

        • Yeah fair enough.. That's pretty unfortunate, I guess NBN is probably back to severe load again with all the lockdowns still. It seems to be a bit of a mixed bag and as others have said they have the 1 month free upfront so if the service in the area isn't to standard can always churn.

        • +1

          but after work ended and leisure time began the speed absolutely tanked.

          I guest that explains why they don't want to share their CVC graphs…

    • +1

      Had something similar to this. Was getting only getting 40mpbs when using fast.com speed test however it showed 260mbps when using speedtest.net around the same time, def something dodgey going on.

      • Depends where the content your accessing is hosted. speedtest.net has many speed test servers available, some even offerred by various ISPs, so you're only really testing the speed from your house to the local DC, but the congestion (likely CVC overprovisioning related) would be futher down the line. Do an internationally hosted speed test for a real idea speed wise.

    • What state/area are you in? Was considering trying them till I saw this

      • In Brisbane, this was at peak time around 7-8 pm

  • +2

    I'm currently with these guys. I was planning to churn away at the end of the $89 period. But honestly might just stay if it's only $10 extra…

    Just ran a speed test 236.61 / 21.71 Mbps. Has been rock solid since I've been with them.

    • What's it like around 8-9pm though?

  • Would be interested but I would like better upload speed.

  • I was with mate and they are very slow, it seems to be a very congested network. Superloop and ABB are much better.

  • +1

    I'm with these guys as well, 100/40 NBN FFTB, not sure if i can get 250/25, pretty sure its only for FTTP. Service/call centre is in Australia, top sales/tech service so far altho only been with them for a month. Speed got upto 104.7/36 consistently

  • +3

    I churned to mate almost a month ago when they had the same for $89 per month for 6 months promo. I churned from Superloop with them for the last 7 months on 250/20 plan.
    Mate are cheaper for a reason and my speeds range from 70-230 down and 7-20 up depending on the time and day. There is definitely congestion and it is nowhere near as solid as Superloop or ABB. I am tolerating it for the moment as the price is pretty good and TBH I don't need 250/20 speeds but for the price it is good value.
    edit for clarity: I am on HFC in NSW, and connected to the 'wireline' network which apparently is the inferior of Vocus which is the other offering with Mate and totally dependent on your location.

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