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Mechpro Blue Pressure Washer 2000W 2219PSI 7.8L/min - MPBPW9 - $99 + $9.90 Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Repco


Great price on this pressure washer which includes a snow cannon, as advertised in their latest catalogue.

Their normal RRP is $169, as I bought one myself when Repco had 20% off and paid $135.20. Works a treat with the snow cannon on my car.

Other people have said the Ryobi one (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/644276) is a better investment with the extra warranty, but each to their own. The Ryobi one doesn't have a snow cannon though.

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2021.

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  • +5

    Bought about a year ago when it was first released, Ignition club price $99. Used over 10 times, used the snow foamer once and the soap dispenser once. I didn't find it to foam very much but I was using Osren Bubble and Wax, not a dedicated foaming soap. I haven't thought of needing a snow foamer anyway and just use the two bucket method.
    If you're looking for a pressure washer to clean a car, it's great. The reel for the pressure hose is my only gripe because it's not very easy to roll the hose back on, and you tend to fight with the washer wanting to fall forward especially when reeling because there isn't a stand/stabilizer bar. Overall, I'm happy with the price and what it does.

    • +5

      I've got one of these too, overall a good package. I agree my pet peeve is rolling the reel for the pressure hose but it's a minor thing you get used to.
      Definitely worth a buy at $99 if you are after a pressure washer, this thing has a metal pump too which is great for durability.

      This thing can clean concrete floors and paving with its turbo rotary nozzle which does the job quite well.

  • Do Karcher accessories work with this? I like the idea of the deck cleaner

    • There is a deck/patio cleaning attachment available for purchase separately.

  • +3

    Holy crap, ordered one about 2 hours ago and it has arrived already.

    • +2

      That's insane, quicker than waiting to go on my lunch break to go C&C it LOL

  • haha, was monitoring this pressure washer for 3 weeks when the price will drop ))
    just need it to clean concrete and pavers from mold.
    didn't want to go with Ryobi because of the bad build quality reviews..

  • They have another very similar model https://www.repco.com.au/en/tools-equipment/garage-tools-equ...

    Is the one listed here an older runout model?

    • The one you posted looks higher end. From the outside anyway

  • +3

    The delivery is faster than my Uber eat delivery.

    • Hahahaha

  • Any idea if it would be easy to increase/extend the length of hose on this one.

  • Max flow rate is 7.8L/min but working flow rate is 5.5 L/min. Not sure what the difference is but I've seen a bunch of pressure washers marketed with a high max and so-so average flow. Reminds me of buying speakers back in the day with a bazillion watts of "max" power output.

    • Max output in PMPO! Almost sounds like a dance move or name for a weird song…
      blah blah… my PMPO… yeah, aaahhh, my PMPO… lol…

      MAX power - the power you will drive and burn out your voice coil(s)!

      • Max Power - it's the name you'd love to touch…

        • Almost like it could be Austin's brother, uncle, or father perhaps?

  • Thank you - looks like a good value pressure washer with a metal pump for under $100.
    Hopefully this is powerful enough to remove the lichen from my roof. If not it will still be decent for car washing and cleaning eaves.

    • Hi thom, I have one of these units myself and was curious if you managed to remove lichen from your roof.
      I have a clay tile roof which needs cleaning but was worried the high pressure would break the tiles (I was advised to use low pressure on clay tiles), and also the difficulty in setting up a unit like this on the roof.

  • Cheers Op - bit the bullet on this one with decent cost of delivery ($4.95) seems a no brainer.

  • Thanks OP, was debating between this or a similar Gerni which I've previously had good experiences with. Benefit of this was the longer hose (8m vs 5m), better attachments, but shorter warranty.

    • Looks like the Gerni comes with more attachments than the Mechpro. Are you sure?

      • +1

        Gerni has two nozzle attachments (Compact jet spray nozzle and Fixed fan spray nozzle) and the patio cleaner (which I have used, and is frankly abysmal).

        Mechpro has snow foam cannon, built-in detergent tank, and two types of sprays: Turbo rotary nozzle and a 'variable spray lance' (fan to jet).

        For my needs the snow foam cannon and detergent tank are more useful, and from what I can gather the turbo rotary nozzle should be better. Mechpro also sell an additional patio cleaner which has equally poor reviews.

        I'll hit the patio with the turbo rotary nozzle and see how this compares to the Gerni kit.

        • Thanks for confirming.
          I got the MechPro, do you think I can use the turbo rotary nozzle to clean a concrete driveway?

          • @bashar20: I gave it a go on the weekend and the turbo nozzle did a great job of cleaning patio pavers. Great unit overall and definitely comparable to the Gerni in terms of power and output, but I think the Mechpro attachments make it preferable.

            • @cyssero: I tried mine with a small section of concrete. I managed to clean it with turbo nozzle. But there were still some streaks. I guess need the patio attachment for a nicer finish but then the Mechpro patio attachment reviews don’t seem to be that good.
              Maybe I should attempt soaking concrete in some cleaning detergent first.

              • @bashar20: I think you will be disappointed by the patio cleaner - the way it works it actually leaves more streaks than the other attachments. It's essentially juts a nozzle spinning with some manual brush action. I believe the higher end ones and more powerful units will do a better job but it's not worth it on this range. I am also going to try some patio cleaner - have used this in the past https://www.bunnings.com.au/gerni-5l-all-purpose-detergent_p...

                • @cyssero: Thanks. Did you notice improvement in cleaning after using the Gerni detergent? Do you cover the area first with cleaner then use turbo nozzle to clean?

  • I bought one to "upgrade" from a Gerni that I bought last year. My main complaint with the Gerni was that it had nowhere to store the hose when not in use. They expect you to either leave it lying on the ground, or find your own way to wrap it around the handle or something. Poor design which put me off wanting to use it at all.

  • Bought and collected within 15 mins, thank you OP!

  • Can vouch for this high pressure hose, the long hose length and two different heads make it a great pressure washer for general use.

    Just a warning on the snow cannon as it’s really crap especially compared to the Maguire’s snow cannon.

    • Thanks - the comparison between the meguirs snow cannon and this one is really helpful. For me it means this is the same price as the ryobi one as I'd end up buying the meguirs cannon anyway.

  • +2

    Wow that's impressive.
    Delivered in 40 minutes

    • I bet they had stock in the back of the van and were doing a coffee or lunch run for the team in-store. Your place was on the return drive back to the outlet! 😂🤣

    • Same here!

  • Thanks OP, finally ordered one and hope this will last with all the metal pump.

  • Got one & bought some car cleaning foam. Just washed 2 cars plus the front windows of the house.

    • +4

      how did the snow cannon perform?

      • Really well, much better than i thought, though I have never used one before.

  • What are the pros/cons of this vs the Ryobi?

    I mainly want to clean concrete driveway, wooden fence and possibly to wash car.

  • +2

    Fastest online delivery I have ever received. Ordered at 11.00am today and delivered to my door at 1.30pm today.

    • Lunch break run! 🤣

  • Just picked mine up and tried to use it. Leaking pretty bad from the metal connector on the outside of the reel. Called them up and they were more than happy to replace but the guy said they've run out of stock and will get more tomorrow. Hopefully it's not a common issue as I can see that bit being a weak point.

    • My karcher use to leak but not this one! Hence the swap

    • I have got exactly the same issue. Just wondering how did you go with the replacement?

      • +1

        Had it replaced but haven't opened the new one yet.

      • If you're still interested, I tried to use the replacement one earlier and the reel was completely stuck. Maybe I'm unlucky but figured this thing isn't going to last much past the warranty period so returned for a refund which was very easy. I don't think Gernis are that much better in quality but at least with 5 years warranty it's a safer bet.

        • Thanks for letting me know. I had mine replaced too. Haven't got a chance to open it up yet. So fingers crossed, this one works better.

  • Say you want to get a better snow cannon like MJJC, which attachment would you need to get for this one?

  • Thanks OP, picked one up today. Need to clean my apartment balcony but no access to outdoor tap as i am on the top floor… Any way to connect it to water supply inside (maybe tap or laundry hose?) Any help is appeciated.

  • +1

    Just ran mine for a couple of hours, worked well on the driveway and caravan with the turbo head ripping off mold and dirt no worries. Pretty happy with it but the snow cannon is rubbish, the foam mix nozzle broke off already and it just didn't produce much foam at all. I was just using Maguire's gold class and not proper foam product but the videos on youtube I saw of people using this product were getting a lot better results than what I saw. Still happy for $99.

    • I agree 100%. I used the bowdens snow cannon liquid with this and it didn’t work either. comes out like sludgy piss

  • Thanks! Got one now.

    Does anyone knows what adapter this one is to connect Bowdens or MJJC snow cannon??

    • Post the part if you find one!

      • See motnaf's post above…
        "According to the review comments on the repco page for the deal it's the #9.
        The Bowdens site doesn't list the Mechpro as a model it suits but would assume it's the same body as a bunch of others out there.
        Having said that, I reserve the right to be wrong. Not sure I'd base my buy purely on that comment….

        If it is the right one, looks like you can get it here….

        https://www.repco.com.au/en/car-care-panel/power-cleaning/po... "

        I'll report back over the weekend to see if thats the one!

  • m confused…Ryobi or this ?

    • This based on what others are saying. I pulled the trigger on this one too.

  • +1

    Y'all suck!
    Every day I come here I spend money!

    F'OzB - Lucky I bought a pressure 'washer with soap snow cannon'… Guess I'll need it, so I can wash out my mouth! aaaahhhhh ahahhaa Think that's justification enough. "click"…

  • I'm new to pressure washers - the ad says it can be used "around the house". Does this mean I can connect it to a water tank or the laundry sink full of water (with a very long water tube, I guess), rather than a standard Australian outdoor tap? I'm in an apartment so have no access to actual hoses but would love this for our balcony floors.

  • +1

    Right got mine yesterday, what is the ozbargain favourite detergent to foam up good that's cheap?

    • I would like to know the same.

  • Noob here, is this strong enough to clean up driveway and concrete? Thanks

  • Do these work with a low water pressure outlet. I'm on tanks and the pump is not great.

    • +1

      Sorry dumb question should have googled before asking. Should work fine, will visit store today.

  • Some feedback from the unit I purchased yesterday.

    If you look at the reviews from the Repco site, there are some that have mentioned a potential weak point on the hose reel where the hose connects to the wheel itself. The biggest concern was that the stress sleeve didn't go far down enough on the hose to stop chinks in the pipe.

    My unit had the stress sleeve come further down so it's smoothing out and reinforcing the connector so it looks like they took the feedback to heart.

    Unfortunately on my unit the sleeve looks to have been moved further down, not extended down so parts of the connector is exposed in exchange for more of the hose to be protected. Not sure if it'll affect durability in the future but it looks promising at the very least.

    Bonus feedback, I love that fact that the barrel of the gun is able to rotate. My previous Homelite pressure washer gun had a static barrel so I had to hold the gun sideways to have the bowen's snow gun the correct way up when connected.

  • Saw this pop up this morning…


    Wondering how this compares to the Mechpro.
    (BTW - picked one up this morning also. "1 of us, 1 of us").

    Doesn't appear that the Karcher includes the snow gun, but then again, its only an extra $30odd.


    • Any follow up on this? I have a karcher k2 and wondering if this is worth the upgrade?

      • +1

        Nope - got one though. Still sitting in the box in the garage!

        Was at bunnings today to get some stuff and picked up the 5 pack of Ozito tools are listed on here the other day.
        Looks at the K2 also. I suspect the Mechpro was a better buy. K2 a little more exe and no foam gun.
        I don't know it's really an 'upgrade', rather another alternative.

        • Yes thats what I was wondering too. Mine is 1600 PSI and not sure its worth the money for a little more oomph.

          Also mine is a bit more portable and I need to use it on the roof.

  • Any recommendations for a suitable detergent to use with pressure washer?

  • Thanks OP got one.

    Insane delivery time. Purchased at 10:30AM and it got deliveried at 12:30PM. 2 hours!!!!

  • Would this be any better than karcher k2?

    • I'll let you know in a few days.

      Whilst I understand this is a generic brand and will not likely be in the same build quality, my K2 isn't exactly cutting edge quality either. It's got a core of cheap flimsy plastic, no hose storage and an underwhelming 1,750 PSI. I know that PSI is far from the only barometer, but for $99, I was happy to take a punt on the metal pump and extra accessories of this 2,219 PSI unit.

      Time will tell how it compares…

      • Thanks mate, Would appreciate a reply or PM when you had a chance to try it out.

        I need to gurney my roof every spring so am willing to invest a bit more if it indeed does the job better/faster.

        • Will do. My local store didn't have stock so I'm not scheduled to receive it until middle of the week, but will give you the down low on it's initial run out, if not it's long term prospects…

          • @UncleRico: So how did you go?

            • +1

              @AncientWisdom: I bought and used mine yesterday. Have used a gerni in the past, this one performed quite well and did a similar job hosing down my driveway and the car. As others have mentioned I didn't feel as it was as good as bowden's snow cannon but did did the job fine.

            • @AncientWisdom: Only received it today. Will take it for a burl tomorrow.

  • +2

    Someone posted a review last night on YouTube.

  • Ordered 8:48am this morning. Received 10:33am.
    Keen on testing this out shortly!

  • Similar experience to the above.

    Delivery was ridiculously quick, they delivered it with their own employees rather than using a courier.

    Tried to wash two cars with it, it was kinda rubbishy with Meguiar Gold, wouldn’t stay foamed for that long with a 1:10 ratio and I had to redo them with bucket and sponge afterwards. I couldn’t get it to do a proper wide angle spray either.

    Will try to clean the driveway next. Can’t really complain for $109.

  • Doesn't seem to be expired

  • +1

    Looks like extended Fathers Day Sale, stock not available in all stores for C&C but one near me has in stock, so might just pull the trigger to clean the decking and odd jobs around the house.

  • Did anyone else buy one of these, only to find the thing poohed itself?

    Took it out of the box and set it up this afternoon, only to see a massive leak from the hose join coming from the hose real.

    Had a look, and well… Neighbours though I'd pi55ed myself. The f'ing thing burst off and got me!

    Didn't even get to use the damn thing… Back to Repco tomorrow!

    Anyone else had any problems?

    • Nope
      Have used mine a couple of times since getting it and it’s been great

      • +1

        Here was mine out of the box: https://imgur.com/B6vWPgv

        Wait for the last 2 seconds! ugh!

        Heading down to Repco now…

        • Hope they’re able to sort this out for you!

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