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20% off @ Dell eBay (2721DGF $399 (OOS), S2722QC $369, AW5520QF $2399, AW3821DW $1499/ $1571 (5YR), S2721DS $289, S2722DGM $299)


Note - this promo starts at 10am 26/8.

I've had heaps of queries about when the next 20% sale is so I reached out to Dell to find out. Have spent a couple of days working on these deals to try and get the best prices in the current environment.

Some deals -

T&Cs -

Offer Period. This offer is available from 10:00 AEST on 26 August 2021 for a limited time only, for as long as it is advertised by eBay on the eBay.com.au website (“Offer Period”). eBay reserves the right to cancel the offer at any time.
Conditions. The offer entitles 20% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on items sold by the Official Dell Australia store (“Seller”) except for the Exclusions, with up to a maximum discount of $1000 per transaction during the Offer Period. Multiple items may be purchased in up to 5 transactions per person (with a maximum of 10 items per transaction).

As announced on Best Aussie Markdowns.

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  • +5

    Thanks Dealbot ! Is there any planned 24 inch screen deal?

    • I'm afraid not in this sale. The promo runs for 10 days so I can check again later on.

      • ebay says the Estimated between Tue. 28 Sep. and Wed. 6 Oct, may I ask really that long?

        • No. Usually 2 weeks tops. They put this usually incase they get more than expected orders.

      • I'm also after a 24" IPS monitor, not much real estate on my w/s to fit a bigger one.

        Anyone can suggest a good universal docking station - was looking to buy the Dell D6000, cant find any deals on it though.

      • Hi dealbot any chance of any 24" monitors before the end of the sale?

      • Didn't quite last for 10 days. It seems to have finished now. I just got a message saying voucher had expired.

  • +4


    • +1 for U4919DW

      • That would be ideal.. I thought they used to be higher vert resolution (like the 38" with 1600 not 1440p)?

        5120 x 1440 same as these two S3220DGF side by side, (I span the same wide wallpaper)
        Maybe I was thinking of 5K (5120 x 2880)

        • From what I understand a 49" is essentially 2 x 27" next to each other, so will typically have a 27" class resolution like 1440p

          • @witheredcouch: Oh right, that's probably the ideal size for 1440p, Still don't mind the 2x 32" curved but eventually may get something else a bit more Work orientated, sometimes want a bit higher resolution. Duals great for productivity either way

            • @G-rig: Dual is great (I run 2x32" 1440p at work and 2x32" 4k at home), and for productivity I could never go back. I prefer working on the 4k monitors as there is just more realestate, but 1440p at 32" isn't a bad time. I also feel that, at least for my usecases, two monitors allows things to be spaced out a bit more than one wide one, and have documents separated.

              • @witheredcouch: Agree mate, it's fantastic, and fairly immersive with the curved ones. Means not alt tabbing all the time. Even the U4320Q wouldn't be as good but great if only wanted one monitor. I usually split the left screen for a browser and explorer or documents, and another graphics program on the right hand side one. Typically at most offices i've worked they provide 2x 24" so usually have that software spanned across both.

                Probably bit of an effort swapping over to 4k equivalents now (and would lose a bit of cash doing so). At one point i was thinking having one 2k and one 4k but it would be pretty sucky with different resolutions. The actual viewable graphics area is the same (or bit more), it's mainly the dialogue boxes that can get in the way and wouldn't mind having those smaller. I'd still be bumping up the text scaling to 125-150% on 4k i suppose.

                Edit: usually drag some of the dialogue boxes onto the second screen out of the way, but you're moving and closing boxes all the time with this software

                • @G-rig: Yeah if you are running 120-150% scaling then there probably isn't too much benefit moving to 4k. I also think having matched resolutions is probably a pro over having one 4k. I run at 100% and there is a sizeable increase in usable space but when scaled probably not ideal (Plus it makes it almost exactly the same size as my XPS15 at 1080p).

                  • @witheredcouch: Hmm true, it's always good to run at native res, I guess I meant big fonts but only a small increase so things aren't tiny. Given that i got these (S3220DGF) and those cheaper/eqivalent 4k ones have dropped in price (S3221QS) it probably doesn't make sense to change now (but next time consider it for sure)

                    That's handy it looks the same as lappy

  • +9

    These models are out of stock and won't be part of this sale -

    • S2721Q
    • S2721QS
    • S2421HS
    • S3422DW
    • S3422DWG
    • Ordered S3422DW recently for $599 from Dell website. Thought it was a good deal. Delivery however is one month I’m told due to part shortage.

      • Have you received this S3422DW from dell yet? I've been told it can be delivered next week if I place an order today.

        • +1

          Yes, I received it a lot earlier than I was told originally. I think the stocks are back to near normal now

          • @Dr-StrangeLove: Thanks, ordered x2, Dell chat operator also confirmed can be delivered with a week so fingers crossed.

  • Ah I bought the DGF in the last deal, but it hasn’t been shipped yet. Considering cancelling for the DGM, as it’s just under the $300 threshold, so would be able to claim it as a tax deduction for working from home. Good prices, thanks dealbot!

    • Is it worth it over the 80c per hour alternative

      • The 80c per hour method is no longer an option from this financial year - only the 52c per hour method which I don’t believe covers the purchase of new computing equipment.

        • Oh, guess it's time to stock up on mics and webcams then.

    • I would rather avoid VA panel due to the limited view angle.

      • I think you mixed TN and VA.

        TN's the one with bad view angle, VA(not curved) generally have 178 degree view angle.

        • +1

          VA panels still have far weaker viewing angles than IPS. I currently have 2 VA panels in front of me, one curved and one non curved, and there is definitely a big shift when not viewed on centre.

    • How do you go about cancelling an order? I placed one on the weekend for the S2721D, and want to purchase the S2721DS instead. thanks!

      • Perhaps just try returning the item through eBay as ‘change of mind’? It says free returns within 30 days, so shouldn’t be an issue.

        • Yep, that or just send them a message directly through eBay or make contact via their customer service.
          If it hasn't shipped yet it should be a simple cancellation process.

    • +1

      I purchased a S2721D during the last deal and it arrived this week (ETA I was given was early Sept). Just thought I'd let you know!
      Good luck!

      • Did tthey notify you when they had sent it out?

    • +4

      I have the S2721DGF and I'd wait for it because it is bright with great colours.

    • They are slow to ship most of the time, I ordered two DGF and it took approx 4 weeks. The shipping itself is fast, the long wait was for the warehouse to actually dispatch them.

      • I ordered a DGF on the 28th of July and it arrived on the 12th of August. Not too shabby.

  • +1

    How does the S2722QC compare to the U2720Q? Seems like they havevery similar specs unless I'm missing something. Maybe slightly different looks / ports / ergonomics. Pretty crazy price difference though

    • I have one of the Ultrasharp 27 1440p monitors and have also used the newer S series versions with Freesync.
      Tbh, while the newer versions have slightly wider bezels I think the picture quality was better.

    • +6

      U series are individually calibrated, have VESA mounting, and have a ton of ports on them. They are designed for content creditors and professionals and thus come with a higher price. Overall they are excellent monitors. There have been a few dud models, but usually they are all excellent displays.

      S series is "Studio" series. Less port, may oray not be VESA mountable, and not individually calibrated for accuracy.

      ….from reddit

    • I’m interested in this too. From what I can tell the Ultrasharp has a slight better contrast ratio and 90W power over USB-C instead of 65W. It’s frustrating because I’d like the Ultrasharp but $600 difference is so huge! Anyone else have experiences?

      • +2

        Biggest thing is the color. Used the u series at work and they were always accurate, no matter the laptop.
        With the s series, colours look pretty bad and you'll need to apply a config for every laptop you use with the screen.

        • Right, that’s good to know thanks. Might have convinced me not to grab this! It’s tough when you can’t check them out in store.

        • Any experience with the P series as well? I’ve used the P2721Q and find the colours are fine for me

        • Every screen need post-factory calibration.. Example, RTings review for U2718Q, which, like all UltrsSharp, is factory-calibrated: "Decent out-of-the-box accuracy" versus "After calibration, .. has outstanding accuracy."

          • @AlexF: Don’t know if you’ve compared calibrated vs factory panels but I can’t really tell the difference unless they’re side by side. Issue with the p series is the factory colours look very off. This means an individual profile needs to be created for each laptop that uses it.

      • Exact same boat for me, the UltraSharp looks nicer and probably has slightly better colour accuracy and port selection but I think the savings here are too good to pass up. The UltraSharp premium for me isn't really worth it for me. Slower charging with 65w is fine as my laptop will always be plugged in anyway.

      • Color accuracy & overall quality.

        I replaced my old U2713HM with fresh S2721QS recently and as much as I enjoy better resolution, my old monitor has really good color accuracy from the box and worked for many years without a single hiccup.

        Spent two days tuning S2721QS to get a proper colors, I think I was 70-80% there, then it decided to start flickering and image ghosting, so I was forced to use sRGB color profile. It fixed it for now but now I don't know should I invest in color calibrator or not? Custom profile may kick it back into troubles :(

        Dell support said they can't help Macbook users and offered a full refund …

        Not sure what should I do TBH, looks like that get a proper U series monitor is my only option (I work with colors quite a lot).

        • Same here. I switch between a MacBook and xps and colors are always washed out/ super dark. Fiddling with icc profiles is annoying to the point I might shell out for the u series monitor.

          • @AH: Pretty annoying once you start fiddling with colours. I googled the monitor and there are various different recommend settings from rtings, tomshardware, Reddit.

            I've applied some in the actual monitor hardware settings menus, then there's also NVIDIA control panel.. then there's the colour profiles (ICC etc), which don't seem to do Much. Probably only half understand it but guess id have to disable the NVIDIA settings who knows.

            Those Spyder X pros (or similar) would be good particularly for dual screens, not exactly cheap ($197 Amazon Au-UK) but mostly you'd just use it once.

    • Interestingly, RTings compares the U2720Q to the S2721QS (seems to be the non USB-C equivalent) and says the S model is slightly better https://www.rtings.com/monitor/tools/compare/dell-ultrasharp...

      • Hopefully i havent put you off the monitor as colours are fixable, provided you have a spyder eye/ colour calibration device. Out of the box, everything is very off colour and require tweaks to make it look right. Everything basically has a much darker tint then compared with a calibrated screen.

        • Cheers. I might try calibrate it. The RTings comparison pushed me over the line and I grabbed it. Hard to knock back at that price

      • Same goes for the comparison of these two on rtings.

        ps. I wouldn't mind getting a spyder pro or similar, near impossible to get these two monitors the same, mostly the white balance (one is cooler vs warmer).

    • +4

      Check dell monitors nomenclature here
      U>S and C means it has usb-c

  • -1

    The Dell webcam included?

  • i bought my Aw3821 only for 1200+

    • I mentioned during the Afterpay promo that this was going to be close to $1500 this time.

      • Thanks.

        I m just sharing what was the best price.

        • how did you get that price?

          • @aec: It was one of past deals

            • +1

              @neology: Pretty sure it was $1299.

      • Money saved, thanks mate

      • Any idea if another deal like that is coming back in the near future?

  • Did anyone buy the DGM VA model in the last few offers? Would love your thoughts. Already own a DGF and it’s great, but I have an urge to try the VA!

    • +1

      No. Don’t do that. Will regret for sure. That’s all I can tell you.

    • +3

      I’ve got the S3220DGF which is VA. It’s not terrible but the black smearing is a thing and it just doesn’t ever feel quite right in terms of colour and contrast.

      I wish I bought the 27” IPS and I’m always been tempted to swap over. Learn from my mistake!

      • Contrast….. For dgf with nanoips, it's even pathetic…

      • +1

        Interesting. Is it because you work in a well lit room?
        Rtings.com suggests getting VA if you're gaming in a dark room.

      • What's that for, games or work?
        I think they are pretty good for both! Nice dark blacks
        No doubt they need some colour calibrating.

  • +3

    U4320Q plz

    • Yes! This has been on sale like once and only ine coupon ever even worked with it…

    • -1

      Same here. Wonder it is never part of the deal :(

  • +2

    how does one use a 55" monitor? how far back will you have to sit? should it really be treated like a TV e.g. for console gaming?

  • i assume with the code, wont eligible for cashback?

    • I’m guessing not but you can start stocking up on discounted eBay gift cards.

      • I did a quick search using the search in the upper right corner, didn't find any deals on discounted eBay gift cards. Would you have a link? Thanks

      • with the gift card, i'm worry if theres any issue, how the seller refund? and there's no paypal protection for any return or dispute too.

    • +1

      Yes, codes will normally invalidate cashback. Give it a shot if you're buying anyway, you might get lucky

  • +5

    The description of the S2722DGM is a disaster.

    "Dell 27 Curved QHD Monitor - S2722DGM" but then says "Dell 27 Curved 4K Gaming Monitor | S2722DGM"

    "Ports & Slots:
    1. Power Connector | 2. Security Lock Slot | 3. Stand Lock | 4. Downlight | 5. HDMI 2.0 (x2) | 6. DisplayPort 1.2 | 7. Headphone Out Port" but then says under tech specs "Features USB 3.0 hub"

  • S3222DGM ? Any comments following previous sales?

    • I wanna know if this is a decent monitor. I can't find too many thorough reviews on this (especially in relation to FPS gaming). It was supposedly meant to replace the 3220DGF which has raving reviews. #shrugs

    • I have the S3220 and its a decent monitor. A couple of issues though:

      • Flickering in certain games with G-Sync on, this relates to the FreeSync window and firmware. I have had black screens in some cases when FreeSync drops out completely. This might have been fixed on the 22 model though.
      • Office work is ok but at 32" it would be better to have a high resolution. I find it grainy compared to a 27" 1440p screen.
  • you don't need 27" monitor is Curved

  • Ordered S3422DW recently for $599 from Dell website. Thought it was a good deal. Delivery however is one month I’m told due to part shortage. Anyone else has this model? I’m planning to use mostly for work. Couldn’t find a lot of YouTube reviews for this one. Can anyone share their experience with it?

    • +2

      I got the Alienware 38 from the last deal and they also quoted me 1 month for delivery.
      Got it in a week.
      I think they put 1 month just to avoid disappointment in case its delayed.

      • That looks cool assuming it's this deal you are referring to. Hope to receive it soon.

  • Bought an S2721DGF from the last deal, yet to ship, no other updates yet on the order.

    • +1

      Dell is quite slow shipping from their warehouse from my own experience and reading others on here. Its a great monitor and well worth the wait but they definitely make you wait for it.

  • +1

    1. Is it possible to cancel previous ebay dell order if it is not shipped.
    2. Is it worth getting usb-c s2722qc vs already ordered s2721dgf. I will be using the monitor for coding and some photoshop, figma, adobe animation softwares

      1. Yes you can cancel your order, if not shipped
  • S3222HG ? Anyone has brought this ? reviews ?

  • I have the 2721DGF and I really like it. With a 3070, I can max out most games I play at 1440p. Would it be worth getting a AW2721D to take advantage of 240hz at 1440p? Would I even get that many frames?

    • Why do you even need that many frames if there's G-sync/Free-sync? If you're playing competitive you wouldn't be looking at 2k resolution to begin with.

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