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nbn Unlimited 250/25Mbps $84.95/Month, 1000/50Mbps $99/Month (Existing FTTP & Selected HFC Cutomers Only) @ TPG


I was thinking to upgrade to nbn 100, but I saw nbn200 is on promo for $84.95 per month. I am guessing this is only for existing users. I am not sure when this promo will end.

We hope you enjoyed your 6 month free speed upgrade to nbn™ Home Superfast (200Mbps estimated typical evening speed)

With your speed boost ending soon, here’s some good news: you can upgrade to nbn™ Home Superfast and SAVE a huge $40/month off our standard price, with this exclusive special offer!

Prefer not to upgrade? No worries – you’ll automatically return to your NBN50 plan and speeds on 9/08/2021. You won’t need to do anything.

Usual Price $124.99/mth

Special Promo price $84.99/mth
Terms and conditions
Focus on Fast offer: If you change plans or relocate, this promotional plan will no longer be available.

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    There’s also a $94 dollar deal for 200mbps for new customers too (6 mths only)

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    I don't see anything? only NBN100 for 89.99 - been with TPG for years
    oh nvm, my line doesn't support it

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    TPG upgraded me to 250 speed without a message or email for free a 6 months ago. I am on the $89 100 plan.

    • Wish Internode did that for me. Been with them for about 15 years now.

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        Does your line support the speed?

      • Internode did it for me.

    • Superloop did that for me as well.

  • My 6 month free upgrade is ending in a week, they offered me $85 for 200Mbs. Doesn't say how long it lasts

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      Permanent price unless you change plans or relocate.

      • Hey Twix, where did you see that? I can't find it on the tpg website but I'm pretty tired right now so could have easily missed it

  • Thanks. Showing $144 but then at the bottom its $85. Doesn't give much more info, unsure this cost changes after X amount of time?

  • Promo 6months then suck you in for another 6 or 18months at a higher price isn't much of a deal. 25Mbps upload is pretty lackluster.

  • For what it's worth I am on 270/40 with Telstra for $89.

    • That’s a good deal

    • How you get that? Telstra is moving 100/40 customers to 100/20 by increasing monthly charge to $110/m (discount $15 for 12 months).

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        I rolled over from 100mbit cable for $89. Bloke over the phone said he would give me top NBN for same price for life which was 100/20 at the time. A few months later it upgraded to 270/40.

        I have been with Telstra a while.

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          I was on the same 100mb cable and negotiated the premium speed 100/40 for life, at $90 per month instead of the usual $110 or $120.

          However, I just got that the email saying I'll be downgraded to 100/20 and it'll go up to $95/month for 12 months then $110/month.

          I hope you fare better than me.

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          They didn't offer me that and I was on cable for like 10 years! What a joke 🤣

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            @Adelv: Right?? I’ve been with Telstra since 12gb liberty extreme days with the Motorola surfboard cable modem.. best deal when I asked what they could do is give me a free month lol. Jerks.

            • @SlifSlif:

              I’ve been with Telstra since 12gb liberty extreme days

              I was on the original 100MB plan back in 1997. Can you even imagine what that was like? 100MB per month!

              • @1st-Amendment: I know my parents were on a plan before that, I just remember harassing my dad to upgrade to it cause it had 12gb of data haha

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      How did you get that? I'm on 100/40 with telstra for $110 per month and got an email the other day saying they are changing it to 100/20 but the price stays the same.

      • See above. Also got a Telstra TV out if it.

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    It's showing $99 for the 200 deal for me. Regular price is listed as $125

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    Just got off the phone. They said it's for new customers only. They told me the speeds were 200/25 and 250/50. I'd have to get the 250/50 as I don't want to downgrade my upload speeds. Not worth it at $144.99.

    • This deal is for existing customers.

      For new customers.
      Superfast 250/25 (200Mbps 7-11pm average speed) $94.99/Month for 6 months.
      Ultrafast 1000/50 (250Mbps 7-11pm average speed) $114.99/Month for 6 months.

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    Max i can get is 100/40. Thanks nbn and your digital divide in metro cities.

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    Was on 100/40 for $89, just had 6 month speed boost trial and was able to get NBN Cable Broadband Unlimited Ultrafast 250/50 for $99.

    Strangely the 200/25 was $115 for me.

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    Been with tpg for a long time and just came off their "free" speed upgrade. Received the email offer yesterday for 200Mbps for $85 per month. Was happy to upgrade as I was paying $69 for their 50Mbps plan.

    • Same for me but I didn’t upgrade. For normal use, I couldn’t tell the difference. Maybe coz I never download, just for stream.

  • I logged into my TPG account and I still see 124.99 per month?

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    Wasn’t targeted, after trying to get a better deal to price match mate and failed yesterday, I opted out to mate $99 250/25 yesterday, what a good time to post this!

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    This 1000/50 plan does not exist. I was offered the ultra fast deal from tpg for $99 a few weeks back and took it. I usually get speeds between 400-500Mbps.

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      Yes it does. The nbn Home Ultrafast plan has a maximum of 1000/50. 400-500Mbps could be a router bottleneck, device bottleneck or TPG not allocating enough CVC in your area.

    • are you on FTTP or HFC?

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      Oh cool. During my free upgrade I get 600-800Mbps

      My free offer is $99 for the ultra plan - have 3 days until the offer lapses

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      We get 950-980 Mb/s on our Aussie Broadband 1000/50 plan so pretty decent.

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    damn stuck on FTTN! .. lol

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      Same, the Digital Divide is real :(

  • How do I convert my FTTC to FTTP? I'm getting PTSD with this 87/20 internet.

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      Usually involves a bucket load of cash from what I've heard in the past.


      Comes under their "technology choice".

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      The second way is going to be requesting FTTP from an ISP. NBN Co is going to update the address tool on their homepage by November.

    • I paid for a quote to move my office building in Tasmania from FTTN to FTTP and it came back as a bit over $13,000
      Obviously it will depend on what’s your on and where you are, but yeah it can cost a fair bit.
      Understandably I didn’t go ahead with it.
      Just got multiple fttn connections and trunked them together

      • Check if the price has dropped. nbn now give free quotes.

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        Last I saw, if you happen to be on FTTC, you can upgrade to FTTP for free (when they are in your area, so you will have to wait) provided you order a plan higher than 100Mbps. Upgrading from other technology will cost and usually between 6k to 18k from the quotes I've checked online with different addresses (when I was looking to buy a home).

  • On the same deal, long time TPG customer. Supplied me with an upgraded TP Link modem/router for the super fast 200Mps plan. Only paid $10 postage to receive it. Getting around 270 Mbps with a speed test.

    • Can you confirm the model no. Of modem you got as an upgrade?

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        TP-Link Archer VR1600v.

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      I'm getting 270 Mbps via www.fast.com as well on the Supefast plan.

      Pretty happy that it's only $15 more than the $69.99 I was paying for 50/20.

  • Is TPG reliable?

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      They've been fine for me (no need to ring them, at all) and they used to frequent the top placements in the ACCC speed rankings. Perhaps not the top any more, but for the companies comparable then TPG has been cheaper for the 100/40 plans.

      • +1


  • Does TPG give static ip addresses?

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      Only on business plans.

  • Does TPG nbn use CGNAT?

    • Nah.

  • I'm an existing customer but didn't get the offer. It says $125 for 200mb plan. Shame

    • Same here

  • Same here existing custome it is saying for me $125 for nbn200 :-(

    @OP it seems this is targeted deal?

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    They did this to me too. 6 months on their Ultrafast 1000/50 plan for free and then said I can keep it for an extra $10, so paying $99.99 a month now. Amazing!! I get 600 on average evening speeds.

  • I am recently connected with 200Mbps / $94.99 for first 6month.

    I have try to upgrade 250Mbps, but I can find a full price of $144.99, not $99 on this article.

    Is anyone success to upgrade to 250Mbps with $99?

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    Targeted free trial customers only,I just updated my plan to 200mbps but I still get 250mbps just like the free trial period

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    Why are different existing customers getting different pricing? I got an offer for 250Mbps for $99/month?

    • Same for me; I'm already paying $89.95 for NBN100 (having reverted at the end of the free upgrade trial).

  • Are TPG a vocus reseller?

  • -2

    upgraded to 200mbps plan but only get 80-90mbps.

    called TPG. only thing they did is asking me to do speed test.

    if u want a reliable NBN provider, leave TPG.

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      Based on your previous post, you're using a secondary router as an AP, it could be that reason. Try connecting to the 5Ghz network on the main router

      • nah, im using main router. 100% compatible with speed up to 1000mbps. cable is cat5e. tried both wired and wireless (2.4ghz and 5ghz). all under 100mbps.

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      most routers nowadays have dedicated apps, run the wifi analytics part of the app and check your connection to your router if you're connecting wirelessly. your internet speed wont be faster than your wifi connection speed, and wifi is prone to interference. the 200mbps and their claimed evening speeds are determined by connection to your NTD, not to your devices via wifi as this depends on your hardware. sometimes you can boost your speed just by repositioning your router/modem and running a longer ethernet cable.

      i'm paying for 250/25 from uniti wireless at the moment, my area's not saturated so my speeds are 287/24 with 0ms ping offpeak and they drop to 260/24 with 1ms ping during peak. i can get these speeds consistently around the house over wifi because i'm running a netgear orbi setup, and the satellite is connected to the router with a 1gbps ethernet connection. if i wasn't running the orbi setup, i'd probably only get 50mbps on my devices in my lounge room due to the distance.

      i've had a workmate complain that he was paying for 1000mbps nbn but was only ever getting less than 100mbps and he kept complaining that his provider wasn't doing anything about it. I took a closer look at his setup and figured out that his issue was that he was running a really old cat5 cable between his router and NTD. changed the cable to a cat5e cable and his speeds went up to 600mbps.

      • ok lets talk about wired connection. still under 100mbps. cable is cat5e, will try cat6 but I dont think it will work.
        my story. my first day with tpg, activated plan was 50mbps but only got 10-12mbps. called them but no work. made a complaint to TIO, they fixed the problem in 2 days.

        • what modem router are you running? tp-link still seem to make modem/routers that only support 100mbit over WAN and LAN.

          • @DangerNoodle: tplink c1200. TPG website says it is compatible with superfast plan

            • @aaron1988: yeah, definitely should be compatible. only thing i can think of is either their cvcs are crap or one of your cables is not up to spec. i've had a faulty cat5e cable before that screwed up speeds pretty badly.

        • i believe im still on the old plan (100mbps). the night speed is just 80-90 which is their typical evening speed.

    • I was getting consistant 270+ during my super fast trial with TPG. I am now back to the 100/40 plan and speeds have never been slow (FTTP)

  • Shame there isn't a price for new customers. Should be for existing and new customers im sure a lot of people would make the switch.

  • +1

    I have no option for the Unlimited 250/25Mbps $84.95/Month deal as an existing customer. Had a temp 1Gb down plan as well.

  • Thanks to Turnbull the f****its cynical politicising of the NBN I get to to pay more than this for a much slower service

    • +1

      I know what a bunch of criminals

  • +1

    I can confirm that it is a target offer. I have just received an email with this offer:

    We hope you enjoyed your 6 month free speed upgrade to nbn™ Home Superfast.

    With your speed boost ending soon, here’s some good news: you can upgrade to nbn™ Home Superfast and SAVE a huge $40/month off our standard price, with this exclusive special offer!

    • Yes. Tpg also said to me this is a targeted offer. I spent close to 50mins with them on the call being bumped from one team to another with each team and even their floor mgr repeating to me that this is a targeted offer and cannot be given to me because I didn't receive this email. Escalation and termination threat yielded no result. Gonna submit my 30 days notice and move on to Tangerine also offering the same plan at $94.99 for first 6 months.

  • Just moved to the 200/20 service (HFC), currently getting 280/20 via speedtests. Interested to see how it goes at peak.

    Did have issues getting it going as I didn't realise I had to do PPPoE, just in case anyone else is moving from a non authenticated service as well.

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    too slow, China' internet speed is 500mpbs at $15/month, 100Mbps is Free when you bundle the mobile plan at $10/month

    • +2

      With no Google, no YouTube, no Twitter, no Facebook.

  • is this 6/18 months plan or no contract?

    • No contract, continuous if you're a existing TPG NBN customer.Like others have said, seems to be targeted.

      • thanks. got 1gbps for $99. pretty happy

        • How's the speed?

        • Also, How'd you get it? So I can try too.

        • Would be interested to know if we could get same deal

  • Just got 2 months free on Super fast plan. Essentially going from NBN50 to NBN200 for just $10 for next 1 year.

    • How did you get this?

      • By speaking with their retention team

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    After being told I couldn't receive 1000/50 on a fttp line they later rang back stating I can receive those speeds after questioning why it wasn't possible on a fibre line. Spoke with live chat support and said to phone up and ask if I signed up would be able to then receive the discounted rate. Was turned away so will be sticking with my current RSP. Doesn't sit right with me having people pay different prices for the same service.

  • Anyone else having problems with their router overheating and having dropouts every 15mins since changing? Was completely fine on the free trial