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Fiammetta Rustic Euro Fire Pit $49 (Was $219) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Bunnings


Credit to Pricehipster. Has been discounted before but this the lowest price so far.

Heavy duty cast iron bowl
Easy assembly
Grey finish
Outdoor use only
Stylish and modern Euro design that will bring some warmth and character into your outdoor entertaining area.

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    When I was looking at fire pits in Bunnings about 3 months ago, they were all stacked up in a pile and more than 50% of them were broken.. they looked and felt like cheap rubbish yet sold for $200+

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    $219 for this is mental

    • +33

      you mean metal.

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    Interesting, doesn't look like it's available for C&C? checked a few nearby Bunnings

    EDIT: Reason as taken from Bunnings's website:-

    Our Victorian stores are temporarily closed to retail customers. Our stores remain open for trade customers only.

    During this time our Victorian retail customers can still purchase the items they need online, using Bunnings’ Click & Deliver or contactless Drive & Collect service, where products can be ordered online and collected from Bunnings’ car parks, without customers needing to get out of their car. Please note that due to a high volume of online orders, there may be a delay in fulfilling your order. Our team is working hard to prepare orders as quickly as possible. Collection and delivery timeframes for your local store will be updated regularly and clearly displayed when adding products to your cart.

    To check the status of your online order, please click on the “Check your order status” tab on the bottom hand right corner of your screen when you visit the Bunnings website and enter your order number, which can be found in your order confirmation email. Some customers may experience a delay in sending order confirmation emails. If you have not receive an order confirmation email on the same day you placed your order, please contact Customer Support for assistance.

    Since the outset of COVID-19 we have followed the latest government health advice and we thank customers for their understanding.

    • No C&C anywhere on the GC

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      so much stuff at bunnings cant be c&c for some reason, and not even heavy items. its really weird

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    I swear ozbargain reads my mind sometimes…. thank you

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    I use a low kettle type bbq that looks similar as my firepit on the rare occasion we have a fire. It cost me about the same. It's undoubtedly thinner walled but it does the job. I think I got it at Bunnings.

    • -3

      on the rare occasion we have a fire. It cost me about the same.

      Do you mean same cost for fire brigade call out $400+ ?? ha ha ha..

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    Perfect for the upcoming summer

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    Just as a review for this specific firepit. Its a good design and decent size. My family had one at our farm. Worked great for probably 6 months until the leg fell off. The whole area on the bowl which the leg attaches to came off.

    Probably wouldnt recommend, unless very rarely used - which i guess would be …ok for $50?

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    Out of interest is there a way to use one of these without smoking out the whole suburb?

    • +3

      In a suburban environment - not really. Only real way would be to make sure the fire is quite small and using extremely seasoned / dry cuts of wood. There are probably some types of wood that produce less, but im not too sure.

    • +10

      smoke = lack of oxygen, a well built fire shouldn't produce too much.

      • people just burn wet wood…

    • +3

      No. There is no way to avoid pissing off your neighbours.

    • +1

      You need very high heat fed by oxygen and complete burn. A solo stove type pit would do it. They are amazing but exy. Also the mesh type pits that provide unobstructed ventilation under the wood. Problem with these types of pits is the lack of air under the burning logs. Even with a grill under the logs, there's not a lot of clearance to pull air in under it.

    • +4

      This https://www.solostove.com/fire-pits/
      Watch some of the reviews. The way it burns fuel is amazing.

      • +4

        I love the look of this but surely those crafty cats in Shenzen can whip up a blatant copy of this design for $25!!

        • There are camping copies. I'd say larger ones are way too expensive to ship but more than happy to be proven wrong…

        • +6

          Old washing machine tub should do the trick. 😉

          • @Fredorishi: Yeah I've a few of them around the property. Instead of doing pile burns, put everything through it. Holes Drilled in the bottom of the tubs to allow air to be sucked up; put them on a couple of sandstone blocks to prevent them setting the grass on fire around it.

      • That looks amazing, but hard to find and at a fair premium from what I can see on Ebay and Amazon.

        How much have you seen them for in this country?

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    I use my jumbuck when we want a fire and roast marshmallows.

    • +18

      You set a sheep on fire just so you can eat marshmallows?

      • +3

        Once a jolly swagman camped by a billabong
        Down came a jumbuck to drink at the billabong
        And he sang as he stowed that jumbuck in his tucker bag
        The jolly swagman lit the jumbuck and roasted marshmallows
        Up roast the marshmallows, one, two, three

    • which one

  • +7

    What a steel

    • +7

      You’re on fire

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    Just made an order to realise that this is the smaller size 500mm x 345mm x 500mm and there is a bigger size of the same model selling for $179, so I am not sure if that was a bargain or it is the actual price for the smaller size 49$?

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    If only this didn't go on sale 2 days before winter ends. Likely sit in the shed for 9 months before use where I live.

    Is a 50x50x35cm box sitting in the shed for 9 months worth 76% off RRP for an average at best reviewed firepit….. Not for me.

    • +8

      Fill with water to use in summer

      • Check and mate. Too ez.

  • -3

    This is why the aliens don't talk to us…

    Stupid people don't know they are stupid, because it takes a certain amount of knowledge to even know they are.

    • They certainly will not be talking to you anytime soon.

  • Reckon I can chuck some grill grates on this and double as a BBQ?

    • Did you manage to find one long enough? I think it has to be at least bigger than 55cm long

  • +10

    Before buying a budget fire pit from Bunnings read these reviews Glow Carla Fire Pit or Jumbuck Square Firepit. Review after review of fire pits collapsing, they're bloody dngerous and a false economy. They're made with metal not much thicker than sheet metal and they burn through. I can't believe Bunnings still sell these ultra budget fire pits. A good fire pit needs to be at least 5mm thick and many metal workers make them around Australia, if you buy one you'll be able to put it into your will for your children or grandkids, it's a generational investment. You'll find them on eBay or Gumtree.
    I bought one years ago, it's 6mm thick, 90cm diameter and cost about $200. I bought it from a metal worker who made fire pits
    from leftover/cut offs he had lying around from contract jobs. I've loaned the fire pit to friends/family when they have parties.

    • Agree with this. But i will add, if you're going to get a cheapie, probably better with a old drum half cut or similar design even if its vertically cut so the bottom is rounded as in my experience. Perhaps not as modern aesthetically but does the job and i'd argue safer when the day comes it shats the bed.

      • +1

        Yes I've enjoyed many an evening sitting around a 44 gallon drum fire place, old beer kegs have thicker metal and make for great fire pits.
        Here's an example of a good cheap fire pit for sale 76cm 6mm thick STEEL FIRE PIT $145.80 delivered
        If you look around you can find locally made fire pits at good prices, made to last and you support local business,
        instead of this imported stuff made from sheet metal and tin foil.

  • What about the gas outdoor fire pits? I'd assume no smoke but wonder about the safety or cost to run

    • Good get the caveman experience without smoking out the neighbours

      • Defeats half the purpose. :) Love a good smoke out when starting up.

  • Was the 500mm ever $219? There is also a 1000mm with same name. Pricehipster shows another with same name dropping from $149 to $99 but no longer links. I'm guessing the two have become mixed up somehow.

  • +5

    Sweet. Got myself a Beyblade stadium

    • +1


  • would this be a good idea for a charcoal barbeque?

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    not sure my council would allow open fires , inner melbourne, we aren’t allows incinerators for burning rubbish , this is similar in that it is open, just not made from grey cement blocks ,
    biggest house block in my street is 600m2 most are 300m2 , light up one of these and 6 neighbours clothes on the line will small of smoke ….

  • +3

    total weight 8kg, 500cm diameter …… this is just a big wok ……not sure why they say cast iron, i think this might just be pressed metal and it has riveted handles ……

  • +1

    These are somewhat small and not really ideal for a lot of people i'd think, but probably make sense where space is limited.

    Bit ironic that this confused / troll person above is allowed to post utter nonsense (factually and ethically) yet the admins appear to be suspending other people responding rather than the one instigating it.

    • -1

      Oh just enjoy the mindless lefty cringe-fest the mods turned the place into….

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    I jumped on this and ordered thinking it was about to sell out. Now I realise it's not actually a great deal, after reading all the above comments, and I've asked to cancel the order.

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