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Telstra Day: Samsung - Galaxy S21 128GB $624, 256GB $672 | S20 FE 5G $699.30 | A32 $336 (Account Req.)


Telstra Day – our monthly one-day sale event where we offer unreal deals on a great range of products – is back once again. Here’s what’s on offer this time around.

Edit: Full list of deals now in title/on Telstra Exchange, iPhone and iPad deals also live, wouldn't fit in the title!

Mod: Removed S21 Ultra 128GB $1293.60, 256GB $1360.80 Duplicate from title.

Mod: All Telstra Day Deal Posts

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        Thank you very much man I appreciate it <3

  • Is this one of those things that sells out in 3 mins or do they have zillions of stock?

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      Tell you at 3 past….

  • Samsung s21/ultra or oneplus 9/pro?

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      im on oneplus 7t, its a good phone hardware wise, lacking in quality camera as always with oneplus and on software side of things, they are pretty terrible…. so i wouldnt recommended

      • Wouldn't reccomended oneplus or Samsung?
        I've been flipping back and forward through galaxy/oneplus since s2/oneplus 1 though to my recent s8 to oneplus 7 change.
        Was so set on oneplus 9, but have read of heat issues, camera not as great as they make out and getting 5G up and running is hit or miss.

        Up until 20mins ago I hadn't even contimplated the 21 ultra, but now torn.

        • i wouldnt recommend the oneplus, i strongly believe their software support is complete trash… my 7T is still strong hardware wise but its their incompetent software support thats killing my phone.

          samsungs one UI may be abit far from stock android but they support it heavily and updates are quick, and samsung camera is just better in everyway.

    • +1

      Currently using OP6, I much prefer stock android/Oxygen OS, but it's hard to get your hands on a OnePlus9 in Australia, other than grey imported models from Hong Kong. Also it would most likely be missing some Australian 4G bands and 5G. So the S21 for this price takes the win in my opinion

      • +1

        Yeah as per my comment above Im on oneplus 7 and was going to drop the $1.2k on a pro off of Amazon.
        5G seems to still require modifications to files, but has the n78 band for Telstra so wasn't too worried.

        • How do you learn about these things?

          Lol i thought a band was related to music

  • +2

    I just went and bought a $2 sim and created a new Telstra ID with it. I still get the "Something went wrong" at checkout…

  • Looks like Shopback is offering $55 cashback on phone plans - so presumably after signing up for the $55 cheapest plan, we can get that $55 back anyway.

    • Yes check how long you need to have the plan for to get the cashback? Can you cancel immediately?

    • Not if you cancel the plan within 60 days iirc.

      • Ah bugger, good to know! Tx.

      • Yes i thought the case as Telstra pretty much forfeit the first 2 months of the plan. Shopback get quite a profit from you signing up too.

  • Are these phones unlocked or will they only work with Telstra SIMs? I'm currently with Amaysim and thinking of buying this and sticking my existing SIM in this

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    Someone has posted a dupe where they confirmed in the chat that Ultra will be 30% off - I was really hoping for 50%

    • That price is barely above government or similar discounts, I think that I get 20% off with my government account so 30% would not be attractive to me or lots of other people. I wonder what price people would want to actually pull the trigger on it. For me, the most that I would pay is $1,100 for a 256GB but that is my decision,YMMV.

      • Agree - I get 20% through employer so would need it to be at or close to $1000-$1100 for me to impulse buy.

        • Yes around $1000 for the s21 ultra would be good. $1300 is nothing special for an 8 month old phone when the iPhone 13 is imminent.

  • +1

    "Edit: Ask and you shall receive, we will also have a deal on the S21 Ultra tomorrow. Check back onto Telstra Exchange at midnight for more info."

    Note 20 series deal

  • Saw this on Facebook.

    Samsung S21 ~ 50% OFF (SAVE $624!)
    Samsung S21 Ultra ~ 30% OFF (SAVE $554.40)
    iPhone 12 Mini ~ 40% OFF (SAVE $479.60)

    • No S21 plus model on sale?

    • Well…. that's a let down :(

    • What is the link to the Facebook page? I think that this might be an anti-climax, unfortunately.

      • please share the facebook link if you have it. Thanks

  • -1

    So can you still purchase outright if you're not a Telstra customer?

  • Any suggestions to use computer or my telstra app?

    • Both

    • Going Telstra app for auto login

  • Does anyone know if zip pay or after pay is a payment option for this deal?

  • So for new Telstra customers, this works out to be $727 including the $55 plan for the 256gb variant. Still worth?

  • Can someone double check for me, the 256gb is only available in the grey colour? Was hoping to get white colour with 256gb but it doesn't seem to be an option? https://www.telstra.com.au/mobile-phones/mobiles-on-a-plan/s...

    • +1

      I only see the 256GB option in grey also

  • +4

    This whole needing a Telstra ID is going to cause a lot of pain. I can't seem to obtain one no matter what I try. I first kept getting the "Something went wrong" message, then i somehow got past that and then got the "We need more ID" message asking me to bring ID instore. Unless you're already an active Telstra customer, you're going to have a bad time.

    • +1

      I was keen to buy one, but it feels like a pain to jump through the Telstra hoops

  • Is there any point to use shopback if buying outright?

  • Keen on a Plus deal, Ultra is too damn expensive.

  • +6

    How convenient, website undergoing scheduled maintenance…

    • It's hilarious

  • +3

    According to https://www.telstra.com.au/deals/telstra-day, it says:

    Samsung Galaxy S21 5G

    Now $624. Save $624

    Buy outright or $26/mth for 24 mths.
    Was $1,248. Save 50% off RRP when you add to an eligible Mobile plan.

    • If this remains the case, I'm out

  • +6

    Did i miss something? Nothing available yet?

    • Same experience here

    • Yeah sorry man. Jv bought 200 of them.

    • +1

      OP busy updating the page probably?

      • +2

        what a fail lmao

    • +1

      I'm staying up for this, it'd better work soon!

  • +1

    So it's ticked over. Now what?

  • Nothing yet

  • Down for maintenance, try again when we come out of lockdown

  • ………………..Unreal.

  • Scheduled Maintenance
    We're carrying out some updates to our shop. Please try again in a couple of hours.

    Close and return to Telstra home

  • And we wait..

  • +7

    Here's the full list of deals: https://exchange.telstra.com.au/telstra-day-september-2021/

    Site ought to be updated soon.

    • yas S21 ultra is included although only 30%

    • -10

      Edit: Telstra.com is now live with the deals!

      • +3

        Scheduled Maintenance

      • prices are still the same?

      • do i have to add a plan to get the 50% off the price of the S21?

      • Seems the deal for S21 requires a plan signup?

      • +1

        Give the office a call mate

      • LIES!!

  • Prices still the same…

  • Scheduled maintenance loool

  • +2

    Samsung Galaxy S21 128GB $ 624.00
    $ 624.00
    Samsung Galaxy S21 256GB $ 672.00
    $ 672.00
    Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 128GB $ 1,293.60
    $ 554.40
    Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 256GB $ 1,360.80
    $ 583.20
    Samsung Galaxy FE 5G $ 699.30
    $ 299.70
    Samsung Galaxy A32 $ 336.00
    $ 144.00
    iPhone 12 Mini 64GB $ 719.40
    $ 479.60
    iPhone 12 Mini 128GB $ 767.40
    $ 511.60
    iPad Air 64GB $ 879
    $ 220

  • +2

    Was expecting more discount on the ultra tbh

  • See u tmr morning then…

  • No AirPods sale :(

  • Till next month fellas

  • +7

    Is there something that stopped you from purchasing any of our plans today?

    yeah, your website
    come on, I've got to go to work in 7hrs time

  • +1

    Hard stop error

  • no i12 back next month

    • i13 this month though.

      • at full rrp im not that much of a apple fan

  • so need to add a plan to the s21?

    • If so, the prices need to have $55 added to them in the title of this post.

  • Same price are you joking?

  • +1

    site is updated, prices are not… when you try and checkout…

  • +4

    Stayed up for no reason T-T

  • I can see the S21 has the "special offer" banner on it now, but no price change…

    • Seeing the same.

  • Okay who crashed the website?

  • +1

    Did anyone have any luck getting an s21?

  • When can we buy?

    • -2


      • The price is not updated yet. when i clicked next i get this page

        Scheduled Maintenance
        We're carrying out some updates to our shop. Please try again in a couple of hours

        • I mean, deals on, but page on the other hand…

  • +8

    Site down for maintenance. Never change, Telstra. Never change.

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