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Samsung 85-inch QN85A TV $4,580 + Free Shipping to Selected Areas @ Appliance Central


Another price drop to from last deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/647161.

I used this price to price match at JB for the Samsung bundle promotion of $600 cashback for this TV with an eligible Soundbar bundled. https://www.samsung.com/au/offer/home-theatre-cashback/

Also is eligible for Bonus Offer of included 12 months Kayo Premium or Binge Premium https://www.streamwithsamsung.com.au/

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  • +1

    Why can't the c1 77 be this price 😔

    • My G1 77 inch finally arrived and it is spectacular!

      • +7

        Can I haz the box to play in

      • Oooo grats!!!

  • I'm a bit confused about the panels used here so are the QN85A models under 85 inches all use IPS and the 85 inches here use VA right?

    • +2

      Yes, 85" is VA panel according to the forums. Under 85 inch are not VA panels.

  • +2

    Wow… my brother was looking to buy this TV from JB Hi-Fi literally 3 hours ago. Went through the purchase process online, threw in a soundbar and then chickened out.

    He's just done it now for this and price matched over the phone. Legend.

    • I talked myself out of it when the first deal went up too!

  • +1

    No Dolby Vision for those that care. That is the only thing holding me back from this otherwise awesome TV.

  • How's this compared to Sony x90j?

    • Some say the Sony is better because of Dolby vision. I watched a bit of soccer on an X90J the other day and it didn't look impressive at all. Hopefully just the way they had it set up but couldn't keep up with the players at all, very noticeable tearing.

      • +1

        watched a bit of soccer on an X90J the other day and it didn't look impressive at all.

        Live TV? Have to try it with 4k content with Dolby vision before you can tell.

  • How does this compare / why so much more than the au8000 and q60?

    • Been weighing up both the models above and can't see much difference. Got offered a Q60 85" for $2900

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      Neo is mini LED

  • Wait a second…

    • Operating System Tizen™

    I thought the new Samsung TV's were all using Android now?
    I couldn't handle the slow OS, lack of apps/app support, and ads they pushed over Tizen on my older Sammy.
    Unless they've drastically improved it, I'd recommend anyone purchasing this TV also grab yourself an Amazon Firestick or similar to use as a replacement homescreen.

    • Still Tizen - I haven't played with anything older than 2017 but I haven't noticed any slowness with my Q75R in the two years I've had it. There was only one, relatively unintrusive ad in the menu, but other than that it's nothing compared to my LG G1.
      The home screen on LG's WebOS 6 has got much promotional/recommended stuff splashed over it that it lags each time you open it because it has to reload the widgets each time. I just rely on shortcuts to get my way around.
      Also have a NVIDIA SHIELD, and out of the three - is probably the one I like the most in terms of UI.

      • +1

        I see heaps of people complain about the "ads" but have never noticed anything more than the 1 icon that blends in to the rest of the menu bar on my 3 (or more?) year old Q70

        • In fairness I've only seen a handful myself, but when I do it drives me mental. Imagine paying thousands of dollars for a product and them having the nerve to make more money off you by dropping ads on your TV. I guess they aren't the only ones and I'm probably overreacting. It's just a real gear grinder for me.

          In regards to speed, I've got maybe a 5 year old series 8 (8000), so I guess my comment about speed is a bit out of touch.
          Still, I'm sure most would prefer android though, right?

          • +1

            @ToastySteve: I don't know if I just get tunnel vision when I open the menu as I know exactly what I'm looking for and pretty much where to find it, so don't notice the ad at all.

            Android would be great though

  • So is this better or worst than my deal from ~10 months ago?

    Order summary
    NEW Samsung QA85Q80TAWXXY 85
    NEW Samsung QA85Q80TAWXXY 85" Q80T 4K UHD SMART
    Total: AU $4,318.60 plus some cash rewards but they may have not paid :-(

    • +2

      The 85” QN85A is better. Gets significantly brighter and has 1300 dimming zones compared to I believe, 50 on the Q80T, so better control in dark scenes.

    • I’d say slightly better. Your 85” also has a VA panel, from what I hear, but the QN85A uses mini LED.

  • +1

    Does anyone know if all QN85's come with the slim one connect box as per here or is that US only? I asked a staff member at JB the other day and they didn't have a clue what I was talking about. Rtings don't make mention of it from what I've seen either

    • From what the research ive done, don't think the AU models come with one connect box.

      • That's what I'm thinking. Wouldn't even mind purchasing it separately if it supported it but the AU specs say it doesn't. Will find out when my 65" arrives, highly doubt it has it though.

        Got it on my Q70 from years ago and it's great for wall mounting. I hate seeing a TV wall mounted and then this myriad of cables or conduit running to it.

    • Got this tv a few days ago. no slim connect box included sorry.

      • Thanks for clearing it up. Shame we don't get them :(

        • The slim connect box comes with 'The Frame' TV here, and according to sales guy at Good Guys their 8k range also.

          • @nepalesesquirrel: It sucks that every year they release a new model and take features away unless you go up in the model line.
            Even more so when overseas models get better specs than we do (another case in point is the current Hisense TV's)

            • @whitelie: Yeah I have a (approx) 2013 LG 65inch and due to building a new addition to our house I am looking to (finally) upgrade. Looking to go up in size to 75inch, thinking about QN85A, but don't know too much about TV's these days. My missus wants 'The Frame' due to the clean look, but I don't really want to compromise on quality. If the One Connect box came with other TVs it would be handy.

  • This or ozbargain’s favorite SONY 85 inch X9000H

    • +3

      In my opinion, this is on a higher tier than the X9000H. The QN85A can control dark scenes much better due to the amount of dimming zones available, and can deliver more impactful scenes in HDR due to being significantly brighter. This also has VRR readily available which might be handy if you have a next-gen console or a compatible computer - not sure if Sony has updated the X9000H to support it yet.

  • Samsung Q85A or Hisense U8 or Hisense Q8. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

    • +1

      Samsung for sure. Tizen operating system and thin aesthetic, super bright, gaming features.

    • +1

      This for sure but it's also twice the price of a Q8 on clearance. The U8's also seemed a significant step back compared to the Q8's, we lose a lot of specs that the US get

      • what would I be losing going the Q8

        or what would you recommend for a pc gaming monitor or just gaming screen half the time the other half would be just normal viewing like netflix youtube and other media

        • This is a mini LED so has a lot more dimming zones compared to the Q8. Blacker blacks and gets brighter. It scores very well on Rtings in terms of gaming and PC monitor performance.

          I think the Q8 is great value for money on clearance, I looked for one but couldn't find stock near me so bite the bullet and went the QN85. It was probably OzB's best bang for buck TV on clearance.

  • +1

    One of the best value tvs available at this price. If you haven't checked out one of these in store, go check it out. Blew me away, even next to the OLEDs. The colour pop and HDR brightness is amazing.

    Just keep in mind if you put one of these in a room or living area, it will light up the place like a bright summer day.

    • +1

      it will light up the place like a bright summer day.

      Remember you can turn down the brightness 😉

      • Yeah, definitely. But I guess my point was that if you turn down the brightness you lose the pop of the HDR colours. Which is what these Samsungs are great for.

        • how would this do as a gaming monitor

          • @AlienC: an 85 inch gaming monitor for PC? I guess if you want to do that you can. Would you be using mouse and keyboard with it in a lounge room environment?

            If you want a bigger screen, I think I'd prefer having a dedicated PC gaming setup at my desk with a 48 inch OLED C1 as monitor.

            • @ifreddo: It would be a lounge setup so I will be sitting a little bit back on a couch.

              I have a 40 inch 4k 60hz Crossover 404K monitor on my pc desk right now that I am typing on.

              It is nice but I want to invest in a larger screen setup on the couch for maybe movie viewing or just bigger screen.

              OLED as monitor sounds dangerous with the potential screen burn in I have seen too many horror stories.

              But yeah it would be a mouse and keyboard lounge setup just want to make use of my downstairs large space almost like a basement I can literally fit maybe a 200 inch screen on the wall if it was affordable I will have to check measurements but yeah there is that much space just doing nothing so it got me thinking.

              I love my 40 inch 4k 60hz monitor but I want more haha lol :)

              • @AlienC: Each to their own. I say go for it. Just do your research on how the TV performs with PC. Sounds like a good plan.

  • any good recommendations for an 85 inch screen to be used part time as a gaming monitor when not used for youtube or netflix?

    really want 4k also but am open to other resolutions and screens.. looking for something above 75 inch basically but 85 looks nice too just hate spending big bucks and seeing the price drop so much the following year so trying to aim for a sweet spot atm right now

  • +1

    Was about to pull the trigger on this when the price suddenly jumped to 6250 this morning.

    Any logical explanation why the price went all the way back up?

  • +1

    Is anyone able to provide a receipt for this?? Please PM, thanks.

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