Amplify Qantas Signature Card: 90,000 Qantas Points ($6,000 Spend in 90 Days), $139 1st Yr Fee, New Customers @ St George Group


St George, Bank of Melbourne, and BankSA have reduced the annual fees for their Signature and Platinum cards. Valid until 30th November.

Signature card details - 90k QFF offer

$139 annual card fee in the first year ($279 thereafter)
$6k eligible spend required within 90 days from card approval
$15k minimum credit limit
0.75 points/$ on eligible purchases
2 Qantas Club lounge visits per year

Note that if you churn this card you will be likely to have the annual fee refunded (or at least partially refunded). I got a full refund after 6 months.

The usual 12 month exclusion clause exists: "Existing customers who currently hold an Amplify, Amplify Platinum or Amplify Signature card issued by St.George, Bank of Melbourne or BankSA, or who have held one in the last 12 months, are not eligible for this offer."

They also have the Platinum on offer with 60k points after $3k spend, $0 annual fee first year but no Qantas Club passes.

Platinum card details - 60k QFF offer

$0 annual card fee
$3k eligible spend required within 90 days from card approval
$6k minimum credit limit
0.50 points/$ on eligible purchases

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  • check Clear Score deals, they have ANZ Black with 180,000 points and $0 first year, min credit is 15K though but you get few hundred dollar worth of gift card if converted into one of those available gift cards

    • Care to Share the link ?

    • That is 180,000 ANZ Rewards points, not Qantas points.

      ANZ points converts 2:1 for Virgin and 3:1 for Singapore, so that bonus would be 90,000 Velocity and 60,000 KrisFlyer points.

      Still a good deal though, for those that haven't churned ANZ Rewards card in 12 months.

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    Where are you seeing the 0 fee Platinum card? I've jumped around the site and can only see it with a 99 fee

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      It's free for existing St George customers

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    Wow 6k spend seems really high for 90k with annual fee..

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      Yeah, a severe lack of no annual fee deals in the last 12+ months. Sad!

  • I’m not seeing the waived fee. Is it only for St George customers? (Similar to current westpac deals)

    Edit: you can see it in the mobile banking app. Go to products tab and credit cards

    • so you need to be a customer ?

      • It didn’t get waived through automatically for me but I called up and they reversed it

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    Lol @ the 6k spend.

    • Utility bills

  • Wow $6K minimum spend must be the most I've seen to receive under 100K Qantas points :O

    • It's been as much as $12,000 in the past.

  • Can I ask how did you get a refund for your fees?

    • There is no mention of it on the public site. I logged in on mobile banking and I believe they waive the fee for existing customers. You will need to apply through the mobile app, in branch or on the phone

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        pretty sure the question was in relation to the refund of fees when you close the card.

        What you do, is put on your big boy pants and call up and actually speak to a real human when closing the card, and ask them to at least partially refund given that you paid for an "annual" fee but didn't use it for the whole year. If you do not ask, you do not receive.

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          Didnt know Bank of Melbourne offered pro rata refund.

        • Ahh thanks for clarifying I mis read the question:)

          • @art-fanatic: Nah you were good, I just got a follow up, did you get a refund when you cancelled or did you get a refund because you did all your transactions on the card and still have the card?

  • hard to rack up 3k spend let alone 6k with these lockdowns

    • Council rates, utility bills and insurance all counts. Hope that helps.

    • Really? My bills are pretty similar whether I am in lockdown or not.

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      Since you're a Del Ray Misfits fan, how about Del Ray Misfits memorabilia or a donation to Jason Genova?

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    Geez $6k is steep.

  • not great.
    I'm waiting for a good deal, but otherwise may do the ANZ FF 120k QFF $225 AF 3k/90days

    • Yeah in the same boat.
      About to jump on that if nothing comes up in the next few days

      • approved on the above in one day without any call from ANZ… good times ;)

  • is terrible at issuing bonus points unlike other banks where they give you the points as soon as you hit the requirement.
    It has been over 60 days since I hit the bonus requirement and I am still missing the bonus points. I have called 4 times and every time they give me different story.

    • +4

      I found a template for a complaint letter to St George which I used the last time they didn't credit my account within the contract timeline. They credit the points very soon after. Feel free to use:

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      I refer to the account I opened with St George in XXXX this year, note the following as part of the terms of the offering of Qantas bonus points and specifically state that St George is in breach of contract:

      “When you apply for a new Amplify Signature credit card and spend at least $4,000 on eligible purchases made with the card within 90 days of card approval“

      “The bonus points will be credited to your points balance within 12 weeks after the eligible spend criteria is met”

      I reached the $4,000 spend required on the XXXXX but the bonus points have not yet been credited to my account. Therefore St George is in breach of the terms of the agreement entered into. I regard this breach as a very serious matter as this was a term that I specifically relied upon when entering into the agreement and therefore could be construed as a condition.

      Please advise what actions you will take to remedy this breach and what compensation you offer as a result of your conduct in breaching the agreement.

      • Thank you, I will send this to them today.

      • Nice work- Yes the amplify rewards are terrible with St George & untrustworthy

  • You not spending enough time on ozbargain. Plenty of ways to spend 6k in 90 days.

  • can you just open any no fee banking account with StG to see the 0 AF plat card offer?

    • answer to this is yes

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    I can't see the $139 annual fee, only $279. Anyone shed some light?

    • Same and still looking….also the end date is early october not end of november…

      • App shows $139
        Offer ends 30th Nov

        • Which app?

  • Basically it is similar to Westpac - open up a St George Bank Account and you get the discounted fees for the first year. $0 first year for the Qantas Amplify Platinum.

    Have to wait until next year to be eligible for the bonus points in my case…

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    $6,000 minimum spend is a joke, this is pushing the boundaries of pushing someone into debt for points.

    • orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, living in Australia is expensive AF and at least this way we can get some benefit back from every day spend.

      Also, if anyone pays a single cent of interest on credit cards then this deal is not for them.

      • +1

        If that is what you are after there are much better cards out there.

        • Firstly, this offer is not actually available to me because I had the Platinum version earlier this year.

          Secondly, I never said that this was the "best" offer out. However, for those, like me, who churn 10+ cards per year, it is one of the better current offers :)

          • @endolphin: I would like to see the credit score of someone churning over 10 cards a year in Australia.

            • @Nand0sx: mine? never been higher. In fact, just crept into "excellent" territory after my last approval. Go figure.

              • @endolphin: I think there's been a change in approach with the credit reporting in recent times - where if you have a home loan plus credit cards AND you pay them off on time regularly rather than defaulting - it actually shows you are "less" of a risk.

                This makes sense - a person who has multiple lines of credit and ALWAYS pays off in full and on time is logically a better risk profile.

                Think about a person who has always only had 1 credit card, and doesn't churn and always pays it off on time - and now this person is applying for a home loan and a second/third credit card, there's no way to know for sure if this person has the ability to pay them off.

                As opposed to - an OZB churner with home loan(s) plus a multitude of credit cards with varying credit limits that churns and closes credit cards and always pays them off on time.

                I think the latter should be the "less riskier" person to lend to - since he/she has demonstrated an ability to hold multiple lines of credit and ability to be able to maintain/pay off all loans and credits.

                • @proudwanderer: yeh I agree, and it is a welcome change as the previous approach of "credit query = bad, gotta knock off a few points for you sonny Jim" logically did not make sense in a lot of cases.

                  That being said, even 4 years ago (when I started seriously churning), the few points I would lose for applying for a new credit card would be quickly recovered. My score has remained quite stable all of this time, and has recently been increasing, presumably linked to this new approach.

                • @proudwanderer: Unfortunately, this is not the case in Australia.

                  • @Nand0sx: Got any evidence of this?

                    • @proudwanderer: Just looking at how my scores have changed recently for Experian and Epifax - my "theory" is that these 2 reporting agencies/bureaus are using the "new" approach as explained above.

                      My Illion score hasn't changed - so perhaps they are still using the "old" approach.

                      However, even with the old approach - whilst churning doesn't impact positively like my theory with the new approach, however credit enquiries doesn't seem to be impacting the score too much anyway.

                      Let's say if you have a score of 700, and you "apply" 10 credit cards in the year - your score might drop to 650.

                      Whereas with the new approach, if you have a score of 700 and you apply and maintain lots of credit cards plus pay them off in full every month, your score might jump to 800.

                      This is just based on my observation, and not based on evidence. Like endolphin, I've noticed that my Experian and Epifax scores have jumped into EXCELLENT territory recently, whereas my Illion score has remained the same

                      • @proudwanderer: I have family in both finance and mortgage management, they have stated there have been no changes. Any form of credit application has always hurt your credit score.

                        Personally, I always see a hit to my credit when I apply for a new card and I wait until this recovers before applying for new credit. I might be more affected by this being higher on the scale with my normal being 850 and my biggest hit being 50 points down to 800 after a $15,000 credit card.

                        Now, there is no way you can maintain an 800+ credit score applying for over 10 credit cards a year. There is also little benefit especially considering we do not have enough credit agencies in Australia to continual supply sign up bonuses of over 10 cards a year.

                        • @Nand0sx: I would beg to differ.

                          Comprehensive credit reporting was introduced a few years ago in Australia:


                          According to this, the key changes include:

                          • Rewarding good credit behavior
                          • Supporting responsible lending

                          So it is in line with my "theory" above.

                          Whilst "any form of credit application" can indeed hurt your credit score, but it has minimal effect (from my experience).

                          Conversely good credit behaviour - i.e. always paying off the bill on time and in full, acts positively to the credit score, and should be able to offset frequent "credit applications" - such as applying for 10 credit cards.

                          I believe (and this is only my opinion), churning shouldn't hurt the credit score much at all - providing you close the credit card before churning the next one.

                          So churning 10 cards a year shouldn't hurt the score too much (or if at all) when just holding maybe 2-3 active/open at the one time.

                          But if leaving all 10 active/open at the same time, this could hurt your chances of applying for the 11th card while the 10 is still active/open (my opinion only).

                          • @proudwanderer: According to this, the key changes include:

                            • Rewarding good credit behavior

                            Applying for 10+ credit cards a year is not good credit behaviour and has never been considered to be good credit behaviour. You can have you opinion all you like but it is incorrect.

                            • @Nand0sx: i have 879 score and roll 8 every 2 years

                            • @Nand0sx: Yeh 10+ is a bad example - and I doubt many (if any) on OZB churns that much.

                              Prob 5 a year is a better average.

                              Regardless, there has been examples in this thread - from myself, endolphin, lextsy that have anecdotally said that they have had high scores (and even in the EXCELLENT band), despite churning a handful of cards every year.

                              We have provided examples that not only has applying for and churning a handful of cards NOT negatively impacted our scores, but can even IMPROVE our scores.

                              Do you have examples to prove the contrary?

                              Also, you have said that you have "family in both finance and mortgage management, they have stated there have been no changes" —— which I have proved to be incorrect and there were MAJOR changes applied to the way credit is reported in Australia a few years ago

                              Why are you trying to rubbish our opinions?

                              Why are you trying so hard to "convince" people here that churning is BAD and it will "heavily impact" our credit scores?

                              • @proudwanderer: There is no real planning to it.
                                You open and spend and close as quick as possible and close. Then you wait 12 months from close date and recycle again.
                                Not much benefit but points club plus which gives you free delivery and 10% off qantas wine.

                                • @DisabledUser300385: Yeh - that's probably the same strategy employed by many credit card churners on OZB:

                                  1) Apply credit card
                                  2) Achieve minimum spend
                                  3) Receive bonus points
                                  4) Close credit card

                                  Rinse and repeat every 12 months.

                                  I estimate 2-3 months to achieve minimum spend plus receive bonus points and close credit card —— so maybe 5 a year is a good estimate for churning.

                                  This shouldn't negatively impact credit score, and may even "improve" credit score as per above.

                                  Not sure if anyone has churned 10+ a year though - that may be a bit of an exaggeration.

                                  • @proudwanderer: You really cant.. You can do 4 a year or 8 every 2 years.. and one of those you bank with so you arent eligible so its really 7 every 2 years

                                    ST GEORGE

                                    • @DisabledUser300385: Off the top of my head you forgot Virgin Money, Qantas Money, Suncorp, Kogan, PayPal, Macquarie, BOQ, Bendigo Bank. Plus ANZ is two because the rewards and frequent flyer programs are separate.

                                      • @endolphin: Cap.
                                        Qantas own cards yes.
                                        BOQ and Bendigo are StGeorge so it’s the same thing. Rest haven’t had any points offers in ages.

                                        Stop the cap bro

                                        • @DisabledUser300385: you on the crack, bro?

                                          Virgin Money, Qantas Money, Suncorp, Kogan, BOQ, PayPal, Coles (and others, I'm sure), are backed by Citibank (who recently sold their credit card business to NAB), but separate exclusions, so you can go for gold (up to one per year). Actually, most don't have the 12 month exclusion so I have had QM twice within a year (for example), but Citi don't tend to like new and old cards within 3 months.

                                          Bendigo and Adelaide Bank are the same. Maybe you are thinking of this.

                                          Bank SA, St George and Bank of Melbourne are the same. So can only churn one of those per year. Owned by Westpac but separate.

                                          I did the sums and I apologise, my average in the last 4 years (47 months to be precise) is 9.5 cards per year. CY19 was particularly fruitful with 11 cards.

                                          • @endolphin: So you lied. You said 10. Shame on you bro

                              • @proudwanderer:

                                Why are you trying to rubbish our opinions?

                                Why are you trying so hard to "convince" people here that churning is BAD and it will "heavily impact" our credit scores?

                                I am not, I am trying to encourage responsible borrowing and I made a statement about an unusually high minimum spend requirement that somehow caused people to get upset.

                                When someone provides misleading information and claims to churn over 10 cards a year I challenge that because it is dangerous. Frankly, it is almost certainly untrue are there are not enough credit providers in Australia to be churning over 10 reward cards a year.

                                Do you have examples to prove the contrary?

                                "How your credit score is calculated
                                Your credit score is calculated based on what's in your credit report. For example:

                                *the amount of money you’ve borrowed
                                *the number of credit applications you’ve made
                                *whether you pay on time "


                                You can choose to value your credit score however you please, I personally won't allow my score to go out of excellent like you and others are willing to.

                                • @Nand0sx:

                                  When someone provides misleading information and claims to churn over 10 cards a year I challenge that because it is dangerous. Frankly, it is almost certainly untrue are there are not enough credit providers in Australia to be churning over 10 reward cards a year.

                                  Yeh I get your point - it was probably just an exaggeration.

                                  • @proudwanderer: It most certainly is true. 10 is my average. I'm sure there might be a 12 month period where it was more. I have a spreadsheet, might need to put a ghantt chart together!

                                    • @endolphin: man ur FOS.. u show me a kogan credit card which has significant sign up bonus.. just cap bro. all ur advice is crap and you are misleading people. This thread is about sign up bonus which gives 60k up. what you are talking about is redemption on points and its a mugs game, like you

                                      • @DisabledUser300385: I've never had a Kogan card. Not worth the effort. Or a PayPal, or a Suncorp card. Also actually never churned any CBA cards. I am just pointing out that there are other card providers that have had bonus offers in the past.

                                        My average was 10 per year last time I calculated. When I recalculated today it has dropped slightly because I paused the churning earlier this year while I refinanced my home loan.

                                        • @endolphin: Bruh there has never been Kogan credit card offering sign up bonus. Show me And I’ll legit say sorry

    • $6,000 minimum spend is a joke, this is pushing the boundaries of pushing someone into debt for points.

      How are you being pushed into debt? Who's forcing you to apply? Who's forcing you to even spend 1c of that $6k limit?

    • Depending on the situation, but for a family of 2 adults + 2 kids, between groceries / childcare / fuel…$2000 a month is easier than we think to achieve.
      For sure for a single person might not be as easy.

  • Hi
    I think the original post should be edited
    Platinum card details - 60k QFF offer
    $0 annual card fee
    $3k eligible spend required within 90 days from card approval
    $6k minimum credit limit
    0.50 points/$ on eligible purchases

    because that could be misleading, or maybe it's me and I can't find the offer ? but from reading the comments it seems that it's only for existing customers or on the mobile app ?
    Thank you

    • +1

      It is for existing customers, but you can open a st george account for free and hence, annual fee of $99 is waived.

  • It’s been almost two months since I got this card and spent my $3K. My annual fee didn’t get automatically waived and I needed to call up and get them to reverse it after the first statement so I would recommend checking.

    How long should I wait after I spent my first $3K before following up about the 60K Qantas points?