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Samsung Frame TV (2021) 43" $995, 50" $1395, 55" $1595, 65" $1995 + Delivery ($0 to Selected Areas/ C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Samsung The Frame (2021) QLED 4k Smart TV

Size Price Was
43 inch $995 $1395
50 inch $1395 $1695
55 inch $1595 $1995
65 inch $1995 $2495

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  • +4

    I got the 43" for a bedroom such a great TV for this purpose however for a main TV I find the picture quality lagging. Not of fan of the Samsung OS either its slow. Prefer to use a Google TV dongle. I put this on an officeworks easel and it looks awesome!

    • Man picture quality lagging…that’s not good at all lol

      • +14

        If picture quality is your number 1 requirement you would skip this and go for an LG OLED or similar. This is more for the design aspect IMO.

        • -8

          Logically, you're right. This Samsung was always the panel purchased by wives of men who don't wear the pants.

          • @R00D: Haha modded down by all the Samsung owners :)

            • +8

              @1st-Amendment: Hardly, more likely the case it's an idiotic comment.

              • -5

                @Spiderboy: Sign 'o' the times. No room for humour. No wonder depression and anxiety, and the use of drugs to treat such disease is higher than ever.

          • +2

            @R00D: misogynist

      • +1

        Should clarify, not lagging in terms of ms, but colours, viewing angle etc. The 43" does max out at 100hz though.

        I do have an OLED in the living room so that probably spoils it a bit, but even then I still think picture quality is average

        • +2

          I plan to buy one purely for display art purpose in the foyer. Is this Frame TV good as wall art? Secondly, is there any better option at the same price point if not this TV?

          • +2

            @amsaini15: I have mine for that and occasional TV. It does pretty decently. Only thing is that sometimes the auto brightness is a bit off so the picture can be too dark or bright but it does the job.

            Only other one that has a decent art mode, designed for wall mounting specifically is the LG G series oled which is roughly double the price for the 55" version. Would be a bit nicer but if you're leaving it turned on a lot I'd get this to avoid burn-in risk, even if it is reduced on OLEDs these days

            • +1

              @dmgmelba: Thanks mate. Definitely not thinking of spending more than frame TV price for mere wall art purpose. I think our usage requirements quite match :)

          • +1

            @amsaini15: Yup that's why I bought it also. Looks great as art!

          • @amsaini15: If the people viewing it are straight on it should be pretty good. If they’re going to be walking past it or viewing it from an angle it’s going to look washed out and crap

        • +10

          Do you mean lacking? Lagging refers to a delay between input and response. Like press a button…lag for 2 seconds..see response.

          • +3

            @gakko: Yeah I def think he meant lacking :D

          • @gakko: Ok that’s a big difference lmao lacking vs lagging

        • +1

          You should probably use the word lacking.

      • which year model do you have?

    • +3

      Do you have a photo of it on the easel? I'm keen to see how it looks.

    • +2

      I have this in the bedroom too and I am reasonably happy with the picture. Also the sound is really good and that was important because I'm using it without any soundbar or speaker.

      The Samsung apps are okay but you're right I added a Chromecast and it is heaps better.

      The separate connection box is very cool. None of my other TVs have this but I won't buy one that doesn't have this feature in the future.

      It is a bit annoying that you have to press and hold the power button to turn it off. My wife struggles to turn the telly off, which should be a simple task.

      • you have to press and hold the power button to turn it off

        Still required even with the chromecast? Or do you have the non google tv version?

        • pressing the power button defaults to art mode, you still have to long press.

          If you're not going to use art mode you'd be better off looking for a different model in the lineup

          • @dmgmelba: I was thinking of putting the 43" in my dining room above the buffet. So art mode will probably work well for that

            • +3

              @ONEMariachi: I have mine surrounded by picture frames of the family. Definitely works well for that sort of use case. I don't have any regrets buying.

              I would say, have a look at getting some toggle bolt anchors as the wall mount on my 50" didn't match up properly to the studs and I wanted some extra security. Something like this should do for the spots you can't screw into the stud: https://www.bunnings.com.au/ramset-3-16-x-75mm-round-gravity...

              Also just be really careful, I managed to scratch my panel somehow during mounting despite being very cautious, sadly they don't put any plastic over the screen for shipping like they do with the higher end models.

    • which officeworks easel may I ask?

    • +3

      This TV always seemed like a nice idea and looks impressive as a piece of art on the wall/easel.

      It's a shame it hasn't really taken off as a main TV due to a few limitations?
      It would be smart if Samsung/Sony/Someone took this to the next level and made it both an art piece as well as features useful as a main TV.

      • Not sure what features you're looking for but I have this and I think the picture quality is amazing. Obviously they cannot put an OLED panel on this due to screen burn but I think the TV is rich in feature and looks amazing.

        • I was just replying to those above commenting on the picture quality being compromised

    • Does the backlight turn off at night? Am thinking of getting this for my bedroom to but am concerned the “always on art” will light up my bedroom

      • +2

        yes it has a motion and light sensor, if the room is dark it turns off, and if there's no movement it will turn off until motion is detected again (day or night)

    • +1

      Do Samsung TVs still surveil you?

    • How do you find it as a photo frame? I have the 22 inch lenovo smart photo frame and this seems to be a good upgrade for the living room.

    • True. Only buy the frame for aesthetics (and maybe low budget) and nothing else. Picture quality is bottom of the barrel samsung panels used in this series here unfortunately. Returned mine and all my tvs are lg oleds now. Couldn't be happier!

      I lost trust with samsung panels even with their monitors as I've always had problems over problems with them. There was one year where I ended up having them replaced an ultrawide monitor 4 times and I eventually asked for refund.

  • So this versus the U8000? I'm looking at Samsung only for my Mum's second TV as the first TV is also a Samsung (U8000) and would prefer to keep the remote and interface the same so that there's only one interface that she needs to learn to use.

  • +2

    These days, on a good deal you can get an LG 55" OLED for the same price as this prehistoric unit which has a nice border and a 5YO OS

    • +2

      Not quite the same price, it's another ~33% at the 55" comparison point anyway. But yeah, so much more TV.

      • +1

        Yes I forgot. Everyone is paying silicon shortage covid tax. Normally they're ~ $1550+.
        Not any more after B9

        • You had me excited for a minute. Thinking I could get a 55" OLED for $1500.

          • @tonydav: Sorry mate. I bought one few years ago, the B7 for $1560 on a GG deal. It seems after the B9, prices have shot up. Edit: Normally you can get them for a good price around EOFY if you can wait that long

    • -4

      Link? When i google LG 55 inch OLED its 2.5K??


    • +4

      These are for different use cases completely Vinni. Not worth cross shopping the two, if you were wanting to do that you're best comparing with the neo-QLED line as they have the better Samsung tech. This is for people wanting nice design for something to go on their wall, and who are willing to either pay for it, or sacrifice some image quality for it.

      All honesty, if people can most should think about holding off until next year when Samsung brings out their QD-OLED tvs. Should be brighter, the new tech will eliminate burn-in risk, have better colour volume too.

      • I understand your rationale, but tbh, I'll hold off new Samsung tech. History has proven that new tech from this manufacturer is hit and miss. Especially for the money you pay. I think the striking picture quality on my very thin OLED hanging off my wall will sway my concentration away from its dull borders :P

        • +1

          That's what the LG G series is for, similar to the rationale for this but goes the other way, with one being exxy and the best picture and one being comparable something along the lines of the Q70/Q80A.

          At the end of the day, let's hope Samsung knocks it out of the park and forces LG to up their game too, been a bit too much OLED stagnation for a while it seems

          • @dmgmelba: Agree. But at this time, the LG is the big player for larger OLED panels which many other companies use. However I don't have any complaints using it. Esp. spending $1560!

            • @vinni9284: Oh I'd happily pay ~$1600 to get one for myself if I was in the market.

              Absolutely LG Display is by far the dominant, just like Samsung Display is for OLED phone displays.

              Should be an interesting next few years though, even a two horse race is better than one.

  • In case anyone runs into stock issues, note that Harvey Norman and Bing Lee also have it at the same price. The Good Guys are still sleeping.

    Don't forget discounted gift cards at CR/SB.

    • TGG has since price matched.

  • +13

    finally a way for me to display my NFT

    • The cost of this TV is just an NFT rounding error :)

  • +1

    Would this not use more electricity and cost more to run?

    • +2

      The art mode uses less electricity than TV mode (64 watts from memory).
      Also, it has a motion sensor, which turns it off when you aren't in the room. And a light sensor which turns it off at night.
      We have it in our bedroom and these power saving features work well.

    • +1

      Compared to what?

      • +2

        Compare to a normal tv in standby mode. You'd think it would need more electricity to generate an image

        • +1

          It will only use more electricity compared to a TV in standby mode if you have it displaying art.

          If it is in standby mode then it will use the same amount of power as other TVs in standby mode.

          • @spaceflight: That's what I mean, the selling point for these TVs is for displaying art

            • @42: But all you asked was

              Would this not use more electricity and cost more to run?

              It would use more electricity that an LED light globe but less electricity than a heater.

              You might have wanted to compare it to a normal TV but you didn't ask what you are comparing to and I'm not psychic so can't look into your head.

  • +1

    I want this basicly for the slim profile and wall mount. Our TV in the bedroom will be side on as you walk in and any offset will be noticeable. Not really keen on art mode due to power consumption.

    • I think all these models use the Samsung One Connect box, attached to the tv via a slim optical/power cable. Bear in mind you'll need to locate it somewhere.

  • +7

    I have the 65" inches and highly recommend it. It's great for people who want to show art when Tv is turned off rather than showing empty screen. The TV is very bright as well, heaps better than my previous TCL tv. There's a timer on this TV if you want to save power to put it on standby, and has motion sensor as well to auto turn on art mode if motion is detected.


    • That looks great - how hard was the install? Did you just run the cable inside the wall behind the tv and put the box in the cabinet below?

      • +6

        Thanks, installation is not that difficult, it comes with pre-printed template so you can just tape the template on the wall and mark where to drill. This new version comes with 2 mount so it's more complicated compared to the old version which only has 1 mount, just make sure to level the 2 mounts. I used a wall anchor similar to this as I only have 1 stud on my wall. I'm using this wall-cavity-cable-management to run the cable to the one connect box which is hidden in the entertainment unit. Make sure to watch this installation video before installing, this guy didn't get the template but new batches came with template.

        • Really helpful, thank you :)

    • Hi Johny.. Can we place connect box on the other side of the wall or it has to be inline of remote?

  • What about energy usage during the Art mode? Do you have to pay for the artworks or do they come with the TV - I read you need a subscription for the art. Any good free options?

    • +1

      You can download heaps of free 4k art work, just resize it to the recommended size.

      • "art"

    • You can load up to 6GB worth of jpegs onto the frame's local storage yourself, no need to pay for that. Just make sure it's preferably 4K and a 16X9 aspect ratio or the "matte board" looks annoying, at least to my eye.

      Sure you can pay to subscribe to show art there, I prefer having the family pics personally but different horses for different courses.

  • +1

    Be extremely wary of promised delivery / stock dates on these - I ordered from a large retailer and I have been waiting on a 43 inch unit for over 3 months now and time & time again Samsung have slipped dates for these going to retail partners with the latest prediction directly from Samsung is mid Oct / early Nov for being able to fill orders. I managed to get onto one of the regional managers for Samsung's retail channel (they were not happy about being contacted by a retail customer!) and he stated that there is a huge number of these backordered for each big retail partner in the retail side of things with incoming supply being extremely erratic / delayed. However if you are in a hurry and happy to pay the full non discounted RRP directly to Samsung via their official eBay store there is stock available for immediate delivery… Who says only GPU OEM's can get in on the supply / price gouging action.

    • +2

      I ordered the 43" for click and collect and it was available to pickup within an hour

      • There are a number of places with a small amount of stock - as you have I would only be ordering this for collection / delivery from somewhere that claims to actually have stock at that particular store at the moment as supply is beyond tight.

        • honestly I'd just call the store and have them check if any of their stores nearby have it and see if they can move your order over to a store that does, or cancel at this stage. Even if you can't get it for the promotional price, it's possible to get it through TGG commercial for close to if you have an account.

  • Don't forget the Samsung Home theatre cashback on this TV.
    Get up to $1000 cash back when you buy a participating TV and Soundbar in the same transaction, or get up to $500 cash back if you buy a Soundbar within 3 months of your TV purchase. Valid from Jul 01. 2021 ~ Dec 31. 2021.


    • https://images.samsung.com/is/content/samsung/assets/au/offe...

      Eligible Claimants who Purchase a Participating TV with any Participating Soundbar in the same transaction from a
      Participating Reseller during the TV Purchase Period will be entitled to claim a Gift in the amount specified in column A
      below (Bundled Cashback Gift).

      Eligible Claimants who Purchase a Participating TV from a Participating Reseller during the TV Purchase Period, then
      purchase any Participating Soundbar from a Participating Reseller within 90 days from the TV Purchase Date will be
      entitled to claim a Gift in the amount specified in column B below (Individual Cashback Gift)

      Frame TV Size" - $Bundled Cashback Gift / $Individual Cashback Gift
      55" - $200 / $100
      65" - $250 / $125
      75" - $350 / $175

  • We have the 2020 version of the 55 inch frame. It’s not an amazing TV (somewhere around Q60-70 level) but adequate. It’s minimalism (one connect box) and art mode however make it a fantastic option. Art mode avoids the look of a black screen on your wall. My wife loves it. We wall mounted it between two Ikea 202 Cm Billy’s (with bottom half covered with door) and above a Ikea dresser and box is hidden in Billy cupboard. It looks super neat in a side study off bedroom. Followed install advice of B the Installer on You tube and used Toggle Bolts (4 came with TV). Other family have the 2021 55 inch on a stand in an apartment and it looks nice and clean with all cables hidden in cabinet.

    The 2021 TV was bought for $1435 back in June during one of the Good Guys discount periods - used discount gift cards for further saving. If wanting one suggest watching for one of these one night TV discounts then pounce. Interestingly the price went up about 6 weeks ago and these current prices have seen a return to better pricing,

    • thanks for your comments, are you saying 4 of the toggle bolts came in the Samsung box?

      • They did with 2020 version (lots of online comments debated this point so I was happily surprised they were included). Not sure with 2021. Toggle bolts worked really well and I used a few supplemental items from
        Bunnings to be certain - interestingly Toggle bolts like B the Installer uses are a little challenging to obtain in Australia - Bunnings does’t stock them. Need to go online to buy I think

        • Just checked with family member with 2021 - they do have a form of toggle bolt

          • @Parsimonious Pete: Great thanks for this. I've noticed you need to get them online like ebay etc so might get a few spares as well.

  • New Samsung/Sony/LG tv owners: do these new TVs still show ads? I hear they’re kinda invasive with privacy and ad content.

    • just in the app tray (like apple tv advertised as an additional button)

      • Thank you :) doesn’t sound as bad as I imagined.

  • Have a 2019 version of the frame, which I am replacing as it has a failed backlight strip. Comments are generally the same as above, picture quality is pretty good but wouldn’t have this as a home theatre screen. Does show ads, but most TVs do nowdays too and its not that invasive. Extremely easy to mount this on the wall with the mount that is included. My 2019 included the toggle bolts, and the one-piece hook mount system. The art mode has motion sensing, and switches on in about 1-2 seconds when movement is detected. Art mode is quite a low brightness to look more realistic as well, so power consumption is not massive.

    Note that these are cheaper than JB Hifi on the Samsung EPP. The 55 inch is only $1319 with free shipping (I am guessing to certain locations only).

  • How do people find the separate box that has to be connected for these? I fear hanging the set on the wall then having this ugly connections box sitting on a table underneath it. Anyone got pics of how it actually looks setup with the box? Pics online rarely focus on the box.

    • +1

      You definitely need a table or entertainment unit to hide the one connect box. I have it sitting below my entertainment unit as you can see in the photo. Would love to put another 43" TV in my bedroom but I can't fit another table in my bedroom just for the one connect box. The LG gallery doesn't have a separate box but it's a pain to setup all the cables at the back of the TV as it is too close on the wall. Below photo is my current setup.


    • The one connect box offers significant benefits and allows the TV to have true wall mounted appearance and minimises cables hanging down from TV- it’s actually one of the best things about this TV - depending on your situation.

  • Buying this is the only way I can justify to the better half of getting a bigger new TV.

    Otherwise I'll be forced to go from 55" to 42" … :~(

  • Do most people pay the art subscription?

    • I don't think so. You can easily and freely get high quality pics from anywhere.

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