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Sony 65" X90J LED 4K Smart TV with Google TV $2295 ($2180.25 with eBay Plus) Delivered @ Sony eBay


If you are like me and have been waiting for this tv to go on sale your in luck! Sony have price matched the good guys.
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  • I have heard x9000h is better than this?

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      I think the x9000h is superseded
      They looks pretty neck in neck in the reviews

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      I've heard that they are on par. I'm very happy with my refurbished x9000h though.

    • What is the difference?

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        What is the difference?

        The last letter is the year of release, eg h = 2020, j =2021, next year will be the x9000k.
        You would expect newer to be better, but sometimes features are removed which some people like.

    • Yeah but it's fake news. The first chunk of this video explains it:
      Basically, it scored a few percent points lower on the colour gamut scale rating than the TV it superseded, which was JUST enough to drop it below the threshold to be considered "wide colour gamut ", but it actually has better colour volume (and therefore maintains colours better as it gets brighter) and is better in every other way. People just saw it "lost" WCG over the previous TV and freaked out, not understanding that it actually doesn't matter.

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    FYI - based on comments on Sony refurbs (where they are just box damaged stock and brand new) i took the gamble and ordered a X90J 65 refurb from the last eBay sale and got it for $1590 delivered.

    Came last week and it is indeed brand new with box damage. Validated this with a friend who videoed his unboxing and everything was identical.

    • +1

      Nice one and thanks for the info mate….You happen to know what was the number for 75" then?

      • Sorry i do not - was totally laser focused on the 65 haha!

        When i bought there were only 4 refurbs in stock. So i don't believe they come up often, but i waited a month and lucky it and the ebay plus sale came up at the same time!

      • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/636523

        75" X9000H was $1889.10 in the deal above

        • Refurbished, still very good price

      • also interested

    • You might have been lucky - Sony ebay lists as either new, box damaged, or seconds / refurbished

      • It's happened before, as per my post. I got the idea to try from here lol

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    Seems like a decent deal unless you picked up the refurbs like crazycs above for $1590.

    I'm buying my first TV in 10 years, and I feel so bogged down in all the details. Coming from a 42" 1080 LG, honestly anything is a massive upgrade.

    OZB has got me convinced I need an LG C1 and should wait for sub 3k instead of pulling the trigger on something like this. The X90J Seems relatively future proof though for the foreseeable near future.

    • +5

      Trust me, get the LG C1, you will NOT regret it. I know it's hard to wait for it to hit the price range you're comfortable with, but the experience is just divine and makes content shine

      • I won't go back to led after the lovely OLED

      • The C1 is on my wish list too - but may go with LG A1 65" Self Lit OLED 4K sub $3k at JB atm.

      • Oh man all this hype about the C1 has me convinced. What's a good price to get it at? I'm seeing them currently go for around $3495.

    • I got one of those on the 75" last year and it is a cracker of a TV. And I am not sure what was wrong with the box, it looked fine to me, any "damage" was typical for it being shipped across the country.

    • What sort of room is it going in?

      • Living room, viewing distance of 2.5m, plenty of ambient light during the day but with zero direct sunlight (south facing)

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          C1 will work but a mini LED may appear better during the day.

          • @whitelie: Why is that? I thought OLED was king of displays? I don't know too much, was just trying to find something with 120hz/HDMI 2.1 to future proof a purchase for at least a few years.

            97% of TV viewing is done after 6pm for myself, so, I didn't think ambient would be a massive deal. Windows of the room are only South facing and like I said, zero direct sunlight. I don't know why I'm so bothered about the details, figure it's just worth being pedantic for a purchase of something that's 2k+

            • +3

              @juph0rry: It is the best but they don't get very bright. So in a bright room, a mini LED may appear better quality as it can get brighter.
              If it's mostly night time viewing, OLED would be the better choice IMO.

        • 65”?

          • @Gloomy: That was the plan, too small?

            • @juph0rry: 65” is perfect for your room.

              I was sold on the C1/G1 based on all the hype but I’m thinking of getting one of the Sony’s now. Either the A90J or A80J. Seems marginally better for cinema and sport. What will you spend the majority of the time consuming?

              • @julesytime: That's exactly what I'd be using it for. Movies, Sports, Gaming, pretty evenly split across all 3. Why do you think the A90J or A80J would be better for sport and cinema compared to the C1? They seem to be ranked lower in every category compared to the C1 on rtings.com

                • @juph0rry: From my research it seems the Sony has the (marginally) better PQ for movies and motion processing for sports. Also has better upscaling too apparently. If you’re on console I believe they come out even (input lag is slightly lower on the Sony by a few ms but indiscernible). If you’re on PC the LG wins out slightly (gsync). The only concern is the Sony is promising VRR but you never know if they’ll really implement it.
                  The A90J is slightly brighter too (I assume it’s the same as the G1 panel?).
                  LG has 2 extra 2.1 HDMI ports but I doubt that makes much difference?

                  I’m pretty torn too. Might come down to how low the Sony can go and if it can match the G1 on sale price.

                  • +1

                    @julesytime: Ah, I'm an idiot, was still looking at the X90J specs and not the A90J OLED! No wonder I was so confused.

                    There's too many TV's and options hah. Now I look at the A90J I can see what you mean with the details.

                    I guess my ceiling is 3k for price, I find it hard to justify more than that on a TV. At least it starts to set some parameters though..

                    • @juph0rry: Haha - was wondering where you were pulling that from!

                      If your ceiling is $3k I'd just wait until one of them (Likely the C1 first) drops to that price and snap it up, really can't go wrong.

    • +1

      I'm in the exact same boat. "Need" a new TV for PS5 and not sure if I should pull the trigger on this.

    • +6

      OZB has got me convinced I need an LG C1 and should wait for sub 3k instead of pulling the trigger on something like this

      I'm not shopping for a TV and I'm also convinced this is what I need.

      • +1

        OZB Hivemind at its best

        • The C1 hivemind is of the entire internet, to be fair, and they're right

    • +1

      Pick a budget, pick a size, then research models. I tend to look into the brand themed threads on whirlpool. OLED isnt the be all and end all and an X90J would be awesome too.

    • Some family of mine have the c1 which I was going to get but ozb convinced me on the a80j and I’m very glad I did. Overall very happy with the Sony

  • +1

    Got the "refurbished" one from the last afterpay day sale a few weeks ago, delivered last week.

    Can confirm it came brand new. Super happy with the purchase, for ~$1500 not a bad deal at all.

    • +7

      c'mon Sony, kick more boxes!

      • My back up Blaupunkt 75 runs like it's been kicked down stairs

        • +1

          does it have flash back like PTSD from Vietnam war?

    • Ah you are another one of the lucky ones - there were only 4 left on the morning of the Afterpay Day Sale.

      We are two of them haha!

      • I remember waiting for hours deciding if it was the right time to buy haha. Bought it just before 12.

  • +2

    Would love a good 75" option!

  • +1

    What is the difference with this and the new X95J?

    • +1

      the answer is 5 mate!!

    • +1

      I believe the build quality is much better. Also it's just been released so you will pay a lot more than the X90j and most be people don't think it's worth it (yet).

  • People - check it has the apps you need without needing an Android box hooked up to it.

    • +1

      I sold my Shield Pro. Has all the apps I use.

    • Why would you hook up an Android box to an Android TV? It has all the apps except for Foxtel, which needs an update to work with Android TV 11.

  • Wouldn't the deal from the Sony website + 7% cashback from Cashrewards be better?

    • +1

      Nevermind, I called JB's and they gave it to me for $2050 inc shipping.

      • +1

        I tried to coax my jb guy over the phone for a deal and he didnt budge… are you able to send me your receipt, without any personal info so i can use it to price match?

  • -1

    Need 85 inch

  • in relation to buying new, have a chat with a sales assistant at JBHifi.
    I got the 65" X90J for 2100 delivered.

    • Agree. I got the 55” for $1,526 ($1,474 with GCs)

    • I tried to coax my jb guy over the phone for a deal and he didnt budge… are you able to send me your receipt, without any personal info so i can use it to price match?

  • Got it for $1979 with a price match with costco a couple months back. See if still possible?

    • Same, plus 8% cashback. Brilliant TV, bought this after a really rubbish experience with a "seconds" X9000H. This one is better for bright rooms like mine, Dolby Vision is awesome.

  • https://www.harveynorman.com.au/sony-65-inch-xr-x90j-4k-uhd-...

    Harvey Norman is selling at $2295+ $125 Gift card

    • +10

      Yeah but have to give money to Harvey Norman

      • +1

        ok nvm

  • I purchased this from GG a few weeks ago for $2000. See discussion here… https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/643680

  • got 85 x90h - 3559 in HN one hour ago

  • how have people found the local dimming on this tv? is there much blooming?

  • Was eyeing the Sony, but started looking at the TCL C825 MiniLED from the prev deals.

    On paper the TCL looks like it should produce better image/contrast/brightness (more local dimming zone)

    Anyone seen these in store can comment?

    • Anyone seen these in store can comment?

      Haven't seen anything because of lock-down, but on paper the 825 sounds pretty good, although it's getting close to C1 money

  • What's the best price people seen for 75inch? Its $3295 with $185 gift card at HN. Can use 5% off giftcard from Suncorp. But $1000 limit per month. So bring price down to $3060. Is that a good deal?

    • Or Sony price match and get cash reward cashback at 7%?

  • 7% cashback direct from Sony's site

  • +2

    I negotiated a 65" LG C1 yesterday for $2990 at TGG. $365 for 5 year warranty as well! Pretty happy with the deal!

  • +1

    As much as I would like an X90J, I am really waiting for the X95J , which will be released this month, but I haven't seen an in-depth review of it as yet from the reviews I usually follow on youtube.

    • Thank you
      I do like rtings , but also like Digital Trends and HDTVtest on youtube and interested to see how it compares with last years model

      I see the 75 inch is available to order on sony's site , so hopefully we will be able to view them in store
      when lockdown ends for some of us

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